Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thy Mighty Tun's last throw of the dice?

Am sure most of you are aware of today's sensational headlines. Here are some excerpts if you have yet to read the papers:
At 10pm last night, Dr Mahathir posted further explanations on his http://www.chedet.com/ blog.

“I am quitting because Umno now is no longer the Umno that was set up 62 years ago to fight for the Malays, Islam and Malaysia (Malaya).

“The Umno now only exists to support Abdullah, his family and actions and policies that are not in line with interests of the race, religion and country,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said he decided to leave Umno as he felt his participation as a member is “meaningless and no longer useful.”

“Because Datuk Seri Abdullah is blind and deaf and does not understand the message by Barisan members, because some Umno members have joined in, because the democratic process is not moving, because Umno now is no longer the Umno established 62 years ago, I find my participation as a member meaningless and no longer useful,” he said in his blog. (excerpts from The Star online)
Fer Fook's Sake cordially invites all rationale Malaysians to post their thoughts & comments on The Mighty Tun's latest political manoeuvre. Bear in mind he seems to think that a mass desertion among the rank & file is the best fooking way to get rid of his appointed successor - Bodohwi. He also seems fairly confident they everyone will rejoin once Bodohwi & gang are outsted & his pro-Mahathir cronies are installed.
The Opposition are having a field day. PAS - coz it was a blokey from their ranks - Ismail Pawan Teh - who had challenged the Mighty Tun to resign from UMNO. Anwar - thinks it is a great chance to tempt them UMNO fookers over to this side.
Me is of the humble opinion that a mass desertion may actually destroy UMNO/BN (HOORAY!) as there's no iron-fisted tyrant like Thy Mighty Tun to hold it together like when Semangat 46 was formed as a splinter group. The Old Man is playing a very risky game.
What do you think? Look forward to reading yer comments.


nick m said...

bowing out graciously. that's something he has difficulty with. no quiet retirement pottering around the garden for him.

it does seem to be the endgame. but then again this is politics, umno politics no less. so we are in for some interesting times ahead.

it may trigger some resignations. kind of puts mukhriz in a tight spot. but i don't expect any of those who throw in their letters to join PKR. the rest of this week is gonna be interesting.
nick mun

nanda666 said...

read the Sun while stuck in the jam this morning and had a good laugh! hehehe!!
I did want to know if this means he is no longer the PETRONAS advisor as well???
Hmm....then the Oil & Gas cronies will be in deep @#$%!!!

Life's Like That said...

To me, this old man is just going senile. Perhaps sitting on his arse for so long has caused some short circuit in his brains! The consequences of his actions are far-reaching :

a)More UMNO MPs leave party causing BN to lose majority and govt. If I m not mistaken, PM can call for elections again, rite?(Can someone confirm this?). PKR may not be as successful and money wasted again.

b)FDIs will fall again due to political instability.

In short, I think this is a farce and hope all these morons in UMNO get their house in order quickly and do somethig useful for a change!

FYI, u can also vent yr frustrations in Dr M(ad)'s blog at www.chedet.com

Jon-C said...

The old horse has lost his marbles and become senile. I'm wondering if he's in denial as he started the ball rolling with all the croonism from his reign and then follow by the ultra bumi sentiments.

Malaysians are ignorant but not that supid anymore. Geeeez! Wake up or ship out.

anfield devotee said...

nick: Wonder what Najib will do? Resign as ordered by his master or to obey his blackmailer pm?

nanda: Petronas? No way la . . .

LLT: Yup, you are rite, bout the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat not doing well if a snap election is called. People might be fed up with the instability.

JonC: As Anwar said in his ceramahs, "Saya tak marah pada Dr M. Dia sudah tua. Dia sudah sakit. Dia sudah lupa . . ."

Azer Mantessa said...

Muhahahahahaah Muhahahaha Muhahaha Muhahaha Muhahaha Muhahahahahaha

that was my impression on the news.

not much commnent on this just yet but to mahathir's supporters ... this is what i say (will note this is my next posting too):

A-Z ... Che Det:

(A)ccepts your TDM as a quitter
(B)elieves in your TDM ... hehehe
(C)alls your TDM and ask "Do you remember?"
(D)on't give up on your TDM's memory
(E)nvisions the whole TDM(even the struggle is not yet over)
(F)orgive your TDM mistakes
(H)elps your TDM
(G)ives unconditionally to your TDM
(I)nvites your TDM over dinner before something else happens ... like you know ... like you know ... like you know ... he may go to jail for ... like you know
(J)ust "be" with your TDM
(K)eeps your TDM close to your heart
(L)oves your TDM for who he is
(M)akes Your TDM as a difference in your life
(N)ever judges your TDM ... NEVER!
(O)ffer support to your TDM
(P)ick your TDM up everytime he falls
(Q)uiet your fears about TDM
(R)aise your spirits about TDM
(S)ay nice things to your TDM
(T)ell lies to your TDM as that can please him well
(U)nderstands your TDM because he is so contradictory
(V)alue your TDM ... he is your legacy
(W)alk beside your TDM
(X)-plain things when your TDM don't understand
(Y)ell when your won't listen , but then ... don't bother ... he never listen anyway
(Z)aps your TDM back to vision 2020

Muhahahahahah Muhahaha Muhahahah Muhahaha Muhahahahahahahahahahahaa

Afterall, nothing is lost. The future is always a mystery. You know, there is this guy who was jailed and making a good comeback.

Things like this too can happen to your TDM. Who knows, probably the future is better for your TDM after serving in jail for something like you know what ... your TDM may make a comeback ... say at the age of 90 ...

Else why not just suggest your TDM to come up with another party. Your TDM can still reserve the membership number: 0000001 :-)

Say UMNO Lagi Baru or The Latest Up-To-Date UMNO with Style Party


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm sure he has thought over it thoroughly without being influenced by anyone. umno under pakdol's leadership is a joke so i guess being a wise man he is, the best way is to disassociate himself from the jokers.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Thought you were a no-show. Good to see you joining in the discussion as me was looking forward to reading what a DrM fan would say of his latest move.

Ok, pls allow me to respond (jangan marah ya). With regards to the "wise man disassociating himself from jokers", well, what are his motivations?

To truly fight fer the Malay people & to lead the country or self-interest in getting his own gang back in power (inc junior)?

Do you really think the man DrM is championing - Mr Ulan Bator - gonna be any better? If anything his avarice & greed is even greater than Bodohwi's! What sort of alternative is that? To whose benefit will a change in leadership be fer?

Fact is we are in this quagmire because of DrM's crony-first policies. Am very sorry to all those who think DrM is God's gift to Malaysians, anyone who uses the ISA so indiscriminately is not worthy of yer adulation. Jailing scores of opposition members in the name of national security sounds just as stupid as Bush & his Weapons Of Mass Destruction theory. Thanx DrM fer showing the leaders of today how to deal with dissent (eg Hindraf5).

Closing down the national dailies to shut em up is NOT FOOKING ACCEPTABLE. Believe it or not, we once had a FREE press. Yes, an independent media . . . in M'sia! Thanx DrM fer turning a healthy thriving media into the shite that it is today.

As fer the judiciary, the whole sad saga is the Mighty Tun's doing. The Malaysian bench & Bar was once highly regarded in the Commonwelath; until DrM saw fit to destroy its credibility with one fell swoop. Thanx DrM!

Me is just intrigued how his latest move will affect the political landscape. Me thinks deep down DrM is trying to change things coz he knows perhaps one day, people will look back & say, "shit, DrM sure screwed things up fer this country" . . .

Dear Kerp, no ofeense meant. Just in the name of free speech, ok?

Azer: Well said.

Jon-C said...

Me come dedicate this song to me dear TDM.

No PM, No Cry!
With Badawi we cry!
No PM, No Cry!
With TDM we sure die!

Said I remember, sitting in Kamunting yard behind bars,
Observing the croonies, as they steal me money,
Good tax we paid oh, good tax we lost in the way,
In this uncertain future, you can't forget his deeds,
So cry summore i'd say,

No PM, No Cry!
With Badawi we cry!
No PM, No Cry!
With TDM we sure die!

Sorry for the rasta sounding and hash induced cliche lah but thats exactly what this whole episode of komedi hari isnin is making me feel.

anfield devotee said...

JOnC: Ireee la JonC!!!

Jon-C said...

Muahahahah must be the video you posted mon! Tune stuck to me brain.

titoki said...

This old man is getting senile and is living in denial. He still believes that he is influential enough to shift the power in the house.

Either that, or he's desperate for some attention like a 82-year-old do. Making outrageous remarks and causing chaos and confusion.

Life's Like That said...


Agree with you on all counts. He is just making another mess, or is he making the mess he made earlier messier??? Shites! I m writing like I had a few shots when I did not!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

You bastard. Go ahead and lick anwar’s hand clean. Eat my short.

Ok I’m kidding…hehehehehehe…

Bala ji,

Hey, no worries, my man. None taken. You, in fact everyone has valid reasons why they despise this old man very much. I, on the other hand, looks at it from a non-political point of view. When the pro-Tun says that he’s a God-sent, I am sure they were not referring to the ISA, the fucked-up judiciary system, the nepotism and shit. some people may, or would like to believe, that this man has done more damages to the country than all the developments he contributed. We naturally being his admirer, sees it the other way round instead.

I for one strongly opposed to some of his policies while he was in the office but I weighed between his contributions and the damages done he caused towards the country. his critics, or shall I say haters, have made up their mind even before he steps down. His good deeds was nothing compared to all the evil deeds he carried out during his reign. Well, I guess a crook will forever remain a crook huh?

Did you notice anyway boss, there was not much of mentioning about TDM in my blog except for one posting when i get to meet him? again, I did not touch even a bit on the political side of it. I know for even trying to defend an evil man, I may have to bear the consequences and face the wrath from most bloggers and commenter who are way more experienced than me as far as politics is concerned. I’ll sure to lose any argument so the best thing is, I’ll just go about doin my own thing while admiring and appreciate this man silently.

Sorry for taking the space a little too much chief. I think politics aside, we’re cool. My regular commenter, the Kata Tak Nak guy is Tun’s hardest critic but we know our friendship goes beyond politics itself. Like you, in fact all of you guys here, he’s been a great friend and that’s what matters. Ask tun or anwar if they’d like to join you over for some teh tarik, the answer is a possible yes but you may have to write in first. Ask me the same q and I’m game, especially if its ON YOU!...kihkih…

Ok I better stop now. this Is long enough. But mozz would be proud of me nonetheless…hehehe…

* my blog’s currently inaccessible. Not sure for how long but hopefully not permanently.

j or ji said...

i dun think anything big will happen.
Tun decision is not so smart will all the MP he expect to follow him are all smart arse.

old man gaduh memang buruk.macam bebudak.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Since the early 90s, I have been telling all & sundry that the DrM method of ruling will lead to the decay & ruin of our beloved country. In spite of the economic growth, he set very dangerous precedents which me told everyone would be open to abuse when he steps down.

I am very sorry, have to say it - but I told you so.

His croynism has set the template of unbridled corruption in all BN parties.

His own wealth-making also set in motion the mad rush to be govt servants. It was a get rich quick scheme via the who-you-know culture.

His dirty fooking tactics in elections has now backfired on him.

Ok la, enuff DrM bashing fer now. Letih ah gua . . .

And TQ Brother kerp fer joining in the debate. It is the sort of open discussion the old man would never have tolerated himself . . .

mozisfawlty said...

la patuttlaaaa..tuan kerpov, i was wondering what the hell was wrong me pc today, could not access LGL at all today..something almost cyrillic was showin' up on the screen..i even went to the extent of thinkin' it was one for your teasers...looking for a hidden tab button beneath all that gibberish that can hook me up..m.wahhahahhaha
even to access FFS also was chore today..couldn't access the comments for some reason or another..
oh well. rest assured. all's fine and well.
will wait for LGL to
"rise above! rise above!"..mwahhahaha
later dudes.

p.s. er..not qualifed to comment on this chief..(although i'm not much of fan of his)..and
now if you will..
excuse me.
while i kiss the sky.
have a good week ahead.

Achilles said...

AD: Wow... this topic has deifinitely stirred a lot of discussion. Very interesting points that both you and Kerp had.

me take on all this... Dr. M and Bodohwi as you put it obviously had some special arrangements... ie Dr. M said he would let Bodohwi take over the country if certain "interests" of Dr. M were well preserved and taken care of even after he hands over power. Bodohwi said OK, everything went through and now obviously those interests are not being preserved by Bodohwi and Dr. M is bent on taking him down.

whether all these tactics will work in dropping bodohwi... only time will tell.

Anba said...

Is Dr M pissed b'coz of the Lingam Case verdict...
now he wants to bring down Pak Lah..where he himself have a big issue to clear himself...Dunggu,Moron,Schmuck...
Nuff Said...cant laugh anymore

anfield devotee said...

anba: RE VK Lingam Verdict. But Bodohwi already said NOT to go on a witch hunt what . . . tee hee! Both these fookers are playing tit fer fooking tat la.

achilles: Korrek, Korrek, Korreck!
But this discussion is nothing compared to the "tudung chicks giving BJ" thread! Ha ha!

Moz: Eh, short of an opinion? (*Shock*) (*horror*) (!!!)

mozisfawlty said...

today me head in technicolor supernova of sorts due to the following reasons i.e.:-
a) lack of sleep or ample supply of restless rollabouts/tussles with saliva-stained bantal;
b) i got up early today, not to watch the game. i woke with a growl today, didn't eat me dinner yesterday you see. so washed up and concurrently got ready for work, head to the local mamak..and what do you know..*sigh* the freakin' thing is STILL going on..how downright
due to the natural curiousity (as all ardent lovers of the game are) - i stayed and watched. much to my dismay, i stayed and watched.
c) riddled with sms-es which went unreplied and silenced missed calls. i know i can't take this.
d) guess what team me boss and direct manager supports..arghghgghghhghghghghghghg

bro - it's gonna be a long long long

p.s. to fans of both sides - congrats. great game, well at least the drama was great. that's what a cup final should be
in all facets.