Saturday, January 31, 2009

Musical Interlude (Kreator: Pleasure to kill)

Back in the day, making a fashion statement was a combination of mullet, high cut sneakers, ripped drainpipe jeans, sleeveless denim jacket & , of course, the blacker-than-black metal tee. And one of the more popular tee designs modelled by many a Mat Thrasher was the above album art fer Kreator's noise fest from 1986.

Back in the golden age of thrash, most of us weren't limited to American bands or MTV-staples (metal had yet to become mainstream unlike today). Trips to the permanently-tobacco stained stairwells of Pertama Complex led to various Euro discoveries - Pestilence (Netherlands), Celtic Frost (Switzerland), Candlemass (Sweden), etc etc.

The clipped Tuetonic (or whatever strange) accents, mangled Englander lyrics & bizzare humour (see Helloween fer example) made these European outfits seem all the more exotic. It was a strange & delightful time growing up in the 80s.

Kreator were definitely one of the better bands to have graced me decks & even had the opportunity to see live on a couple of occasions. Dense, fast & fooking aggressive - all the main elements a teenaged longhair would want from a thrash metal LP.

The album above is prior to the breakthru release Extreme Aggression but is fooking awesome nonetheless. Fer a noisy-as-fook trip down memory lane, download Kreator's Pleasure To Kill (1986) by clicking here: .

1. Choir of the Damned
2. Ripping Corpse
3. Death Is Your Saviour
4. Pleasure to Kill
5. Riot of Violence
6. The Pestilence
7. Carrion
8. Command of the Blade
9. Under the Guillotine

ps: Kreator are still grinding out albums & touring till this very day. Fooking Heavy Metal Warrior or what!!?!

pps: Me still owns the tee-shirt with the design above!

ppps: Look forward to hearing what you guys think of the album as well as what yer fave 80s thrash bands were! More Sodom anyone?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

To all me friends & those who drop by @ FFS from time to time, here's wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holidays.

ps: To all me chinapek kawan, try not to lose everything at the gambling table . . .

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to the Future

May 2009, London: The familiar but slightly jubilant voice of Martin Tyler betrays his years in the commentary box. He is witnessing history. His calm meassured tone has been replaced by a quivering emotional rasp.

"The wait is over . . . 19 long & painful years. The red half of Merseyside has long dreamed of this moment . . . The moment they get their hands on that elusive Premier League trophy," quivers Tyler.

"The Spurs players have lined up a guard of honour for the champions of England & no one will say Liverpool Football Club & their fans don't deserve this."

"All the pain, hurt & disappointment has been erased by their great visionary of a manager, Rafa Benitez. . ."

"And now the moment we've all been waiting for, as Liverpool's star player of the season, the mercurial Lucas Leiva, is handed the premier league trophy."

Andy Gray his excitable co-commentator is less than pleased given his Goodison roots but concurs.
"Yes, Martin. The Brazilian international has been unbelievable. His performances throughout the season has been spectacular. The games against Stoke & Everton were great examples. Rafa's decisions has been vindicated with Liverpool finally ending their long wait fer no19," Gray says in his instantly recognisable gruff Scottish brogue.

As the players led by Lucas do a lap of honour around White Hart Lane, Tyler asks the million dollar question. "When did you think was Liverpool's turning point in the season, Andy?"

"Well, Martin, I can pinpoint two distinct moments. First, when Rafa's well-timed attack on Fergie led to united crumbling away under the pressure & secondly, when, Liverpool held on to win that precious three points in the Merseyside derby at Anfield . . ."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Observation on the KT By-Election

At a recent pep talk, the PM in waiting, Najib told his soldiers:
“Kalau salam, tengok muka. Sebab itu saya ingatkan calon kita supaya kalau bersalam bukan hanya di depan pintu, tetapi kalau ada orang dalam rumah dan di dapur, salam semua. Biar pun dia kena salam sehingga 200,000 orang, asalkan kita menang. Ini bukan adab orang bandar, orang elit tetapi adab orang kampung. Itu cara kita berkempen.

“Jangan berlagak naik kereta mewah dan jangan berlebihan. Pegang kepada satu prinsip bahawa kita hamba kepada rakyat, itulah anak kunci kepada kejayaan BN. Saya minta pemimpin yang turun padang supaya mesra rakyat”.

Imagine, Big Chief had to tutor them Barisan fookheads on the niceties of kissing babies & how to avoid looking like the pompous twats. Out of fooking touch or what?

Compare & contrast with the pix above. Look at the smile & sincerity of Tok Guru as he press the flesh with Chinese voters at a DAP-organised dinner. Also in attendance was a certain Zaid Ibrahim . . .

Me makes no apologies fer the totally biased nature of this posting. Me hopes the people of KT tell BN to get the fook out of their town . . . & they can take their fooking Monsoon Cup with them!

ps: Sorry, me has not posted anything previously regarding the Kuala Terengganu by-elections. Have been too engrossed in me footie team's shortcomings. Apologies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Pongal!

To all me all Hindu brethren, here's wishing you a very HAPPY PONGAL!

May the year ahead be bountiful & rewarding one fer all yer hard labour.

ps: Others who like to find out more about this festival can go to:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Visit Malaysia . . . Home of Corrupt Despots & International Pariahs

Mugabe takes a holiday in Malaysia as Zimbabwe crumbles
HARARE, Jan 13 — While the people of Zimbabwe struggle with cholera, hunger, hyper-inflation and violent repression, president Robert Mugabe has decided to take a month-long holiday.
The 84-year-old leaders wife, Grace, has been accused of withdrawing £60,000 (RM330,000) from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to pay for the trip to their family home in Malaysia.

Thirty days after Mr Mugabe declared the cholera crisis over, the UN has revealed the death toll is still soaring with 1,778 confirmed dead. Many people remain weakened and impoverished by one of the worst periods of pre-harvest hunger in years and 90 per cent of pupils are not attending school.

Most teachers are now on indefinite strike, meaning a charity set up last summer to pay school fees for impoverished pupils is now using its funds to feed youngsters and their families.
One child Educated Horizon has taken under its wing is 14-year-old Chipo. She had been selling tomatoes during the day and her body to truck drivers by night for 20p (RM1) a time.

The teenager from Chivhu, 100km south-west of the capital Harare, said: “I have two young sisters who look up to me, so I have to work hard. Whatever little money I get will help.”
Educated Horizon now feeds her family to keep her off the streets. London-based volunteer Herbert Dzinotyiweyi said, “We used to have the best education system in Africa. We were the lucky ones. How is the economy going to recover without an educated population?”

Mugabe’s spokesman defended his actions. He said the president was not so much on holiday but on leave to reflect on the Zimbabwean crisis. — Malaysian Insider

Me read with this piece in utter astonishment. While every single politician has been chest-thumping about the Israeli bombardment of Palestine, this fooking slips by unnoticed.

Not to make light of the human tragedy unfolding in the Middle East, but look at the sheer horror Mugabe has inflicted upon his people. The death toll from CHOLERA is higher than what the Israeli & Hamas bombs & rockets have managed to inflict on the civilians there.

And all this while our leaders have taken the moral high ground, claiming the international community does nothing to end the human suffering in the Middle East, we . . . beautiful Malaysia (cue cheesy music & 'Truuuuly Asiaaaaaa chorus) welcomes a corrupt, murdering despot unto our shores.

The bastard even has a holiday home here la, fer fooks sake. Mugabe must truly feel at home here. Where else corruption is conducted on such a grand scale & murder is swept under the carpet?

Malaysia - home to Corrupt Despots & International Pariahs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Open Letter to the Bai

What a fooking terrible weekend. Fer those of you who read me previous posting or know me pessimistic nature, you'll know that me thinks our title challenge has been dealt a fatal blow on Saturday with our stalemate at the Brittania. Kudos to Stoke fer putting us to the sword.

Am seriously fooking depressed. We threw it away again. Last season, we finished fourth due to 13 draws. At the halfway point, we have already drawn 8 fooking times. While we may not finish fourth, me can certainly tell you we ain't finishing first.

Sad but fooking true.

So me was (still is) under a cloud on Sunday when me heard the venerated Shebby Singh make some comments regarding Rafa's tirade against "Mr Ferguson" during the build-up to Super Sunday.

Me has never written to Football Focus, but Shebby's moronic statements compelled me to (see below). Feel free to add yer comments . . .

Dear Mr John Dykes,

Although I have watched Football Focus for a few years now, I have never felt compelled to write in . . .until now.

This email is not with regards to anything said during Football Focus but rather Shebby's comments in the run-up to Sunday's games. When discussing Rafa Benitez's tirade against Fergie, Shebby had this to say:

"What Rafa does not understand is Fergie is an institution in English football . . . In fact he's an institution in world football . . . He has earned the right to question the FA & the fixture list . . ."

The mind absolutely boggles. Although I am a Kopite who feels Rafa should NOT have been sucked into playing Fergie's mind games, I am utterly at a lost for Shebby's sycophantic views. Is this why Shebby is an "honorary" manc in Malaysia?

Fergie complained about having to play away domestically after away European games. Can Fergie or Shebby explain how is it possible to come up with a anti-united fixture list when the Premier League fixtures were done quite a few weeks AHEAD of the Champions League group draw?

C'mon, NO ONE earns the right to be a hypocrite. Did Fergie complain when his team got an extra day's rest during the X'mas period when everyone else (besides mu & villa) had to play two games in 48 hours?

Somewhat myopic to suggest a conspiracy in the face of that FACT, don't you think?

Mind games? No matter who you are, you CANNOT insinuate that certain teams are THROWING matches, like he did when claiming teams were taking it easy against Keegan's Newcastle. If its okay to intimate your rivals of MATCH FIXING just because you are an old war horse like Fergie, then it should be okay for Rafa to speak his mind (he was spot on by the way).

This is not a personal attack on Shebby. But as a well-paid pundit on ESPN, he owes us viewers the decency to engage his brain when giving his opinions & NOT spout such bollocks.

Anfield Devotee

Friday, January 9, 2009

Am losing me fooking marbles

Nevermind that the whole world has its eyes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Forget the by-election happening on the home front. Only thing occupying me mind these days 24/7 is Liverpool FC & how we gonna maintain/cement our position at the top!

Frankly speaking, this top-of-the-table malarkey has turned me into a bundle of fooking nerves. Me is perpetually checking the websites to see if Alonso will be fit fer Saturday & constantly re-shuffling the line-up fer the game v Stoke in me own obsessed mind. Why? Me seriously thinks our title challenge will be determined this weekend. Forget the Merseyside derbies & the upcoming game against the chavs. Tomorrow's game at the Potteries will be the pivotal point in our season.

Menang & the pressure is on the chavs & mancs on Sunday. Lose or draw . . . well, there goes another season.

Fooking hell . . . just goes to show what a prolonged title drought can do to you. And fer what's its worth, this is me line up fer tomorrow's game: (3-4-3)
Reina (gk), (l-r) Agger, Hyppia, Carra, (l-r) Aurelio, Gerrard & Masch, Kuyt, (l-r) Babel, Torres, Yossi.

This formation will allow us to be super adventurous with three attackers but also the option to revert to four at the back with Aurelio dropping into left back & Babel slipping into left wing. Me also thinks Yossi can excel in the hole behind Torres.

Ok, there you have it, me two sens worth.

Kopites everywhere, this is it. Our moment of truth.

ps: Promise will post something on the by election some time next week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Incredible . . . but apparently true!

Its the silly season of January sales, so sorry as me indulges in yet another footie-related posting. Am sure many of you had read about nine-time European champions Real Madrid's supposed interest in signing Anfield misfit Jermain Pennant (in pix extreme right). Incredibly he turned it down as the wages were not up to his high expectations.

Today, flipping thru the rumour mill online . . . BUGGER ME! Apparently, seven-times European champions AC Milan want the Afro-ed wanker . . . sorry, winger.

Am fooking bamboozled. Fooker canna even get on the bench at Anfield & he is being courted by two of the BIGGEST names in European footie. Are we missing something?

Someone please, please explain to me what these clubs see in this guy? Fooking hell, wonders never cease. Like me said, tis the silly season . . .

Monday, January 5, 2009

Talking Shite . . . Again

Am very sorry to start the new year with a posting such as this. But seriously . . . fer all his trophies & acquired wisdom, this is really extracting the fooking urine la. Who is me talking about? Its none other than the Knight Grumbler, Sir Alex of Chequebook United.

Mind games is one thing but to accuse the FA of anti-united bias based on the fixture list is quite another. As the hilarious article (below) points out, there's a home game fer every away trip his team has had to make. To simply ignore that lil fact beggars belief . . .

And yet scummers often wonder why people hate em (jealous???).

Fergie plays a blinder in paranoia gone mad
By Rod Liddle (Times UKOnline)
Is there a shadowy and devilish conspiracy at the Premier League designed to prevent Manchester United winning the title? Or is Sir Alex Ferguson, below, once again talking out of his perpetually paranoid, sclerotic and most probably bright scarlet backside?

Ferguson has been moaning about the fixture lists and how they seemed to be weighted against his little moppets. At first I assumed he was angry that the Premier League required Manchester United to play any games at all before being awarded the title; it should just be a given, allowing the club to take part in a multitude of extremely worthwhile and meaningful tournaments during the season in Japan, Nigeria, Alpha Centauri and so on.

But Ferguson’s complaint is more involved and complex. He points out that his side have had to play away games in the Premier League after successive away games in the Champions League. And that the club’s opening half of the campaign has seen them playing away from home at each of last season’s top 10 clubs.

This is paranoia on the scale of those troubled few who believe Jews were responsible for blowing up the Twin Towers on 9/11 and that the US never landed a man on the moon, it was all mocked up on a studio lot in the South Dakota badlands.
Quite apart from an obvious lack of motive on the part of the Premier League, does anyone really think they have the nous or ability to so finely tune the fixtures? Further, the corollary to Sir Alex’s complaint is that United will be playing the top teams at home in the second half of the season. Some might argue that gives them a distinct advantage over their closest rivals. Sir Alex has declined to address this salient point. The more central point, that clubs need to play each team twice, and that these pesky fixtures have to be scheduled at some stage over a season, does not seem to have registered either.

Sir Alex will now be sending someone to oversee the drawing up of the fixture lists for next season. Such fabulous arrogance and paranoia. Will the whining ever cease, do you suppose?

FFS says: Well fooking said la . . . (Rod Liddle, not fooking Fergie!)

ps: Happy New Year to all (including mancs) . . .