Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank fook fer . . .

Thank fook fer Sesame Street. Now that me telly has been hogged by Master Seth, at least this programme is packed full of decent tunes.

ps: Kate Pery's performances on the latest series has been axed!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Diver's car fer sale

At the risk of turning Fer Fook's Sake into a used car forum, me is posting this on behalf of one of our fellow bloggers - Tuan Nanda "Saints" Kumar.

He's letting his beloved ride go fer RM70k (or a warehouse full of Jack's) . . .
Call him if ye feels like going German.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finlandia's Finest! (Kalmah: 12 Gauge)

The advent of cheap original CDs (& the office blocking download links) has actually made me wanna step into record emporiums again. Some of the local distributors are pricing metal CDs at RM19.90 & this actually gave me the impetus to try something new.

This Finnish outfit was one such discovery. Melodic death metal is their game (watch hilariously amateurish video below fer a taster) &, fooking hell, they do it well.

Plenty of soaring fretwork & riffs thick enough to shake yer foundations so to speak. Won't wax lyrical other than to say they are cut very much from the same cloth as Children of Bodom.

Go on, inject some new metal into yer system. Ye won't regret it!

To download Kalmah's 12 Gauge (2010), please click here:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unleash the inner racerboy!

Ever wanted a car that just screamed SPEED DEMON? Ever wished ye had a hobby car just so ye can unleash the weekend racer that lurks deep in the inner recesses of yer juvenile psyche?

Spotted this lil red riding hood in ItaliaAuto forum & ye can revive yer F1/Rally/Vin Diesel alter ego with just 20 big ones . . .

Fer more details:

Go on, get it . . . ye knows ye fooking wants it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Poor career choices

She admits to having a comfy life with an elite private education & all the nice, fluffy stuff a girl of a successful actor could ask fer.

Yet, upon turning 18, she feels the best way to "launch" her career is to do a porn film. At the risk of sounding fooking judgemental, me thinks this young lady has been talking to the wrong career counsellors!

She thanks Miss Kardashian fer this having seen her leaked sex tape do no harm to her career. Wot is the world coming to when teens cannae tell the diff between "leaked tape" & bona fide hardcore porn?

Is she mentally unsound or just a product iof our times when people like Paris Hilton are celebrated fer their sexploits?

For more details, click here.

Sad, but true . . .

ps: When dear old dad was 18, he was shooting classic scenes like these (see vid below)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

History Lessons

Ye would've thought that starting a World War & committing genocide to the tune of six million would have guaranteed ye notoriety and infamy ad infinitum. But in this digital age, Mein Fuhrer doesn't even register as a recognisable blip on yer typical teenager's radar (or should that read modem?).

Me kids ye not. Me recently found out that the new student helper in me office had nay fooking clue who this moustached villain was or that he even had a fooking moustache! Not only did he profess COMPLETE & UTTER IGNORANCE, he was unable to identify the despot from a group pix (with some SS officers). His justification, "Not relevant to me."

The mind fooking boggles.

Shocked & appalled, me quickly set out to belittle him by asking the next student who came in 'do ye know the name Adolf Hitler?'. That's when the real shock came as me was met with another blank fooking look. Ye know the look people gives ye when yer speaking fooking gibberish. Like yer some loony on bad acid.

To cut a long story short, nine out of 10 local students asked, did not know Adolf Hitler (international students did not seem to suffer from this brain freeze - scoring a 10/10).

Me is truly at a fooking loss.

Remember how we used to laugh long & hard at documentaries showing stupid American kids who knew fook all about the world outside of Cheeseburger Central? Malaysia Boleh indeed . . .

ps: "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke (1729-1997), British Statesman.