Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now, that's what you call a Guest Star!!!

Ok, me will be honest here. Me was scanning the online news portals & was just about to post an article about the MIC's continued delusion & how it will soon find itself out in the cold. Then this article (below) caught me eye.

Better to highlight some "world" news rather than constantly harping on local issues, don'tya think?

Besides, these pix sure beats having to look at Samy's hair do . . .

Comments, people?

Japanese porn star in Indonesian film riles clerics
JAKARTA, Sept 29 — Filmmakers in Indonesia say they would stick to their plans to fly in a top Japanese porn star to act in a local comedy. Muslim leaders have blasted plans to bring out erotic film megastar Maria Ozawa, 23, popularly known as Miyabi, to play herself in the upcoming film, Menculik Miyabi (Kidnapping Miyabi).

But Maxima Productions general manager Adi Sudiadi said the firm would stick to plans to include Ozawa in the film, which tells the story of a group of university students who accidentally kidnap the starlet.

“We guarantee that Miyabi won’t be playing in a porn film here. We will bring her here not as a porn star, but purely for a comedy,” Sudiadi said. “Miyabi is well-known to Indonesians. We are expecting her to attract a lot of spectators here.

“We are also trying to fix Miyabi’s image by showing she can be more than just a porn star,” he said, adding that no final agreement had been reached with Ozawa to act in the film.

Indonesian Council of Ulema chairman Amidhan slammed the choice of Ozawa — who has gained notoriety in Japan’s porn industry, thanks to her Canadian-Japanese looks — as a threat to the moral health of the country’s youth.

“Even if the film isn’t pornographic, it is very dangerous for our young people, particularly if they become fans of this porn actress and become curious enough to watch her films,” he said. “We have to be firm and not let rubbish into our country. This is about Indonesia’s reputation as the world’s most populous Muslim country”’

Nearly 90 per cent of Indonesia’s 234 million people are Muslim. Indonesia’s Parliament earlier this month passed a controversial film law that imposes tighter controls on content, including violence and sex. - Malaysian Insider

ps: Am looking forward to heaing what Tuan Kerp has to say about this . . . (*snigger*)

Friday, September 25, 2009

No matter how hot ye is . . .

This article was spotted in yesterday's edition of The Sun:

Hamilton no longer finds Nicole hot
Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton has dumped his Pussycat Doll lover - telling her he is not ready for marriage and children. The shock break-up ends months of speculation that the pair were about to get engaged. Lewis told Nicole Sherzinger that their relationship of nearly two years was over and the chance of reconciliation was not even open for discussion . . .

Sherzinger is apparrently shocked at being dumped like a hot turd.

Goes to show no matter how fooking hot a chick is, someone somewhere is fooking sick of her shite . . .

Incredible but true.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fook this fer a fooking laugh . . .

Am sorry, but me Raya hols was utterly ruined by yet another fiasco at the Theatre of Shite. Just where the ref found four fooking minutes of extra time was one thing but to continue play until The Scum scored in the fifth minute of injury time in the Manchester derby was yet another nail in the coffin fer fair play.

In the last home game, Fergie gets to rant & rave at refs & never gets punished. Wenger kicks an empty water bottle in the heat of the moment & gets banished to the stands.

Add this to the Roy Carroll affair, the pen against Spurs last season, the sending offs of Sami Hyppia & Masch in seperate occassions, & it should be crystal fooking clear that almost nobody will ever get a decent result there.

The dubious list goes on.

Am utterly disgusted. Might as well just hand them the league title now as it seems that the powers-that-be have already decided its destination. Fooking shite like this is fooking strangling the life out of the game we all love & cherish . . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Support yer local comedy troupes!

Some of ye may be familiar with the riotous comedy of this terrific duo - Allan Perera & Indi Nadarajah. Fer those who have yet to see their show, me strongly urge ye to come out in support of our local comedic heroes.

After all, how many of them dare to do political satire? Unlike other comics, these two guys are NEVER gonna appear on TV or get a fat Telco sponsorship deal simply because they actually dare to take the piss out of our inherently ridiculous government.

If ye can laud the comics on Last Comic Standing or laugh at Carlos Mendias etc etc, why not take the time to check out Comedy Court's latest gig (see poster above / fer sample, see vid below). Fer a paltry RM55, ye'll be treated to a barrel of laughs & ye get to snigger at yerself when they poke fun at various racial stereotypes.

How bout we organise a FFS get-together & go fer this show? Me suggests 27 Sep (sun) or 3 Oct (sat - no game, we play Chelsea the following day!). Any takers?

ps: Me is no way related to either of these jokers, ok? Just think we should do our bit to help local talent, especially when its this good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McFook Off!!!

Turned on the telly this morning & guess what the BBC was reporting on? Yup, it was how a small Malaysian Indian restaurant managed to beat the Mighty McD's in a landmark court case over trademark infringement.

Am sorry. Me is biased & thinks McD's is the fooking epitome of evil. Never saw why anyone would proclaim cravings fer soggy fooking fries & mystery meat burgers. Not even during me teen years did me fall fer its advertising shtick.

And fer fook's sake, in what way was this lil banana leaf restaurant threatening yer business. Different food, different clientele & different set ups. With the court ruling in favour of McCurry, the owners say they have new investors (lured no doubt by the free publicity) who want to set up an international chain of McCurries. Go fer it!!!

Everyone loves the underdog, especially one who makes good mutton paratel.

ps: Fer more details, see Malaysian Insider report: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/37162-mcdonalds-loses-to-mccurry-again-and-finally

pps: If ye still think McD's is the bomb, please do check out Morgan Spurlock's documentary Supersize Me. Its yer tummy . . .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't rise to the bait

The reason why me has avoided posting anything to do with politics over the last few weeks is simply coz me refuses to rise to the bait.

The so-called "cow head demo" in Shah Alam is a UMNO-instigated fiasco designed to topple the state govt.

Fookheads in their think-tank have come to the conclusion that the best way to regain control is by continuously antagonising all us "pendatang" with inflammatory articles in Utusan & with stunts like the Shah Alam fiasco.

UMNO are counting on some hot headed Indians/Hindraf causing trouble & sparking racial riots. Just the fooking excuse they need to declare martial law like in 69.

Me must commend me fellow Malaysians fer not reacting like an angry mob & instead have politely told UMNO to go fook themselves.

Now, they are reeling from the fallout of that fooking stunt.

More & more Malaysians are desserting UMNO/BN. Make it yer personal mission to highlight UMNO/BN's shortcomings to yer family, friends & colleagues & that we will NOT be cowered by UMNO's scare tactics & racist browbeating.

UMNO is digging its own grave . . . People, let them finish the job & don't give em an excuse to exert their rule on us anymore.

ps: Please note the constant flip-flopping of wankers like our current Home Minister's who has gone on record saying "demonstration has been taken in the wrong light & they have a right to be heard". But candle-light vigil attendees do not?

pps: Also note how Mukhriz has constantly put foot in mouth.

ppps: To me Hindu brethren, sabar la. Think of it this way, McD's kills more cows everyday & they are a truly EVIL corporation.