Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Sivarathri!

To all me Hindu friends & bloggers who drop by at me humble site, hope you will tune into the cosmic wavelength of Lord Siva on this most blessed of days!
Fer the info of non-Hindus, this is a very important festival as it is a celebration dedicated to Lord Siva, the God of regeneration ie the cycle of death & birth which is central to Hindu belief of re-birth.
Since we are in the midst of GE politics, please note that the famed Bukit Gasing Sivan temple in PJ has had its renovation works halted by over zealous local councils. This is a temple which is frequented by the highest of MIC hierarchy & yet they are utterly powerless to do their bit to help this beautiful temple.
Yet another example of how famed & old temples are denied the right to exist. This is just to counter those who say we have too many temples & we can avoid temples being demolished if we apply fer the correct permits. How very naive . . .
Anyways, to end on a positive note, here's wishing you a Happy Sivarathri! Aum Nama Sivaya!


mozisgod said...

dude - same to you;
and thanks for the posting.
gua pun sudah lupa la bai.
what makes it worse..and
self admonishing is this..
back where the family tree starts..this is one of THE mega occassions
which is observed
with much piety; reverence
fervent calmness & thoughts of contemplative nature. the night begins with an overnight fast; with kavadi procession; also via an overnight walk - the traditional kind; without that tuggin'drumbeat,no hoo-haa shouting, no-tourist-attracting-"come-see-our-kulcha" visuals..just a walk..with some songs..or sometimes a light jig or two..funny though..the jigs are more or less done by the older can find old cocks past 50 doing their thangg...and the kavadi''s of a different kind..made from teak wood..sold jati/sometimes meranti..and it's huge...similar in design to the hand-held shoulder balanced ones..aka mayil kavadi..only triple the size..damn bladi the work contiunes from midnight through to the wee hours of dawn. to this really old temple (we're talkin' the century mark here)'s about a 6..maybe 8 mile walk..i can't remember..but definitely more than 6..and the kavadi's are alighted..
and the prayers begun..and the morning prayers are begun
and everybody carries on resting until it's around lunch or after lunch before they leave back again on foot.
at least that's how i remembered..
nowadays..i heard
they rent cabs and carry the kavadi inside..and get off a certain distance (in meters) to walk and do the required
i used to disdain getting my arse hauled to all this things..
could not sit bloody still..
in retrospect;
my old man..and the old lady..yeah mon..though not well read..or well schooled..
they knew a thing or two
of hauling me down there.
my old man did tell me then..
son you're gonna miss all this.
(it was either that..or they were trying to justify their act of smacking in me the arse to bring me there).
but you know what?
i do miss it.
been a long farkin' time
since i saw the sun
at dawn.
and man is it sweet.

boo-hoo-hoo right. see ya mate
and thanks.
i forgot.

anfield devotee said...

moz: yer welcome & hope you were able to make a visit to yer nearest kuil fer some down time with the Big Fella upstairs.

Aum Nama Sivaya, brudder . . .

nick m said...

hey bala,
my best wishes.

anfield devotee said...

nick: TQ bro!

Kopite78 said...


Best wishes and thanks for the Siew Yok recipe. Fitting snack while watching the EC results!!!