Monday, November 30, 2009

Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll

He loves his vinyl, is schooled in the rich traditions of rock, smokes like a fooking chimney, drinks like a sailor on shore leave & . . . is hell bent on losing himself in a sea of meaningless pussy!

That's the flawed but ultimately lovable character played by David Duchovny in this Showtime series. Californication tells the tale of a down & out author who was once dangerously cutting edge but is now just a parody of his former glory. His former books - South of Heaven, Season in the Abyss, & God Hates Us All (sound familiar?) - captured the zeitgeist of early 2000s but hasn't written a jot in 7 years. Living on past glories, he is also deeply embittered that his last book was turned into a shmaltzy romantic comedy by Tinseltown.

The underlying plot to it all is his quest to win back his ex-lover & teenage daughter. The ex loves him but cannae stomach his philandering & child-like behaviour while his teenage daughter revels in the fact that her dad is cooler-than-thou but wishes he could be more of parent sometimes.

Set in decadent LA where everyone's a hustler, the stories play on the loneliness & dark comedic value of adults lost in a fug of over-indulgence. Fer instance, Hank Moody (Duchovny's character) gets himself in a fine mess when he inadvertently beds his ex's underage stepdaughter & opens himself to all sorts of blackmail by the little Lolita.

Funny, heart-warming & strangely addictive, Californication has all the right ingredients to be that perfect rainy Sunday afternoon companion. Highly recommended.

ps: Strangely enough, with a new arrival in me household, wifey & meself seem to have more time watching films / series. Suppose we are just stuck at home with Seth fer now & all we can do is zone out in front of the idiot box. Who says having a kid means having nay time fer yerself?

pps: Check out this snippet below & see if ye recognise the actor playing the deejay (clue . . . Black Flag!!!)


Life's Like That said...

Did u know that David D was treated for sex addiction? According to a fren of mine, he produced this show as a means to satisfy his addiction. Saw the first season and there's a whole lot of nudity and sex involved. Smart man HE! Haha!

Achilles said...

LLT: really ah? wow, if only all of us could deal with our addictions like him. heheheheheheee

AD: From X-Files to this.... quite a huge switch in roles. Sounds really interesting....

senorita.. said...


addicted to sex.. and that dude likes to walk around naked.

kevo said...

good one. was hooked to this quite awhile ago. saw two seasons of it and then just no signs of the 3rd...

really amused with the moody character not only fer his great delivery but... kitties are fookin open season and bringin it 24/7 around this dude!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Sorta like Ozzy dealing with his drug habit by organising a tour with Motley Crue . . .

Achilles: The truth is down there . . .?

senorita: And yer complaining because . . .?

Kevo: Third season currently airing. Should be arriving here sometime soon.

anfield devotee said...

Oh yeah, so me takes it nobody got it?

Hank Moody's books are all named after SLAYER lps.

Also the mean looking dj in the clip is none other than Henry Rollins.

Bernard said... can you close the pop quiz so fast??

BTW, for the uninitiated, do check out Rollins "Harmony In My Head" radio show at -

You'll get an archive of all shows stretching back to 2004. Coincidentally, "HIMH" is Rollins favourite Buzzcocks song & coincidentally also, the Buzzcocks was in town a couple of weeks ago for a gig.

anfield devotee said...

Thanx fer the link, Bernard.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

"....Sorta like Ozzy dealing with his drug habit by organising a tour with Motley Crue . . ."


btw..bumped into something
that i thought might interest..uhmm...the general concerning pubic..ssoory
i meant public...and maybe
kat von d fans in general.:) - Cached


wots that? moz how could yu? :)))

p.s. no tv party tonight..sighhhh.

anfield devotee said...

Moz: Dave Gahan inviting Primal Scream on tour . . . ? He he

premo said...

Heard alotta bout this series but haven't checked it out yet. Sounds essential!

AD: Of course its Slayer!

Bern: 6 degrees of separation or mere coincidence?

senorita.. said...

was i complaining......



SLACKER said...

about time u discovered this series... i asked u to check it out like a year ago dude... saw both seasons on downloads... waiting on s3

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

chief, lets meet up, and i can list down all the movies i can borrow from you. then whenever you blog about any of the films at least i can relate to most of your movie posts.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Sure thing bro.

senorita: Sounded like it.

Slacker: One year not too bad what. Finished both seasons. A lot faster than ye & The Sopranos . . .