Sunday, May 30, 2010

Italian Fever

Since me & wifey got the Fiat Coupe, me has been struck by a bad case of Italianotistics. Spending far too much time on the Italia Auto forum & even staying up till 4am talking cock with other Italian car owners at a recent meet.

Many of ye will also know that one of the symptoms of Italianostistics is the feverish urge to racun all & sundry to join the gang. And while quite a few of ye have had to put up with me 'Buy Coupe' campaign, most of ye had the ready-made 'not practical' excuse at the tips of yer fooking tongues.

But ladies & gents, may I present ye with one of the, nay, the MOST beautiful, station wagon of all time - the Alfa Romeo 156 Sports Wagon.

(*drool*) . . .

Some dude with quite the Italian collection is willing to let this beaut go fer RM85k. Previously, me urged ye to not let something as trivial as PRACTICALITY to stand in the way of motoring nirvana. Now, even that's become a fooking non-issue.

Note: Very few of these sports wagons were imported into Malaysia, so this is a fooking rare ride. (And before anyone starts bout spares, its a 156 la, so nay fooking issues . . .)

To read more, go to:

ps: Me has already successfully racuned one of me colleagues who has signed up fer a 1997 20vt Coupe. Next on list is other colleague & to stop me own brother from buying something BORING!


senorita.. said...

dont think i've seen this before. i must say, it is sweet.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Hot ride leh . . . BUY BUY BUY!

senorita.. said...

bo lui how to buy? plus, not my time for big cars. =)

anfield devotee said...

senorita: If there's a will, there's a way . . .

Besides a great condition stock 156 these days are retailing fer LESS than a perodua viva.

So . . .

Achilles said...

AD: Me must say station wagons are the ugliest machines on wheels ever created by man...but this one, looks good... for something which has virtually no chance of looking good, these fookers have definitely pulled it off. bravo.

at the moment, can't afford another car lah... but yes, good price.

PS: Check out me blog when you can.

anfield devotee said...

Amazing innit achilles . . . Italians, y've got to hand it to them. Design is truly their forte . . .

Bernard said...

The only Italian for me - 2 wheels & powered by yerself :

Life's Like That said...

Bala, so when is the Italian Automobile Federation appointing you as their Supreme Allied Commander for marketing for the Asia Pacific region? Or have they already? Haha!

anfield devotee said...

bernard: Becoming Mun ptII?

LLT: macha, no lar. Gua setakat Italia Auto (cawangan puchong) setiausaha aje. Not like ye . . . soon-to-be named President of said cawangan . . . he he!

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

Yang Amat Berusaha Tuan Sec-Gen Forza Italia (Cawangan Puchong) merangkap president dlm naungan,

chief, design as usual, agree with achilles - never seen a wagon that hip. to-date i considered the forrester the closest thing to suave grease-machismo a drive can achieve in wagon..but this is certainly somethin' else is it not? and pretty well maintained to add. never quite caught on to the wagon concept, but i can relate to to its level utility. had a friend who got his fingers dirty with a M-BISHI AIRTRAK. power giler. but he seems to call it an like somewhat of a wagon too..but i think i got it confused.

thanks for info.


anfield devotee said...

Mozzer, did ye ever go check out that coupe in kuantan?

j or ji said...


85K memang murah! tapi soalan yang biasa datang dengan kereta eropah ialah, maintenance.. how ?

nway,aku memang suka wagon!

j or ji said...


85K memang murah! tapi soalan yang biasa datang dengan kereta eropah ialah, maintenance.. how ?

nway,aku memang suka wagon!

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

chief, dok laagghi boh.

*twist the knife slowly, slowly!*

tried to coax a friend to follow as well, a brethren of acquired tastes. did not pan out.

*twist the knife slowly, surely!*

but it's getting really spooky up here chief...on the east side in kuantan.

picture this.

refuelling at one of fave spots petrol bunks in mid town..the kind where the personnel still fill her up FOR yu..and not wait around combin' their hair waiting for the odd piece of sexy booty to swing their services..a la petrol-gunmen-in-shining-armour if you may..guess what pulls up over at the next bunk..


s-p-o-o-k-y dude.

to top it off, a familiar face pops out...both of us exchange that "dude, i know yer face" look.
i go..hey nice car. he goes yeah...

and this this happens..

"actually planning on selling it."

fark off.

yu gotta be kidding me.

then the words rang out, strongly asunder.

"moz dun come to coupe, coupe come to moz"...


2003 model 2.0 turbo - RM 65k. dude bought it 2nd hand 83k.

white karerrr leh.

2 digit plate.


cue. twilight zone tune, analfarkin.

*twist the knife, slowly, surely, bleuarghghghhghghghg*



senorita.. said...

moz spooked. hehehe

anfield devotee said...

mozzer: The signs are all there . . . Apo lagi? Did ye take his number?

j or ji: Rule of thumb fer italians - please don't comapre maintenance to domestic or Japanese cars.

However, when compared to similar class of vehicles such as vw, audi, bmw, merc etc, alfa / fiat ok lagi.

Memang stylo d fooking milo bro. Ye cannae do better than this fer a family car. Unless of course, like me, ye consider a coupe a family car . . . Mwuahahahaha!

HaroldM22 said...


Mohan said...

salam dude,
ugly beast indeed. well naik basikal lah!. well..something nice to get you not being stoned of your normal metal stuff..and you'd know them anyway.

anfield devotee said...

mohan: salam dude.

Ada baik?