Friday, February 6, 2009

Death of Democracy in Perak (Ref: Malaysiakini)

Anger. Disappointment. Frustration. Sadness . . .

Those are the sentiments of most sane Malaysians. I say sane coz those typically myopic Barisan leaders & its supporters are just too busy gloating & being smug-as-fook to realise that this sorry episode in the Silver state has made even more citizens doubt BN's ability to govern.

It shows how it ignores the fact that the Perak state govt has been getting the thumbs up so far from the majority of the populace & to topple it without going to the polls smacks of cowardice.

To the shrill protests of Barisan fookheads who say Pakatan got a taste of their own medicine, do realise one thing. Pakatan made it OPEN & crystal clear to all & sundry that the Sep16 attempt was a means to an end.

PKR vice-president, R Sivarasa said that they wanted to be in control of Putrajaya fer just six months to ensure the Elections Commissions, courts & other public bodies are staffed by FAIR & UNBIASED persons before calling snaps to get a proper mandate.

We all know that the whole electoral system is rigged to favour BN. So Pakatan saw defections as a way to get clean & fair elections. It had publicly declared its intentions. Compare & contrast with BN's maneuvering in Perak with public monies being funnelled into the pockets of the unscrupulous & amoral. And Najib seems to think this is going to strengthen his position as commander-in-chief?

As fer the wise old Sultan Azlan Shah, suffice to say he has let the rakyat down. If this is the best we can expect from a former Lord President of the Federal Court, then what can we hope from the rest? Once again, to all the royalists out there, me thinks this episode serves to remind everyone the benefits of going republic . . .

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pps: Please do comment on the constitutional crisis that is engulfing Perak. Wanna hear what you think.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

it shows how determined najis and his goons are to get back at PR after being humiliated in the last 2 by-elections. they have the mullah and the amount apparently can purchase them a few soul.

and whats new abt our EC? acting as if they were the decision maker. suddenly DUN's speaker has no power to dissolve the Dewan. i can bet with my life saving la bro, if the speaker were from bee-anne, by-elections sure to take place.

as i said earlier la, najis will go the extra mile just to get back at PR, Anwar particularly. at the moment he's having the last laugh. even the statement sirul made that day was overshadowed by the brouhaha happening in Perak.

Jon-C said...

AD as you've known, I am a Perakian. Unfortunately this sad episode had really turned my stomach inside out. I feel utterly betrayed by the people i help put in power.

From the feedback i get from my family and friends back at home, the rating for the PR government was good and Datuk Seri Nizar was highly respected and loved by the people.

All of this is like a bad dream. I am dumb folded by the Sultan agreeing to allow Barisan Najis to take over when at grassroot level there is wide spread resentment. The 3 frogs do not represent the will and the voice of their constituents anymore. For all the right words we've been hearing from the Perak royal family about good governence, this sudden turn of evens and how fast the axe was wielded towards the PR state government was truly shocking and disturbing.

To the frogs, see you in the next elections when i'll give you a piece of me.


anfield devotee said...

kerp: (Pink Floyd: 'Money' from Dark Side of The Moon)
Money, get away.
Get a good job with good pay and youre okay.
Money, its a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think Ill buy me a football team.

Money, get back.
Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, its a hit.
Dont give me that do goody good bullshit.
Im in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
And I think I need a lear jet.

Money, its a crime.
Share it fairly but dont take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today.
But if you ask for a raise its no surprise that theyre
Giving none away.

JonC: Sultan Azlan Shah . . . what a let down.

comments via sms:
Pure: Its all fucked up!

Steven Por: All I can say is foul!

Fat Boy George: Me thinks thme turncoats should be lynched, especially dat DAP bitch. But then again everyone has their proce. And its all about the proce innit?

Ridzzy said...

Im just watching from afar and bemused. But this are my views. (Not that im a big time political analyst ) but who cares...none of you are too muahahah ;

1) The ones who jumped were PR politicians. If PR could field such people to represent them, how sure are we that their judgement could be any different when the choose "a suitable candidate to ensure the Elections Commissions, courts & other public bodies are staffed by FAIR & UNBIASED persons before calling snaps to get a proper mandate." ?
PR has already made 2 bad judgements in public (saiful buttkhairy and this 4 jumpers) ..technically thats 5 bad judgements.. this is still excluding their bar council intrusion fiasco...

2) The HRH was merely implementing what was clearly written in the State Constitution. "Keluhuran Perlembagaan" remember? We cannot blame HRH for this. Its unfair to call him a letdown. He was merely upholding what was clearly in print in the constitution.

- That the State gov can only be disolved by the ruling government of the State.
- when the 4 ppl jumped, PR was no longer in control of the state so the PR cannot call for snap elections.
- 4 undated resignation letters obviously cannot hold up in court.
- PR's mistake was dissolving the state government AFTER the 4 jumped
- Even Bar council conceded to this fact.
- Im sure that if PR had dissolved the state gov BEFORE the 4 jumped and while in control of the state, HRH would have obliged to their wishes.

3) We have to admit that PR screwed up in the timing. It is not HRH's fault.

4) Im sure money was a carrot on a stick for this 4 ekor, but lets not forget that there was also sworn testimonies that Anwar too had tempted many on the other side to jump (to make up the 30) by offering them posts in the government if he took over.

5) Im sure HRH would have ruled in favour of PR if it happened the other way around.

6) I think this move will backfire on BN. Wait and see.

7) I still have no faith on either side . Its a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

8) I feel like TDM now while writting in point form.

Anba said...

For the past two days me have been having soem real bad shitty things goin on me head...
b'coz of this issue
The fact that im a perakian( and by the way things r i rather be a monkey..) and all..
First i was very dissapointed and fookin angry coz

1. lookin at the face of DPM announcing the fooked up return of the BN and he made sure to mention this repeatedly UMNO return to power..
we all know his repo(how he uses money..and all bro) and knowing that he'll b'come the next PM..
my blood fookin molten lava..

i personally voted for my Dewan Speaker Mr.Sivakumar (ADUN tronoh) who is now EX speaker..who has been doin a very good job...
atleast we have a genuine voice who cares abt ppl like us..
i was abt to contact him regarding the inefficiency of garbage collection in my area..
and also the Jelapang frog who jumped is part of the parliament of Batu gajah... my parliament also
where we all voted for Fong Poh kuan..who is DAP...

an imagine..the so called 28 or so called BN fellas r all Bumis..
except fer one.. atleast you can imagine the the racial make up of the upcoming exco...
compare it with the racial make up of Perak
if they say good of the sayFook u !!!
an example
you know atleast the PKR lead government tried to give land titles to all the deserving ppl (without lookin at the racial make up) in perak..who work their asses of on lands to give veggies n fruits..only to see the former UMNO lead BN state gomen to ignore them completely expect the time to kenakan land tax...Fookers!!!

2. but the major major disappointment was the High Regard i had for My Sultan...i really high respect as a just n wise ruler bro... He was a former ex Student of me school SYS..born n bred in Stone Elephant..and all
I was talkin to one of my senior teacher yesterday around 11 am ... he told me that the sultan is fond of UMNo rule.. i just hoped that it was a rumour..but late night i know it was a fact..
i was crushed.. guess its true once you hit pass the age of 30 you get nore cynical..coz the idealism n hopes dims ...
I was discussing the same thing with me Fiance..m really thinkin of fookin off 2 somewhere... of Metal...

My only peace of mind is Thaipusam this sunday...m really lookin forward to bro...

Anba said...

Riddzy:- Bro... all things can be solved if the Sultan agrees to dissolve the state assembly... for the good of the ppl...
the current gomen doesnt represent even the racil make up the state gomen..
and all of us know how them fookers did this..why dont they dissolve and have a new election..
and tell me whats the point of havin an election in the first place...
Like Megadeth Dave Mustaine says..
You think i got nuthin better to do..
just to vote a person and knowing that 10 months later he'll jump party after given an obscene amount money n pussy...
like in school we used to say...
Cibai Goreng !!!!

Anba said...

Ridzzy:- if its like what you say bro..if only the state gomen can dissolve...hmmm me understands..
But bro me mind blm center lagi...
the folly of being in anger...

SLACKER said...

hey... look on the brightside:

1. rakyat can see the desperation of BN
2. rakyat can see first hand the biasness of the EC
3. SAS - prove that royalty should not get involved in politics unless truly active
4. the rakyat wont forget that they voted for the party and not the person.. as such, this would i believe has enraged the rakyat more thus the rakyat having a better say at the next elections.
5. i still think DSAI is a scumbag... whether he is a lesser evil.. i really cannot be sure..
6. doesnt mean i'm not fed up of BN

Jon-C said...


Unfortunately the PR's state government's goodwill in giving the land titles to those deserving people has been misinterpreted as giving away "Tanah Melayu" to the non-bumis by the spin doctors.

Well, they should put themselves in the shoes of those who toiled for years on a piece of land that they dun even know when will be swallowed up by unscrupulous politicians. How about those Kampung Baru folks who got moved away from their own property during the Emergency and never regain them back?

I've been trolling around blog sites and forums and some of the comments i read made me sick to the core. I am truly saddened nad distraught by how some people can be so blinded by the "Ketuanan Melayu" concept to actually label all of us non-bumis as good as pest / pendatang and some even say Chinese are communists.

What is this whole country turning into? To think that March 8th actually could be a turning point for all Malaysian and usher in a time when racial lines are finally broken down, how naive i was.

I fear for whats coming when you know who goes up in power. Been having sleepless night and bothered by all this uncertainty. :0(

Anba said...

Jon-c :- a teacher i have never seen a concrete move by the ministry of Education to really emphasize Malaysia as belonging to all...they actually want to divide n rule...the basis itself is bad..
so m not suprised if the mentality of Superiority is still around..
There's still genuineness on their part a sincerity..coz everyhting has a hidden meaning ...the loss of power...
Like it or not...
They can bad mouth singapore all they like..but atleast they got the basic correct..

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When it's law versus law
There'll be great wounds raw
With both sides using their claws
To create pictures artists fear to draw

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060209
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

anfield devotee said...

Riddzy: TQ fer yer thoughts. But am sorry me disagrees. As fer personality defects, me thinks BN heavily outweighs Pakatan in that dept. Even though the opposition has made some poor choices, they have yet to dump the likes of KHIR TOYO or Muhd Muhd Taib on the rakyat. Comprende?

As fer the Sultan upholding the state constitution, am not so sure, coz its tied with 3 independents swaying the tide. How bloody stable is that?
Surely the sultan can see the best solution fer all is to seek fresh mandate? What ever happened to interpreting legislation "in the spirit of the law & not just the letter of the law"?

As fer you saying that the Sultan would have ruled in favour of Pakatan if it was the other way round, me seriously had me reservations. Common sense says new ballot & yet . . .

Anba: Yes, divide & rule is their mantra. Unfortunately, the seeds of racial hatred they planted have not only sprouted but grown into mighty oak trees which may be impossible to uproot.

JonC: The extreme right you mention is very much well & alive. Incredibly, many people feel that way. We cannot sweep it under the carpet but have to think of ways on how to tackle this perception that non-Malays are immigrants.

slacker: You are right. Many people are angry at Najib's manouvering. However, the fear is that this success will prompt BN to go all out to woo opposition members in other states with their ill-gotten gains. Let's face it, only one party can afford to play this game & it ain't Pakatan.

Samuel: Thanks fer dropping by.

nanda666 said...

It's clear that BN is not thinking long term anymore. They are getting in for the quick kill and out by the next election so they'll do and say anything, anywhere and at anytime. Guess they'll be trying in Penang and Selangor next huh?

That's my guess...:)

Jon-C said...

In a perfect world the frogs should resign and seek re-election in their constituency. Unfortunately none of them have the guts to do it and ends up taking their constituents for a ride straight to the corrupt. Voters in Perak were truly screwed by them.

The silver state will not be glittering anymore after this sad and bleak episode. The people should hold their own destiny in their own hands. That's the bottom line.

SLACKER said...

dear all.... interesting scenes in kuala kangsar now...

please check this site out!

check out the live reporting section...

anfield devotee said...

Riddzy: Pls see excerpt below from Malaysian Insider report debating whether Sultan has observed proper protocol:
"As Nizar refused to resign, the post was declared vacant, although some constitutional experts say the proper and legal way for Nizar to be removed would have been through a vote of no confidence in the state assembly.

There are also conflicting views as to whether a Sultan, by convention, has any right to dismiss an MB, or the Yang di-Pertuan Agong a prime minister."

slacker: Tq fer link.

nanda: probably. more instability.

Achilles said...

AD: Sad to say, but me thinks this dirty tactics by BN are actually working with the mass. As most people are gullible to whatever the media spits out, they now feel that PR really is shaky and have lost their confidence in PR. As you said "sane" peple will feel disappointed, but i think a majority of people have a herd mentality and fall into the "insane" category.

Me 2 is disappointed with the move by the Sultan. Me really thought, the logical thing to do was to have fresh elections.... never ever thought they would fire the MB like that.

Tinesh said...

Like Poetic Ammo said: It's all about the moonay!!

I seriously thought that the Sultan would dissolve the state goverment and seek a new mandate. And I think he CAN do that, if he the goverment unstable or unsatisfactory.

Let's see what happens la

Ridzzy said...

Personally I just like playing the devils advocate. Im not politically aligned but I do wish for a strong opposition or maybe even a change in governence to show the leaders whos boss & to send a msg that if you Fook up, we can remove you just as fast as we put you in. Same goes for PR.

But this whole debacle, given the racial and religious complexity in Malaysia, i feel that its time for PR to give up the battle against the HRH and focus on the war. Pursuing the fight against HRH will only lead to the BN spin docs working overtime to discredit PR.

like i said earlier, given the manner BN took over perak, it is bound to back fire. it shows desperation and the clear dirty tactics have been layed upon the table for everyone to see.

I say focus on the war and give up the battle.

Azer Mantessa said...

i think above is quite a good reference on the matter.

sumtimes i wonder why the devils love hiding behind the word "united" like there is this football team by the name Something United and there is this political party by the name United Something.

hahaha ... me and my stupid united thing again.

Anba said...

Balaji:- just found out accidently that yesterday was Bob Marley's birthday...
Listenin to Iron lion Zion...while writin this..
Peace Forever Unkle Bob...he'll be 63 yesterday..

akuani said...

Uncle AD ... me a bit disappointed with Sultan Azlan Shah la ... I'd expected him to dissolve State Assembly and give the Rakyat another go at choosing their state government .... not give it to BN.

Was amongst lawyers on Thurs and everyone had something to say - some Sabah judgement in favour of BN on a similar situation or something - do you know what this about??? and why

Also if I am not wrong, dissolving of State Assembly is on 2 points
(a) Chief Minister requests from Ruler to sanction dissolution of Assembly or
(b) A vote of no confidence against Chief Minister by the elected members of the State Government.

(a) happened - Sultan give no go which I thought was really strange given this is SAS we're talking about.

and (b) didn't happen did it??

Dang it ... really quite the not happy with Perak situation ... damn disappointing overall from all parties concerned.

AD: FBG via sms eh? ehehheeheh cool cool :))

Praxidice said...

Our sissy head of state and anwar are no better that each other. And with them is where the problem starts.

So chop off the heads and life would go on.

PS: the L has become Praxidice.