Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death Metal's First Super Group! (Six Feet Under: Haunted)

In 1995, when me was still working as journo/music reviewer, this little gem appeared in a brown envelope from the good people at Rock Records (who were then the local guardians of all things cool from Roadrunner to Metal Blade labels).

Peeling open the envelope, me found the album below with its simple screaming skull artwork. Me slipped the album into the discman & me was abso-fooking-lutely blown away by what came blasting out of the headphones. Powerful yet groove-laden death metal riffs that were not yer typical 500mph-type chugging. Instead the music was layered, textured & designed fer maximum cranium damage via some serious headbanging.

Looking at the inner sleeve, me saw where the pedigree was coming from. The line up consisted of Cannibal Corpse's Chris Barnes on vocals (his famous deathly growls are done au naturel), axe-slinger Allen Scott (Obituary), bassist Terry Butler (Death & Massacre) & skin pounder Greg Gall. Fook me, how's that fer a fooking star-studded line up & they are rightfully regarded as the genre's first bona fide super group.

Please do take the time to download this awesome piece of groove-laden slab of death metal & find out why Six Feet Under are one of the best-selling death metal bands of all time!

To download Six Feet Under's Haunted (1995), please click:

01. “The Enemy Inside” - 4:17
02. “Silent Violence” - 3:33
03. “Lycanthropy” - 4:41
04. “Still Alive” - 4:04
05. “Beneath a Black Sky” - 2:50
06. “Human Target” - 3:30
07. “Remains of You” - 3:22
08. “Suffering in Ecstasy” - 2:44
09. “Tomorrow’s Victim” - 3:34
10. “Torn to the Bone” - 2:46
11. “Haunted” - 3:10

Fer sample of Six Feet Under's groove laden death metal, watch this:

ps: Fer more Six Feet Under downloads including their version of AC/DC's Back In Black, go to http://faraom14.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/six-feet-under/ . Enjoy!


Achilles said...

AD: back in black in death metal style? that will be interesting

anyway, as you know, am not too fond of death metal, but fer your sake (of fer fooks sake), me shall have a listen and give you the verdict tomorrow.

Am currently listening to skid row a lot now... fooking awesome shit... my fav song now is called the threat.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: It's all cool, janji try.

And yes, perhaps it would be better fer you to try the Back in Black cover album - Graveyard Classics II - since you know all the songs.

But do download Haunted as am sure yer wifey will dig it. Me knows you don't like the vocal stylings but focus on the riffs . . . fooking awesome me teel you!

senorita.. said...

one of my grpmates for one of my grp assignment loves metal. i sent her all the links (free metal downloads) to her and asked her to check out ur blog for metal reviews.... he he.

but she'll prolly just b a silent reader. =)

ps:i'm sick. wun make it worse by pluging in the headset n listen to 'haunted'... =P

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Thanx fer spreading the metal gospel.

How do you know Six Feet Under won't make you feel better? Hee hee

Achilles said...

AD: Cool stuff... the riffs were definitely very cool, but the vocals... sorry-lah... growling still not my cup of tea.

The video was also fooking awesome... are those scenes from all the different Psycho movies? cool stuff. i loved the beginning where the guy slams the woman's head with a shovel.... fooking cool shit. hehehehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


try and think of something la to set the ball rollin'...the island 5 kinda stuff...at least we have valid excuses to write something besides politics.

Azer Mantessa said...

not so sure what's happening to broadband these days. for this youtube vid, had to wait for bout 15 minutes to completely listen. is it my pc? i've been clearing cache and flushing dns so i wonder what's the problem.

newayz, interesting sound on overdrive and distorted guitars. been here and i realize vocals are basically into lower sumwhat ghost-like range ... a metal style perhaps?

not much on the solo riffs this one tho. still ... interesting.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Ok, kerp, will think of something interesting to get people involved.

azer: Death metal! Allen Scott is more of a riff meister rather than a soloist. Listen to his Obituary stuff & its all dirty grungy raw riffage. As fer 15mins, to watch the vid, biasa la youtube.

achilles: Music is damn cool. Yeah, the vids is an amalgam of all the Norman Bates movies. However, me doesn't think this is the official vid, rather its some metalheadz having some fun on an editing machine.
But do download this album as me thinks yer wifey will dig it. Thanx fer checking it out.

Anba said...

Achilles:- I too enjoyed the guy bashing the ladies head with a shovel...
but if you enjoyed this do Checkout Midnite mEat Train...they have a lot of tons of head bashing....
I enjoyed it ...heheheh

mozmayidenggg said...


first off, would like state (fortified in cement), that i am in a shitty mood today. the morning has not been good. it woke up with IT head senget from incessant whiplash (arselash more like).

wish i had goddamned earphones plugged in me and up the arse, blasting THIck SLABby coma inducing pulverizing riffs - in order to needle, weed and
squeeze out everythin inside colgatey proper to leave the
most pleasant feelin of all
the drone of constant

wish i had beladi earphones to plug in this.

i must honestly admit,haven't really heard a proper LP of them. most of the stuff (if i have ever) was on comps and the likes. but i did have friends who were ravin' about them - the common theme being, the massive mosh-inducing factor. bearing in mind, this feedback was received against the backdrop of the burgeoning nu-metal shite (yes, shite) that was hittin' the waves e.g. limp bizkit (winkwink), staind and yes even link the park and korn the jagung.
so as result, naturally, i concurrently lumped 6ftU together with this bunch of fellas, not knowing that that one mr.chrissy barness was on the vox. lo and behold, didn't i put IT into the wrong hole huh :) needless to say the corpse was one of those band which was in many ways always fun to give a spin.particulary in terms of erh..the lyrics..and oh yes, the imagery..who needs satanism and the occult when you've
got the corpse to put "blackmetal" to shame...mwahhahaha
dasatt beb.

having said that, i also have to admit that i'm not and out-and-out death fan - i.e. find most of the stuff difficult to lekat. dun get me wrong. some of the bands are technically out of this world mon, almost burns you in envy at how they can play it that proficiently it. however it's the uniquness of the sound that gets buried in most death acts (only an opinion). will however, give this a solid listen over the weekend - when i can actaully download.

re: tuan kerpov's proposal TOP 5
chief, i second that.
i think its time for one yer massive free fer all in yer faves top 5's - proposed 5's:-
top 5 footballers of all time;
top 5 supermodels you'd love to have (..over for dinner?) inclusive of hubba-hubba actresses,pornstars,jettisoned ex-gfs, prosties and why not..mollybollywood actresses;
top 5 singers (ranging from paul anka to nick cave); and me personal fave
TOP 5 DELICACIES OF ALL TIME (that way - we can exchange reknowed eateries, places to eat for mouthwatering pleasure - any food).

a clarification on my part. tuan nick was thinkin about what you said about comment moderation chief. it made me think. just want to say, in retrospect i really get where you are coming from, like straining cocunut through as sieve no? cant do much with the husk, the best part is in the sieve (a potential coronary problem though..heheh). although, i don't really agree with the content tthat should be moderated (i.e. like my rubbish). stuff that would strike me are the "lebeh" stuff e.g.:
-people who insult your family and next of kin for not particular reason...i'd go ballistic if it anyone were to start messin with my old man and my ma. freakin' ballistic.

-people who insult race, creed or religion for the fun it. this is another group of cibais as well.

but point taken chief. just to defile my hypocritical-self there
for a while.

chief. tiangkayu for the link.
will check out anamkakibawah over the weekend.


mozmayidenggg said...


btw just wanted to let you know, i told premo about this as well. managed to catch movie - awesome in many ways. its a kiwi flick centred around urban maori life in auckland - called "ONCE were WARRIORS" by lee tamohari.

has all the pinnings of a cult flick.i think you and most of the fellas may have already seen it.
but if you haven't - please by all means check it out. i related a lot ot it, found a lot of similiraties in culture, way of life and train of thought.

and watch the main character there - jake the muss. watch out for the alcohol-stupor induced violence. but i gues if yer a alco and yu have been involved in drunked scuffles, brawls or even tittyfights this would be right at home.

violence is awesome.

later chief.

anfield devotee said...

moz: Nice to see you give Nick's comments a bit of thought. Good on you.

Really think you might dig six feet under even though you are not BIG on death metal. Why? Like me said, this is one GROOVE-laden album dude. Almost a loose feel to the proceedings. Download it & you'll see what me is going on about.

RE: Once We Were Warriors
Lee Tamohari - director. Later arrested fer walking the streets as a tranny (straaaaange case there).

Yes, me has seen it & actually own a copy on Laser Disc (Dinosaur Technology is the way to go dude!).
Yes, the wife-bashing scenes were fooking horrendous. Shit, if we kena pukul from a Maori bloke that size, coma dude.

Real sad story. But totally agree - Once Were Warriours - highly recommended viewing!