Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh: The Final Countdown . . .

Like it or not, the good people of Permatang Pauh will today cast a vote not just fer their constituency but fer the whole nation. The over-heated campaigning, rhetoric bordering on slander & circulation of all sorts of hearsay & unsubstantiated evidence (eg lab reports stating DNA samples in Saiful underwear is Anwar's) make it crystal clear what is at fooking stake.

Just a quick recap of some of the pertinent issues they will be deciding on today:
1) The Unbearable Prices of Fuel
Pakatan: Anwar has made this the platform fer his comeback stating a 50sen reduction at the very least. Me isn't exactly poor nor is me using a guzzler of a vehicle, but me is fooking feeling the pinch. Aren't you?
BN: accuses Anwar of using populist tactics only fer themselves reduce the price by 15sen cometh the by-election. Also claim that oil-producing nations with subsidies suffer from high inflation. Well guess what, our inflation is at a record 8.5% & we also have to pay high prices fer fuel. Go fooking figure.

2) In the name of God?
BN: Have used all sorts of unsavoury tactics to smear the good name of Anwar & his family including the despicable oath taking by Saiful. Also continuously used religion to stir up emotions by stating that a vote fer the opposition will dilute Islam's role in the country.
Pakatan: PAS's Tok Guru has come out & said that they are NOT seeking to establish an Islamic state but merely a society run according Islamic principles. Non-Muslims will have a choice. He states the example of Islamic banking available in most financial institutions to Muslims & non-Muslims alike. And he didn't need to swear on it . . .

3) Rice bowl issues
Pakatan: Anwar is well-liked & respected in the international community. He has the charisma & understanding of international values to bring in much needed foreign capital. He has promised a clean & transparent administration that will be good fer business. DAP's policy of CAT governance in Penang has already drew praises from all races fer opening business opportunities usually reserved fer cronies.
BN: No real economic plan besides blaming world recession fer everything. But in the last two years, Bodohwi has splurged on a private jet fer himself & launched a fooking space tourism programme. Subs bought by Najib continue to rust away in some dock unmanned & unused. According to independent foreign reports, the Barisan najis administration has cost the taxpayer close to RM340 BILLION in wastage & corruption.

4) The Jewish connection
BN: Has continuously tried to paint Anwar as a Mossad agent. Fail to forget that they themselves do plenty of businesses with Jewish-owned companies. Its inevitable, fooking get over it. BTW, the pride of our nation ie the twin towers which is supposed to reflect Islamic values & principles was designed by a Jewish architect specifically appointed by the Mighty Tun. No accusations there?
Pakatan: Unfortunately has got into the mud-slinging as well & made some unacceptable anti-semitic remarks. Am sorry but two wrongs don't make a right. Grow up!

5) Scandal-o-meter
Pakatan: Five Perak exco members detained by ACA fer graft & sex scandal. (No trial yet so no presumption of guilt). Anwar & the butt-fooking accusations. Me says, so fooking what even if its true.
BN: Najib & wife's alleged involvement in murder of Altantuya. He even denies knowing the model. But a stat dec from (a now MIA PI) says he not only knew her, but allegedly enjoyed a favour or two from her (allegedly, of course).

Apologies fer the long-winded posting. Am sure yer all aware of the issues above but amidst all the bullshit that has rained down on Permatang Pauh, it easy to lose sight of the issues.

Me awaits with bated breath fer the results tonite. To paraphrase AC/DC, me would like to say fer those about to VOTE, we salute you!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

to me, anwar should be given the chance to walk the talk. that's one reason why the PP folks should vote him in. all the talks of him doing more damage to the country if he was given the power are mere bn propaganda. anwar has promised to make Malaysia a better and affordable place to live in so i dot see why he shouldnt be given the opportunity to at least has his voice in the parliament. as it is now the government is not any better; the worst we had to date. they can come up with 1001 reasons why petrol must be jacked up but people have made up their mind; the current bn gomen is known to make life a misery for the people.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Me shares yer sentimenst but still many are waqry of Anwar. This include many disatisfied UMNO members who are out to rid BN of perceived weak leadership but have also demonised Anwar as a political opportunist.

Well, just have to wait & see . . .

ps: Bodohwi has said it is NOT necessary to swear in new Permatang pauh MP this week as "there is no need to". Fooking hell, man. Un-fooking-belivable.

akuani said...

was not Pak Lah who said that AD it was the the Pandikar chap la Dewan Speaker ... isk isk get facts :))

PL is likely doing a PL somewhere and talking unrelated stuff as usual.

Wary of Anwar is a mild word AD - but then again in a democracy, he has his shot at making a difference ...

So long as the Rakyat all of us benefit, I wait in anticipation... (sorry if this isn't what you want to hear)

hongkie123 said...

Let's see if Anwar can sit opposite Badawi on 29 Aug. He might not even if he wins today if Speaker does not allow the "swearing" (sorry but nowadays people like to swear).

Jon-C said...

Day of reckoning is upon the PP folks. Its sink or swim time!

Mark said...

Latest update: http://malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/11803/84/

The intimidation has begun.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Sorry lar, was listening to news in car. System ada buruk sikit so misheard who said it la. But as you can see its a minor detail. Fact remains the same. Anwar, if he wins, will miss Budget day.

As fer the "not what me wants to hear", time & again me has sought to understand yer train of thought.

Me understands you are not alone in yer uneasiness over Anwar. Fair enough but to base it on hearsay? "Sodomy & Anwar are comfortable bedfellows"? C'mon. Surely you canna be so shallow.

Have also on numerous occassions asked you whether you prefered Khir Toyo or MM Taib to be holding important portfolios in govt. Again you said no.

What is wrong with giving the man a chance? He is saying all the right things (equal opps, no to race politics, reduce petrol). He may be lying but who knows till we give him a chance, rite?

Am sorry, but it is far better than the RACIST propaganda spouted by BN. All they seem to know is to harp on the 'Ketuanan Melayu' issue with zero regard to their non-Malay partners (or voters).

Me has on more than one occassion witnessed you lepas geram with regards to Anwar. Me is just wondering where was this firebrand when BN was busy dismantling the country some 20 years ago?

But all said & done, me knows yer heart is in the right place even if yer train of thought may not . . . Hee hee! Too much el vino me thinks . . .

ps: Enjoy yer trip to Italy & best regards to yer family, esp yer sis who's getting hitched. PLEASE, PLEASE ask her to refrain from making those funny sound effects on the day (you know what me is talking about)!!!

hongkie 123: Yup, heard it too. What a load of bollocks. Let's hope the govt falls on Sep16 before any of Bodohwi's shite policies are implemented.

mozisgod said...

bala, NICE ONE; good summation on the gist of issues.

kerp: thanks for the link you sent its really upto date

mark: thanks for link. have yu checked out rocky bru's yet? pretty interesting methodology of campaigning - NOT.
needless to say, the poster is abhorrently pathetic and won't happen.

later mon.

mozisgod said...

bala: point taken. i'd be to "cynciallY" idealistic to presume they will defler sashay into parliament aisles.

jonc/kerp/bala/rajen/premo: agreed. belum cuba, belum tau. in 5 years if the sheet gets stained, change the goddamned sheets again.

Mark said...

"11.30am from Azmin Ali

UMNO and the police are attempting to prevent the Chinese and Indian voters from coming out to vote."

Surprise surprise

Anba said...

Akuani:- r u frm Batu Gajah?...hmmmm

akuani said...

AD: glad you know my heart's in the right place ... :)

and El Vino has not commenced yet :) but eheh am sure it will be fun and for that comment the next time my sis sees you, you're so dead AD! (hope this don't become a death threat report now eheheh)

I understand the not following my train of thought, often I don't follow others either :)) ... natural me thinks :) makes it more interesting ...

Jon-C said...

To those in PP, think not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country and your children!

akuani said...

Anba: I am from Seremban ... often find myself lost in Batu Gajah / Gopeng / Ipoh :)) on purpose

and am currently having a love affair with Kellie's Castle :)) I love sitting there and listening to the quiet :)) - last Sunday it was flooded out so skipped and drove home.

MyRAWK ADMIN said...

And to really quote what is going on here, look to Sir Winston Churchill's famous saying, "Never has so much been owed to those so few."

Yeap! the fate of Malaysia's future lies in the hands of 15,000++ voters in a place called Permatang Pauh.

Sounds like Primary Colors or read the book. I am telling yous, this looks like the Man from HOPE campaign!

j or ji said...

its now or never..

Anba said...

Akuani:- okie...me understand now...yup last week it was flooded..practically the evening now days in gopeng/batu gajah are always raining...spoils the mood here...

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: Yes. Fingers fooking crossed.

albertus: Me thinks the electorate is slightly larger as Anwar has called fer a 20,000 majority.

anba / akuani: Look at these two. One of the most important by-elections in recent history & they are talking about where to get pandi curry . . .

Anba said...

hahaha balaji....

The great ramakrishna the guru of Swami Vivekananda said that you cannot teach the Veda to a person with an empty stomach...hehehe...
Makan come first hehehe...then the rest....

Like u said i'm waiting and seeing on the same time...filling me tummy...yup

Achilles said...

AD: It's never ending-lah... i have heard so many remarks with regards to DSAI and opposition. i get tired of re-explaining the points over and over again, only to be asked the same stupid questions again... 6 months have passed, nothing has happen. I think DSAI is really gay. Our country isn't as bad as Thailand and other countries. BN got experience in running the country unlike opposition (actually that was a new one)

Maybe many people are so used to the luke warm feeling of sitting in shit and have become comfortable with it, that they don't want it to change. i dunno

And like what Moz has said (which is a classic if you ask me) "If the sheets get stained in 5 years, we change it again." yeah.. what's wrong with that. We haven't changed the sheets for 50 years... isn't it about time?

AD: BTW, did you get the email i sent you? hope they don't trace it to me and put me on the same boat with nanda. heheheheee

anfield devotee said...

achilles: There are two types of BN supporters. One, those fat cats & cronies who have gotten rich off BN contacts. That kind of supporter me can understand.

But the other is like you said, thick as fooking shite & unable to see they are selling out race, country, you name it, all fer their own greed & avarice. This type of supporter, me is almost at a loss fer words.

ps: TQ fer emails. Sent the one containing student's ingenenius attempts at answering questions to all me acdemic staff & got plenty of laughs. Cheers!

akuani said...

Anba: Bala sometimes seems to miss out on the finer things like you pointed out :))

And it's pissing down here too today ... just escaped from Masjid Jamek as the 'longkang' was fast filling with water ... Ya but amazing was that the Temple did not seem to have any water in it on Sunday or was it flooded earlier??

anfield devotee said...

akuani: No aunty, didn't miss out anything (me went fer BKT lunch to warm me bones on this cold cloudy day) but me isn't talking about the shops in Lawan Kuda or wherever rite . . . hee hee.

Latest on Permatang Pauh 430pm Tues: Only people turning up at polling stations are busloads of Indons (ie phantom voters). menawhile tens of thousands of genuine voters travelling from elsewhere are stuck in MASSIVE traffic jams caused by our dear, beloved Police force.

Also many factories & businesses have not CLOSED & with the massive jams, mean more will NOT be casting their votes.

Mark said...

Rumours are going around saying that polling stations will now close @ 6pm. Again, this is just a rumour at this point.

Jon-C said...

August 26 DSAI wins, August 27 sworn in as MP - P44, August 28 appointed as opposition head and august 29, he be seated right in front of the face of "sleeping" PM during the budget day. ;0)

Achilles said...

AD: If this is the case, DSAI is fooked-lah... i knew these fookers would play dirty somehow. how lah like this?? I really can't wait to hear the results. What time will it be out?

Mark said...

He may not even be sworn in by then JonC. Pandikar Amin was saying that there is no rush and that the MB may "want to go on a holiday first"!.

"Pandikar Amin said although the by-election result would be announced tonight, he would still have to wait for a formal letter from the EC before he can fix a date for the new MP to take his oath.

“I do not see any urgency for me to fix a quick date. For all you know, the newly elected MP may want to go for a holiday first, or even for an umrah before coming to the Dewan Rakyat,” he said yesterday.

Mark said...

Let's also hope they don't arrest him on the 28th.

Mark said...


Mark said...

Here it comes:

Opposition MPs cry foul over DNA Bill

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 The remaining opposition MPs left in the House accused Home Minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar of sneaking in the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Identification Bill 2008 whilst the bulk of the opposition was campaigning in Permatang Pauh.

The DAP"s Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan questioned the haste with which the government was tabling the Bill for second reading.

-Why are we being asked to debate this Bill when we have not had time to read and prepare for the debate?- she asked in Dewan Rakyat today where only 10 opposition MPs were in attendance.

"I think there is an ulterior motive in speeding up the tabling of this Bill," she said, referring to the opposition's suspicion that the Bill is targeted at de facto opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial.

Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar, who is also Pas information chief, said that the opposition had not been briefed about the Bill but claimed that the government backbenchers "have been briefed by the police during a special briefing. We were not invited for this."

Pas's Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayob also claimed that since the government had tabled the Universities and Universities Colleges (Amendment) Bill 2008 at the end of the last session, the opposition had been focusing their "homework" on it and were left blindsided by the DNA Bill.

However, deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee overruled them by declaring that the government had the right to give priority to any Bill it felt was important and "they do not have to give a reason."

Syed Hamid told reporters in the Parliament lobby that there was no "sinister motive" to the timing of the Bill's debate.

"The Bill was supposed to be tabled after the National Kenaf and Tobacco Board Bill, but I was unwell so I asked for it to be moved down the order paper and be tabled later," he said after tabling the Bill for its second reading.

Syed Hamid insisted that the Bill was not aimed at any particular person.

"A person is not charged because of this act, but due to police investigations when they are satisfied there is a prima facie case and then it is up to the courts to decide. We are not going to use this to make a person chargeable, that is not the purpose of the Bill," he said, rebutting Fong's allusion to Anwar's case.

The Bill was to have been tabled during the 11th sitting of Parliament but was delayed. Apart from providing for compulsory extraction of DNA, the Bill seeks to provide for the establishment of a forensic DNA data bank and the use of forensic DNA analysis on DNA profiles.

The Bill also provides for punitive measures on those who refuse to give a "non-intimate sample" such as samples taken from a nail or under a nail, a swab from a non-private part and saliva in the form of a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or both.

Meanwhile, lawyers from the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Council called for the Bill to be withdrawn from debate until there was proper public consultation with experts such as chemists, criminologists and lawyers.

"We are not against the setting up of a DNA data bank but it must be set up with adequate safeguards," said committee member Edward Bon, adding that a parliamentary select committee should be set up to undertake research and make further amendments to the Bill, add privacy rights, adopt a data protection regime and ratify the international covenant of civil and political rights.

Achilles said...

mark: Me knew it-lah... there is NO way that they will let DSAI step into parliament-lah... now all the tactics are coming out. One after the other...

Mark said...

achilles: it's pathetic and with the world watching no less. we are a nation with no integrity.

i don't have a source for this but saw it on a forum:

3 'phantom' buses stopped, Gobala arrested
breaking news updated 5.23pm

And in a dramatic turn of events, the MP who 'caught' the phantom buses and its passengers was arrested along with his two sons for stopping the buses.

Mark said...

Have a look at how desperate BN are.


Mark said...

From Malaysiakini

Gobala and sons arrested

A team of riot police and a water-cannon truck have been deployed to the police station.

Gobalakrishnan and PKR secretary-general Sallehuddin Hashim went into the police station to lodge a report but came out 30 minutes empty-handed.

Gobalakrishnan told a crowd of 50 party supporters outside the building that the police were too busy to take their report. He said he would try again soon.
And in a dramatic turn of events, when Gobalakrishnan was again back at the police station, the police decided to arrest him and his two sons for "stopping the buses".

His sons - Arvind, 20, and Pravin, 23 - were also allegedly roughed up by the police prior to their arrest.

anfield devotee said...

Me is just too fooking sickened fer words rite now . . .

Achilles said...

Mark: the link you gave was unbelievable man. i still can't believe what i just saw. Pn Zuraida has got balls of steel.

The way i see it, the battle is as good as lost. RM 3K per person... wow... money that could be well spent on so many other things.

AD: Me understand your feelings... i am scared to watch TV and see the results now.

JonW said...

Fret not for DSAI has win with a majority of over 15000 votes.


Achilles said...

Yahooo... i can't fooking believe it. but one last obstacle for DSAI. DNA bill has been pushed through, swearing of DSAI delayed... can you smell a rat? Me biggest fear now is that they arrest him soon for sodomy charges..

Jon-C said...

Well the rakyat has spoken - Fook BN!!!

Now everyone in the world is watching every move they make. They better think twice before doing anything stupid. Makkal Sakthi!

anfield devotee said...

Me thinks only way Anwar can clear this mess once & fer all is to form the new govt.

Otherise, the DNA bill, the sodomy charges etc will be just part of a long line of dirty tactics BN will use to keep him at bay.

Fer the moment, pls get mobilised & get everyone you know to register in preparation fer snaps.

akuani said...

AD: can't vote if there are snaps - I just recently changed voting constituency ...

but that aside, from your last post, I suppose when by the time I get home from Italy - it will be the Anwar government to greet my landing in KLIA

No doubt interesting times ahead. Not sure I will be net connected, but will check in if I am ... till then Ciao, and Happy Merdeka for whatever it means to each of you :)

anfield devotee said...

akuani: fook, how long you gonna be on holiday fer?

Alamak, how long does it take fer the arseholes to change yer address. Wankers la.

Anyway, here's hoping to a brighter, better future fer all Malaysian.

Enjoy yer trip!

akuani said...

minimum 3 months to update the electoral roll to answer Q2.

Q1: not that long la just 2 weeks but timing will be 16th Sept when Anwar becomes PM remember :)))))

I join you in wishing better brighter things for our homeland :)