Thursday, August 14, 2008

Songs fer Hellspawn! (Iced Earth: The Dark Saga)

Now, here's two of me fave things in one package - heavy fooking metal & Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Me is talking about Iced Earth's concept album from 1996, The Dark Saga, which is based on McFarlane's best-selling graphic novel (which tells the tale of govt assassin, Al Simmons, who sells his soul to Mr Satan so he can see his wife one more time).

Me remembers seeing Iced Earth on one of those metal video magazines from the 80s & was pretty fooking impressed by their brand of melodic power metal. But somehow they just slipped below everyone's radar during the height of power metal mania in the late-80s (me only owns their debut pletter & didn't really see much of em in record stores or metal mags).

So it was to me great suprise to find the band very much alive & well. Their well-constructed tunes which show hints of NWOBHM, early-Metallica & bay area thrash has found itself a loyal fan base & Iced Earth are still going strong till this day! Well fooking done la. Talk about preserverance!

So to all ye power metallers out there (yes, Achilles, this one's fer you), do take the fooking time to DOWNLOAD Iced Earth's The Dark Saga:

Fer a sample of Iced Earth, here's an animated vid featuring Spawn himself:

Fer more Iced Earth downloads, go to:


Achilles said...

AD: Wow... the artwork is damn fooking impressive. And the description you gave, just tells me that me will love it... power metal with a semblence of early Metallica... fook yeah. how not to like it.

Anyway as usual, me got to wait till i get home to download and view the video... even more reason to leave the opis early today. hehehe

Thanks fer the post...definitely appreciate it...pray my PC allows me to download this and convert it into a CD.

BTW, i am off to langkawi tomorrow morning fer a holiday, so all you guys have a good fooking weekend... i know i will. hehehehee

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Yer welcome! But do note that the sound quality on the vid is a bit poor.

Artwork sure la terror, Todd McFarlane la dude. Todd's tenure as Spiderman artist also saw some of the most beautifully illustrated issues of Mr Parker. You will be able to find the graphic novels in most quality conic shops.

Really hope you enjoy this & may it soundtrack yer Langkawi trip!

moztheMUSS said...


fuhyooohhh toddy mcfarlaneeeee siottttt. one of the understated living artwork godz of our times?

good stuff mate. i used to toyingly wonder something though - i.e. how does anyone sober or withOUT being in any state of inebriation conjure up an image like the spawn - y'know without any psycho-stimulation? how dei? is that even possible.

oh dude - imagine if was sober *sigh*. think of what would become of the spawn if he had been trippin..


p.s. re: iced earth, now thats a first for me chief. unlike stench and 6ftU, nie wa tak pernah dengar langsung :)will check them out in due course, of course.

anfield devotee said...

moz: Like me said, this band been around since 1988 & was part of the Bay Area thrash explosion but somehow managed to be metal's best kept secret. Sorta like Trouble, critics love em but fans indifferent, y'know.

Very melodic & vocals that are discernible to the non-rock fans.

BTW, how did you find Pungent Stench? Hope you will download Iced Earth & Six Feet Under as well. Great stuff.

RE: Sobriety & creativity. How bout this - the late, great Frank Zappa was anti-drugs but somehow managed to create way-out masterpieces like "Hot Rats" & "Uncle Meat". Now that's scary . . .