Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cool as fook film making

This Johnnie To film may have ben out fer quite some time now but I only managed to watch it last night. And my word, wot a fooking trip it was. A noir thriller set in Hong Kong/Macau featuring a French crooner (Johnny Halliday) in the lead role, now that's wot ye calls film making with balls.

Plot may be a tad simplistic but its good enough to keep ye glued to the screen. The stylistic floursishes are plenty & some are just bordering on cinematic genius. Stand offs are full of tension & gun fight scenes are turned into works of motion picture art with clever use of shadow & light.

French dude flies into Macau after finding out his daughter's family has brutally murdered by mysterious trio of assassins & swears revenge. As a stranger in a strange land & suffering from memory loss (due to a bullet lodged in his brain), Halliday gets nowhere in his initial quest. But he then chances upon another trio of hired guns just they are leaving the scene of the crime & makes them an offer they cannae refuse.

Some reviewers & fans of To feel the film suffers because Johnny Halliday is a poor replacement fer the legendary Alain Delon fer which the role was originally written fer. But as far as I is concerend that's Delon's loss coz this is pure cinematic gold. And if ye is fan of film noir, this is pretty fooking fine way to spend an hour and half of yer time.