Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Headlines Today . . .

Quite a few interesting articles today at the online news portal Malaysian Insider. Me invites you to click on the links & to comment on the many issues that are pertinent to the state of the nation. (Compare & contrast articles one & two as well as three & four.)

This report says that PAS is currently split into two camps - one wanting the party to move forward & embrace multi-culturalism & the other calling fer it to protect Malay rights. The latter faction is threathening to leave Pakatan if it feels the Malay & Islamic agenda is diluted.
Cause fer concern? Certainly, me voted PAS. Not only that, me convinced me Catholic neighbours to do the same despite their reservations. Me was at pains to sing the praises of Tok Guru & how he is a spiritual man who leads by example. Me also said that PAS have been a victim of bad press & we shouldn't paint them as fooking unreasonable zealots.
Fer me, there is still a ary of hope as UMNO themselves are very quick to say the non-Malays abandoned them at the last GE & are quick to use the 'Ketuanan Melayu' issue to gain back popularity among the Malays. Read article below & you tell me what you think the current scenario.

PAS Leader Calls for intellectual engagement, not protest
Amidst all the hullabaloo over the Bar Council forum on 'Religious Conversion', a lone voice of reason speaks . . .

Old Tactics as new
This is an analysis on what how UMNO are just pretending nothing has happened & hope this attitude will further spread to the common folk. In denial? Absolutely! But will this 'Ostrich- head-in-the-sand' tactic work? Read & comment.

Indonesia's Political Miracle
In contrast to the article above, see how our neighbours by pushing thru reforms and applying an open policy of governance have transformed their nation into a beacon of democracy. The article also points to the fact that Indonesia has had to face several terrorist attacks on home soil (Bali, Marriot etc), financial crisis as well as a fooking huge & diverse population. If they can do it, why can't we?

As usual me looks forward to reading yer thoughts on the above issues. An open discussion of the pertinent topics is the day is how we can slowly but surely move forward.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

boss, its all hearsay la. could also be a same case of bad press. here's the thing; the other i was with one of my blogger buddies, mr cakapAje and he showed me an sms personally sent by one of the party's bigwigs, urging members not to buy all the stories going around especially on the talks with amno. trust me la, at the end of the day, everybody listens to TGNA.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh by the way, this could well be another of amno's ploy to destroy their traditional political rivals. as we all know PAS has been very strong and consistent and nowadays more malays are leaving the 'Org' for a 'Greener Pasture'. amno is scared shit la, because their main support comes from the same group who now believes in TGNA more than a ustaz hadhari...

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Hope you are right. As me said, me voted fer PAS (both parliament & DUN) & hope they will do the right thing.

Yes, the fact that these stories are hearsay did cross me mind but hey, these stories weren't from the traditional print media.

It is disconcerting on a number of points:
1) Malays first issue

2) 13 out of 15 cawangan boycotting Permatang Pauh elections

3) Tok Guru was NOT consulted over original unity talks

And lest we forget, UMNO has the ultimate weapon that can destroy almost anybody, no matter how strong their principles - MONEY! (Anyone remember Chandra Muzzafar?)

ps: Am not giving up on opposition but merely voicing me concerns.

Anba said...

Lyrics ini di sapu bersih dari band yg bernama bangkai dari album mereka Lagu Angsa ... bertajuk

Jangan percaya kepada Perkataan..

You should never take too literally what you read
Misinformation, distortion, make belief
Fabrications, half truths implied
Misquotations, out of context and lies
"I promise to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing but..."
Lies - you believe them all
Lies - you swallow them whole
Lies, lies, half truths misinformation and...
Lies - you believe them all
Lies - you swallow them whole
Lies, lies, half truths misinformation and...

Fact and fantasy united as one
Real power stems from the barrel of a pen
Living memory can easily be erased
The pen is mightier than the sword
Yet with no blade
"I promise to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing but..."
Lies - you believe them all
Lies - you swallow them whole
Lies, lies, half truths misinformation and...
Lies - you believe them all
Lies - you swallow them whole
Lies, lies, half truths misinformation and...

Achilles said...

AD: i dunno about PAS-lah... i know there are many good points about them which you have mentioned before in your blog and honestly, me was truly surprised by the facts you told us, but i dunno-lah...maybe the BN Controlled media brainwashing all this while has actually worked on me and made me into a skeptic. Care to un-brain wash me??

me choice will still be PKR... as i have lots of hope for our friend DSAI. I do hope he wins permatang pauh and gets into parliament, then we can see some real ass kicking happening.

But i still fear that he will be cast away upon winning it. Realize how the media is so quiet these days about his sodomy case? they dunno what to they are hoping to wait, people will forget the facts and then BOOM... they will come back with a surprise attack once he wins.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: don't quite know what to say. PAS has many good points that need to be highlighted but there is talk that UMNO are hijacking the party from within.

Me is still opposition, of course, but me is worried as the coalition is a fragile one to say the least.

Fact is, too many bumiputeras are unwilling to risk leaving the coccoon. They are unable to see that with equal representation & healthy competition the Malays will thrive even more.

They are extremely afraid that they will be left behind like in times of yore when the Chinese completely controlled commerce & industry.

A good example would be S'gor MB Tan Sri Khalid's call to allow 10% quota into Mara institutes was met with a protest by thousands of students.

Imagine, a mere 10% allowance was met with such vehement protests. And like the police-sanctioned mob outside the Bar Council last weekend, there seems to be no end to the depths of which these fookers will go to ensure they remain the dominant voice in ALL matters.

As somebody said, these actions smack of FACISM.

Anba: Metal always speak the truth . . .

premo said...

Another one for yer collection. Ok - back to work.

PS. When are we doing Mr Muru's place again?

Corrosion Of Conformity Vote With A Bullet

The number in nations
The god in their hearts
The justice in swine
The devil in God
This long hand that breaks our backs
Still casting shadows on all that we see
Unjustified...mercy killing is just a feeling
To keep our numbers from being free
Prison for praise is not worth thinking
Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking
So unleash the dogs - the only solution
Forgive and forget, fuck no
I'm talking about a revolution
The prophet man's got a needle in his hand
Draws his dreams from your soul - bleeding
minds into sand
The year of the fear has arrived decades too late
And our right to stand and fight is now
solely sealed in fate
(Repeat first chorus)
One last chance mission with a vision
'cos our lives are just cards i their stack
Our time is short but theirs is shorter
How much longer can they hold us back
Prison for praise - the obvious answer
Once had power mad - living disaster
Don't fuck with me 'cos I'm on a freedom train
That bears no name - this time
I'm voting with a bullet
This view they once knew made our nooses too tight
This justice in swine
This devil in god
So God bless my soul - I've got total control
And the crosshairs lined up dead in my sight
I'm voting with a bullet

anfield devotee said...

premo: Any luck in talking to the banker with two masters degrees into taking some time off from his incredibly hectic shcedule to drop by the post office?

Achilles said...

AD: Yes.. me heard about the massive protests... whats the deal with that. it's only 10%. sometimes i feel foreigners get better treatment than us.

Dunno-lah bro... me supports opposition like you, but voting for PAS, me still don't know. Will vote PKR as usual and see what happens.

Like you, me too is worried that loose coalition might fall apart with the never ending assault it has been receiving since day 1. And me biggest worry is DSAI being sent away... that i feel, will really cripple the coalition.

BTW Who is this banker you keep talking about? Mr. Biren?

anfield devotee said...

siapa lagi la . . . all these vice president bankers who have not fulfilled their civic duty.

Wait till the budget is announced on 29 Aug & it fooking hit hims where it hurts - ALCOHOL TAX!

Rumour has it another 25-40% increase! Really maut la to be a boozer in this country . . .

Life's Like That said...

AD : It won't be a surprise if booze tax go up, rite? Always been happening and always will. Ciggy taxes too.

As I wrote in Kerp's blog, I wonder what will happen if DSAI actually loses Permatang Pauh, legally or otherwise! That wld be a big smack in d face for the PR won't it? Can't imagine that happening tho!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: That happens, habis cerita la. Finito. All of us would just end up being one big laughing stock.

In fact, even if he wins but fails to deliver the Sep 16 crossovers, that too would leave the opposition & its supporters with a lot of egg on our faces . . .

Cometh the moment . . .

akuani said...

egg in the face? that be quite a boon for chicken farmers though *heheheeh*

The papers the last few days has been one riot
1. indian kid in lockup get beaten
2. racist teacher get moved to BETTER school after insulting indian students
3. Tourism DG RM13K dental treatments WTF!!! he got gold implants or what?

AARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'd be very dangerous if I had access to firearms right about now!

~sorry AD~ extremely stressful day, just blardy lost my temper big time with these morons who claim they cannot work late becoz got 'hantu' in the office - I guess I need not explain any further - you get the picture! WTF education and mentality did we instill in these clowns!!

anfield devotee said...

akuani: please don't go postal ok, just download Iced Earth & Six Feet Under fer some very effective stress relievers . . .

Jon-C said...

Go check the reports on the PAS national convention in Ipoh, especially the youth wing. Tiger in sheep's clothing?

Certainly ain't painting a rosy picture on their part.

theALBERTUS said...

On matters of politics, this may bore you fellas but here is something that was poetically stated in Malaysia Today:

written by NSTPravda, August 14, 2008 | 13:59:57

The Permatang Pauh by-election: ‘sodomite’ versus brother to a ‘swindler’
Nobody can now say that we bolehyus don’t have colourful leaders
Our leaders range from child rapist to Dollar berdozy
Their versatily is for the whole wide world to see.

PM Dollar vetoes call to open university to non-Malays
We in UiTM greet this with a thousand hip-hip hoorays
We are doing very well in the NEP scheme of things
We don’t want contaminations by Cina Kuis & Kelings

Happy are we with our brilliant academic incest
Blind obedience to dogma we instilled into our very best
We don't need any contaminants from kafirs outside
Meritocracy, competition damages our Bumi pride

In UiTM we have the best education that money can buy
We don’t have to study, government doles are on standby
The last thing we need is the dirty word “meritocracy’
Meritocratic competition is worse than sodomy

Down with anyone who proposes any change
Competition is bad, innovation deranged
If Allah don’t help us, UMNO certainly will
Kafir taxpayers can always be forced to pay the bill

We are happy to stay in our mental cocoon
Textbooks be damned, we have good cartoons
Our leaders exemplify that education does not pay
Corruption & larceny prove more profitable, it’s semua-nya OK!

I hope the Permatang Pauh voters vote their conscience, the hopes of a young nation looks to you for guidance...cheers and YNWA!

anfield devotee said...

JonC: The very fooking unfortunate truth of the matter is that the youth wing of every single party is filled with vermin.

Only thing me can say fer now is that Pemuda PAS don't run the party, the reins are still in the hands of the infinitely more reasonable Tok Guru.

Albertus: Me suppose the day will come when the lazy, non-competitive race will lenyap completely from this world. Keep it up me says . . . canna last forever.