Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DRI - Crap logo, Cool Band!

Its been less than a day that me posted me rant against that pundek (below) & me was just sick of seeing his face soil me blog. Sorry, my bad.

Nothing better than a dose of good old fashioned retro-grade 80s thrashfest to give wounded spirits a lil'boost. It is me great pleasure to present the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles! It was just last weekend that me was blasting the LP above alongside their earlier output - Crossover (1986) & Thrash Zone (1987).

Those of you familiar with this band will recall plenty of joyous hours just moshing to the simple riffs & a sound which was a blend of thrash/speed & hardcore punk. The great thing bout this band is its sense of fun & its never far from the surface. Unlike many other po-faced & overly serious acts, these guys play the frat boy card & make tunes which are quite clearly fuelled by plenty of beer & bongs.

To download Dirty Rotten Imbeciles's (D.R.I) Four of a Kind (1988), please go to:

Please download this, pull out yer tatty metal tee, baseball cap & Converse sneakers & me will assure you will feel like a teenager all over again, especially if you can get a few friends to join in & start a mini mosh pit in yer living room! Simple music fer simpler times . . .

Here's the vid fer Suit & Tie Guy (sigh . . . tragically, what me has become). Enjoy!

The Fooking Face of Our Future PM?

When the new S'gor govt wanted to move pig farming into a centralised location, one prick sought to make it into a racial & religious issue even though he was a prime mover in the deal before Mar8.

When a woman's privacy is invaded, this fooking prick has the gall to talk about morality.

When decent people try to make a living as publicans he suspends all licences & threatens their rice bowls.

When a new MB purchases beef fer the poor & claims expenses fer transport, this MF dares speak of CORRUPTION. (fer a detailed list of this fooking wanker's wrong doings, please go to Amir's blog which exhaustively lists his alleged "crimes":

When a duly elected state govt is toppled nefariously, this scumbag dares talk of protecting the sovereignty of the Malay rulers.

When debating on LIVE telly recently, this right wing Klansman even scorned the rights of non-Malays & non-Muslims in this country with impunity!!!

Yes, like many others, me holds this fooking bastard as a prime example of all that is wrong with Barisan Najis. And yet, this arsehole is the fave to be the next umno youth head. And as we all know, this is where future PMs are groomed. In the face of his atrocious track record, me still finds it incredible that there are so many people out there willing to support Barisan Najis in spite of this.

How can one say they vote status quo when a shit-stirrer like this botox-brained prick is gonna be holding down serious positions in the ruling party?

Will someone please fooking bring this fook face down! C'mon people, we canna let this prick get away with this shit!

ps: Sorry that this posting has degenerated to name calling. Needless to say, this bastard makes me blood fooking boil!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carbon Copy or Better Than The Real Thing? (Warhammer: Doom Messiah)

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Those of you who remember Zep-soundalikes Kingdom Come will probably beg to differ. Major problem was that these fookers claimed they had never heard of Led Zeppelin (!!!) & were even derided by Percy Plant (Bluegrass star & multiple Grammy winner) as "Kingdom Clone".

However, me recently came across another act suffering from carbon copy syndrome - Warhammer. Difference is these bunch uberfans admit they are just paying tribute to their all-time fave metal godz, Hellhammer. Fer the uninitiated, Hellhammer were the previous incarnation of Celtic Frost. (Found out bout Warhammer when me read that Tom G Warrior was invited by Terrorizer mag to review their four LPs & the man gave it the fooking thumbs up!).

Hellhammer's blurred, fuzzy guitars, basement-next-door drums & Tom G Warrior's early Hellspawn vocals are recreated to near perfection by this German outfit. Listen to any of their four albums & you'll be fooking transported back to 1982! Me kids you not, Warhammer spent years seeking out equipment that would give them that exact tonal quality of those Hellhammer recordings ie PISS POOR SOUND!

Their dedication to their art is certainly worthy of a listen. And trust me, you will not be disappointed. Fans of early Euro-Death/Thrash scene will be engaged in some serious dandruff removal in front of their stereos. Basic, primitive & fooking powerful. Warhammer will deliver a blow to yer cranium like a Viking's spiked club to yer soft furry skull. And you'll be screaming, "GIMME MORE!" . . .

Fer a taste of this gloriously retro slice of HEAVY FOOKING METAL, me recommends their Doom Messiah album. To download Warhammer's Doom Messiah (2000), please click here:

ps: Will try to post the links to their other albums sometime in the future. Do let me know what you think. Have a good fooking weekend of headbanging!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Make it count - REGISTER AS A VOTER

Me has been derided many times by many fer being overly aggressive in the past. Okay. Fooking guilty as charged.

But how many people that were on the receiving end of me barbed comments have seen it fit to go do the right thing?

What is me rambling about? It was the call to get as many of our brethren to simply head down to their local pejabat pos & REGISTER AS A VOTER.

Me is sad to report many of those whom me chided/scolded still have yet to do so. Is it really that difficult? (Well done, Becky, Premo, Mervin & Jonno fer signing up & fer encouraging others to do the same. Bravo!)

Already a democratically elected state govt has been removed nefariously. A female MP's privacy is violated & forced to resign despite being the victim. Raja Petra is looking at a prolonged stay in Kamunting & has vowed to go on a hunger strike. Religious freedom is threatened with the possible ban of The Herald. We are looking at three by-elections with the possibility of more. (And this is just fer starters).

Tunggu apo lagi, kawan?

Me said on Mar9,2008 in this very blog that we may have won the battle but we had to be prepared to fight as BN would surely use every fooking dirty tactic to wrest power back.

To all those who care deeply about the state of our homeland, please exercise yer democratic right to vote. Please, before its too late . . .

ps: Me urges you to get at least 5 unregistered souls to sign up & ask them to pass it forward. Time to start mobilising the masses!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Tinted Specs

Clicked on the UK Times this morning & saw this article on 50 greatest Liverpool players. Typical of a piece by a Liverpudlian (Tony Evans), it was more than just mere hero-worship & contained plenty of cheeky Scouse humour (eg entry #45 - Matt Busby (1936-39, 125 appearances): A splendid captain who took Bob Paisley under has wing when the youngster came down from Bishop Auckland in 1939. It is to Busby's credit that the man who would go on to win six titles, three European Cups and three League Cups in nine years talked about the Scot as his mentor. Sadly for Busby, war ended his career and he disappeared without trace. Often wonder what happened to him. Must Google him later.) Ha ha! Fooking brilliant!

Anyways, me suggests that all you Kopites take a look. Am sure you'll be suitably entertained as yer taken down memory lane with some of the finest footballers to wear RED are remembered. To view said piece, just click here:

Another great piece is entitled '50 moments that embody the Liverpool soul'. To read it, please click here:

Well, as fer you people reading this, me would cordially like to invite you to post yer own Top5 LFC legends as well as why yer very own Liverpool Golden moment. (Ok, invite is also extended to non-Kopites to post their top5/golden memory of their teams as well but Kerp, one more mention of '89 & Michael Fooking Thomas & we'll tie you up & fooking TATTOO 'ZERO EUROPEAN CUPS' ON YER FOREHEAD!!!)
Me Top5 Anfield Greats:
1) King Kenny - Sublime as a player. Dignified as a manager. Class all the way.
2) John Barnes - Fook Pirates of the Caribbean. Here's The Original Black Pearl!
3) Ian Rush - Fook Mel Gibson, Rushie was the original Lethal Weapon!
4) Phil Neal - won FOUR European Cups. Scored loads of goals from left back. Best of all, was really a top bloke when we he dropped by the Broadwalk a few years back.
5) Peter Beardsley - scored a hattrick v the scum in a 4-0 demolition at Anfield in 1990. Is there any better reason?

And me golden memory was partying till 10am at The Broadwalk after the Miracle of Istanbul. Or the time me witnessed Mark Walters (yes, him!) score a hattrick v Auxerre @ Anfield. Or when Owen pickpocketed Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup final. Or . . . (ad infinitum)

Look forward to reading yer comments!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RIP - Thy Mighty Frost (Celtic Frost: Monotheist)

Was seriously tempted to post something on local politics (eg Zambry talking cock about democratic process, Sultan Azlan Shah in hiding, by-elections etc etc) but thought what the fook. Am sure most of you would prefer some respite & some heavy fooking metal instead.

Me knows this is a bit late but have been listening to this quite a lot. Me forked out RM80 fer what was to be Celtic Frost's final album in 2006. Tom G Warrior had gotten back together with Martin Eric Ain fer this project & what a fooking awesome LP this turned out to be. Voted by Terrorizer mag as album of the year & garnering rave reviews everywhere, it cemented Celtic Frost's reputation as one of the genre's leading lights - heavy, experimental & thought-provoking (it's not fer nothing that they can count on fellow-Swiss surrealist HR Giger as a fan!).

Monothiest is not yer typical sledgehammer metal LP full of headbanging riffage & widdly-twiddly solos. Thy Mighty Frost are known as an avant garde occultist metal band & here they take you on a trip that is dark, disturbing & powerful. Those familiar with their earlier output will recall the eeriness that was Into The Pandemoniuom as well as the ambient noise terror of To Mega Therion.

Shame a clash of personality has spelt the end of this hugely influential band. To download Celtic Frost's Monotheist (2006), please click here: .

Trust me, this will be well worth yer time. It's a fooking grower. In the meantime, Tom G Warrior is busy laying down tracks with his new band Tryptycon. Me awaits with bated breath . . .

ps: Fer those who want to know what Tom G Warrior is up to, please go to his blog at . (Besides recording a new album, he is also the curator at the HR Giger musuem!).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Football is like a religion?

Football is like religion? Me thinks the pix above speaks loudly enough. This Kopite was spotted in Georgetown during Sunday's Thaipusam celebrations.

And yes, me seriously thinks divine intervention will be required fer us to win the league this year. So perhaps, our friend in the pix had the right idea . . .

To view complete article in The Star, please click:

Vel! Vel!

Sorry fer the lateness in posting this greeting but please let me take this opportunity to wish all me Hindu brothers & sisters a very happy Thaipusam. May Lord Muruga bless you & your loved ones.

To all me friends, hope you enjoyed an extra day's holiday!

ps: Am sure some Kopites were busy thanking the Good Lord & breaking a few coconuts after yet another super, last minute escape!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Death of Democracy in Perak (Ref: Malaysiakini)

Anger. Disappointment. Frustration. Sadness . . .

Those are the sentiments of most sane Malaysians. I say sane coz those typically myopic Barisan leaders & its supporters are just too busy gloating & being smug-as-fook to realise that this sorry episode in the Silver state has made even more citizens doubt BN's ability to govern.

It shows how it ignores the fact that the Perak state govt has been getting the thumbs up so far from the majority of the populace & to topple it without going to the polls smacks of cowardice.

To the shrill protests of Barisan fookheads who say Pakatan got a taste of their own medicine, do realise one thing. Pakatan made it OPEN & crystal clear to all & sundry that the Sep16 attempt was a means to an end.

PKR vice-president, R Sivarasa said that they wanted to be in control of Putrajaya fer just six months to ensure the Elections Commissions, courts & other public bodies are staffed by FAIR & UNBIASED persons before calling snaps to get a proper mandate.

We all know that the whole electoral system is rigged to favour BN. So Pakatan saw defections as a way to get clean & fair elections. It had publicly declared its intentions. Compare & contrast with BN's maneuvering in Perak with public monies being funnelled into the pockets of the unscrupulous & amoral. And Najib seems to think this is going to strengthen his position as commander-in-chief?

As fer the wise old Sultan Azlan Shah, suffice to say he has let the rakyat down. If this is the best we can expect from a former Lord President of the Federal Court, then what can we hope from the rest? Once again, to all the royalists out there, me thinks this episode serves to remind everyone the benefits of going republic . . .

ps: Fer another good read, please click here: as well as fer latest updates.

pps: Please do comment on the constitutional crisis that is engulfing Perak. Wanna hear what you think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phelps Bongs It!

Ha ha!!! Now we know how Mikey Phelps managed to bag all dem gold nuggets at Beijing. Fooker was quite simply . . . FLYING!!!

Caya la babe! A real Pol Pot la lu . . .

ps: Fer those who haven't heard, UK tabloid News of The World printed pix of Michael Phelps sucking on a bong at a party. Phelps has since apologised fer his conduct. OIC says he will not be punished.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eat yer greens!

The non-event that is the American Superbowl has come & gone. Who played? Who won? Who gives a flying fook? But me did come across this interesting article about an advert by pro-vege group which was deemed "too sexy" fer the network's half-time break.

Hmmm . . . after the boobie by Janet a few years back, you'd have thought this was quite tame. Me leaves you to be the judge of it & me must say the advert does make a pretty convincing case to go vegan . . . sigh . . . if only bacon & bak kut teh wasn't so fooking TASTY!