Monday, May 5, 2008

Hardcore Heroes in KL!

Yo people! Great news. In case you haven't heard, our fooking famished live music scene will be in fer a treat on 25th May 2008 with NYC hardcore legends Sick Of It All paying us a visit!

Details are as below:
Date: 25 May, 3pm
Venue: Orange Club, off Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.
Admission: RM55 (presale, available at Rock Corner, Acoustic Music Station at Pertama Complex and Campbell Music); RM65 (door sale)
Opening bands: King Lychee (Hong Kong), Love Me Butch, Restraint, A.C.A.B, Steeltoe Solutions, Aggrobeats

Fer those of you unfamiliar with the band, please do check out the vid below. Me strongly urge you, especially the older fuddy-duddies like Tony Yew (of Muststopthis) & Lim (of A Moment In Time), to come join us fer the gig. A few beers, some hardcore punk & a rollicking good time to be had by all! Me fooking guarantees it!

ps: Thus far, NickM (of 23PSI fame), Bernard (of Ah, Speak Now Ah?), Premo, meself & wifey are in fer the gig. Kerp, Anba, Tinesh, Moz - join us? We could consider this the bloggers get-together!


premo said...

Fwwaaarrgh! So who else is goin? We gotta do the Wall of Death yo!

premo said...

"Bigfoot! Tolong Duduk Diam!!"

Btw for all of you who did not catch the fiasco that is our Persidangan Parlimen Live last Friday, this is a clip from the one and only Hanief.blogspot. HAHAHA!!

Kopite78 said...

I get back from Scotland on 24th nite. If I am not jetlagged, I will join you guys. Hopefully can get tickets at the door.

Tinesh said...

Sounds like a great idea..Will let you know asap la

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dude, they're legends, mannn...and its great news indeed. i admit, i was more a Biohazard guy than SoIA. thus, sorry to disappoint you bala as you can count me out. the Orange club is fucking wheelchair-unfriendly la...

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Aiyah, shit, sorry dude. Never been to Orange so me wasn't aware. Fooked up la.

RE: Biohazard
Managed to catch em live during their Urban Discipline tour (20th Nov 1991 - me b'day!). Great stuff. Strangely, they were the opening act fer Kreator!!!

Life's Like That said...


Older fuddy-duddies????? One man's meat is another man's poisonlah AD! Ain't gonna get my ear-drums busted listening to whatever metal u call music! But you guys go have fun while we other genre music lovers get our highs listening to music WE LIKE!!!

anfield devotee said...

Lim: Ok, Uncle . . .

ps: Its hardcore punk la, not metal.

pps: And when you gonna start blogging proper?

Azer Mantessa said...


may 25 3 pm.... pergh .... can't make it.

very nice emo sound here.quite similar to my favarite uk group ... molotov cocktail.

muststopthis said...

bro, hardcore. . . Metal. . . .punk. . . Noise. . . Whats the diff? :) anyways, u guys bang it out! Don't worry bout me! I'll stick to freddie mercury. . . .

Achilles said...

AD: how are you... It's been a long time since i wrote anything here. was busy battling those damn trojans.... hehehehe

Anyway, sorry for the long silence on me part, was extremely busy with me magazine and as you know, wifey went for a double operation. To add to that, my PC was struck by lightning and it was out of comission for about 2weeks. just got it back last weekend.
Talk about the shit hitting you at the same time altogether.

anyway i don't think i will be able to make it to the gig dude. Will be out of town that weekend. i am sure the gig will rock... so do let me know how it goes. if by any minute chance my plans change, maybe i will get ticks at the door or pretend to be security and crash the party. hehehehe

As for Frost... unfortunately, i have not been exposed to them but from what i hear, everyone says i would love it based on the kind of music i like. so i am looking forward to hearing them. i haven't checked out the vids you posted because my opis PC does not allow us to view media files. will do it at home later. i think i will be an instant fan once i listen to it.

Cheers dude.

anfield devotee said...

tony: Kah kah . . . trying to act cool by name dropping Old Freddie. Dude, owning a fooking pasar malam greatest hit comp doesn't count la. Besides, me was thinking you were more radical now since you switched camps (note: the infamous blogger muststopthis was once a diehard Barisan Najis supporter. Talk about a 180 degree turn!). Expand yer mind, bro . . . This is the sound of revolution.

achilles: Hope the wifey is all better. What magazine you working on? Need a sub-ed?
Would be good if you could join us fer the gig. As fer the Frost, yup, me thinks you will like given their propensity to dress up almost as ridicolously (see top pix) as ManOwar!!!
But seriously, the first three ie Morbid Tales, Emperor's Return & To Mega Therion are the recommended works. Also worth checking out are Vanity/Nemesis & Into The Pandemonium.

Achilles said...

AD: Will definitely check out Frost man. Yes... i see the likes of Manowar in their dressing as well. hehehehe

wifey is doing much better now. i would say about 99% back to normal now. thanks for asking.

Oh the magazine... i actually came up with a fitness magazine called Fitness Malaysia. It's distributed for FREE (like SUN newspaper) and i just launched Issue 0 (pre-launch Issue) and i am scheduled to launch the first full issue in July.

do check out me website
If you register to be a member, you can download Issue 0 and read it. if you do, please let me know what you think of it. thanks

I do need someone to help me with copy checking... ie spelling, grammar and of course typos. Interested?

anfield devotee said...

achilles: hmmmm . . . but how to have a fat blokey like me edit a magazine called Fitness Malaysia!?! Ha ha . . .

So now you taukeh besar la. Achilles, the publishing magnate!

Achilles said...

AD: Sick of it all actually sounds pretty fooking good man. Not typically my kind of stuff, but must say i like it.

Celtic Frost... mmmm the 2 vids you featured wasn't what me expected and wasn't quite me taste. will give the albums you recommended a try before deciding whether i truly like them.

Anba said...

hmmmm suprisingly soilwork is playing on the same day too in malaysia..
Dame dunggu ppl...!!!!
i'll confirm with all of ye all once im sure nothin goin on for that day fer me...
p/s: yup i only have morbid tales will try to get the emperor's return and mega therion..
Bro me once paid rm120..for godflesh in pertama..during me student work ready..skupang nak keluar pun susah..

anfield devotee said...

anba: RM120 fer Godflesh?!? Which album la? Fooking rip off them bastards in Pertama.

Achilles: Will try burn you some Frost CDs. Sick Of It All, how? Cancel la yer trip & join us la.

Anba said... was double disc album merciless and selfless...bought in 99
the godflesh album us and them was bought for rm 99 too

sam said...

earlier today, with ticket in hand can't wait to go. at last they are here.. but when i reached there i'm like... "WTF!!" the place is empty. at first i think i went to the wrong place. called up the number on the ticket and found out the gig canceled. what a shame.. any idea why it's canceled? don't believe the guy. he said it's bcoz of permit problem.