Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heavy Hindu Metal!

Most old timers will remember before Shelter there was this bunch of tattooed hoolies who embraced the peaceful meditations of the Hare Krishna sect. Didnae seem to stop them from making an almighty racket though.

Part of the crossover punk/thrash movement of the late 80s alongside bands such as DRI & Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags existed beyond that of mere novelty. Lyrics inspired by the holy books & thick crunching guitars saw them gain quite a following. Though their careers were short-lived, this LP still sounds fresh today & will inspire many lively dandruff removal sessions!

This album is testament that violent-sounding music need not cause ye to lead a violent life. Enjoy!

To download, Cromag's Best Wishes (1989), please click here:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Boys' Toys

Saw this in a back-dated issue of Octane mag & is a three-gear, pedal-powered junior sports car fer three-six year olds, produced by Morgan, UK, as part of their centenary celebrations last year.

And although me Master Seth is still a few months shy of his first birthday bash, me will have to start saving now if me wants to get him this. Why? Price fer this lil toy . . . a cool three thousand quid!!!

Donations to the 'Master Seth's Morgan Project' are welcome. Cheques accepted.

ps: Wifey has niggling suspicion that above three wheeler is fer me benefit, not Seth's. Me reassures her that me doubts the cockpit will be able to fit me ample frame . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

The season is well &truly upon us!

Caption: A young Kopite is dejected after Pepe's blunder . . .

Ah well, despite a near disastrous outing with the MyRawk dudes (not their fault but fooking Astro's!!!), me was sufficiently pleased with the outcome of our season opener.

Great thing about the start of every football season is that it brings a sliver of opitmism to all concerned, even to hardened cynics like meself. Let season roll on!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not-so-fast & Furious!

Despite having been interested in cars fer a long time, me has never been active in any motoring club. But this morning, wifey & meself made the effort to roll out of bed fer our maiden Ulu Yam run. Don't know why, but the Italian bug has bitten hard & has certainly given a fresh twist to weekend activities (goodbye lingering hangovers, hello teetotal morning drives!).

Bout 20 other enthusiasts (or lunatics depending on yer standpoint) gathered at Batu Caves fer the flag off & we were soon to experience yet another glorious chapter in this so-called midlife crisis of mine. The twisty, bendy B-roads leading to Ulu Yam certainly makes fer challenging driving & with most of these guys seasoned veterans of the route & having fooking throttle-heavy feet, it was quite the adventure especially fer novice (& conservative) drivers like meself!
But hey, as the participants were keen to stress, biar mati eksyen, jangan mati accident. Safety first & we was repeatedly reminded to enjoy ourselves & to drive at our own pace. Easier said than done when most of the cars start zipping past ye & disappearing off into the horizon!
Pix above demonstrate the quirky demands of our beloved rides as most took the scheduled breaks to give the engines a little breather. Don't really think ye sees the Porche/Beemer/insert-appropriate-reliable-marque having fag breaks with their fooking hoods up! But therein lies the charm of these wonderfully idiosyncratic machines. Unreliable they may be & even expensive to maintain, there's something bout them Italian breeds that just makes us obsessive (think Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary & ye gets the picture).

Me has longed heard of Italian car owners waxing lyrical about their rides despite spending most of their time in garages & have often wondered wot is it bout these cars that engendered such fervent passion & pride. This trip has made it even clearer. Despite the mystery "sounds" that emanate from various crevices, the dodgy temp gauge ("how hot was yer car?" was an oft-asked question during the run) & being at the arse end of the contingent, me still emerged feeling exhilarated, thrilled & pleased-as-Willie-fooking-Wonka-in-the-choc-factory.

Fun, camaraderie & the simple pleasure of taking yer ride out on some nice winding route. Fooking brilliant!