Friday, May 30, 2008

The Great American Tragedy

Be afraid, be very afraid people. This short clip is but one of many which highlights the incredible ignorance that cloud the average American. And to all me Hindu brethren, be ready fer some serious Yankee persecution seeing that we were responsible fer 9/11.

Fooking hell!

Enjoy yer weekend & look forward to yer comments on this great American tragedy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Music fer growing facial hair . . .

The bell bottoms . . . the tassels . . . the stacked boots . . . and the facial hair! Fooking hell, the early 7os was definitely a period of piss poor fashion but there ain't no denying the sheer power of the tunes. In particular the stuff these four gentlemen from Birmingham churned out.

Yes, its another blast from the past (sorry, feeling a bit nostalgic lately) - here's Sabbath at their fooking peak doing Children Of The Grave. Despite the fact that Led Zep & Deep Purple were me introduction to classic rock, me has always thought Black Sabbath were the ultimate in heavy fooking metal. They basically laid the blueprint with some seriously awesome LPs.

Those fat, meaty hooks . . . Ozzy's tortured wail . . . add in a rhythm section which played fooking riffs! Pure heavy metal magic!

Hope this helps you get thru the fooking week.

ps: Sorry, nothing much to say today & have ton of work on me table.

pps: You are cordially invited to post yer fave Sab tunes ever.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Way We Were . . .

Another blast from the past but this time from 1988. Megadeth's So Far, So Good, So What was one of them tapes which me had on constant auto-reverse playback to get me thru me A-Levels.

The glorious riffs, the breakneck solos & Dave Mustaine's sneering 'Fook you' attitude was just the tonic to help me thru the exams. Of course, that was many years ago & Mustaine has since cleaned up, gone on the wagon & found God. Good fer him but sadly, his art has suffered fer it.

Anyways, here's one of them gems from that album - In My Darkest Hour. Still reeling from the fallout of the recently concluded season & this is yet another tune which aptly describes me fooking state of mind.

Enjoy yer weekend & hope to see some of you at the Sick Of It All gig tomorrow. Cheers!

ps: "Fer a bunch of thrashers, Mustaine & Co sure had fooking beautiful hair!" - Envious Wifey.

pps: Who says the 80s sucked? All of you are kindly invited to post yer fave 80s sounds here. The vid above is one of mine.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apocalypse Now . . .

"The man who comes through the Door in the Wall will never quite be the same as the man who went out" - Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception/Heaven & Hell.

Huxley's tome is the inspiration behind The Doors own moniker. Which brings me to the posting; me thought it highly appropriate that given the events of this morning that me include a vid of The Doors playing 'The End' (Live at The Isle of Wight 1970), most of us will be feeling all full of fooking doom and a real sense of the apocalypse swallowing us.

"This is The End . . . of all elaborate plans . . . of our final stand . . . The End . . ."

Sure fooking feels that way rite now, Jimbo.

ps: In the book, Huxley advocates the use of mescalin/peyote/LSD as mind & soul-enriching experiences. (In 1953 no less!!! Far out dude!!!)

pps: Please take the time to check the brooding blood red video above. Fooking captures me mood today perfectly.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thy Mighty Tun's last throw of the dice?

Am sure most of you are aware of today's sensational headlines. Here are some excerpts if you have yet to read the papers:
At 10pm last night, Dr Mahathir posted further explanations on his blog.

“I am quitting because Umno now is no longer the Umno that was set up 62 years ago to fight for the Malays, Islam and Malaysia (Malaya).

“The Umno now only exists to support Abdullah, his family and actions and policies that are not in line with interests of the race, religion and country,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said he decided to leave Umno as he felt his participation as a member is “meaningless and no longer useful.”

“Because Datuk Seri Abdullah is blind and deaf and does not understand the message by Barisan members, because some Umno members have joined in, because the democratic process is not moving, because Umno now is no longer the Umno established 62 years ago, I find my participation as a member meaningless and no longer useful,” he said in his blog. (excerpts from The Star online)
Fer Fook's Sake cordially invites all rationale Malaysians to post their thoughts & comments on The Mighty Tun's latest political manoeuvre. Bear in mind he seems to think that a mass desertion among the rank & file is the best fooking way to get rid of his appointed successor - Bodohwi. He also seems fairly confident they everyone will rejoin once Bodohwi & gang are outsted & his pro-Mahathir cronies are installed.
The Opposition are having a field day. PAS - coz it was a blokey from their ranks - Ismail Pawan Teh - who had challenged the Mighty Tun to resign from UMNO. Anwar - thinks it is a great chance to tempt them UMNO fookers over to this side.
Me is of the humble opinion that a mass desertion may actually destroy UMNO/BN (HOORAY!) as there's no iron-fisted tyrant like Thy Mighty Tun to hold it together like when Semangat 46 was formed as a splinter group. The Old Man is playing a very risky game.
What do you think? Look forward to reading yer comments.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Natty Dread!

There are a few reasons why me chose to post a vid of this classic Bob Marley chooon, a slow-burn version of No Woman, No Cry.

Firstly, keeping with the theme of the last posting, me thought it appropriate that this blog feature a little ditty from Mr Pakalolo himself. A small show of defiance on the part of Fer Fook's Sake.

Secondly, it is also dedicated to me dear wifey who has thus far refused me simple request that she sport dreadlocks. Me thinks she will look fooking awesome. Me even offered to sponsor NOT just the salon bill but also the knitted tea cosy (in red, gold & green of course) fer her dreads when she has to go to court!

Thirdly, coz its a fooking awesome song which should get us all into a nice mellow mood fer a super, chill-out long weekend. Enjoy & Happy Wesak Day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home Ministry Blues

This (sadly) typical article was spotted in today's edition of The Sun:

Syndicate behind obscene apparel smashed

Georgetown: The Home Ministry enforcement division yesterday smashed a syndicate which sold stickers and tee-shirts that carry messages promoting the use of marijuana and obscenity. Enforcement officers observed the activities in an apparel retail outlet in Bukit Jambul Complex for three days before raiding it.

They seized hats, tee-shirts, handkerchiefs, rings and chains featuring the marijuana plant. Enforcement chief Tengku Rosinah said the pictures and the obscenity were detrimental to the public because youths wearing apparel bearing such obscenities could be involved in immoral activities. (!!!)

Two saleswomen in the shop were brought in for questioning. Both may be charged under Section 8(1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984. If convicted, they are liable to a fine of up to RM20,000, three years jail or both.

Is the Home Ministry enforcement wankers so fooking free that all they have to do is harass some small-time business? C'mon, shops selling such t-shirts & merchandise has been around fer decades!!! Me should know as me was a regular customer of these shops of "ill repute" at Pertama in the 80s.

The list of social ills & various other problems are sooooo fooking long & yet our Home Ministry tries to play Moral Police by raiding a t-shirt shop. Seriously, fer fook's sake la. And who have they gotten to take the rap? Two unfortunate salesgirls.

As fer the statement "youths wearing these t-shirts may be involved in immoral activities", that really takes the fooking cake. So if some teenage gals wearing tudungs were caught in a sexually comprimising scenario, would you ban the headwear? Or how bout we ban senior male citizens from checking into hotels since Chua Soi Lek's behaviour would indicate that all old men are dirty old fooks out fer some quick relief? Fooking bodoh punya rationale la.

Yes, this is a rant about something quite minor (not quite FREE RAJA PETRA mode) but it just irritates the fook out of me when me sees shit like this.

And dear Tengku Rosinah, in case you are not aware, the pakalolo logo (and so what's the big fooking deal anyway?) is just a mouse click away along with a whole wide world of FREE FOOKING PORN (don't believe me, just ask Tuan Kerp) . . .

ps: In light of this news, it is appropriate that the 'Mandatory Listening' album (on left) is none other than Bob Marley's Catch A Fire. Wonder what he's smoking?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fooking Miracle Diet!!!

Me knows a lot of you/us are down in the fooking dumps this Monday, so as usual me has a little something to cheer you up. Everton Segar sent me this daft video (TQ!) & me hopes i't'll help chase away them fooking Monday blues.

In the meantime, head over to yer fridge, grab a tall, cool one & chug it down as fast as you can. If not fer anything, do it fer a better waistline as the video above suggests. Crack . . . glug, glug, glug . . . buuuuuuuurrrrp!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Say Wot?!?

Got these as part of a series of hilarious examples of misuse (abuse?) of the English language in China (TQ Premo!). The above three were some of me faves. The one in the middle had me in fooking stitches. Bet a lot of women would wish the male species would apply the "grape" cream & leave them the fook alone!
If you had already seen em, am sure they still raised a smile on yer mug. If you haven't, hope it allowed you a chuckle or two in the middle of your work week.
Also, it should alert you to the fact that there must be a great need fer translators & English teachers in China. Either that, or the translators in the examples above were taking the fooking piss!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hardcore Heroes in KL!

Yo people! Great news. In case you haven't heard, our fooking famished live music scene will be in fer a treat on 25th May 2008 with NYC hardcore legends Sick Of It All paying us a visit!

Details are as below:
Date: 25 May, 3pm
Venue: Orange Club, off Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.
Admission: RM55 (presale, available at Rock Corner, Acoustic Music Station at Pertama Complex and Campbell Music); RM65 (door sale)
Opening bands: King Lychee (Hong Kong), Love Me Butch, Restraint, A.C.A.B, Steeltoe Solutions, Aggrobeats

Fer those of you unfamiliar with the band, please do check out the vid below. Me strongly urge you, especially the older fuddy-duddies like Tony Yew (of Muststopthis) & Lim (of A Moment In Time), to come join us fer the gig. A few beers, some hardcore punk & a rollicking good time to be had by all! Me fooking guarantees it!

ps: Thus far, NickM (of 23PSI fame), Bernard (of Ah, Speak Now Ah?), Premo, meself & wifey are in fer the gig. Kerp, Anba, Tinesh, Moz - join us? We could consider this the bloggers get-together!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thy Mighty Frost - R.I.P

"It was not my departure from Celtic Frost which caused the group's inexorable demise. It was the group's inexorable demise which caused my departure." - Tom G Warrior 17 April 2008

Black metal, thrash metal, death metal, avante garde metal . . .. shit, even glam & fooking hair metal, thy Mighty Frost have been there & done it. Its the second time this hugely influential band has split & much to the disappointment of its many fans given that the reformation effort Monotheist was a fooking return to form. Equal parts doom, thrash & eurocentric avant garde metal, it promised more great things from a band going back to its roots & reinventing itself.
Listen to their early stuff (ie from Morbid Tales to Into The Pandemonium) & you will hear just why Celtic Frost is held in such high regard. Me remembers soiling me pants when me first heard a pirated tape containing the first two EPs during me college days. At a time when Metallica, Slayer & Maiden were considered cutting edge, Thy Mighty Frost were quite simply something else.
Fer the uninitiated, do check out the vid below fer a sample or better yet purchase or download To Mega Therion (featuring artwork from no1 fan HR Giger himself!) & debut EP Morbid Tales. Serious metalheadz will NOT be disappointed (but please avoid shitty glam rock album, Cold Lake, which Warrior himself describes as an "abomination") !!!
Alas, there shall be no more music under the moniker of Celtic Frost. So thank you fer the brilliant albums & the numerous occasions of whiplash listening to them had caused.
ps: First vid is the Frost circa 1985 & the second is from the latest album. Enjoy!