Monday, March 31, 2008

Dungus in High Places

Spotted this article in yesterday's papers:

Miri: Sarawak Immigration Department director Datuk Robert Lian lamented yesterday that a senior immigration officer was unable to tell him where Uruguay is. "I had not even asked him yet about the capital (of Uruguay)", he said.

Fer Fook's Sake says: Fooking hell, ya. This is taking the piss la. But it also goes to show the kind of fooking Dungus who populate our civil service, even at senior levels. This is what happens when the "who you know rather than what you know" policy has been in place fer far too long.

I admit me is no genius especially with geography but that's one thing footie teaches you is some semblance of respect fer past World Cup winners. Yes, that's right, Uruguay may be home to less than 5 million people but it has won the World Cup not once but fooking twice (1930 & 1950 - the latter after beating mighty Brazil at the Maracana!!!). Respect! Hence they get to have two stars on their jerseys unlike England . . .

ps: Datuk Robert was speaking after the launching of the 5S practice (a concept associated with Japanese Kaizen work culture) which stands fer Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. Me thinks they forgot to add another 'S' fer 'Sack' fooking senior Dungus who don't know his geography or his footie . . .

pix (above): A proud moment for Uruguay's captain Obdulio Varela as he receives the World Cup trophy, the Jules Rimet Cup, from the man himself, Jules Rimet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The need fer speed

Saw this on Fifth Gear (Astro ch 734 - also known as the bane of me wifey's life!) last nite. The one-off Lotus Exige runs on bio-fuel & is purported to be a lot fooking faster than the standard model. In fact it is the fastest bio-fuel car on the face of the fooking planet! And no major mods to the engine is required.

The clip brings up a whole lot of interesting issues. For example, in the UK bio-ethanol is only available in just a few stations although it has 70% less emissions. On top of that, the price is only 2pence cheaper/litre than normal fuel in the UK.

It is also made from farm produce which means each country can produce its own source of fuel & at a stroke eliminate dependency on petroleum-rich nations. And let's not forget, bio-ethanol improves yer car's zoom power substantially. Its a fooking win-win situation.

Apparently, in Sweden bio-ethanol is widely available & costs half the price of petrol. If yer car is using bio-ethanol, you are exempt from a whole bunch of taxes & get this . . . parking is ABSOLUTELY FREE EVERYWHERE! Save the environment without burning a hole in yer pocket. Fooking sweet deal or what?!?

Me question is why so few places have followed Sweden's example?

Do enjoy the vid just to ogle at the sexy lil Lotus (Malaysia Boleh?). Look forward to hearing yer comments on this green topic & hope the petrolheads amongst you will discuss the merits of the "Malaysian" super coupe.

ps: Have always had a soft spot fer Lotus ever since seeing the Esprit turn into a submarine car in 007's The Spy Who Loved Me (below). Sad that Proton doesn't quite know what to do with this wonderful marque.

pps: Me colleague Szu Pau says she was given a lift in an Esprit by her lecturer (?!?) when she was but a 17-year-old SYT. "Not impressed", she pronounced. Wonder what the lecturer was trying to prove eh . . .

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

May the laughter be with you . . .

Don't know bout you but the Monday blues is stretching into Tues & looks set to continue well into the fooking week fer moi. With me mind in such a state, haven't got much to add postings wise & most certainly don't want to analyse the weekends fooking results in too great a detail. I feel fooking sick enough as it is.

So have taken the liberty to continue on the theme below by adding two more Darth Vader spoof vids. In view of Premo's complaint bout the lack of editing at Peter Serafinowicz effort, the first one (above) is pretty short & sweet. Some of you may have seen the second vid below as it was posted on Nick M's blog some time ago & was much loved by me colleagues who still quote dialogue from it. Its a hilarious Lego job coupled with Eddie Izzard's fooking fantastic monologue.

If like me, you are still having a fooking shitty week, really hope you will take the time to watch both the vids & hope it brightens yer horizon somewhat. Cheers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Laughter fer them Monday Blues

To all the nice people at MyRawk, thanx fer a great evening out last nite, shame bout how the game went. Am sure Kopites & Gooners everywhere are having a seriously fooked up Monday & me is actually recuperating at home having taken the day off. Me cosmic aura is completely off-kilter today.

Well, suffice to say me is miserable & wallowing in me own footballing self-pity. Sigh . . . Well, anyways, found out about this British comedian, Peter Serafinowicz, thru the Word magazine. Decided to do a search on youtube & found this rib-tickler. Certainly hope this sketch (Darth Vader falls in love) helps dispel yer Monday blues . . .

ps: Peter Serafinowicz is the actual voice of Darth Maul in the movies! How cool is that?!?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celluloid Gold

Wifey has been hounding me to do this post fer fooking ages & now me has been tagged by JonC to list me top5 films of all time. So here goes, (from top to bottom according to pix):

Seven Samurai (1954): Often cited as one of the most influential films of all time, this tour de force from Akiro Kurosawa is a master class in movie making. From the soundtrack to the grand cinemascope, you can see why it is legendary. Story is how impoverished farmers turn to a group of ronin to defend village from bandits & ensuing tensions between the farmer & warrior classes are revealed. Poignant & subtle with its anti-war message, this is Asian cinema at its best. Without Seven Samurai, there would be no Star Wars (Lucas decided to make a sci-fi version after seeing it), Magnificent Seven or . . . er . . . Last Man Standing (The Bruce Willis shoot-em up tribute).

Escape to Victory (1981): Still get goosebumps whenever me watch the final match portion. Was on the telly recently & it still makes me want to jump up & cheer when Pele scores dramatic equaliser with overhead kick. Simple tale of WWII prisoners challenged to a game against the occupying Nazis in France. Still has the magic ability to make me feel fooking twelve all over again. Also Sylvester Stallone's finest hour as an actor. (I am fond of pointing out to footie fans that the Allied team managed to come back from three goals down with a team comprising world cup winners Bobby Moore, Pele & Ossie Ardilles. LFC did it in Istanbul with the likes of Djimi, Djibril & Dietmar!!!)

Gandhi (1982): First time me ever shed tears watching a film. The tragedy & sheer human waste in this film is absolutely gut-wrenching. The struggle of one man fer freedom, equality & justice fer all is brilliantly brought to cinematic life by Ben Kingsley (who deservedly won an Oscar fer his potrayal). I was but a wee lad when this came out but it had a profound effect on me & I probably watched this over a dozen times over the next few years (having video taped a TV screening of the fim). It was to me utter disgust that later around 1985, all me school friends (mainly Chinese guys) had dismissed this film as unimportant (eg: "who cares about some Indian guy?" - Yeonzon Yeow / "Its not a classic like Star Wars is it? - Soo Teck Loong). Yup, this film formed an integral part of me formative years & highlighted the differences between me & me chosen friends . . .

Godfather II (1974): Six fooking Oscars. Cast with the magic pairing of Al Pacino & Robert De Niro (though they did not appear on screen together). Story telling of epic proportions, this film acts as both sequel & prequel. Showing the rise of new Godfather, Michael Corleone (Pacino) interspersed with the story of his father's (De Niro) rise from orphaned immigrant to New York overlord. Filmed in wonderful sepia tones, turn of the century Big Apple soon turns to the blood bath of 50s gangland. Legendary director, the late, great Stanley Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey / A Clockwork Orange / The Shining - who is not known to give praise to anything or anyone) quipped to an author friend, "Godfather II is the best film ever made. End of story."

Pulp Fiction (1994): Quentin Tarantino is a fooking genius! I know his recent films haven't been all that great but anyone who can capture our attention with dialogue about what a fooking cheeseburger & a Big Mac is called in France deserves all the plaudits he can get. A noir crime thriller with a spectacularly non-linear sequence, the film saw sterling performances & ultra-hip, cool dialogue from Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis (again, wearing his trademark singlet - Pagoda should fooking sponsor this dude la) & John Travolta. Anyone who has not seen this should be interned in a prison fer crimes against cinema! (ps: the soundtrack is spectacularly eclectic & started the trend of including snippets of dialogue on albums).

There you have it. Since its only five, there was no space fer any of the Scorcese classics like Goodfellas or Mean Streets, Glaswegian drug craziness of Trainspotting or James Cameron's awesome Titanic (only kidding!) . . . Happy viewing!

ps: Afif ( & @dam (, you've been tagged!
pps: Before anyone starts asking who me dream date to the movies would be, sorry, its still wifey!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boss Tunes Pt1: Ripple by The Grateful Dead


If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine

And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung,

Would you hear my voice come thru the music,

Would you hold it near as it were your own?

Its a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken,

Perhaps they're better left unsung.

I don't know, don't really care

Let there be songs to fill the air.

Ripple in still water,

When there is no pebble tossed,

Nor wind to blow.

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty,

If your cup is full may it be again,

Let it be known there is a fountain,

That was not made by the hands of men.

There is a road, no simple highway,

Between the dawn and the dark of night,

And if you go no one may follow,

That path is for your steps alone.

Ripple in still water,

When there is no pebble tossed,

Nor wind to blow.

But if you fall you fall alone,

If you should stand then who's to guide you?

If I knew the way I would take you home.

La dee da da da, la da da da da, da da da, da da, da da da da da

La da da da, la da da, da da, la da da da, la da, da da.

I fooking hate Mondays (especially if I've had to work over the weekend). So if you, like me, have problems dealing with them Monday-blues syndrome, here's a little something to help ease the comedown. Its a classic tune from the Grateful Dead LP American Beauty which made me desert island discs.

Hope you guys out there will take the time to check out the video & certainly hope it improves yer mood. I know it has, mine. Turn on, tune in & fooking zone out!!!

ps:Love this song & have thoughtfully provided lyrics fer impromptu karaoke session. Please leave yer comments bout what you think & hope yer Monday is no Boomtown Rats experience . . .

Saturday, March 15, 2008


"Some of the teams that have won this trophy in the last few years have not been the best teams in the competition . . . such as Porto & Liverpool." - Rio Fooking Ferdinand

Oh, how right you are, sir. Let us start a petition to urge Liverppol FC & Porto to hand over the cups to Mighty Manchester "Forest" Utd whilst we hang our heads in utter shame . . .

Fer those who missed the draw last nite, its Arsenal v LFC, Fenerbache v Chelsea, Roma v Man Utd & Shalke v Barca. Interesting to say the least . . .

ps: all footie fans are, of course, invited to post their views on the draw.
pps: Liked the giant banner Inter fans unfurled before 2nd leg game - "whatever happens next, thank you for Istanbul 2005"!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Desert Island Discs

Here's something to lighten the mood a little. Its been a bit heavy going with all the pre- & post-elections stuff. So me is inviting everyone out there to chew the fat here on naming yer desert island discs ie pick 5 albums you absolutely must have if you were fooking stranded on a deserted island (with a only a functioning turntable/CD player/ipod fer company, of course).

And do tell us why you picked those records, ok?

Only one Rule:

Abso-fooking-lutley NO compilations, ok? ie NO 'best ofs' & 'greatest hits'. That would be too fooking easy!

Those of you who read Nick Hornby's Hi-Fidelity (or saw the movie adaptation starring John Cusack & Jeff Black) will understand why the innate need fer many music nuts (usually anal retentive blokes) to compile such lists (Top 5 Break Up songs, Top 5 Debuts etc). But all the ladies are invited to post yer fave 5 as well.

I posed this dilemma to me colleagues (all ladies) & they were stumped.

Szu Pau - "Why does it have to be albums?"

Me says: That's when you judge a body of work on its own merit. Tis bout writing ten great tracks rather than the odd hit single or two. Its bout a consistency - MIND FOOKING BLOWING from start to finish!

Oca - "I like this Boyz II Men album, but can't remember what its called? You know the one with that song . . . .?"

Me says: How is this possible?!? These are albums that you absolutely cannot live without hence should know every fooking detail about it, from artwork designer to producer!

Miss AA - "Norah Jones . . . um . . . Norah Jones . . . er . . . Norah Jones."

Me says: No fooking comment!

Big Boss WY "BN" Loh - "Haiyo, I dunno lah, I never pay attention to the artists . . . " (she later described Alison Moyet as that "fat, brown chick" & her top 5 albums were Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals . . . all five of em!!!).

Me says: Yer choice should be artsist that demanded yer attention. You just couldn't ignore the sheer fooking GREATNESS of the album eg Elvis Presley's debut, James Brown Live At The Appollo, Ramones's Road To Ruin, Nirvana's Nevermind . . . records that caused a seismic shift in music history.

Am sure you get the drift. Anyways here's Bala's Top 5 Desert Island Discs (from top to bottom pix):

Alice In Chains - Dirt: Although Nirvana (& Nevermind Lp) will always be the band that symbolised the early 90s Seattle scene, fer many it was AIC's Dirt that left its tentacles deepest in our musical souls. Possibly the greatest heroin album of all time (yes, I rate it better than the Stones's Sticky Fingers or Exile on Main Street), you could feel the music flow like junk thru yer fooking veins. One memorable instance, we had stuck the CD on at me bar when lead singer Layne Stayley OD'ed; it was to me utter surprise to see virtually everyone seated at the bar boisterously singing along to these dirge-like anthems to drug abuse hell. Fooking awesome!

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew: What can you say, Miles was as punk as you got. He fooking reinvented jazz not once, not twice but three fooking times. And this double-LP was when jazz leaped into the electric sphere of fusion. And as a metal fan, take it from me, this is some heavy fooking shit from a virtouso line up - John McLaughlin, Chic Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, et al were on fooking fire!

Obituary - Cause Of Death: Death metal at its very best. Melodic but gut-wrenchingly heavy. And John Tardy's vocals are akin to Satan's bowel movements after a particularly nasty rojak! The way tracks segue into each other plus the fabulous use of classic metal dynamics make this one of me fave albums of all time! Still sounds brutal after all these years!

Zakir Hussain - Making Music: Zakir on tablas, Jan Gabarek on alto sax, John McLaughlin on six strings & Hariprasad Chaupraya on flute combine to make the most beautiful, soothing music ever known to human ears. Regardless of taste, this east-meets-west fusion of classical Indian & Jazz has got to be evidence of divine intervention. Music so sweet, it makes yer soul float . . . fer about 43 minutes before you reach fer the repeat button.

Grateful Dead - American Beauty: I ain't no Deadhead but boy, is this one well-crafted bunch of tunes or what. This is where the psychedelia of 60s San Fransisco camped out in the wild west. End result: Hippies singing country tunes so fooking perfect you couldn't think possible. Till today songs like Box Of Rain, Ripple & Friend of the Devil still make me wish I flower power had survived instead of dying an awful death at Altamont . . .

There you have it. Sorry fer a being a wee bit long-winded but I really look forward to reading bout yer Top5 & maybe discover a new gem or two . . .

ps: Kerp, JonC & Kopite78, you've been tagged!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Power Is In Your Hands!

"The MCA & MIC have merged after the elections and adopted a new moniker - Liberated Association of National Chinese and Indian Alliance Union or LANCIAU fer short!"

The gem above is one of numerous examples of rib-tickling smses flying around in the aftermath of the polls. Am sure everyone's inboxes has been flooded with similar gags, so please do share the wittier ones at the comments box. And judging by the way almost everyone's mobile seems to be beeping constantly & followed by a few hearty guffaws, it would seem the BIGGEST winner in this whole campaign has been the telcos!

Yes, the Internet with its blogs, youtube & sources of alternative info (take a well-earned bow Malaysia Kini) played its part but it still only has a very limited reach. Unlike the mobile phone which is something virtually everyone in the country owns - from the janitor to the CEO.

During the run up to 8Mar, all sorts of info, pleas, half-truths, slander & of course, jokes, were circulated in the millions in the form of smses. This was really the weapon that broke the Barisan Fooking Nasional's stranglehold on info. Fer example, when some UMNO firebrand makes a racist remark in a ceramah in a Malay heartland constituency, it no longer stays in that limited area. It gets leaked to a wider audience via sms. Quick, inexpensive and as we have seen, fooking effective.

From the Makkal Sakti campaign that saw its message spread far & wide (I got smses from various races) & become a clarion call fer change to the constant list of reminders of Barisan Fooking Nasional's neverending list of misdemeanours, the humble mobile phone literally brought the message to the people.

Am sure all the Telcos made a killing during the elections. How they must wish like Sepp Blater that this showcase event is held every two years! Maybe Celcom/Hotlink/Digi should consider sponsoring the opposition parties. How bout it? If the opposition is to make further inroads, they will need some form of cash injection & who better than those who have profited most from this elections!

ps: To me friend Mr Anand of Celcom - The headline is a hint fer you to propose this idea to yer bosses. And thanx fer the joke above!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Fooking Did it!!!

No private jets to ferry them around the campaign trail. No stranglehold on the media. No bucketloads of cash. No Electoral Commission in the pocket. But the Opposition managed to deal the Barisan Fooking Nasional its worst showing in the polls . . . EVER!

I really didn't think it was possible fer us to deny them 2/3 majority even with news of early shock results (eg Penang). But as the night grew older, the impossible became reality beginning with Pompey's victory over the scum, followed by Barnsley's heroics over CSKA London. This elections has reaffirmed me faith in the Malaysian people. Apathy had long become our middle name but it is a sign of the times that the rakyat has had enough of the fooking BULLSHIT the Barisan Fooking Nasional were content to feed us.

Make no fooking mistake, this is a milestone in our history. Fer starters, the Indians showed the Barisan Fooking Nasional that, yes, they could, & did, make a difference. Samy & gang were fooking unceremoniously booted out. Fer five states to fall into opposition hands shows the level of discontent among all the races & strata of our society.

Which brings me to the sensitive issue of 13May. This will NOT & CANNOT happen again! Let's just get the facts straight, 13May was not a RACE RIOT. It was fooking thugs from the ruling party unhappy at losing their 2/3 majority to DAP (which happened to be predominantly Chinese). They have lost it again today but they CANNOT start trouble coz the whole world's watching. BBC, Al Jazeera, the Internet all make this sort of political mischief from Barisan Fooking Nasional (esp UMNO youth & its pukimak Scorpion gang) nigh on impossible without recriminations from the outside world.

Furthermore, Barisan Fooking Nasional lost its 2/3 majority because people of all races (including Malays) were unhappy with their shite. Plus to a whole generation of voters too young to remember or experience 13May, the threat had become increasingly meaningless.

Lastly, sorry fer the late posting. Attempted to post something at 5am this morning as the news broke but was too shitfaced (12 beers)! Me got the confirmation from the CEO of MalaysiaKini who buzzed me with the news & me was celebrating like it was Istanbul 2005 all over again! Woke the dogs, the neighbours & poor wifey with me screams of delight but what the fook eh, we made HISTORY today. This is what 'Malaysia Boleh' should be all about!

And fer all those who keep harping on bout how fooking wonderful our southern neighbours are, please note this could NEVER happen in S'pore (with their what . . . two opposition members? please la). Their version of democracy is a fooking JOKE! We also do NOT resolve our political disputes with a military coup like Man City up north.

To me fellow Malaysians who spoke thru the ballot boxes, well fooking done la! We have made a difference . . .

ps: Fer those of you who did not see fit to partake in the democratic process of our homeland, fooking shame on you! (You know who you are!). Think what could have been achieved if all of you had cast yer ballots!

pps: MalaysiaKini site blocked, please go to fer more unbiased news.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Prank pt1

Gotta hand it to me colleagues who took precious time & effort to decorate me cubicle this morning. Very fooking funny!
Despite her protestations of innocence, Szu Pau's cheeky chipmunk smile (pix above) would indicate she is the mastermind. Special mention goes to Oca fer BN supplies whilst AA & Miss Loh were also culpable. But am sure main mischief came from Szu Pau, just look at that fooking pix. If that isn't a guilty look, I don't know what is!

Wait . . . you just wait . . .

Its the Final Countdown!

Right, time's running out & (probably) me last posting before D-Day. What me like to highlight is the heavy character assassination going on. In the last few days, you've probably heard how Anwar is a fooking downright racist evil muthafooker, rite?

"Vomit blood la when dealing with him as education minister. He was very anti-Chinese." - Lim Keng Yeik

You might have also heard how he was unwilling to co-operate on repealing certain provisions regarding the closing down of Chinese schools. Anwar was also accused of making inflammatory remarks during the racial clashes in Penang a few years ago (He allegedly said "I will make sure temple bells will ring no more in this country.").

Barisan Fooking Nasional's message - Anwar is a sweet talker. Anwar is a racist. Anwar is NOT to be trusted.

Well, assuming fer a minute these allegations are true. All these utterances & deeds were done whilst Anwar was a high ranking Minister in BARISAN FOOKING NASIONAL. It also means that BN endorsed his words & actions as NOBODY spoke out then. Why now?

Vomit blood? Well, goes to show you how fooking toothless MCA & Gerakan are when it comes to protecting Chinese interests if it is unable to put a fooking racist in his place. Instead, they smile & wave flags together at public rallies. Fooking castrated or what. Yes, this is what they call "power sharing" BN-style.

And if the Chinese-based parties were so concerned about racists, what about the Keris-waving Hishamuddin? And let's not forget that Najib famously held aloft a giant banner with a keris draped in blood with the words 'Bunuh Cina' under it (when he was UMNO youth chief during the infamous Kg Baru march in the 80s). How bout the revered Mighty Tun's very own Mein Kampf - 'Malay Dilemma' - which paints a less than flattering picture of the Chinese?

Yes, Anwar is no fooking saint. But he is a great rallying point for the opposition supporters & he can swing the lalang vote. C'mon, people, vote fer a change. Do not let Barisan Fooking Nasional use their fear tactics on you! Don't let them use the spectre of 13May to blackmail you into voting fer them.

ps: Thy Mighty Tun has said that Samy has to be removed from office (see Malaysia Kini's exclusive interview at ). But do note he is quick to point out that the Indian's plight was NOT his fault but Samy's fer failing to speak up at cabinet meetings. What a hypocritical wanker! The current malaise affecting our nation is all down to his handiwork. Hope he is happy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Sivarathri!

To all me Hindu friends & bloggers who drop by at me humble site, hope you will tune into the cosmic wavelength of Lord Siva on this most blessed of days!
Fer the info of non-Hindus, this is a very important festival as it is a celebration dedicated to Lord Siva, the God of regeneration ie the cycle of death & birth which is central to Hindu belief of re-birth.
Since we are in the midst of GE politics, please note that the famed Bukit Gasing Sivan temple in PJ has had its renovation works halted by over zealous local councils. This is a temple which is frequented by the highest of MIC hierarchy & yet they are utterly powerless to do their bit to help this beautiful temple.
Yet another example of how famed & old temples are denied the right to exist. This is just to counter those who say we have too many temples & we can avoid temples being demolished if we apply fer the correct permits. How very naive . . .
Anyways, to end on a positive note, here's wishing you a Happy Sivarathri! Aum Nama Sivaya!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A matter of faith

Me fellow Malaysians,

Forget about all the other reasons why we shouldn't vote Barisan fooking Nasional. Videos like the above is the primary reason that has gotten me blood boiling. Although some will say that suraus & mosques are also not spared (I do not dispute this), it is scenes like this that have upset so many non-Bumis. We are constantly hearing how many Buddhist shrines/Toaist tokongs/Hindu kuils/churches are being demolished throughout the country; most of the time without any recourse to the judiciary or local council appeals committee.

Getting a permit to build a place of worship is nigh on impossible as local authorities drown you out with red tape & delay tactics. Inevitably many of these temples end up being declared "illegal" and are hence scheduled fer demolition.

It pains me no end that this country has gone down this route. It is one thing to be a corrupt administration with no morals & ethics; Malaysians are an incredibly tolerant bunch. But to start messing with our freedom to worship, you really have to start to wonder where this country is heading.

For those of you still wary of PAS, please bear in mind that this fundamentalist Islamist party has yet to desecrate any non-Muslim place of worship in the states they control. In fact, the largest Buddhist shrine in the country happens to be in Kelantan!

So fer those of you who are still thinking of voting fer the Barisan Fooking Nasional simply because you are wary of the opposition's credentials, I urge you to think long & fooking hard before doing so.

D-day is coming up & the future of this nation is in your hands. Please find the courage to make a change & to put a stop to the scenes like above. If not fer yer fellow Malaysians sake, do it fer your faith . . .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Press-ing matters

Freedom of press? Fook that fer a laugh. In Malaysia, the media has become a fooking joke. How long do they expect us to keep believing their bullshit. Fer example, The Star on Sunday (allegedly) carried a poll of nearly 3,000 people. The findings:

* Over 90% of persons polled said they will vote indicating the biggest turnout for polls ever.
(ok, so far so good . . .)

* Majority of people polled said they still believed in BN & its ability to lead the nation
(here we go again . . .)

* Over 70% said they believed that MPs loved to serve the rakyat
(fooking hell, I feel nauseous!)

However, kudos must go to The Sun. Aside from being a FREE paper, it has made a real effort at genuine reporting. It was The Sun which broke the story on Zakaria's Mansion as well as the Port Klang Free Zone debacle. Worthy reporting in a country where the press is muzzled to the point of suffocation.

In view of the GE, it even dared to give some semblance of fairness. Unlike The Star or NST, The Sun actually carried a pix of the new, more consumer-friendly DAP logo. Lest we forget, not too long ago, this alone was enough fer the govt to revoke the licence & close down the press (as was the case during Operasi Lalang when The Star & various Chinese press was shut down . . . ARBITRARILY!).

Although there were the usual BN ads & front page coverage of the ruling party, you could sense this small paper trying to strive fer some sense of journalistic independence. Hence it had the balls to carry a story about PKR's Tian Chua who challenged BN's Lim Si Pin to a debate. It also carried 'Match Up' pieces where contesting candidates were given EQUAL say to present their views. What a refreshing change from the usual stink of bullshit of the other papers.

Column space was also dedicated to their own Terence Fernandez (Dep News editor) & Zainon Ahmad (Political Editor) whose comments suggest a bias towards the opposition.

So if you (or yer mates) have limited/no access to the internet, The Sun is yer best bet fer some decent news. Plus its FREE. Note, there will be a special GE editions of The Sun on 8th & 9th Mar. So please keep yerself informed & do utilise yer fooking right to VOTE!

ps: The Sun's coverage of the EPL is also second to none.