Monday, January 24, 2011

Better than Viagra!

Dropped by AutoConnexion's showroon in Jln 13/2, PJ last weekend & me is still having a fooking raging stiffy. Was told that there are some pre-reg 159s fer sale at a hefty discount & fook me, this is one seriously nice car. From the hand stiched leather interior to the triple headlamps, me very nearly creamed meself from the sheer beauty alone.

Most have fairly low-mileage on them as they were only used fer some promo work last Nov. Buyers will get RM20k knocked off the price tag (ie RM178k), nice number plate as well as six months free road tax.

Yes, it is a LOT of dough. But once ye've seen it . . .

The words 'beg, borrow or fooking steal one' come to mind.

ps: Ye can call Mazmi @ 0183765100 fer a test drive. Go on . . . ye won't regret it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Career in Modelling

Am sure some of ye tune in to Astro's ch734 regularly & would've noticed one of the trailers that goes something like this:

"It's not easy being a top model. Sure, there's the girls, the photoshoots & pampering. But behind the scenes there's the workouts, the extreme makeovers & the greasy fan boys. But at the end of the day, its all worth it."

Well, me is pleased to say D'Yella Beast got to experience just that when it was invited to be part of Italia Auto's calendar shoot.

The shoot took place @ Jemima Films on Jln Tun Razak which houses loads of vintage cars (that's another blog posting on its own when me has sifted thru the tons of pix me took). Five cars (Mito, 155, classic GTV, Bravo GT & yers truly) were invited plus a super rare Dino from the Jemima collection was used fer the shoot.

All in it was great fun & made the hours of muscle ache-inducing waxing D'Yella Beast worthwhile. Cannae fooking wait to see the finished product.

ps: A big TQ to Sherman of Time Studios & Nik Azwaa fer organising this. It was a fooking blast!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome Back

Dear Mr Dalglish,

Welcome back to the dugout. Ye should never have left in the first place. And me will refrain from using words such as 'messiah' fer fear ye may be crucified fer not meeting unrealistic expectations.

Suffice to say, whilst me is overjoyed ye has returned, deep down there is a fear that we are turning into the Toon with the fervour fer club legends / hometown heroes, or worse, fooking Everton & the multiple returns of Howard Kendall.

But thank ye. The club needs ye. We need ye.

Ye'll Never Walk Alone.

Anfield Devotee

ps: Shame ye had to lose the first game to the manc's star performer - Howard Webb . . .