Monday, November 12, 2007

Revolution song!

In this troubled times, no music is more appropriate than the rebel soul himself - Bob Marley. Trenctown Rock, Burnin & Lootin, Small Axe . . . the list goes on. But the ultimate song of defiance fer the fooking ages has got to be Get Up, Stand Up.

Those not familiar with his work could do worse than to heed his words when he sings,"you can fool some people some times but you can't fool all the people all of the time, GET UP,STAND UP, STAND UP FER YER RIGHTS!" (I got fooking goosebumps watching the vid above, just absofookinglutely awesome.)

I remember a friend once said that "Chinamen just don't get Bob Marley & reggae". Perhaps therein lies the root of our problem. Just too many Ching Chong Chinamen are living a reggae & Bob Marley free existence. Just too enamoured with their own money-making-don't-rocka-the-boat-ways to heed the prophetic words of The Wailers & to vote the fooking BN out (or at least have the balls to deny them a 2/3 majority).

Sigh, if it were only that simple. But do enjoy the tune & hope it inspires you to GET UP & STAND UP FER YER RIGHTS!


Bernard said...

I take particular exception to being referred to as a "Ching Chong Chinaman"...don't take my forefather's name in vain. You can call me a "Ching Bernard Chinaman" but not a "Ching Chong Chinaman"!! ;D

anfield devotee said...

Ha Ha! I knew that would get a reaction from you. Plus you know very well I wasn't refering to you (who have impeccable taste in music).

Perhaps I should have said Ching Mun Chinaman! Remember our good friend's Nick Mun's infamous quote regarding the reggae genre, "Its too laid back" (!!!)

Hope you enjoyed the vid. Classic or what!

theALBERTUS said...

Dey pundek! Not all Ching Chong Chinamen do not listen to Bob Marley ok?


I also got listen to the Great One! But do not forget the revolutionairies like Rage Against the Machine, "Pocket Full of Shells and Testify" or listening to Bob Dylan's Hurricane and Neil Young.

Lu ingat china semua betoi betoi china tada tau kah...sia a lu!

muststopthis said...

Fooks Man, I may not listen to Da man...but I sure dig what he smokes!!

anfield devotee said...

albertus: I said MOST, not all la brudder.

muststopthis: Careful, you are treading on very thin ice here regarding smoking habits.

Time fer you to change & listen to some decent music with a REAL message & not shite u used to listen to!

premo said...

Hey fella's! Don't have to go so far if you wanna talk about political singer songwriters. Just check out PandaHeadCurry's song on our beloved toupee wearing macha and you'll realize our local scene is full of inspired like minded artistes. Enjoy!

kevo said...

dun you knock dem chynees peepul maan, me nevvuh dug dem reggae too maan... but seriously he's always a good listen and the vid was stoned classic yeah. the man live is somethin else lah. have a bonkers mate who listens to him like 24/7. my fav line," great God come from the sky and make all the people feel high." great Jah maan...

ISA said...

"emancipate yourself from mental slavery..."...a message to the hordes of umno supporters??


mozisgod said...

gedduppp standdapp dungivappp derfarighttt.

damn straight. fuhyoohhhhhhhhh..datuk marley beb...flailing wa cakap luuuu... burppppp.

i once saw a live rendition of this track..exodus..or at least i think it was exodus...on one of those old vhs videotape players..fuhyoohhhhhhh..dasaatttttt...flailing wa cakap lu a man a stringed puppet floggin was the raw-est if thing live that i've ever seen..i think the most hc of all punkbands can jilat his arse seeing this. courtesy of a pukka diehard marley/ more like marley freak cum mate of mine..fuhyoohh..dude..aitelyu..this fella has a tattoo of da MON with his bong etched on his shoulder...(and here i was thinking liverpool fans with the liver'bird' fark..moz mau mati ka luuu..let's get not into that...mwhahahahhaha.)

not only political songs. burp. got other songs...some you may even sort of a.. soundtrack of the morning after...after a heavy..heavin' night..of spent desires..and amourous callings...nice..after songs...e.g. 3 little love..(dependent on how you interpret it that termS org..lets not get intothat as well)...except those songs would not be applicable in the case of yours terms of after PSEUDO*sighh* aiyaa..pseudo-everything la..arhghghghgh..patheticos el mundos..heck. it's the only thing that sounded
good to me..on deepavali eve..
in the car stereo....wrapped comfy in a nice buzz..bufffaalloww soldjaaaa...(gua kerbau dua kaki la kire)...a song close to my rottinheart..grinnin' my arse off....waving at neighbourhood it what you will.. purely masturbatory self indulgence. (not that i did(?!$?%)..not that you'd want to know either..uhm.right...right..?)

somehow or rather..i managed to escape much of the blurry..part of the festivities...particularly the
dinge brinking.
burp. hope
yu fellas had a good one.
liverpool fellas of all races.
see ya in the league cup finals.
in the words of lemmy/motorhead...
'..TIME TO PLAY THE GAYMMEEEEEE..'..or to could end up in the words of freddy fender's rendition of...'wayssstedddd daysss n' wayssttedd nighttssss'. mwahahhahahahaa
coys. *sigh*

premo said...

Moz: Bro stay off the crack :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hello bro,

first time here and i must say this site rocks. not much a fan of misfits but hey, tell me who could get enough of the last caress?

oh, and admittedly torres was worth all the millions spent. we shared the spoil a fortnight ago but from this end, i'm not complaining. gooner here btw.

keep rockin' man.

nick m said...

mahai! i did not say that!

anfield devotee said...

kerp (phd): Welcome to Fer Fooks Sake. And ALL fans are welcome here, just no glory hunters please.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of fooking shite from the other Kopites, but I certainly hope you lot win the league rather than the Scum, seeing that we are more or less already out of the running.

Nick M: Yes, you did. No issues mate, just differing opinions. Besides when you said it, you were well into yer straight edge hardcore mode via Fugazi so I can understand how everything else can sound pretty laidback.

Did u enjoy the video?

Isa: Well said as usual.

MOz/Kevo/premo: Dem Mighty Dreads will bring down Babylon! (ie warning to BN!)

Ching Chong Chinamen: Sorry, if I offended yer feelings . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks. to us gooners, there's only one scum in our dictionary, which comes from the shitty side of north london.

anyway bro, the season's only 13 games old (12 for us). the battle is still so wide open man. it would be foolish for any teams to be counting their chicken at this very early stage. nahg on brother.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Haiyo, priorities brudder, spurs are a long way from challenging you lot la (sorry, moz, anand & other spurs fans). The scum from trafford must be stopped!

ps: have added you to me blog roll, hope you will kindly return the favour. Cheers!

MyRAWK ADMIN said...

Most Kopites ain't got no problems with the Gooners. I'd say if we can't do it, nobody else deserves it more than the Gooners wiht the kind of "sexy" football ya showing. ;0)

k_saegaran said...

Yo bro! Donno what happen to my last post. anyways, old is gold. keep on jammin yaar.

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anfield devotee said...

Kerp: How's that fer a ringing endorsement from the best group of Kopites ever (MY RAWK) regarding the gooners spectacular form?

Don't ever say we don't know good footie when we see it!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks for the link-up man. will definitely get yours linked to mine.

hey, that was flattering and couldnt agree with myrawk more. amongst the so called 'big four', if the gooners cant do it, i'd be glad to have you kops take the silverware. reasons being are, harder to catch them Man U fellas in terms of PL title, and chelsea are tradition-less club. one russian sugardaddy bought them in and they can take the carling cup for all i care.

besides, local official fans frm both clubs (ars n liv) have been together in events and activities. so i think we're cool.

btw AD, this is great. i'm beginning to feel like home here. thanks man.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: your most welcome bro. But be warned the warm hospitality might just fooking evaporate if you gooners do another fooking 6-3 at Anfield! He he

senorita.. said...

it's nice.. and sort of inspire me to 'stand up'... but then again,there's always a 'BUT'... sigh

anfield devotee said...

senorita: what "but"? As Bob said, "Not vereything that shines is gold & half the story has never been told!"

Do you want to continue living in a country where NONE of the story is ever told?