Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A matter of faith

Me fellow Malaysians,

Forget about all the other reasons why we shouldn't vote Barisan fooking Nasional. Videos like the above is the primary reason that has gotten me blood boiling. Although some will say that suraus & mosques are also not spared (I do not dispute this), it is scenes like this that have upset so many non-Bumis. We are constantly hearing how many Buddhist shrines/Toaist tokongs/Hindu kuils/churches are being demolished throughout the country; most of the time without any recourse to the judiciary or local council appeals committee.

Getting a permit to build a place of worship is nigh on impossible as local authorities drown you out with red tape & delay tactics. Inevitably many of these temples end up being declared "illegal" and are hence scheduled fer demolition.

It pains me no end that this country has gone down this route. It is one thing to be a corrupt administration with no morals & ethics; Malaysians are an incredibly tolerant bunch. But to start messing with our freedom to worship, you really have to start to wonder where this country is heading.

For those of you still wary of PAS, please bear in mind that this fundamentalist Islamist party has yet to desecrate any non-Muslim place of worship in the states they control. In fact, the largest Buddhist shrine in the country happens to be in Kelantan!

So fer those of you who are still thinking of voting fer the Barisan Fooking Nasional simply because you are wary of the opposition's credentials, I urge you to think long & fooking hard before doing so.

D-day is coming up & the future of this nation is in your hands. Please find the courage to make a change & to put a stop to the scenes like above. If not fer yer fellow Malaysians sake, do it fer your faith . . .


Jon-C said...

D-Day to voice our discontent is upon us in 3 days. Pls use this opportunity to ensure our children do not suffer the same "bullshit" we are going through. This is the starting point to say we've had enough after 50 years.

If you guys are interested in reading me adventures of attending opposition "ceramah" and my thoughts on the election, pls feel free to head on over to my blog at and leave ya comments.

Thanks a.d. for allowing me to put up me blog in ya blog!

Kopite78 said...

That looked like a scene from Afghanistan when it was under the rule of the Taliban. I suppose BN and Taliban is no difference.

Bloggers and visitors who feel BN deserves your vote, please take time to visit other blog sites including mine at

Cheers Bala!!!

Time for a Change!!!!!

Anba said...

Fer Me PAS might turn out to be even worse balaji...eventhough they did not have any temple demolishing in kelantan coz they aren't many there in the first place...PAS rhetorics can be even worse bro...its that they arent given the full power of the main things they were pushing fer was hudud and still is i guess but cloaked in secrecy ?...atleast the other opposition parties were looking at some multi racial me place especially during friday prayers i've seen some of Our GREEN Party members with " Sokong Islam Anda Selamat " it got me thinking...hmmmmmm its a case of lesser of 2 evils we're dealing here bro...GREEN OR BLUE... personally i'd rather choose black

Achilles said...

Sorry for the long silence... have been absolutely swamped with work. finally got a little breather.

From my point of view, the only good politician is a dead one. the way i see it, whoever you put in power will still, one way or another end up a corrupted prick. Think about it... having so much power and money in your hands... its almost impossible not to end up corrupt and do f**ked up things with your new found gifts.

Now don't get me wrong... i am not saying i support BN and all the crap they have done so far nor am i saying it was OK for BN to do all that shit because anyone else would have done it too if they were in their shoes... i am just saying that i personally feel all politicians are shite. No matter who they are, you will only see their true colours once they are in power. everyone who gets into politics does it for greed... not for the betterment of mankind. Just me humble opinion i guess. I just hate politicians and their shite. they are all just crap.

So don't be too sure that the grass will be much greener if opposition parties like PAS win. It could be, but then again it could not.

anfield devotee said...

anba & achilles: All we are hoping fer is fer a larger opposition. We are all realistic enough to realise that too many fookers have vested interest to bring about a change in govt.

One thing is fer sure, the situation you describe arises when one party is allowed free reign fer far too long. Their 2/3 stranglehold in parliament means continues changes to the constitution fer their own fooking benefit; making it impossible fer anyone to challenge their authority.

If we had an electorate who did swing the govt around; wouldn't you think each administration will be more sensitive to the rakyat's pleas?

Look, you guys are sayin be wary of PAS, but what about the fundamentalist pricks in BN who have told us to fook off back to India/China?

What bout the scenes in the vid above?

Fact is, you would have thought PAS to be a lot less tolerant than BN. But that is not the case so far. Yes, there are fewer temples in the east coast, but they are allowed to exist nonetheless.

BN has made promises but look where we are now? Racial & religious tension is at an all time high. Yet they blame everybody but themselves.

I'm sorry, I cannot accept the argument that 'better the devil you know'. That's utter bullshit & why we are in this predicament.

If we do not change, how are we gonna know?

And what better way fer BN to learn to be better administrators by having a stint on the opposition bench?

Yes, like most of you, I fooking hate politics & politicians. But such is the scenario around me; I cannot afford to turn a blind eye. I have to make a decision, and my decision is to VOTE OPPOSITION!

I urge you to do the same in order to send a shockwave through BN to shake them out of their drunken stupor.

They are drunk on power & their arrogance, corruption & greed has brought this country to its knees.

But like I said, those factors aside, when our right to worship freely is threathened, its time to stand up & be counted . . .

anfield devotee said...

Jon C & Kopite78: Yer welcome. No worries.

Fer a sad example of arseholes who still can't see the light, please go to . A Hindu who defends the destruction of temples by the BN. Wonderful!

Achilles said...

anfielddevotee: Bala, i think you should have registered as a candidate. I would vote for you... just make sure you cut the taxes on alcohol and tobacco products. heheheheee

Anyway, i see the point you are trying to make, but I never did support BN from the beginning anyway. i just wanted to say on your blog that I think all politicians are shite and politics suck. plain and simple.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

to me them bn motherfuckers needs to be slapped on the head and wake them up from their slumber. denying them 2/3 majority would be enough to hit them where it matters the most...their egos. and to one fella, his precious sleeping hours.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: well said. But we got remove sleepy head & more importantly, dangerous arseholes like K fooking J, nazri, etc

achilles: yes, many share yer contempt & cynnicsm regarding politicians & their political games. Agreed. But there's no escaping it, is there?

Look, can you tell me of any example of a PAS leader benefitting from his/her position? Do you hear of contracts being handed out to their friends / family members?

How bout bribery or corruption? Do you hear of local councils in Kelantan doing a cash fer billboards a la MPPJ?

Environmental issues. In the east coast they are committed to keeping the coastline they way it is. Mangroves, turtle nesting areas etc whereas we can't even save Bukit Gasing from systematic rape & pillage!!!! I'm not even goig to talk about the plight of the famed Bkt Gasing Sivan temple which has had its renovation works halted by the over zealous local councils.

Furthermore, most DAP MPs know they will never be the ruling admin; so why do they do it? Sacrifice their time fer what? This is unlike BN candidates who stand to win plenty of contracts etc fer being the winning calon.

Do you see my point?

Too many people still believe in the status quo, accusing others of being naive & saying the opposition can never run the country. But if they are never given the chance how can they? This is not democracy, is it?

Look at Australia & UK, change in govts do NOT result in a disastous downturn in fortunes. With the former, it has turned into one of the best governed places with health care, public safety & welfare services at the top of the govt's priorities. Why? Coz they know if they don't act, the electorate will kick em out!

Anba said...

Balaji i know what kind of pricks the BN gomen is ...

and i'll be doin my part to make things worries here...
This sunday morning....On my way to cast my vote this song will be playing in my head ( this should be made an anthem bro...!) one of my Fav by Discharge...

Ain't no feeble bastard that obeys their every say
They say do this they say do that
No I'm no dogs body
Ain't no feeble bastard
No f**king scapegoat
Ain't no feeble bastard that has no say
I say what I think
Not what they want me to think

Superb Song...

anfield devotee said...

Anba: Way to go brudder!

Hear Nothing! See Nothing! Say Nothing! - Discharge

Classic British hardcore poonk!