Monday, March 10, 2008

The Power Is In Your Hands!

"The MCA & MIC have merged after the elections and adopted a new moniker - Liberated Association of National Chinese and Indian Alliance Union or LANCIAU fer short!"

The gem above is one of numerous examples of rib-tickling smses flying around in the aftermath of the polls. Am sure everyone's inboxes has been flooded with similar gags, so please do share the wittier ones at the comments box. And judging by the way almost everyone's mobile seems to be beeping constantly & followed by a few hearty guffaws, it would seem the BIGGEST winner in this whole campaign has been the telcos!

Yes, the Internet with its blogs, youtube & sources of alternative info (take a well-earned bow Malaysia Kini) played its part but it still only has a very limited reach. Unlike the mobile phone which is something virtually everyone in the country owns - from the janitor to the CEO.

During the run up to 8Mar, all sorts of info, pleas, half-truths, slander & of course, jokes, were circulated in the millions in the form of smses. This was really the weapon that broke the Barisan Fooking Nasional's stranglehold on info. Fer example, when some UMNO firebrand makes a racist remark in a ceramah in a Malay heartland constituency, it no longer stays in that limited area. It gets leaked to a wider audience via sms. Quick, inexpensive and as we have seen, fooking effective.

From the Makkal Sakti campaign that saw its message spread far & wide (I got smses from various races) & become a clarion call fer change to the constant list of reminders of Barisan Fooking Nasional's neverending list of misdemeanours, the humble mobile phone literally brought the message to the people.

Am sure all the Telcos made a killing during the elections. How they must wish like Sepp Blater that this showcase event is held every two years! Maybe Celcom/Hotlink/Digi should consider sponsoring the opposition parties. How bout it? If the opposition is to make further inroads, they will need some form of cash injection & who better than those who have profited most from this elections!

ps: To me friend Mr Anand of Celcom - The headline is a hint fer you to propose this idea to yer bosses. And thanx fer the joke above!


weiyin69 said...

Love the opening paragraph! very creative and original. yeah, you're right. the telcos are laughing all the way to the bank now. i actually received several smses from my sister in penang. and i'm way down under. i imagine i'm not the only malaysian in australia getting such messages.

anyway, am glad to see some changes taking shapes. hope all works well.

senorita.. said...

hey i guess u check ur blog more often than ur facebook.. i have a favor to ask... check ur facebook!


Jon-C said...

My GPRS charges for this month is fooking crazy!!!! Thank goodness i'm still within my monthly h/p claim bracket.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

being a cheapskate i am, everytime such jokes came in, i'll only forward them to maxis numbers because its free. even that, i've used up all but felt good to have spread the good words around.

imagine if the stupid MSM had been fair in all their news report, its possible the oppo to clinch a landslide victory.

anfield devotee said...

weiyin: Yeah, we are all hoping. But things a little unsteady at the moment. Fer example, new Penang CM Lim Guan Eng played straight into BN'hands by declaring that "no more crony way of doing business" which all the mainstrea, media reported as "Guan Eng to abolish NEP". Relek la brudder . . .

senorita: replied. Any comments so far on the latest developments?

JonC: Haiya, boleh claim, ok lah tu.

kerp: Do share with us some of the funnier smses you received.

senorita.. said...

toyo is such a big sourgrape isn't he... i hope the new S'ngor gov. can shut him up with their actions

Achilles said...

Me was happy with the results too... big slap to BN and they deserve it. but politicians.... mmmmm... guess we will see how it goes.

Wish we could vote the same way to choose our bosses too. Right now, all of them are "kerek" as hell because they feel they are untouchable. if only we could vote them off as well... would teach them a good lesson in manners. don't you agree?

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Haiyo, speaking about bosses. Today I went out to Giant & bought a whole load of alcopos during lunch hour. You see I had promised me collegues last week that if BN is denied 2/3 majority, drinks are on me. Since some of em were on leave on Mon/Tues, I went & bought the bottles today. As I am playing Santa in the office, who but Boss has to walk in. How to explain la? The best I could do was offer her one as well!!!

senorita: Sorry, Toyo who? Oh, you mean the opposition fella in s'gor ah? Ha ha fook him lar, will probably get his botoxed arse thrown in jail shortly.

senorita.. said...

ya.. the opposition fella... lol

btw, check my blog out.. need extra info... others who are reading,feel free to drop by and help me out. thanks

Kopite78 said...

AD: I think our dream of seeing Toyo's botoxed ass thrown in jail and him giving free dental to the prisoners may never come true.

Our Sultan has instructed the new government not to go on a witch hunt. So looks like all them corrupted pricks are free.

anfield devotee said...

kopite78: Fook the bloody arsehole la, powerless prick. He let people like Zakaria spit in his face & he dare talk cock!

Hope the new s'gor administration start investigating him as well!

Marsha M said...

the very media that they want to shut us out from is the very media that destroyed them. Malaysians not so fooking stoopeed anymore leh.....we want peace but we also not morons mah, rite?

dis time, let's see what happens.

eh, this election, you all got feel as if people of Malaysia really got power or not? :-)