Sunday, May 30, 2010

Italian Fever

Since me & wifey got the Fiat Coupe, me has been struck by a bad case of Italianotistics. Spending far too much time on the Italia Auto forum & even staying up till 4am talking cock with other Italian car owners at a recent meet.

Many of ye will also know that one of the symptoms of Italianostistics is the feverish urge to racun all & sundry to join the gang. And while quite a few of ye have had to put up with me 'Buy Coupe' campaign, most of ye had the ready-made 'not practical' excuse at the tips of yer fooking tongues.

But ladies & gents, may I present ye with one of the, nay, the MOST beautiful, station wagon of all time - the Alfa Romeo 156 Sports Wagon.

(*drool*) . . .

Some dude with quite the Italian collection is willing to let this beaut go fer RM85k. Previously, me urged ye to not let something as trivial as PRACTICALITY to stand in the way of motoring nirvana. Now, even that's become a fooking non-issue.

Note: Very few of these sports wagons were imported into Malaysia, so this is a fooking rare ride. (And before anyone starts bout spares, its a 156 la, so nay fooking issues . . .)

To read more, go to:

ps: Me has already successfully racuned one of me colleagues who has signed up fer a 1997 20vt Coupe. Next on list is other colleague & to stop me own brother from buying something BORING!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Man On the Silver Mountain - RIP Ronnie James Dio.

Me clearly remembers when me was a wee lad & Mobil petrol stations were having a promo. Fer every RM10 of fuel pumped ye got a sticker & once ye had ten stickers, ye got to choose a free cassette. One time me dad let me choose & even though me was just 10 years old, me hand randomly pointed towards the gold cover of Rainbow's Long Live Rock n Roll. Suffice to say, me ears were too tender fer the ruckus & the tape was consigned to the drawer of forgotten relics.

But me curiosity was awakened again when later on, me kept hearing Rainbow tunes on the nightly FM radio programmes such as Pilihan Anda. (Yes, in the Dark Ages prior to the world wide web, us folks had to rely on local radio fer entertainment!). Soon that tape was dug out & the slow journey towards metaldom had begun.

Any long hair worth his or her salt will always have a soft spot fer Ronnie James Dio. In fact, many, like meself, would have had their first forays into heavy rock thanks to the many classics he penned - Temple of the King (Rainbow), Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) &, of course, Holy Diver (Dio).

Sadly, Dio succumbed to stomach cancer yesterday. He was 67.

To read more, please click here:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Many congrats . . .

Congrats to man yew fans on winning the League . . . Cup!

ps: Note - Mickey Mouse jibe in reference to the utter disdain most scummers have fer the humble trophy . . .

pps: Do forward this work of art - its an ori, me got me designer colleague to do this specially to commemorate the mancs' successful campaign.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Let's face it, as much we blame the fooking Yanks fer a disastrous season, some of it must lie at the doorstep of Rafa Benitez. Nay need to go into details, list is long and ardous.

And the writing's already on the wall, he is on his way out. Board unwilling to give aasurances & him wanting a budget he knows he's not gonna get.

So wot me wants to know is who ye think should replace him under the circumstances?

John Toshack? This candidate gets me vote as he is vastly experienced (Sociedad, Real Madrid, Wales) & is the last link to Shanks & the Boot Room. And just to dispel the myth, he has NEVER turned his back on us. When he was approached to fill Daglish's shoes, he had just signed fer Sociedad & was not about to break his contract. Me also feels that as former Kop hero, fans will be a bit more patient with him.

King Kenny? Revered demigod now back as club ambassador. Fan's no1 choice but by his own admission he has not kept up with the game fer the last 5 years. Do we really want to hand over the reins to someone who has not kept abreast of latest developments - tactically & personnel wise? Alan Curbishsley? Former Charlton Athletic manager who is INCREDIBLY out of work since since getting the sack at West Ham a few years back. Once an England manager prospect & even touted as Houllier's successor, could he be the man to restore our fortunes?

Odds on fave since taking Fulham to its first European final. Vastly experienced & tactically astute. Also seen as next England gaffer. But me will always remember him as the man who condemned Blackburn to relegation despite blowing a fortune on transfer fees. Most famously, paying a then high £7.5m fer Kevin Davies who couldn't score in the proverbial brothel.

Come back Souey? Ha ha ha!

ps: Foreign legion - Louis Van Gaal? Ottmar Hitzfeld? Paul le Guen?

pps: Alumni - Gary McAlister? Markus Babel? Sammy Lee?

pps: Ex-scummers - Steve McLaren after winning Dutch title with FC Twente? Mark Hughes? (Don't laugh, Yanks could do this just to fooking spite us!)

ppps: Two sides of the coin - or

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comedy Metal

If yer having an absolutely shite day, please watch this . . . Fooking hilarious.