Monday, April 16, 2012

Lemmy - Original Bad Muthaf****r!

Motorhead were the first band I saw during me student days. It was a warm up show at the Uni's student union hall before they went on a full length tour.

Me was shitting meself when I got to the venue coz there was a whole row of choppers parked outside & an even larger crowd of drunk, belligerent bikers inside the hall. Fer the life of me, cannae remember much of the support act (Xentrix?) apart from the fact that the boisterous crowd rained plenty of half-empty plastic pint cups at them, some probably filled with piss.

Wot I do remember was seeing a bunch of other Malaysian students cowering in another corner. All identifiable in our standard Metallica tees. One dude ran over, introduced himself & suffice to say we are still good mates two decades down the line!

Wot I also remember was Lemmy marching on stage after the hapless support band had finished & coolly declared "one more fooking beer cup & we're not fooking playing . . ." Somehow the crowd got the message & Motorhead lauched into their now-legendary, full on assault of the senses.

Bomber. We are The Road Crew. Overkill. And, of course, Ace of Spades. Ye names it, they played it. Bowel-loosening LOUD. Now, I is no shrinking fooking violet when it comes to volume but me ears were fooking ringing fer a week after the gig. Ears were also bleeding when I saw them on tour again & then I read in the papers that the shows had made the Guinness Book of Records fer LOUDEST shows that year.

I also remember being pummelled in the back from some giant ogre who was off his fooking face during that first gig. By now, me had been separated from me new-found Malaysian friends. But sensing me distress (I is kinda small), a bunch of bikers grabbed hold of me denim jacket, pulled me of the floor & said to the drunk cunt who was pushing everyone "ye touches our friend here again & we gonna fooking kick the crap outta ye!" Cool or wot? After that I felt like a tai kor with me biker henchmen.

These fond memories were triggered after reading a special edition of Classic Rock magazine commemorating the launch of Motorhead's latest LP as well as their long career. Fan or not, it is a fooking great read. Plus ye gets a cool metal Motorhead badge to pin on yer jacket/workstation.

Have also read plenty of good stuff about the movie above & can anyone please tell me where I can me grubby hands on a copy?

In the meantime, everyone should enjoy this band while they are still around. Go out buy their CDs & petition fer a local concert organiser to bring here to these shores!

Long live Motorhead!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Comical . . .

When yer administration is bogged down by scandals & yer credibility is at an all-time low, wot do ye do?

That's right, circulate an amateur-style comic depicting The Great Leader in blue fooking tights & having the ability to fooking fly.


Insulting one's intelligence is one thing but the level of denial & delusion is rather quite frightening. Do ye really want these poeple to be in charge of yer child's education or the welfare of yer parents?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Arch Enemy in KL!

The rather delectable Miss Angela Gossow & her merry band of longhairs will be performing at the Chin Woo Stadium, Jln Hang Jebat, KL on April 24, 2012.

Formed by Carcass alumni, Mike Amott, Arch Enemy ply melodic death metal grooves that are designed to give yer neck muscles a severe workout.

Check out the vid to see fer yerself.

Anyone going fer this?