Friday, November 30, 2007

Fooking Unbeliveable!

Absolutely fooking unbelievable this! Me colleagues showed me this fabulously-monikered person's business card & just couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Just imagine him going up to somebody & saying, "Fook You, what's yer name?" Bet this poor bloke has had his share of black eyes & sore cheeks.

Let this be a warning to those who think that it is unimportant to grasp the finer (or should I say coarser) points of the English language.

This one betul-betul Fer Fook's Sake la, pecah perut.

On this lighter note, do enjoy yer weekend . . . and that goes fer you as well Mr Ng.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Shame Of It All

Anger . . . dismay . . . disappointment . . . shock . . .disgust . . .hatred. I went thru (& still is) experiencing this whole gamut of emotions after the events of yesterday. This is mainly due to the fact that apart from the Sunday demonstration in KL where thousands of Indians took to the streets to protest the shoddy treatment of their lot by a govt they have supported fer 50 years; there was another ugly scene taking place.

This time it was at the sacred grounds of the Batu Caves temple in Selayang. Many had gathered there peacefully in an attempt to join up with their brethren in KL later. But as the pix above (from Jeff Ooi's Screenshots blog) show, the police had scant regard fer human rights or fer the sanctity of a place of worship.

As seen in the pix above, they herded the people into the temple grounds before locking them in. Then they opened fire with tear gas & chemical-laced water cannons. What next? Rubber bullets? Real ammo? I am absolutely sickened & outraged! What sort of fooked up society are we living in?

Of course, all these scenes were not covered by the local media. Instead, the demonstrators were portrayed as thugs & hooligans hell bent on causing chaos. The Malay papers showed pix of wounded policemen on the front page but showed none of the many pix (just a quick run thru the blog sites & Malaysia Kini will show) of demonstrators being beaten fooking senseless.

I am also dismayed because so many people are still in the dark. Take my colleagues fer instance. Here was a bunch of highly-educated & Internet-savvy people but were completely unawares of the main reasons fer the demonstration. All they had heard was Hindraf's stupid gimmick of suing the Brits fer trillions fer being the root cause of the Indian problem. They were shocked when I showed them the pix above. They could not believe that the police had acted like apartheid-era thugs & had shown no sensitivity to the fact that they were firing into temple grounds.

Furthermore, they were also unaware that the main reason fer this show of anger by Indians is the continued & systematic destruction of temples by the govt. I told them of how the FRU behaved like a frenzied mob in the recent demolitions of the Padang Jawa & Puchong Hartamas Hindu temples (& that these incidents were but few in a long line of similar cases).

How can we make any sort of in-roads when the masses are unaware of the facts? Many will still think it was just a bunch of rowdy & misguided Indians trying to stir shit. Imagine, countless kuils & tokongs have been smashed up & the rakyat are none the wiser.

What are we to do? I fear that it will probably require some seismic event to finally shake Malaysians out of this stupor. Peaceful demonstrations have not made any significant in-roads into the consciousness of the average Malaysian & therein lies the root of ALL our problems . . .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekly Footie Digest

Here's me two cent's worth on some of the footie-related topics of late. Of course, I hope you will join in the discussion & add yer thoughts with a comment or two:

The England disaster
A couple of weeks ago, I predicted to a friend (Mr Anand of Celcom) that Israel would pull off a victory over Russia but England would still fook up against Croatia & crumble under the heavy expectation of a nation starved of success. I was fooking spot on. (* me gloating *)

Although I'm no England fan & now had some time to digest the results, I find it absolutely mind-fooking-boggling that this squad has failed to qualify fer Euro 2008. Yes, they may have been slightly over-hyped but fooking hell, just look at the names - Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard et al are top-flight players who have seen plenty of European action. Fooking inexcusable, innit?

Is this debacle solely down to a hapless manager? Or is the culture of the premiership prima donna taking its toll on the national team? Injuries? Too many foreigners (as suggested by our own Stevie G) in premiership halting local talent?

I am at a total loss to explain why England are so fooking crap. Look forward to reading yer verdicts (& who you think will get the manager's job), especially those who support Ingerland. . .

Scottish heartbreak
Now, this match between the Scots v Italy I actually stayed up fer. Have always had a soft spot fer the Scots on account of their contribution to LFC (King Kenny, Hansen, Souey, Gary Mac et al). The Tartan Boys had done well to get this far but ultimately were robbed of qualification by a refereeing blunder. The Italian winner was scored off a wrongly awarded free kick. It was sickening as it was the Italian who barged into the Scot (just like Chelsea getting the spot kick at Anfield earlier this season).

When the fook is FIFA gonna wake up & introduce video replays. I fer one am sick & fooking tired of our game being ruined by shite (or worse, dirty) refs!!!

Completely Out of Toon
Yes, we should have equalled the Everton scoreline but fer the unbelievable misses by Torres. Just not his day. We played well considering the disquieting effect that Rafa is at odds with the Yanks may have had on the dressing room. Hope this can be resolved though his record suggests otherwise. At Valencia, he famously threw a tantrum or two when the board rejected his budget recommendations & promptly fooked off. Am a bit pissed off at both parties fer airing our dirty laundry. Fooking sort it out, pronto!

But we shouldn't complain. Wanna know what a really bad season is - ask them Magpie fans. Almost four decades without a trophy of any fooking description & a succession of managers who don't seem quite up to the task of turning around the fortunes of a "massive" club. Looks like Fat Sam is already regretting leaving Bolton & with his Newcastle playing like shite, chances of him being offered the Ingerland job are pretty fooking slim.

Bolt On United!
Well fooking done la, Le Sulk! And kudos to Ivan "Alleycats" Campo fer keeping the free-scoring Utd strike force at bay. We need more results like this if we are to keep in touch with the leading pack.

Blueshites run riot
Looks like Roy "Fooking thug" Keane's days as Sunderland gaffer are numbered after a letting in seven against the Blueshites. Hate the sight of him, so he can get fooking stuffed fer all I care . . .

Still there & not going away
Yup, Pompey & that other team from Manchester are still in the upper echelons of the table courtesy of some splendid football & a decent run of results. Canna say they don't deserve it . . .

Gooners on a roll
Wigan toughed it out fer over 80 mins but the firepower was just too much. Expected . . .sigh

ps: Me thinks Fabio Cappello will get the Ingerland job. They will be fooking boring but will probably win 2010 World Cup with him in charge. You heard it here first!

pss: Please do take part in the poll below on who you think is the worst Eng gaffer ever!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Only the good die young

Some time back I posted a cover version of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart (By Sussana & The Magical Orchestra). That bit of blogging not only elicited great response but also alerted me to the movie bout the late Ian Curtis (lead vocals & tortured soul). (Sorry la, I'm a bit out of touch & thanx Wei Yin fer the heads up on the movie news & have you seen it?)

Weirdly enough, a couple of days after that post Joy Division was featured on BBCE's Sound of The 70s with an absolutely blistering rendition of Transmission. It was fooking intense. (Vid of that performance is below - please, please do take the time to watch it.)

That was enough fer me to dust down me 4-disc box set Heart & Soul featuring the band's entire output plus rarities, live recordings as well as demo versions (if you see it in a shop, just fooking buy it - its well worth the money!). As I slowly got reacquainted with this classic band, I also did a bit of research regarding the movie.

Well, what do you know, the film is world-renowned rock photographer Anton Corbijn's directorial debut. Fer those who don't recognise the name, this Dutch pixman's work has graced thousands of album & magazine covers, not least the iconic b&w shots on U2's Joshua Tree opus. Joy Division happened to be one of his fave bands & he left his native Holland to seek out this Mancunian outfit. The beautiful picture above is considered the defining image of the band. Creepily, only Ian turns to face Anton as he snaps & weeks later, he was dead . . . and the rest went on to form New Order.

Hence, this film has been a on-going project fer Corbijn as he seeks to bring closure to an important chapter in his life as well as to give Ian a fitting tribute to his short & troubled life. The film, Control, was chosen to open this year's Cannes festival.

Have included an interview/footage vid fer yer viewing pleasure below. Please do check it out & if anyone sees this movie at yer local DVD mart, please give me a holler.

To Ian - Only the good die young . . .

Sobriety fooking sucks!

Wow. Have made it thru me birthday without a single drop of alcohol. Fook, that was weird. Before some of you reading this start concluding that me is some sort of raging kudikaran, let me please give you a bit of background.

Yes, I do like to have a tipple (beer or whiskey . . . or both!). Me drinking habit was already quite considerable but was exacerbated when I started me own pub/restaurant in Feb 1999. And boy, the birthday parties were the stuff of legend. Well, I am told anyways as me is usually passed out in some corner by 10pm with all the poison shoved down me fooking throat by "well wishers"!

As some of you will know I sold (the much missed) Broadwalk bout a year ago due to health reasons (plus the stress of running a F n B outlet was enormous). So this is the first year in a fooking long time where I did not celebrate me b'day with loads of friends at the pub . . . no loud live rock band . . . no fooking merry making . . . no waking up at 7am on the floor of me own pub thinking what the fook happened & why am I half naked . . . sigh, I fooking miss those days.

This year, it was off to temple fer prayers in the am, work & came home fer dinner with wifey, lites out by 930pm. Talk bout complete reversal of lifestyle. Doc's strict orders are - No more boozing, tobacco & generally eating loads of unhealthy (but delicious) foods fer me (anyone remember Broadwalk's signature dishes - Lamb Shank Curry? Double Lamb Burger with Everything on it? Claypot Lamb Stew? . . . Yes, I am quite fond of lamb, how did you fooking guess?).
And its not just me own b'day parties I miss. All the regular patrons would celebrate their milestones at Broadwalk & it was always a fooking blast. Although running the place was stressful as fook & took its toll on me health, I cherish the many, many fond memories I have of the place (eg LFC's treble finale v Deportivo Alaves). And more importantly, it also allowed me to meet plenty of interesting people & make some genuine friends (you guys know who you are!). It was nice being a publican of "a place where everyone really knew yer name".

Sorry, just reminiscing & getting a bit sentimental. But those of you who were at Broadwalk's swansong party would have seen how much the place (& you guys) meant to me. I was in fooking tears & the next thing I know was waking up at 10am on the fooking floor of me own pub (I am consistent, you'll have to give me that)! But that was fer the last time & here I am now leading a 9-to-fooking-5 existence with the party lifestyle all but a distant memory . . . sigh.
Was fooking awesome while it lasted, eh? To all those who made Broadwalk such a wonderful hangout, TQ from the bottom of me overworked liver! I duly invite you guys to post yer fave memory of Broadwalk here.

And, oh yeah, sobriety fooking sucks!

PS: Pix is of some regulars & meself posing with Liverpool legend Phil Neal at Broadwalk shortly before I sold the place. Another great memory & one fer the album!

PSS: Yes ladies, bloke in yellow jersey is a CLEO Bachelor of the Year candidate (2002) & his name is Becky aka Mark "Eye Of The Tiger" Lee.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Laughter fer yer Monday Blues . . .

I fooking hate Mondays. The pile up of work & the general fooking grey vibe of Mondays generally don't go down well with me unless a) Liverpool have won over the weekend or b) Tues is a public holiday. Its none of the above so I'm in a less than charitable mood.

Am sure loads of you share me grumpy start-of-a-work-week sentiments, so I decided to post this very short vid fer a bit of light relief. Do watch it as its only 26 secs long & is fooking hilarious.

Hope you people have a good laugh & it makes yer Monday a wee bit more bearable. Cheers!

PS: Thanx Wei Yin fer this. Good one!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Religious Duty or Bigotry?

This article was sent to me by me very internet savvy mum-in-law. This is a touchy issue & again I would like to stress that this posting is NOT meant to offend any sensitivites but rather encourage appropriate debate on a subject that is very likely to affect us here soon.

Please do leave a comment.

From The Sunday Times
October 7, 2007
Muslim medical students get picky
Daniel Foggo and Abul Taher

Some Muslim medical students are refusing to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually transmitted diseases because they claim it offends their religious beliefs.
Some trainee doctors say learning to treat the diseases conflicts with their faith, which states that Muslims should not drink alcohol and rejects sexual promiscuity.
A small number of Muslim medical students have even refused to treat patients of the opposite sex. One male student was prepared to fail his final exams rather than carry out a basic examination of a female patient.
The religious objections by students have been confirmed by the British Medical Association (BMA) and General Medical Council (GMC), which both stressed that they did not approve of such actions.

Fear of offending is killing our culture
It will intensify the debate sparked last week by the disclosure that Sainsbury’s is permitting Muslim checkout operators to refuse to handle customers’ alcohol purchases on religious grounds. It means other members of staff have to be called over to scan in wine and beer for them at the till.
Critics, including many Islamic scholars, see the concessions as a step too far, and say Muslims are reneging on their professional responsibilities.
This weekend, however, it emerged that Sainsbury’s is also allowing its Muslim pharmacists to refuse to sell the morning-after pill to customers. At a Sainsbury’s store in Nottingham, a pharmacist named Ahmed declined to provide the pill to a female reporter posing as a customer. A colleague explained to her that Ahmed did not sell the pill for “ethical reasons”. Boots also permits pharmacists to refuse to sell the pill on ethical grounds.

The BMA said it had received reports of Muslim students who did not want to learn anything about alcohol or the effects of overconsumption. “They are so opposed to the consumption of it they don’t want to learn anything about it,” said a spokesman.
The GMC said it had received requests for guidance over whether students could “omit parts of the medical curriculum and yet still be allowed to graduate”. Professor Peter Rubin, chairman of the GMC’s education committee, said: “Examples have included a refusal to see patients who are affected by diseases caused by alcohol or sexual activity, or a refusal to examine patients of a particular gender.”

He added that “prejudicing treatment on the grounds of patients’ gender or their responsibility for their condition would run counter to the most basic principles of ethical medical practice”.
Shazia Ovaisi, a GP in north London, said one of her male Muslim contemporaries at medical school failed to complete his training because he refused to examine a woman patient as part of his final exams.

“He was academically gifted, one of the best students, but gradually he got in with certain Islamic groups and started to become more radical,” said Ovaisi.
“You could see there was a change in his personality as time went by. During the final exams he was supposed to treat a female patient in hospital. He refused to do it, even though it would have been a very basic examination, nothing intrusive.
“But he refused and as a result he failed his exams. I was quite shocked and disappointed about it because I don’t see there being anything in our religion that prohibits us from examining male and female patients.”

Both the Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Doctors and Dentist Association said they were aware of students opting out but did not support them.
Dr Abdul Majid Katme, of the Islamic Medical Association, said: “To learn about alcohol, to learn about sexually transmitted disease, to learn about abortion, it gives us more evidence to campaign against it. There is a difference between learning and practising.
“It is obligatory for Muslim doctors and students to learn about everything. The prophet said, ‘Learn about witchcraft, but don’t practise it’.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Naked Truth

Spotted in today's paper was this somewhat amusing report:

Sydney: Australian Prime Minister John Howard expressed surprise yesterday after a magazine poll showed around one in six of its readers want to see him naked. The survey of 1,200 people for Zoo magazine showed 16% wanted to see him with nothing on, although he trailed opposition leader Kevin Rudd, who had 34% wanting a full frontal glimpse.
"I'm amazed it wasn't zero,"Howard told national television. Zoo editor Paul Merill said: "No one wants a prime minister who doesn't look good naked."

Hmmmmm . . . can you just fer a second imagine applying the Zoo editor's logic to our local scenario? A stark naked Badawi? . . . Najib? . . . Rafidah?!? . . . (I can just hear the anguished screams & feel the cringes out here in cyberspace)

Which public figure would you like to see do the full monty? Please leave yer comments here!

PS: Am just helping to spread the word - am told that there will be an interesting reportage on Al Jazeera (Astro ch 513) at 1030 pm Thurs (15 Nov) regarding the recent Bersih march. Do tune in.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Revolution song!

In this troubled times, no music is more appropriate than the rebel soul himself - Bob Marley. Trenctown Rock, Burnin & Lootin, Small Axe . . . the list goes on. But the ultimate song of defiance fer the fooking ages has got to be Get Up, Stand Up.

Those not familiar with his work could do worse than to heed his words when he sings,"you can fool some people some times but you can't fool all the people all of the time, GET UP,STAND UP, STAND UP FER YER RIGHTS!" (I got fooking goosebumps watching the vid above, just absofookinglutely awesome.)

I remember a friend once said that "Chinamen just don't get Bob Marley & reggae". Perhaps therein lies the root of our problem. Just too many Ching Chong Chinamen are living a reggae & Bob Marley free existence. Just too enamoured with their own money-making-don't-rocka-the-boat-ways to heed the prophetic words of The Wailers & to vote the fooking BN out (or at least have the balls to deny them a 2/3 majority).

Sigh, if it were only that simple. But do enjoy the tune & hope it inspires you to GET UP & STAND UP FER YER RIGHTS!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One fer one

Fooking incredible! According to the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, only 4,000 demonstrators turned up fer the march in KL yesterday. City Police Chief deputy comm Datuk Zulhasnan Najib Baharuddin was also quoted as saying 4,000 police officers were deployed to keep the public safe!!! Fooking hell, one cop fer one demonstrator!?!
As Phil Anselmo once screamed,"(What) a vulgar display of power!".

In case you don't know, tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators (numbers closer to 60,000) had turned up to march from KL's Merdeka Square to the Palace to present to the Agong a memorandum demanding a clean & fair elections.

If you had watched Al-Jazeera, it would have shown you that they were definitely more than 4,000 people & the reporter, Hamish Macdonald, was among those attacked by the FRU/police with tear gas & water cannons. He said, "There was no provocation & up until the police started firing, it was a peaceful demonstration." Watch vid (link below) fer evidence, ok. This is the highly-respected Al Jazeera & not the "imperialist media of CNN & BBC". I wonder how long before Al Jazeera is asked to fooking pack up & get lost from its plush KLCC offices. The govt must be really regretting wooing this broadcaster into setting up shop here.

Anybody casually glancing thru the national dailies would be none the wiser as to what had happened. The Star buried the story on pg8 & had no pix save fer one showing the jam leading into the city. What a beacon of journalistic integrity. (I have since cancelled me subscription to this fooking wonderful publication).

Yes, I was unable to join me fellow Malaysians in the march due to poor health but I implore you to keep spreading the word. The huge crowd yesterday showed enough Malaysians care about what is going on. The show of police muscle & orchestrated attack on various blogs & online services (such as Malaysia Today & Malaysia Kini) by nefarious agents indicate that the govt is fooking nervous & hell bent on silencing us. Democracy is our RIGHT, NOT a privilge to be handed out as & when it suits the powers that be.

Le us all do something before this beloved country of ours sink further into this mire of corruption, racism & despotism. If you haven't already, please go to yer nearest post office & register to VOTE!

PS: Click here fer Al Jazeera's reportage :

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fer Mutton Lovers PtI (open house by proxy)

Since its Diwali & me is unable to have an open house this year due to me health situation; I'd like to share with you a simple recipe fer the all time festive fave - Kari Kambing! Its not as difficult as some of you might think though its a little time consuming. But once ready & you are digging in, it'll be worth the fooking effort. Nothing like a home cooked mutton curry fer that authentic Diwali vibe.


1) 2kg of mutton cubes (feeds 6-7 pax)

2) 5 large red onions

3) 2 whole bulbs of garlic

4) 4 carrots

5) 4 potatoes

6) 1 bunch of coriander leaves

7) 4 green chilies

8) 3in piece of ginger

9) 2 tomatoes

10)Ghee!!! (fooking unhealthy but taste so much fooking nicer than just plain oil)

11) Spices - 2 pc cinnamon stick, 10 cardamon seeds, 10 cloves, 5 star aniseed, 1 tspspoon jintan putih, 1 tspspoon black pepper (freshly crushed), 1 bunch curry leaves

12) powder blend - 4 tbsp chili, 1tbsp turmeric, 2 tbsp coriander, 2 tbsp curry, 1 tbsp jintan putih

Get yer butcher to cut the mutton trunk into small bite-sized cubes & remove as much fat as possible from the pieces. Wash & drain. Rinse coriander leaves & chop the leaves from the stem & root but do not discard the latter.

Place mutton in a large pot filled with water & bring to boil, then allow to simmer. Into the water, add one onion chopped into quarters. Crush half the (peeled) ginger & garlic in pestle & mortar & throw into broth. Also chuck in the coriander stems & roots (lightly crushed as well) as these impart great flavour & aroma to the curry. Also throw in half the required spices into the boiling water (only the cinnamon, cloves, cardamons & star aniseed). Add salt to taste. Leave to simmer gently fer about an hour and a half or till mutton is tender.
Once the mutton is tender, remove from the water but do NOT throw away the stock as it will be used later in the curry.

Heat about four tablespoons of ghee into a wok & begin to fry the chopped onion/garlic/ ginger. After a couple of minutes, add yer remaining spices as well as the curry leaves. Fry till fragrant. Meanwhile mix all yer powders in a bowl & add a pinch of salt before adding water to make a paste. Add this paste into the wok & fry on medium heat till fragrant (you may want to add some ghee to avoid paste from burning as well as to clog up yer arteries!). Then add the mutton cubes.
Once the paste is releasing its aroma & oil begins to separate, throw in yer (peeled & cubed) potatoes & carrots & fry fer a couple more minutes. Also introduce the quatered tomatoes at this point. You can then add the earlier boiling stock (with all its spices, onions, garlic, ginger & now full-on mutton flavour!) to the mix. Do not use all of yer stock to avoid making the gravy watery. Use yer judgement as to how thick & spicy you want yer curry to be. (You can thicken yer gravy with some santan or evaporated milk if you wish.)
Bring to boil & simmer fer about 30 minutes or until gravy has reduced by half. Garnish with coriander leaves & chopped green chilies. Serve with putumayam, thosai, or rice (& of course, plenty of cold beer!). Fooking enjoy!
PS: Pix is from the net . . . not me own, sorry.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Diwali tale

A few days ago I noticed a new car service centre had opened fer business in me Taman. Since there's no other workshop within such close proximity I decided to get the contact number & quiz the foreman on his abilities.

(Conversation in Cantonese)
Anfield Devotee: Morning boss, are you able to service a mazda mx5?
Ah Keong (boss): No problem one la.
AD: Sure ah, you can do? This car already very old, y'know.
Boss: No problem one la, just bring your car & we will do nice nice one la.
AD: What days are you closed?
Boss: Every day open one la! Even Sunday we work!
AD: (jokingly) So this Thursday you also working ah?
Boss: Why not? Why shouldn't we open?
AD: Er . . . its a public holiday.
Boss: (puzzled look) . . . What holiday? . . . Oh, you mean Indian people celebrating Thaipusam this Thurs right? Don't worry, we are open.
AD: (jaw gaping & shocked expression) No, its Deepavali.
Boss: Haiya, Thaipusam, Deepavali . . . isn't it the same thing.

I left wondering just how ignorant we are of each others traditions and cultures. We keep harping on 'Bangsa Malaysia' but yet blissfully unawares of the very basic traditions of each race. For example, me (former) Muslim staff at me old Bistro was puzzled as to why I did not consume beef when me other Indian friends did so. When I explained that they were Christians & not Hindus, they were still none the wiser. . .

This goes to show that our so-called "melting pot of cultures" is (like so many other things in this country) mere lip service. To be unaware of the significance of Deepavali is one thing but to mistake it fer another festival & assume they are all the same is another. Even most people of other races regard it as simply the "Indian New Year" which is a fallacy; that falls on another date & is not a public holiday.

Same goes fer all of us, I guess. How many of you can tell me the meaning of the Chinese Lantern festival or the meaning of certain Muslim holidays. We still haven't gotten to know each other well enough fer us to really be harping about a 'Bangsa Malaysia' & if the Chinese foreman above is any indication, we are a looooong way off (though I admire him fer his hardwork ethic).

On that note, I hope all Malaysians will make the effort to join their in the festivities of the various races - wholeheartedly & full of goodwill. Please let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali & a happy holidays.

PS: The correct term is Deepavali but the festival is also known as Diwali in various other parts of India as the word got shortened & corrupted in its travels.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Contemporary Chinese Art

Some of you may have already received this in yer email (how the Beijing Olympic Logo was created) but lest we forget from all the smirking & laughter, this does represent the horrible truth of modern day China. In spite of the incredible economic growth that threatens to dwarf even the American's; them bad old draconian commie habits die hard.
We have laughed at fooking silly Malaysians clutching at straws when they proclaim incredible pride at our recent sojourn into space. Similarly, I have heard many Chinese locals say how fab it is that China finally gets to host a global sporting event. "This will show the world the ability of the Chinese people", "This coming Olympics is an event for all Chinese people to be proud of"etc etc.
What they forget to mention is that the Chinese authorities are also murdering bastards who got away with Tianamen Square & thousands of other atrocities since. Its easy to turn a blind eye when everyone's busy counting the mullah eh . . .?
PS: TQ Kevo fer another gem.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shutting down . . .

Fooking hell, there are most certainly days at work when I feel like the boy in the video above. After a year of freelance hell (just too many wankers out there waiting to shaft you), I am back in the grind but grateful fer the luxury of a fixed income. But my word, there's no escaping the fooking tedium & boredom at times.

Fer starters, me workplace has a very strict 'no smoking' rule which means there are no fag breaks to get the creative juices flowing. I know I am supposed to be off tobacco but a hit once in a while should do no harm. But its out of the question here (not even in the boys room. . . sigh).

As fer some idle chit chat bout me fave topic like sports to break the monotony is also out of the question as all me colleagues are of the female (& very not-into-sports) persuasion. Eg: Brought up the recent thrilling F1 finale over lunch & was met by a wall of blank stares. Imagine, they have never heard of Lewis Hamilton. I know many people do not watch or follow sports but certain names should register as they crop on the news, radio, papers & ,of course, online all the fooking time. I don't watch (or even understand) golf but I know who Tiger Woods is and have little or no interest in tennis but also know that Roger Federer is the closest thing the game has to a living deity. It was only when I mentioned that women consider Hamilton a bit of a crumpet that they started googling him. So NO sports-related topics in conversation at office to lighten the mood.

Yes, I know these are problems everyone else faces in their daily routine plus the tons of stress, wanker clients/bosses & have to tackle almighty fooking jams to commute to work. So far, I have not faced these problems (fingers crossed) & I hope I won't ever have to.

Fact remains though, its daaaaamn boooooring & kinda lonely as well without some tobacco & footie addicts to chew the fat with.

PS: Pay no heed, just a little venting after a less than eventful day at work. . . Am pretty fooking sure after this posting an avalanche of work will fall on me desk to keep me occupied!

Gerrard to the rescue again!

Fook, woke up only to notice whole neighbourhood was experiencing a blackout. So only just got to know result online. Capt Fantastic does it again! Though I am a bit perplexed as to why he & Carra (who must feel the strain already at this stage of the season) were included in the team, I am utterly delighted we have made it int the last eight of the League Cup.

Our 2-1 win at home over Cardiff means we also join Chelsae, Arsenal, Spurs as among the faves fer this much maligned tourney. Fook that, I'll take whatever silverware comes our way & I am secretly hoping fer a LFC v Spurs final pitting the two Spaniard gaffers against each other.

Other positive things to take from the game, a number of bit part players seem to be coming along nicely with Jack Hobbs putting in a firm display at the back. This might suggest he will soon replace Big Sami in the first team whilst Leiva & Babel reportedly had decent outings.

Its a crucial win at a crucial stage of the season. This Saturday's trip to Ewood Park is gonna be a real test of character & I hope (in particular the strikers) will put in a winning performance to get our season back on track. Three points will be crucial as either the mancs or the arse will be dropping points this weekend . . .

PS: Has anyone seen that lazy fooker Harry Fooking Kewell?!? Someone better tell him there ain't no Champion's league final this season fer him to make his usual guest appearance!

PSS: As usual, I welcome all Kopites (& some reasonable-minded non-Kopites) to share their views here. Cheers!