Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chuffed to bits!

Yup, this humble scribe managed to do a extra-short interview with Barney Greenway of Napalm Death after their brilliant gig on Monday nite at 1Cafe, Kuala Lumpur.

Please do visit to read the gig review as well as watching some hand held camera footage.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Paul . . . The Biopic

This was in yesterday's Guardian, whicxh in me mind highlights just how maddeningly popular footie is compared to any other sport known to mankind:

The Life & Times of Paul the Octopus

While eight new Paul the Octopuses go head-to-head during the Women's World Cup to choose a successor for the late tipster, his legacy has been preserved on celluloid, reports Der Spiegel.

Filmmaker Alexandre Philippe has captured the mighty one in a documentary entitled The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus. Philippe spent four days with Paul and spoke to cephalopod experts, statisticians and bookmakers. "I think the world is always craving stories like this; an underdog story - or rather an underoctopus story."

"No one has really been able to do what Paul was able to do. It's charged with positive energy and feeling, and people couldn't help but embrace it," he said.

As the search continues for Paul's replacement, Phillipe is unsure he can ever be replaced. "There have been a lot of animals who people have tried to get to do predictions," he said. "They're pretty bitter about the fact that Paul could do it. He could do something that no other animal or human could do."

Perhaps Paul really was unique, the film-maker himself does not want to rule out any possibilities: "There's the significance of the number eight — eight tentacles, eight matches predicted correctly, eight goals scored during the tournament by Spain. It's all very interesting," he said.

Intriguingly, however, it's not the only film underway, as a Chinese company is also at work on a black comedy entitled: The Murder of Paul the Octopus, although Phillipe's movie has the superior tagline: "One mouth, two eyes, eight arms, nine brains … Two BILLION fans."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dark Art of Cookery

This is fooking cool.

Who would've thought that combination of extreme black metal & vegan recipes would be such a hit?

Over a million hits fer each of his vids so dar, vegan black metal chef proves that not all metal fans are po-faced, glum freaks with nay sense of humour.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Case of Duderock

Have belatedly caught a bad case of duderock. Canadian prog legends Rush seem to be dominating me stereo at home, in the car & at work.

Is turning 40 led me to develop a love fer complex drum solos?

Am a bit spooked. . .

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Old Outlaw of Grass Country

78 years old & still going strong. A true outlaw if there ever was one . . .

Willie Nelson gets fine for marijuana possession

June 09, 2011SAN ANTONIO, June 9 — When Willie Nelson is on the road again, he will be travelling without a Texas drug charge hanging over his head.

A West Texas prosecutor said yesterday that the legendary singer and songwriter has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and has agreed to pay a US$500 (RM1,500) fine plus court costs of about US$280.

“I have given him the option to do it by mail,” said C.R. Bramblett, the county attorney in remote Hudspeth County, where Nelson (picture) was charged with marijuana possession last November.

A Border Patrol officer smelled pot inside Nelson’s tour bus when it was pulled over at a checkpoint.

Bramblett said he has spoken with Nelson’s attorney, and the singer has agreed to the plea deal. Bramblett expects the case to be settled within two weeks.

“All he has to do is sign the papers, and get me a cashier’s cheque for the money,” Bramblett told Reuters.

Bramblett said the case will be dismissed entirely if Nelson stays out of trouble for 30 days.

He says officials have determined that there was a “little bit less than two ounces” of marijuana inside the bus, which allows the case to be treated as a misdemeanour.

Officials had initially reported that as much as five ounces of pot was discovered, which would have made the case a felony.

“He got the same thing I’d give to anybody,” Bramblett said of the settlement. — Reuters

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gaji buta?

Can ye fooking believe it? This dude is on 120,000 sterling pounds a week @ Anfield.

Wot a fooking mess. Fer all the optimism that King Kenny has brought back into the club, reports like this concerning over-inflated wages & disastrous signings really puts things into perspective.

Besides Milan Jovanovic & Joe Cole who are picking up the proverbial gaji buta, we've got to contend with a whole host of players who nay longer fit into our plans & are looking to be shipped off fer nothing or at a considerable loss - see Aqualani, Insua, El Zhar et al.

Fer all those Kopites who think we is gonna be splashing cash like there's nay tomorrow this summer, me thinks the new owners are gonna be looking at the names above & be very circumspect on how they spend the dosh.

Lest not talk about champion's league qualification or title challenges just yet, clearing out the deadwood alone is gonna be a huge test of King Kenny's resolve . . .

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Greatest Brasilian Ever?

Anyone know where me can gets this?