Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Choice is Yers

As you enjoy the long Merdeka weekend, me asks you to ponder on where you see yerself within the great Malaysian scheme of things. Do you see yerself as a true blue Malaysian who bleeds sambal fooking belacan? Or are you just a tax payer who is content with yer lot & see no need fer change? Perhaps you are one of those who see Malaysia as a mere transit station on the way to greener pastures abroad?

If you feel you fall within the first category above, me would like you to read the very well written article below (from the Malaysian Insider) about why Anwar Ibrahim is this nation's best hope fer progress.

Those of you who are sceptical given his UMNO & ABIM past should give it some consideration. The columnist points out that Anwar's achievment in the Permatang Pauh by-election recently is something NO OTHER MALAY politician has ever achieved - succeed on a MULTI-RACIAL RALLYING CALL.

We are but a young nation & me thinks it is time we really shake off the shackles of RACE POLITICS & embrace his concept of 'Ketuanan Rakyat'. Even if you are wary of him, me still think Anwar & Pakatan are a far better alternative to a future led by Khairy J, Hishamuddin Keris & Khir fooking Toyo.

The choice is yours . . . but only if you are eligible to vote.

Anwar our best and only chance for justice and equality for everyone
AUG 30 — As the Permatang Pauh by-election fades into the recesses of our memories, there is talk of it being a turning point in our country's history. Unfortunately, this talk habitually and routinely focuses on the possibility of changing the government by Sept 16.

It ignores a simple reality: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has already made history by being the first Malay politician to ever actually win more political support through an explicitly non-racial platform. It is practically impossible to underestimate how Anwar bucked the trend; he has completely turned our understanding of politics in this country on its head.

History has already made it crystal-clear; Malay politicians who try to unite the country by appealing to a common sense of Malaysian-ness inevitably wind up heading into political oblivion. Dato Onn Ja'afar's political career went up in flames the moment he founded the first multiracial political party in the country, in spite of it having every conceivable advantage — it was literally the incumbent party of the time because of Onn's towering status in Malayan politics. And it, of course, foundered completely.

Since then nobody has even tried to unite the Malays as Malaysians. Unite the Malays as Malays, of course; Syed Jaafar Albar famously proclaimed in the 1960s that he was a Malay first and a Malaysian second. Syed Hussein Alatas made an admirable attempt to change Malaysian politics through Gerakan, and we all know how that turned out. Literally every Malay leader who has tried to be Malaysian first ever since has risked being branded as a sell-out, a puppet of the non-Malays and a stooge of Lee Kuan Yew.

The one exception was Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who experienced some brief success with his Bangsa Malaysia idea. This only makes sense, considering Dr Mahathir's iron-fisted handling of anyone who dared to oppose him; it is thus a pity that he never took this policy beyond mere words.

The moment Dr Mahathir handed over the reins to his successor, Malay politicians were up in arms criticising Bangsa Malaysia as a "nebulous" and untenable concept for daring to acknowledge that the non-Malays have a place in this country too.

So here we are today: 51 years after independence, the easiest way to tar a Malay politician next to calling him a Jew-lover is to accuse him of saying this country belongs to the Chinese and Indians too. That is simply how Malaysian politics works; to win the support of the Malays, you need to denounce the non-Malays as foreign squatters, who are only here as a matter of privilege rather than right, a privilege revocable at any time.

And what a coincidence it is — that is exactly how the Malaysian government works too. If you're not an Indonesian who can be counted as a Malay, your application for permanent residency or citizenship can never hope to see the light of day. If you're not a Malay, you can expect to hear your fair share of racist remarks in a public national school — and not from students, mind you, but teachers. As a student you can expect a syllabus which teaches you about the meaning of ketuanan Melayu rather than bangsa Malaysia. As an employee you can expect a civil service where you're not welcome unless they need you to fulfil their minuscule quota of non-Malay recruits. As an entrepreneur you can expect a government — and many government-linked companies — which will not give you any business unless you are a Malay. Half a century after independence, and that's what 40% of this country has to look forward to.

And since this is how the government works, up-and-coming politicians and political activists realise this is how politics works too. That is why even though you will never hear the typical Malaysian voicing such sentiments, political activists will readily denounce the non-Malays as foreign squatters here at the behest of a social contract which gives them the privilege, not right, to stay and live here.

Since this is how politics and government have worked since time immemorial, we owe Anwar an incredible debt for nearly single-handedly turning all this — everything — completely on its head. For the past half century, to be a good Malay leader, you have either had to publicly proclaim your support for ketuanan Melayu — and not the mild ketuanan as in strong leadership, but ketuanan as in "blood will run in the streets if our demands are not met" — or you have had to simply avoid commenting on the issue and just hope you can be all things to all people. Anwar ran on a platform, not of vague meaningless nice-sounding platitudes, but a platform explicitly against everything ketuanan Melayu stands for.

This is a man, mind you, who celebrated the end of his ban on active politics by damning ketuanan Melayu and consigning it to the dust heap of history. This is a man who has publicly and repeatedly proclaimed that his commitment is to the sovereignty of the people — ketuanan rakyat — rather than the dominance of the Malays.

This is a man who has never wavered from his stand that the philosophy of government assistance based on racial origin, rather than economic status, is fundamentally and morally wrong. This is a man who has repeatedly, wherever he goes, whoever he speaks to, driven home the same point, again and again: "Anak Melayu, anak saya. Anak Cina, anak saya. Anak India, anak saya."

And this is a man who has had everything in the traditional playbook of Malaysian politics thrown at him. He's been labelled a heretic, a sodomite, a liar, a hypocrite, a traitor willing to sell the Malays and Malaysians out at a moment's notice. The ruling coalition has done everything in their power to make it known far and wide that this is a man committed to non-racialism; committed to a Malaysia where everyone belongs.

Regardless of whether you think he deserves it, or if he was just lucky, credit is due to Anwar: where so many brave Malay leaders have fallen and failed, he has won an incredible victory. Onn Ja'afar was vilified simply for opening up his political party to Malayans of all creeds and colours; Anwar has gone above and beyond, explicitly declaring that this is a country for all Malaysians, whoever they might be. And he has won a resounding victory.

It would be one thing if he scraped through with a majority of less than 5,000 votes in the recent by-election, but the fact is, it was not even close — not with a landslide majority of 15,000, larger even than the majority his wife won before he explicitly condemned ketuanan Melayu. Anwar has succeeded where everyone else has failed; he has carved out a broad base of political support, not on a platform of rights or privileges for one community, but a platform of justice and equality of opportunity for all communities.

Criticise Anwar all you like for his inconsistent and wishy-washy stands on other issues. Criticise his coalition for its internal dissension and strange hypocrisy all you want. You can even say you have no intention of trusting a man who might just stab you in the back the moment he gains power.

The fact of the matter is, you do not have a choice between Anwar and your ideal, committed, consistent, sincere Malaysian leader. Your choice, in the here and now, is between Anwar and a regime built on racism, built on stoking the flames of mistrust and hatred. This regime of hatred has delivered its promise of ketuanan Melayu; why should we expect things to be any worse under a regime promising ketuanan rakyat? At the worst, it's the same old shit under a different government; at best, we might finally have a government and a political system which works for all Malaysians rather than whoever yells the loudest and threatens the most blood.

As far as taking power is concerned, this is still a long shot. Anwar may yet turn out to be a flop on delivering if he ever gets the chance to govern. But the simple and stark reality is, as far as we who live in the present are concerned, he is our best and only chance to put a stop to this insanity.

Anwar is not the perfect vessel for uniting the country, but there is a reason he scares the powers that be: he is the first real chance we have ever had to unite the country against the demons of racialism and parochialism. And for now, he is our only chance. He is the only one who can cross ethnic barriers to proclaim a commitment to a Malaysia where Malaysians, not Malays, are sovereign, and actually win more support than before.

I am no huge fan of Anwar, but I recognise what he has done, and how far he has come. I support him, not because I like him as a person, but because I believe in the cause he champions, and because I believe that if there is any person in this country who can make that dream a reality, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

From The Malaysian Insider
By John Lee is a second-year student of economics at Dartmouth College in the United States. He has been thinking aloud since 2005 at

ps: Once again Happy Independence Day & look forward to reading yer thoughts on the article above & how you see yerself in the greater scheme of things.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bye bye Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini & sopo bloggers?

As it stands, Raja Petra's Malaysia Today site will soon be blocked (fer sedition & slander) & rumours abound that Malaysiakini will soon follow suit. Bloggers (ie you & me) beware. Big brother is most definitely watching you & finger placed precariously over the 'DELETE' button.

The three most famous alphabets in Malaysian vocabulary - 'I', 'S' & 'A' - has begun making the rounds. That most effective of silencing tools - FEAR - has been utilised by Barisan Najis to mute the grumblings of the masses.

In light of all these developments, me is still faced by serious fooking stubbornness from some quarters over me simple & humble request that they visit the Post Office to REGISTER as a voter. Again, me is NOT asking you to fly flags, blog, send emails or take to the fooking streets in protest.

Just that when you are next at yer Post Office to pay yer utility bills, you fooking hand yer IC over to register as a voter. Apathy at the current economic crisis as well as the clamping down of FREE SPEECH & other civil liberties should spur you as a concerned citizen into REGISTERING.

ME knows me has offended, irritated & quite simply rubbed more than a few people the wrong way with me constant reminders. But that is a price me is willing to pay fer what is at stake far outweighs any unpopularity issues.

This excerpt was taken from the Canberra Times:
The only political game Malaysia now, at least among Umno, is to stop Anwar. The security apparatus will also be used against Anwar's allies.

Several leaders in Anwar's parties have been arrested for corruption, and bloggers who are sympathetic to Anwar are being sued for defamation and publishing false reports on the Internet.

The Government is also expected to pass laws that restrict political chatter on the Internet, and crack down harder on civil society groups.

The BN is still a powerful political machine and when it is threatened, it moves back to its authoritarian mode. There is every reason to believe that there will be mass arrests under the Internal Security Act to stop Anwar from becoming prime minister.

There are too many vested interests that will stop at nothing to make sure that their corruption and past misdeeds are not exposed by Anwar's new administration.

They have every reason to fear the consequences of an Anwar ascendancy. When Anwar's party took power in several states after the March general election, they exposed shady land deals and government contracts worth millions.

A Morgan Stanley report published a few years ago says that corruption has cost Malaysia the equivalent of more than US$110 billion (RM360 billion) in the past 30 years.

The NEP was promulgated about 30 years ago and it was only after the NEP came into being that ''money politics'' became synonymous with Umno.

If Anwar eventually becomes prime minister, it will be one of Asia's most remarkable political comeback tales.

ps: Look forward to yer comments as usual on this very REAL threat to OUR civil liberties. To the unregistered citizen, do you still wanna do NOTHING?

pps: Anecdote - Mrs Nanda666 (who is of Irish descent, not that it matters) recently told off an UNREGISTERED person (Mr Banker with two masters degrees) by stating that in many places blood has been shed fer that simple right to universal suffrage. South Africa & apartheid. China & Tianamen Square. "Yet you seem so unappreciative of this right that you are willing to forgo it," she admonished Mr Wanker , er, sorry, Mr Banker. Needless to say Mrs Nanda is fooking horrified & disgusted by this display of typical Malaysian apathy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Battle @ Permatang Pauh Won, now prepare fer SNAPS!

After the battle is over
And the sands drunken the blood
All what there remains
Is the bitterness of delusion

These are the opening lines to Celtic Frost's Circle of the Tyrants. Quite apt as yesterday's victory at Permatang Pauh was just the battle & you can be sure the bitter & deluded Barisan Najis losers will be steeling themselves fer an even bigger war ahead.

That's right, Anwar has re-affirmed that his plans fer a Sep16 takeover of government is still on track. Me knows there are many doubters out there. But one pertinent incident confirms in me mind that the crossover of BN defectors is about to happen.

And that was the PAS 'Unity Talks' with UMNO. Me was fooking perplexed at why PAS would countenance sleeping with the enemy after it had gained so much ground on Mar8. Now me understands. The rumblings from Gerakan, MCA & East Malaysia would suggest that a number of non-Malay MPs are fed up with BN & looking to crossover. This has sparked a fear among PAS members that their role (& ultimately Malay & Muslim voices) being diluted in this new coalition.

Whilst PAS has reaffirmed its commitment to Pakatan it has not broken off completely talks with UMNO. This alone suggests that there is some uneasiness about the future. Me suspicions were further re-inforced when flyers were distributed during the Permatang Pauh BN campaign showing Anwar's proposed cabinet line-up which had only a couple of Malay & PAS leaders. This is aimed at creating uncertainty among the Malays over their role in the Pakatan scheme of things.

But Anwar's 15,000-plus majority in light of the lower voter turn out & Barisan Najis's fooking filthy tactics (phantom voters, road blocks, inconvenient polling date, MONEY politics, police intimidation etc) would suggest the electorate has fooking rejected BN's campaign of threats & empty promises.

However, should Anwar keep good his promise of a Sep16 crossover, it will mean the dissolution of parliament. And you can bet yer fooking bottom ringgit that Barisan Najis will pull out all the fooking dirty tricks in its book to get a fresh mandate. Me once again urge all of you to get mobilised & play yer part in this crucial turning point in our nation's history.


Sorry if me sounds like a fooking broken record but this is IMPORTANT. Me implore you just drop by yer Post Office (Open Mon-Sat, except first Sat of month, & some are even open till 9pm) & hand over yer IC. Time is of the essence as it will take about two months fer yer name to appear on the electoral roll.

And if Anwar does keep his promise, we are looking at a Snap election towards the end of the year. Please do NOT procrastinate or be apolitical about this. This is about OUR future in this country. (*ok, will get off me fooking soapbox now*)

ps: Ideally, Anwar gets the crossovers & the Agong rejects Bodohwi's application to dissolve parliament saying it will be too taxing on the nation's already fragile economy!!! Let Pakatan run the show till next GE!

pps: (*use email, sms, facebook or an invite fer a cold beer to get the message across)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh: The Final Countdown . . .

Like it or not, the good people of Permatang Pauh will today cast a vote not just fer their constituency but fer the whole nation. The over-heated campaigning, rhetoric bordering on slander & circulation of all sorts of hearsay & unsubstantiated evidence (eg lab reports stating DNA samples in Saiful underwear is Anwar's) make it crystal clear what is at fooking stake.

Just a quick recap of some of the pertinent issues they will be deciding on today:
1) The Unbearable Prices of Fuel
Pakatan: Anwar has made this the platform fer his comeback stating a 50sen reduction at the very least. Me isn't exactly poor nor is me using a guzzler of a vehicle, but me is fooking feeling the pinch. Aren't you?
BN: accuses Anwar of using populist tactics only fer themselves reduce the price by 15sen cometh the by-election. Also claim that oil-producing nations with subsidies suffer from high inflation. Well guess what, our inflation is at a record 8.5% & we also have to pay high prices fer fuel. Go fooking figure.

2) In the name of God?
BN: Have used all sorts of unsavoury tactics to smear the good name of Anwar & his family including the despicable oath taking by Saiful. Also continuously used religion to stir up emotions by stating that a vote fer the opposition will dilute Islam's role in the country.
Pakatan: PAS's Tok Guru has come out & said that they are NOT seeking to establish an Islamic state but merely a society run according Islamic principles. Non-Muslims will have a choice. He states the example of Islamic banking available in most financial institutions to Muslims & non-Muslims alike. And he didn't need to swear on it . . .

3) Rice bowl issues
Pakatan: Anwar is well-liked & respected in the international community. He has the charisma & understanding of international values to bring in much needed foreign capital. He has promised a clean & transparent administration that will be good fer business. DAP's policy of CAT governance in Penang has already drew praises from all races fer opening business opportunities usually reserved fer cronies.
BN: No real economic plan besides blaming world recession fer everything. But in the last two years, Bodohwi has splurged on a private jet fer himself & launched a fooking space tourism programme. Subs bought by Najib continue to rust away in some dock unmanned & unused. According to independent foreign reports, the Barisan najis administration has cost the taxpayer close to RM340 BILLION in wastage & corruption.

4) The Jewish connection
BN: Has continuously tried to paint Anwar as a Mossad agent. Fail to forget that they themselves do plenty of businesses with Jewish-owned companies. Its inevitable, fooking get over it. BTW, the pride of our nation ie the twin towers which is supposed to reflect Islamic values & principles was designed by a Jewish architect specifically appointed by the Mighty Tun. No accusations there?
Pakatan: Unfortunately has got into the mud-slinging as well & made some unacceptable anti-semitic remarks. Am sorry but two wrongs don't make a right. Grow up!

5) Scandal-o-meter
Pakatan: Five Perak exco members detained by ACA fer graft & sex scandal. (No trial yet so no presumption of guilt). Anwar & the butt-fooking accusations. Me says, so fooking what even if its true.
BN: Najib & wife's alleged involvement in murder of Altantuya. He even denies knowing the model. But a stat dec from (a now MIA PI) says he not only knew her, but allegedly enjoyed a favour or two from her (allegedly, of course).

Apologies fer the long-winded posting. Am sure yer all aware of the issues above but amidst all the bullshit that has rained down on Permatang Pauh, it easy to lose sight of the issues.

Me awaits with bated breath fer the results tonite. To paraphrase AC/DC, me would like to say fer those about to VOTE, we salute you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bogus Dude PtII - A Reversal of Fortune?

Well, well, well, another twist in political intrigue in the run up to the Permatang Pauh by-election. In me previous posting, me highlighted the fact that the so-called Imam at Saiful's oath-taking was quite possibly bogus & an UMNO youth member to boot.

Now, he has appeared at Pakatan ceramahs to say the whole process was "technically wrong" (please see article below). Fooking hell, talk about pendulum swings!!! Wonder if there were any monetary incentives involved in getting this blokey to change sides?

Anyways, what really caught me eye in the article below was the odds being offered by the illegal bookies. Believe it or not, Permatang Pauh has got punters all hot under the collar with even the EPL taking a fooking back seat! This was confirmed by some Chinese press members who me met at a company function on Friday who said that there is some serious gambling going on over the Permatang Pauh results. He he . . Malaysians eh . . . Even this is turned into a 'makan bola' scenario!

Report from the Malaysian Insider:
Anwar campaign undermines Saiful’s Quran oath
By Debra Chong
SEBERANG JAYA, Aug 25 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s campaign last night brought out the imam who witnessed his accuser’s oath taken on the Quran, seeking to undermine the oath and sodomy accusation that have cost the opposition icon votes in his quest to enter Parliament and topple the BN government.

Ramlang Porigi, an imam in a Federal Territory mosque, claimed he witnessed Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s Quranic oath taken a day before nomination day on Aug 16 and it was technically wrong. Barisan Nasional leaders and party workers have been using Saiful’s actions in their campaign to dent Anwar's popularity in his hometown seat.

Illegal bookies say the BN campaign tactics have shortened the odds on Anwar’s victory margin from 5-1 for 20,000 votes to 4-1 for between 10,000 and 15,000 votes. Anwar’s wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail retained the seat with a 13,388-vote majority in the March 8 polls and anything less than that is seen as a moral victory for BN.

But Ramlang’s confession could help Anwar turn the tide and push his expected majority higher against BN candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim) president Hanafi Mamat who threw his hat in the ring to make it a three-cornered contest on polling day tomorrow.

Today is the last 24 hours of campaigning with Anwar’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat and its allies organising a ceramah in every of the 28 polling districts in Permatang Pauh while the BN continues with its house-to-house visits and smaller ceramahs to gain votes.

But possibly the most damaging statement Ramlang uttered last night against the BN was when he was asked if he thought the oath a conspiracy by Saiful.

“For me, maybe, because it was done on the eve of nomination day,” said Ramlang.

The BN’s campaign to date seems to have focused on discrediting Anwar’s reputation as a moral leader as it screens videos of the oath-taking ceremony which was video-recorded at the FT mosque. The latest word on the street is that the real Saiful landed in Penang yesterday. However, the reports are unconfirmed as no sighting of Anwar’s young accuser, in the flesh, has been made thus far.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bogus dude!

To paraphrase Bill & Ted in their MOST excellent adventure, "BOGUS DUDE!". What is me waffling about? Take a look at the pix below. This was sent to me by Madam O who was disgusted to find out that the so-called Imam who was in charge of Saiful's oath-taking recently was no Imam. He is just a religious officer who just happens to be . . . an UMNO youth member!

Why is this so fooking important? Everyone fooking knows the allegations are a farce? Not according to the Malaysian Insider which says that many older Malay voters who traditionally rely on mainstream media cannot understand why Anwar himself has not taken an oath to dispel the allegations. For now, the fact that Saiful has done so has swayed many Malay voters into thinking there is some truth to these stories. It is being played up at every Barisan Najis ceramah in Permatang Pauh. Hence the possibility that the unthinkable might happen - Anwar losing.

Wonder what the older Muslim folk would make of the pix above? Fer now, we can only hope that the voters in Permatang Pauh will be resolute in sending their native son to Parliament with an even bigger margin than his wifey managed on Mar8. This time next week, we will know . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Second best

Let's just hope that fooking Barisan Najis also finish SECOND in Permatang Pauh. Enough said!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More bad shit . . .

August 29. Remember that date, people. Coz that's the day when grabbing a chilled, happy hour draught beer after a hard day's work at yer local watering hole will be a thing of the past. Or sharing a bottle of good scotch with yer mates on the weekend watching footie at the pub will also soon be a luxury few can fooking afford.

Why? Coz on Aug 29, our dozy fooking PM will be tabling the BUDGET. And rumour has it that we will soon be above Norway in terms of alcohol tax. Yup, we'll be number one at something. So all ye boozers & kudikarans out there, best get acquainted with Tuan Sahip & the good Capt Morgan soon . . . fer that's all most ordinary folk will be able to fooking afford. (*hic*)

ps: And oh yeah . . . the Avril Lavigne gig on that date has also been cancelled. Please note that while PAS may have been making the usual noises, it was the Barisan Najis regime that pulled the plug. Reason? Not appropriate in conjunction with our 51st Merdeka celebrations, they said. So ye teenyboppers will have to make do with more "conservative" Malaysian fare - Saiful, Sodomy & C fooking 4!

ps: Fer Fook's Sake urges you to drink as much as possible between now & Aug 29 . . . y'know like the way crazed motorists jam petrol stations before a price hike. (*buuuuuuuuurp!*)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blunt force trauma - The Roots of Sepultura!

As far metal is concerned, me is the firm believer that the 90s belonged to this group of Brazilians. Hailing from the impoverished slums of Sao Paolo, these merry band of thrashers fooking shook the metal world with their unique tribal sounds & death-speed-thrash-punk amalgamation.

That's why to highlight the fact Sepultura (it means Grave in Portuguese) was no run-of-the-mill metal act, me has chosen this compilation album (no, its not Roots the album although it has the same cover) which has plenty of great covers, alternate takes & fooking blistering live performances.

Me was lucky enough to see this band not once but twice during their Arise world tour & they were quite simply the most brutal & technically efficient band me has ever had the fooking pleasure to headbang to. Powerful, melodic & earth-shatteringly heavy all at the same time whilst retaining a sound that was instantly recognisable as Sepultura's. Like their national football team circa 1970, Sepultura is a fooking national treasure. Bringing pride to the homeland & plenty of joy to minions everywhere.

To download Sepultura's Roots of Sepultura (1996), click here:

1. Intro
2. C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform)
3. Orgasmatron
4. Dead Embryonic Cells (Original Mix)
5. Desperate Cry (Original Mix)
6. Murder (Original Mix)
7. Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Original Mix)
8. Necromancer (Demo Version)
9. The Past Reborns The Storms (Demo Version)
10.A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer
11.Drug Me
12.Crucificados Pelo Sistema
13.Anticop (live)
14.Intro (live)
15.Arise (live)
16.Inner Self (live)
17.Mass Hypnosis (live)
18.Escape To The Void (live)
19.Troops Of Doom (live)
20.Altered State (live)

Fer those who have never had the pleasure of being aurally-assaulted by these South Americans, here's the vid to Dead Embroynic Cells:

ps: Me knows me always say this but this is seriously essential. Enjoy!

pps: Fooking check out Sepultura's killer version of Motorhead's Orgasmatron!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Footie Banter

"We gotta hit the ground running". . . "We've got the most feared strike partnership in the league" . . . "Rafa will deliver no19 fer sure". . .

These are just some of the oft-heard sentiments among Kopites before the start of the league. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. A truly awful stalemate against Standard Liege & a lacklustre display v Sunderland underlines just how far we are behind our rivals.

Sorry, me knows it early days yet, but shit, no Kopite can tell me s/he wasn't a touch disappointed by the new no7's display. Fook, all he did was get in the way of Torres scoring! The rest . . . well, wasn't much better was it? Hyppia anyone?

Couple that with our OBVIOUS lack of width, looks like another season of tussling with the other also rans fer that coveted fourth fooking spot just to ensure financial survival.

Plus the fact that the fooking Yanks who still own the club aren't exactly pally wally & Rafa himself canna see eye to eye with that fookhead with a perm, Rick Fooking Parry. Don't bode well fer any sort of title challenge.

Yes, yes, me is a whiny, pessimistic bitch. The 19 years of nothingness kinds of does that to you. Sucks to be a Kopite, but hey, could be worse . . . imagine being a fooking City or Spurs fan . . .

ps: The three points, though, much appreciated shouldn't disguise the fact that we are still some way off from being genuine title challengers.

pps: Of course, look forward to reading what other genuine fans think about the new season & yer aspirations of course.

Friday, August 15, 2008

faster than a speeding . . .

If you have had a shitty fooking week (yes, me hears you akuani), please watch the vid above. Me fooking guarantees it will have you in stitches & chase dem workweek blues away & get you in the mood fer the weekend!

And if this is a genuine commerical, me thinks its fooking ace, yeah . . .

ps: Thanx to "Dato'" Ezilan fer the priceless vid.

pps: To all EPL addicts, here it comes . . .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Songs fer Hellspawn! (Iced Earth: The Dark Saga)

Now, here's two of me fave things in one package - heavy fooking metal & Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Me is talking about Iced Earth's concept album from 1996, The Dark Saga, which is based on McFarlane's best-selling graphic novel (which tells the tale of govt assassin, Al Simmons, who sells his soul to Mr Satan so he can see his wife one more time).

Me remembers seeing Iced Earth on one of those metal video magazines from the 80s & was pretty fooking impressed by their brand of melodic power metal. But somehow they just slipped below everyone's radar during the height of power metal mania in the late-80s (me only owns their debut pletter & didn't really see much of em in record stores or metal mags).

So it was to me great suprise to find the band very much alive & well. Their well-constructed tunes which show hints of NWOBHM, early-Metallica & bay area thrash has found itself a loyal fan base & Iced Earth are still going strong till this day! Well fooking done la. Talk about preserverance!

So to all ye power metallers out there (yes, Achilles, this one's fer you), do take the fooking time to DOWNLOAD Iced Earth's The Dark Saga:

Fer a sample of Iced Earth, here's an animated vid featuring Spawn himself:

Fer more Iced Earth downloads, go to:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Headlines Today . . .

Quite a few interesting articles today at the online news portal Malaysian Insider. Me invites you to click on the links & to comment on the many issues that are pertinent to the state of the nation. (Compare & contrast articles one & two as well as three & four.)

This report says that PAS is currently split into two camps - one wanting the party to move forward & embrace multi-culturalism & the other calling fer it to protect Malay rights. The latter faction is threathening to leave Pakatan if it feels the Malay & Islamic agenda is diluted.
Cause fer concern? Certainly, me voted PAS. Not only that, me convinced me Catholic neighbours to do the same despite their reservations. Me was at pains to sing the praises of Tok Guru & how he is a spiritual man who leads by example. Me also said that PAS have been a victim of bad press & we shouldn't paint them as fooking unreasonable zealots.
Fer me, there is still a ary of hope as UMNO themselves are very quick to say the non-Malays abandoned them at the last GE & are quick to use the 'Ketuanan Melayu' issue to gain back popularity among the Malays. Read article below & you tell me what you think the current scenario.

PAS Leader Calls for intellectual engagement, not protest
Amidst all the hullabaloo over the Bar Council forum on 'Religious Conversion', a lone voice of reason speaks . . .

Old Tactics as new
This is an analysis on what how UMNO are just pretending nothing has happened & hope this attitude will further spread to the common folk. In denial? Absolutely! But will this 'Ostrich- head-in-the-sand' tactic work? Read & comment.

Indonesia's Political Miracle
In contrast to the article above, see how our neighbours by pushing thru reforms and applying an open policy of governance have transformed their nation into a beacon of democracy. The article also points to the fact that Indonesia has had to face several terrorist attacks on home soil (Bali, Marriot etc), financial crisis as well as a fooking huge & diverse population. If they can do it, why can't we?

As usual me looks forward to reading yer thoughts on the above issues. An open discussion of the pertinent topics is the day is how we can slowly but surely move forward.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death Metal's First Super Group! (Six Feet Under: Haunted)

In 1995, when me was still working as journo/music reviewer, this little gem appeared in a brown envelope from the good people at Rock Records (who were then the local guardians of all things cool from Roadrunner to Metal Blade labels).

Peeling open the envelope, me found the album below with its simple screaming skull artwork. Me slipped the album into the discman & me was abso-fooking-lutely blown away by what came blasting out of the headphones. Powerful yet groove-laden death metal riffs that were not yer typical 500mph-type chugging. Instead the music was layered, textured & designed fer maximum cranium damage via some serious headbanging.

Looking at the inner sleeve, me saw where the pedigree was coming from. The line up consisted of Cannibal Corpse's Chris Barnes on vocals (his famous deathly growls are done au naturel), axe-slinger Allen Scott (Obituary), bassist Terry Butler (Death & Massacre) & skin pounder Greg Gall. Fook me, how's that fer a fooking star-studded line up & they are rightfully regarded as the genre's first bona fide super group.

Please do take the time to download this awesome piece of groove-laden slab of death metal & find out why Six Feet Under are one of the best-selling death metal bands of all time!

To download Six Feet Under's Haunted (1995), please click:

01. “The Enemy Inside” - 4:17
02. “Silent Violence” - 3:33
03. “Lycanthropy” - 4:41
04. “Still Alive” - 4:04
05. “Beneath a Black Sky” - 2:50
06. “Human Target” - 3:30
07. “Remains of You” - 3:22
08. “Suffering in Ecstasy” - 2:44
09. “Tomorrow’s Victim” - 3:34
10. “Torn to the Bone” - 2:46
11. “Haunted” - 3:10

Fer sample of Six Feet Under's groove laden death metal, watch this:

ps: Fer more Six Feet Under downloads including their version of AC/DC's Back In Black, go to . Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pakatan - worse than BN?

Some of you may have heard/read about the commotion caused by PKR's Zulkifli Nordin at the Bar Council's forum on 'Religious Conversion' over the weekend. It has alarmed many that despite the multi-racial/equality fer all platform that Anwar is preaching, there are extremists & zealots within the ranks who openly REBEL against those principles.

It has led to some questioning the wisdom of supporting Pakatan & added ammo to those who have been lambasting Pakatan as wolves in sheep's clothing. The typical mantra - "no difference between the Pakatan & BN la, same fooking shit" was heard ad infinitum over the weekend.

Let me reiterate again what me thinks:
1)Zealots (read wankers) like Zul unfortunately have deep roots in PAS, Keadilan & UMNO. It will take time fer these fookers to be removed. Furthermore, our political landscpe is also unfortunately peppered with fookers UNCLEAR OF THE CONCEPT of democracy & civil society (eg Bung Mokthar). This is growing up process albeit one that is proceeding at a snail's pace. But moving forward we most definitely are.

2) Such mob rule & threathening behaviour has occurred frequently in the past, usually led by UMNO fooking Youth. Two wrongs don't make a right but at least Pakatan has been quick to admonish Zul (see Malaysian Insider report below) unlike UMNO who actively endorse such behaviour. Worse, BN's non-Malay partners have been reduced to eunuchs who dare not say shit. At least DAP have been quick to react both in this instance as well as with regards to PAS-UMNO unity talks.

3) Lest we forget, Pakatan is a coalition still in its infancy. There will be problems. We should criticise them fer their mistakes but we should NOT abandon them at this early stage of their political careers.

So again, me urges you to be patient with Pakatan. There's no magic solution. But rest assured, things will only get worse if we allow Barisan Najis to stay in power. That me fooking GUARANTEEES you!

PKR mulls action against protest leader Zulkifli
By Shannon Teoh
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Parti Keadilan Rakyat will decide whether disciplinary action would be taken against its Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin for stoking racial and religious sentiments when demonstrating against a forum here.

"We are going to discuss the matter. Zulkifli claims that he is there as a member of Pembela but he is still a party member.

"In principle we support peaceful demonstrations but are against the use of insulting and racial language and the storming of places where people are having discussions," said PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali.

The first-term MP who protested on behalf of Lawyers in Defence of Islam (Pembela) had declared the forum by the Bar Council an insult and a challenge to Muslims in what some have termed a "hate speech" and also forced his way to the front of the auditorium where the forum was being held yesterday.

Syed Husin told The Malaysian Insider that it was hypocritical of Zulkifli to exercise his democratic freedom by denying others of the same freedom.

"I know that he is aware that the party is disagreeable to his actions," he added.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah also confirmed that the matter would be discussed when the party's top leadership meets during the week.

"I echo Syed Husin's statement as Zulkifli acted without the sanction of the party and does not reflect our stand on the matter."
Zulkifli could not be contacted for comment.

It was reported that Zulkilfi was quoted yesterday as saying that it was time for the Bar Council to be led by a Muslim, so as to prevent the council from organising forums that could anger Muslims.

The Bar Council, however, has had many Muslim presidents within the last 30 years such as Raja Aziz Addruse, Abdullah A Rahman, Zainur Zakaria, Hendon Mohamed, Khutubul Zaman Bukhari and Sulaiman Abdullah.

Sulaiman is also Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's lead counsel for his defence team against the Sodomy II charge.

PKR de facto leader Anwar had made clear of his position that if the Bar Council forum yesterday were to proceed, it should be held behind closed doors, for now.

"To allay fears of others, have a closed forum. Deal with it, then engage with the rest, particularly those who have expressed concerns," he said on Friday.

ps: Also see Raja Petra's take on HYPOCRITICAL Muslims in Malaysia:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a load of bollocks!

To all me fellow Malaysians, love or loathe the man, you cannot but help feel fooking cheated as a Malaysian. Whilst our economy is in free fall, the govt has felt necessary to focus its entire efforts in bringing down ONE man. Tak de kerja lain ke?

Our already tainted judiciary & suspect police force is subject to even more ridicule as evidence is manipulated & witnesses disappear. Again, me urges you to make a stand to bring a stop to this fooking shite scenario by doing whatever you (legally) can to throw them Barisan Najis fookers out.

Me leaves you with a press statement from Anwar, if he does get his way & is able to form a new administration, WE WILL HOLD HIM TO HIS WORD!

ps: Poster is taken from the colourful world of Mob's Crib. Also note that police have detained PAS blogger Penarik Beca fer daring to insinuate that the police are mere running dogs of BN & Chinese crime syndicates. Mob's Crib has designed an alternative poster to the 'Malaysia in distress' movement reflecting this abuse of power. Seeing that the upside down flag has offended many people, me urges you to post the alternative image instead (upright left).

This press statement below is by ANWAR IBRAHIM (on Dr Osman Abdul Hamid’s SD that he stands firm by his initial findings):

I promise that under a Pakatan Rakyat government Malaysians will never again be subjected to such gross abuse of executive power as we are again witnessing today. Arbitrary arrest and detention, frivolous investigation and malicious prosecutions shall be a thing of the past.

Police officers and prosecutors who launch conspiracies to defame and humiliate the innocent will be severely punished. The use of police powers as well the office of the Attorney General to persecute political opponents will be criminalized so as to ensure a healthy and vibrant democracy where dissent is not only tolerated but nurtured.

In this regard every Malaysian’s fundamental liberties will be treated as sacrosanct and safeguarded by a truly independent judiciary guided by principles of utmost integrity and an adherence to the spirit of the federal constitution.

The politically motivated trial launched against me will, Insha’Allah, be the last of its kind. No Malaysian will suffer from this cruel injustice ever again.

Yesterday’s events confirm my innocence from the charges that recently surfaced. The medical report and statutory declaration by Dr. Osman Abdul Hamid of the Pusrawi Hospital that surfaced on Thursday shatter lingering doubts as to whether the alleged act ever took place. Dr. Osman’s statement also confirms what we have already stated regarding deplorable actions by the police to fabricate evidence in a manner identical to the manipulation of my case in 1998. Anything short of a thorough investigation into the mishandling of this investigation would further tarnish the credibility of the police.

The doctor’s personal safety is a matter of deep concern to us. Material witnesses in highprofile cases in Malaysia have gone missing in the past such as the PI Balasubramanian. I applaud those brave individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to freedom and justice by coming forward with important evidence, and call upon the authorities to ensure their protection.

Yesterday in court we learned that the prosecution’s case has, in a manner similar to the botched trials of 1998, shape-shifted from a charge of assault to one of a consensual act. The conspiracy launched against me in the final week of June 2008 is falling apart. There is a hasty attempt by some to patch up glaring holes in the complainant’s testimony. This will certainly fail given the preponderance of evidence confirming my innocence.

The Prime Minister has actively involved himself in this matter in an attempt to derail the process of transformational change in Malaysia and stave off his own political demise. But in soiling his hands with this sordid matter he has deepened the crisis within his own administration. His most ardent supporters among the Malays have also expressed their disgust with the matter. Furthermore Prime Minister Badawi now faces investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency for his involvement in corruption and money politics.

The shadow of corruption and mismanagement of the economy darkens the legacy of his Premiership. Prime Minister Badawi has still offered no convincing explanation over the huge profits reaped by his family in the Oil For Food scandal at the expense of dying Iraqis.

I advise those around him to leave the sinking ship of his leadership while there is still a chance to do so.

Pakatan Rakyat’s reform agenda is firmly back on track and the New Dawn for Malaysia is well within reach. We will mount a unified campaign to win in Permatang Pauh with a solid majority encompassing that constituency’s diverse population. I look forward to entering Parliament on August 27th with the support of my friends in the coalition.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sights & Sounds of the Times! Pungent Stench: Been Caught Buttering)

Me thinks me has found the perfect soundtrack to accompany the utterly foul odours surrounding the nation's political landscape. Ladies & gentlemen, me is pleased to introduce (remind?) you to the joys of PUNGENT STENCH!!!!

This slice of Euro Death first saw the light of day in 1991 and the title 'Been Caught Buttering' is slang fer being caught in homosexual acts (as alluded by the album artwork featuring the severed heads locked in a kiss).

To download Pungent Stench's Been Caught Buttering (1991), please click:

As fer the upside down Jalur Gemilang above, its an initiative started by Kickdefella ( Peacefully register yer dissatisfaction & utter contempt fer the state of affairs by displaying an upside down flag (either in cyberspace or even physically!). Might me humbly request all bloggers who visit this site to take up this simplest of initiatives by displaying the upside down flag at your sites as well as urging all yer friends & colleagues to do the same.

First step towards change is by doing the simple things. This Merdeka, OPENLY (but peacefully) protest by sending out a message of distress via an upside down flag!

Spread the word & have a good weekend, people!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

CSI: Corrupt Sodomy Investigation

The Circus has begun all over again. The fears of many Malaysians have once again been brought to surface. That this fooking government will stop at nothing to protect its own selfish interests. With Barisan Najis, it would appear a case of "if you don't succeed at first, try, try again".

Be damned that we will face international ridicule, condemnation & loss of goodwill. What have we got to lose? Only our status as one of the world's largest trading nations. So what if the rakyat had spoken thru the ballot boxes? Its only useful if BN get a 2/3 majority. Otherwise they revert to an autocracy backed by a castrated media & the brute force of the police.

Like me said, it is no great surprise that BN chose to bulldoze ahead with the case. But what now? Unless Anwar can bring good his promise that there'll be mass defections, we are well & truly screwed. Without the figurehead that kept the coalition going & winning the hearts & minds of many a voter, the opposition sweep of the last GE will be nothing but a minor hiccup on the Barisan Najis radar.

Me prays that something will help deliver us from the tyranny of this current regime. Sigh . . .

ps: Poster above is taken from satirist Mob's Crib collection ( & the article below is taken from Malaysian Insider. Please read & look forward to reading yer comments.

Breaking the rule of whose law?
By Yusmadi Yusoff
AUG 7 — We have been incessantly reminded by government leaders that we should abide by the law. That, in order for justice to prevail, we should uphold the rule of law. The Prime Minister again reminded us that we should be fair and that the law must allow a complainant to seek legitimate redress.

The Prime Minister cautioned the public to "remember" that there is a valid complaint by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be entertained. That it was, after all, done in accordance with the dictates of the law.

That, again, any public outcry against the charges framed against Anwar is unnecessary and would jeopardise peace and order in society. As we moved into another series of the Anwar Ibrahim trials, reminiscent of the 1998 saga, we have again been given legal tutelage by government ministers.

It is assumed that as long as the process involves the court of law, justice would prevail. It is also assumed that a charge can only be framed in the face of credible evidence, as weighed by the institutions of justice. These are the assumptions thrown about in the mainstream media on a daily basis, so that the people understand and appreciate that the fair game of justice is at work.

We have been made to understand that we should let the law take its course. Lady Justice, holding the balancing scales, would forever be blinded from prejudices and would decide without fear or favour. The assumption is only theoretically correct, lest we forget that even justice can be a game, with willing pawns, charting its own rules for its own needs.

The free use of the terms "rule of law" and "due process" as a means to justify action by politicians demands serious examination. As simple as it sounds, "rule of law" in fact reflects a serious concept which has often been misused and its philosophical and jurisprudential considerations largely ignored.

First and foremost, rule of law does not equate to mere application of rule by law, regardless of the substance of the law invoked. Throughout history, laws have constantly been challenged for elements of discrimination and oppression. Hence, even the substance of the law must be examined before the application of the law can be accepted.

Secondly, rule of law, even at its most minimal level, demands the application of the law to be devoid of external influences, especially governmental influence and that the institution adjudicating the laws ought to be free from corruption. External influences create ripples of instability, which may grow and endanger the order and legal certainty that is assumed with the rule of law. Rule of law shares an extremely intimate relationship with the other dimensions of a democratic government. In the truest form, it demands an independent judiciary, political rights, civil liberties and mechanisms of accountability to ensure that it remains true to form.

Thirdly, we have to understand that rule of law rests on the pillar of democracy. In a society where the word of the minister is often quoted to be the gospel truth, we need to urgently step back and recall Thomas Paine's warning that "in absolute governments, the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King and there ought to be no other".

Before parading the rule of law to diplomats and the media, as constantly exercised by Home Minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar, we have to first honestly answer if we have been a free country in our practice of the law. We are hard pressed to honestly answer if we have been a country which protects, strengthens and empowers the agents of the rule of law.

Democracy, protection of human rights and protection from bureaucratic caprice and corruption certainly cannot be divorced from the discussion with regards to the rule of law. Any attempt to do so means that the rules which have been promulgated exist within a system which is known only to autocratic despots and German Nazis. The notion that rule of law is an automated system which guarantees justice cannot be true when the substance of the law and its agents are constantly questioned even by the very people governed by the system.

Serious doubts and questions were asked by the Bar Council and the public, mainly through the alternative media, on the veracity of the charges made in the police report. Yet, the questions posed were replied by affording denials, almost evasive if one were to recall the media statements made by Hospital Pusrawi on the medical report of Saiful Bukhari.

The call by the Prime Minister himself for Anwar to "deliver" his DNA to the authorities is another incident which smacks of legal and scientific ignorance. The public demanded answers and obtained denials. They may have been "answers" but in fact, they created further questions and undoubtedly fuelled further speculation. More damaging, the "rule of law" as practised in Malaysia, now hangs precariously for the whole world to see.

The controversial trials of Norita Samsudin and Datuk Norjan Khan and, lately, of Altantuya Shariibuu certainly beg the question of whether the rule of law is in place. In the eyes of the public, the institutions of justice have not "delivered" up to expectations. The lack of public confidence automatically means the lack of "legitimacy". In short, the rule of law cannot exist in the true sense when it is administered by a questionable system.

The philosophy of punishment is deterrence. Yet, there would be none should the delivery mechanism be tainted with abuse and doubted by the people it serves.

Rule of law demands categorical commitment to democracy and basic protection of human rights. Anything less means that we are not entitled to invoke it as a tool to justify action. The rights of not one but all citizens are at risk without a vigorous application of a truly democratic rule of law.

Often quoting or misquoting the "rule of law" in order to justify questionable action in the face of glaring questions is a retrogressive and an unabashed embrace of Machiavellian politics — that the end justifies the means. Getulio Vargas, the former Brazilian President, was reported to have said: "For my friends, everything, for my enemies the law." Such is the power of the law.

Yusmadi Yusoff is the Parti Keadilan Rakyat MP for Balik Pulau and currently a Fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University, the United States.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cukup Cukup Snap!

The over-30s among you might remember a TV ad from the 70s advertising a certain choc wafer biscuit which had the tag line of "cukup, cukup, snap!". Don't ask me what it meant but it was fooking effective. However, that tag line today may have different connotations - People have had enough (cukup) & (snap) may just push Barisan Najis off the edge. Its already teetering perilously close.

Read online news portals & you will see veteran UMNO politician Dato' Mazlan Harun filing a report with the ACA against the leadership of Bodohwi & Najib. This is endemic of the serious schisms appearing within the leading component in Barisan Najis. Furthermore, grassroots members are openly defiant with their nominations & there are reports of scuffles & fist fights breaking out at the meetings (see Malaysian Insider). Things are not well.

Hence me earlier posting asking fer me fellow Malaysians to register themselves in preparation of a snap election at the end of the year. Anwar has already said he will file a motion of no-confidence in about six weeks time and he has openly asked MCA, Gerakan & other component parties to join the opposition.

Won't happen? Think again. At a time when poll surveys show confidence with the ruling govt is at an all time low; the in-fighting in UMNO/MCA & MIC; UMNO insistence of harping on 'Ketuanan Melayu'etc etc. If you were a minor BN party, what would you do? Chances are you might defect.

UMNO's desperate atttempts to court PAS along with its inability to substantially change its attitude (ie arrogance, contemptuous displays of wealth etc)might just present us all with the golden chance to boot these fookers out!

No harm in being prepared & ready to make yer vote count, rite? So me assertions is fer you to play a role in trying to make this country a better place fer all (by being registered). Fer those who contend that there'll be no diff whoever is ruling, we must at least try. Cuba baru tau, rite?
If we were willing to put up with BN's shite fer 50 fooking years, there's no harm in giving a different lot a go. This will be the platform fer a two-party democracy where the electorate have a choice of GOVERNMENTS. And where the power lies with the RAKYAT & not these full-of-themselves-titled-scumbags.

As fer no real change? One thing is fer sure, me believes Anwar will keep good his promise of reduction in petrol prices. Fer the apolitical citizen, there can be no better incentive than that.

Again, me urge you to be prepared (ie registered) fer a snap should it arise. We may never get a better chance than this . . .

ps: Also included analysis from Malaysian Insider below. Please read & look forward to yer comments as usual. Cheers!

The article below is from the Malaysian Insider:
Anwar gains popularity since Mar 8
AUG 5 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will win the Permatang Pauh by-election by a mile. And Pakatan Rakyat could end up snaring more seats if snap elections were held soon.

This scenario is not far-fetched judging by findings of a recent survey which debunks the notion that there is widespread remorse bias among Malaysians for supporting the Opposition in Election 2008.

Indeed, the poll shows that the sentiment towards Pakatan Rakyat has strengthened since March 8, especially among Chinese and Indians voters. The comprehensive survey on political developments in the country saw more than 3,000 people being interviewed last month.

Just over 31 per cent of those polled said that their view of the Opposition has remained the same since March 8 while 36.7 per cent said that their view of the Opposition has improved.
Only 22 per cent of respondents gave the Opposition the thumbs down.

The Malaysian Insider sighted the poll findings which confirm that the seismic shift in the political landscape was not a flash in the pan but the result of deep dissatisfaction with the Barisan Nasional and the path the country was taking. Also, it shows a country that has become even more polarised along political, racial and religious lines since the general election.
On March 8, the Opposition alliance of Pas-PKR-DAP denied Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the ruling coalition its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament and took control of Perak, Kedah, Penang and Selangor. This outcome surprised political pundits who believed that it was a fluke, the unintended consequence of Malaysians wanting to register a protest vote.

In the months since then newspapers have carried reports based on anecdotal evidence to suggest that Malaysians have little confidence in the Opposition and were regretting their decision to vote for Pakatan Rakyat candidates on March 8. In a column in the New Straits Times, group editor Syed Nadzri put forward five reasons why Anwar could lose the by-election in Permatang Pauh. He listed reason No. 5 as voter sentiment.

"It cannot be denied that the ground has shifted much since March 8 with a change in state government and, with that, political leaning. It cannot be denied too that some of the policy changes instituted by the DAP-led Penang administration have not gone down well with at least some of the 58,449 registered voters in Permatang Pauh, 69.4 per cent of whom are Malays, 24.5 per cent Chinese and 5.7 per cent Indians.

"BN is expected to capitalise on this to the core.''

Clearly, the survey on political developments in Malaysia shows that the non-Malay support for the Opposition is intact and may have strengthened since Election 2008. More than 45 per cent of Chinese polled said their view of the Opposition has improved while 33.9 per cent said the perception has remained the same. Only 8 per cent said that their view of Opposition has deteriorated.

The pattern was the same with the Indians. Just under 5 per cent of Indians said that their opinion of the Opposition had suffered since March 8.

Fifty-five per cent of Malays felt that their opinion of the Opposition was the same or had improved since Election 2008. With this sentiment, Anwar will be the overwhelming favourite to return to Parliament, regardless of who the BN fields in Permatang Pauh.

For he will be preaching to a larger pool of believers — Malaysians.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sounds of the 80s Revisited! (Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind / Number of the Beast)

Fer the past week, me commute to work has been to soundtracked by none other than the evergreen, galloping metal sound of Iron Fooking Maiden. Ask any longhair & chances are Maiden was the ground zero fer their personal metal explosion.

Three decades & still going strong, Maiden are famous fer staying true to their roots (though bassist & one time West Ham Utd prodigy, Steve Harris, admitted he doesn't know how long they can keep the enterprise going).

However, there's hardly any need to recount their history & how fooking great Maiden are when all you need is to download & listen to these two classic long players. These two albums which have gone on to inform a generation or two of metalheads! Me firmly believes that every home should have these LPs, so if you don't, here you are, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

To download Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast (1982), click here:

To download Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind (1983), click:

Fer the uninitiated, here's Hallowed Be Thy Name from the 666 LP. Download, headbang & fooking ENJOY!!!

ps: Of course, look forward to hearing bout yer fave Maiden tunes as well as the memories listening to these albums bring back. These LPs also soundtracked me revision fer 'A' levels all those years ago . . .

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Apathy . . . The Malaysian Identity

One is a self-made millionaire insurance dude who owns a fleet of exotic vehicles. The other was recently appointed to the board of directors of a public listed company. Another is the president of a footie fan club. Yet another is a banker with two masters degrees.

They mostly fall into the middle to upper income brackets, urbane & privy to an overseas tertiary education. These are just some of the many friends of mine who have yet to register to VOTE!

Despite me many repeated requests fer them to just drop by the fooking post office, many of them seem to think this is just too much trouble. Despite the seismic shift in the balance of power recently & the continued abuse & misuse of power by Barisan Najis, these guys seem in no hurry to be part of the democratic process of THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

It leaves me speechless that so many among me own friends are apathetic that they cannot spare a few minutes of their precious fooking time to just hand their IC over at the post office. That's right, no forms to fill, no fee levied, nada. Just yer IC & two months time yer name will be (hopefully) on the electoral roll.

Why is it so important? The prospect of a snap elections being called in Sep/Oct 08 is very much on the books. Barisan Najis is fast losing support & its unashamed courting of ideological foe, PAS, & the continued character assassination of Anwar is proof that this rotten, corrupt, bloated & inept coalition (cartoon above) is clutching at fooking straws.

This is what YOU can do. If you haven't registered, please do so NOW. Then get five of yer friends who have not done so to follow suit. Then ask them to talk another five of their friends into doing the same. It is a small step but at least we would have done something to promote a better Malaysia.

The future of this nation is in OUR hands but only of you have registered . . .

ps: Me makes no fooking apologies fer this most partisan of posts. Kick fooking Barisan Najis out!

pps: Fer those who spout 'never trust a politician/me is tired of the political circus' crap, please engage yer brain before spouting more fooking cliches. Politicians are a necessary evil in the parliamentary democracy we have. Unless yer gonna run fer office yerself, me suggest you accept this as a fooking fact of life.

ppps: Those who are offended by this post, don't get angry, get REGISTERED!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Youth Elixir Discovered!

Me is serious. Me has discovered something that can take 20 years off yer age. Me had a dose of this miracle potion the other day & me was jumping around like a spritely 18-year old. Me fooking kid you not!

Want in on the secret?

Ok, me will share.

The elixir of youth comes in the form of . . .

Don't fooking believe me, try downloading & playing this classic power metal from Germany & you'll feel like a teenager with a mullet & a cut-off denim jacket all over again. Me fooking guarantees it! At the very least, it'll have you singing along to them metal anthems like Future Worlds & I Want Out, punching the air & playing air guitar with a fooking big silly grin on yer face.

Fer the elixir of youth, please click:

Fer those who have never felt the magic of Helloween; here's a sample vid featuring some nifty anime.

ps: Fer the fanatic, you can download not one but TWO fooking four-disc box sets of the Teutonic metal merchants at: . Enjoy & have fooking great weekend!