Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cars & why I love em . . .

Although I have gone off Bond films fer quite some time, like many other kids, I was absolutely mad fer it as a wee lad. It probably has a lot to do with why I love cars, especially the exotic variety. Personal fave? Has to be the fooking Lotus Esprit. Go on, I dares ye to watch this & not feel like a kid again. Fooking brilliant, so much so that I might jut go watch the latest Bond flick just to catch a glimpse of some nice shiny metal on wheels.

Monday, November 5, 2012

In Thrash We Trust!

Many people are constantly surprised that I is not very well-travelled at all, given that I had the privilege of an overseas education. No euro-railing malarkey or back-packing across strange lands fer me. It was a simple choice back then. With a limited budget, I had to choose - sight seeing as a gawking tourist or go about experiencing me fave thrash metal bands first hand. From numerous gigs in sweaty underground clubs to collecting the entire discography of various obscure outfits. Me dad, even then, is well aware of me fanaticism fer record collecting & I was free to indulge so long as I came back with the requisite qualifications.

Watching the above documentary sure brought back a whole load of memories & certainly underlined that I had made the right fooking choice to thrash out. Although I have missed important gigs recently (Death Angel, DRI, Soulfly etc), at least I can say I have seen many of the classic bands in their prime. I own many of the LPs highlighted in the vid above & still regularly play metal EXTREMELY LOUDLY!

The spirit of metal informs much of me daily existence - from having a non-conformist attitude to belatedly learning how to play bass guitar. This music still retains the ability to make this old uncle feel young at heart.

 That alone is fooking priceless . . .