Friday, May 7, 2010


Let's face it, as much we blame the fooking Yanks fer a disastrous season, some of it must lie at the doorstep of Rafa Benitez. Nay need to go into details, list is long and ardous.

And the writing's already on the wall, he is on his way out. Board unwilling to give aasurances & him wanting a budget he knows he's not gonna get.

So wot me wants to know is who ye think should replace him under the circumstances?

John Toshack? This candidate gets me vote as he is vastly experienced (Sociedad, Real Madrid, Wales) & is the last link to Shanks & the Boot Room. And just to dispel the myth, he has NEVER turned his back on us. When he was approached to fill Daglish's shoes, he had just signed fer Sociedad & was not about to break his contract. Me also feels that as former Kop hero, fans will be a bit more patient with him.

King Kenny? Revered demigod now back as club ambassador. Fan's no1 choice but by his own admission he has not kept up with the game fer the last 5 years. Do we really want to hand over the reins to someone who has not kept abreast of latest developments - tactically & personnel wise? Alan Curbishsley? Former Charlton Athletic manager who is INCREDIBLY out of work since since getting the sack at West Ham a few years back. Once an England manager prospect & even touted as Houllier's successor, could he be the man to restore our fortunes?

Odds on fave since taking Fulham to its first European final. Vastly experienced & tactically astute. Also seen as next England gaffer. But me will always remember him as the man who condemned Blackburn to relegation despite blowing a fortune on transfer fees. Most famously, paying a then high £7.5m fer Kevin Davies who couldn't score in the proverbial brothel.

Come back Souey? Ha ha ha!

ps: Foreign legion - Louis Van Gaal? Ottmar Hitzfeld? Paul le Guen?

pps: Alumni - Gary McAlister? Markus Babel? Sammy Lee?

pps: Ex-scummers - Steve McLaren after winning Dutch title with FC Twente? Mark Hughes? (Don't laugh, Yanks could do this just to fooking spite us!)

ppps: Two sides of the coin - or



My first choice would be Jose Mourinho!!

anfield devotee said...

That ye Rodney hiding behind yer daughter's login?

Ye knows we cannae afford Jose.

So how?

Tinesh said...

I think Hiddink would definitely be a better replacement than almost all of those you mentioned.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...


how about this..make an offer to
'arry "dell boy" redknapp..
track record has shown high probabilites of jumpin' of pole vaulting proportions..

if the reds do make an offer that's too good to resist,
i won't be top it all off he's contract is a pretty short term one...last season and this.

loyalty is not his renknowed forte.

good season yes. but the number cruncher in me can't help wondering, the probability how much he's leveraged the club in in terms of possiblity of higher wages being promised and paid to the stable he's either inherited / assmembled. the cynic in me still doesn't believe pompey crumbled on his own. other than the purchase of young talent from the nerther regions of the league, find most of the decisions being made have a tight time horizon.

yours appreciatively,

senorita.. said...

sorry ar, off topic. my fren asked me whether want to catch SLASH in Spore? any review?

Biren said...

would love it to be jose but like bals said......
looking the club's financials it really really doesn make good reading.....
really dont know who i want as manager but defi want aqulani,torres,gerrad and mash to still be there come aug

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: We all know Hiddink is a better coach mate. But am sure ye realise that he ain't gonna risk ruining his friendship with Roman just to join us . . .

Moz: True true . . . Wot price chamipon's league footie?

senorita: sorry, not s'pore . . .

biren: we're fooked aren't we?

kevo said...

Jose Mourinho! Guus Hiddink? Vincente del Bosque? If we 're gonna be a 'BIG' team then we need these sort of people in.

I dunno: Cesare Prandelli? Martin O'Neill? Frank Rijkaard? Marcello Lippi?

Roy is a no vote fer me and that definitely goes fer Sparky and Curbs as well. No disrespect but the LFC hotseat is just too big fer these fellas

Would love an ex red... Tosh or Dalglish (I think he's got it in him still) yeah, why not?

Life's Like That said...

Me not too sure who is the best choice as well. But I guess the best coach in the world wouldn't help if he doesn't have money to splash on new players and keep the star ones!

If forced to, I would opt for Martin O'Neill or Roy Hodgson based on their abilities to get the best out of average players. And we have lots of them!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: average players . . . Ha ha . . . well said.

Kevo: Souey? . . . (*snigger*)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Take Wenger!

anfield devotee said...

kerp: ye ungrateful turd . . . so ye pines fer the good old 'boring boring arsenal' days of georgie graham?

Come on . . . yer just a player or two away from winning something.

Besides, given the rude health of yer club's treasury means that monsieur wenger has really managed every aspect of the club well.

ps: wot progress ye making with fever pitch?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Sure, Wenger may have done well managing the club's coffers but i think he needs to check on the trophy cabinet as well, which has not seen a new addition since what, last 5 seasons? And knowing him, its very unlikely he's to blow the dust off the chequebook in order to sign accomplished names.

Our patience are running dry. All the sexy football means nuts if we dont win anything.

Wenger has lost it la bro. I mean, do we REALLY have great qualities in the goal keeping department? If Fabiansky's a world class talent then the same can be said about Hassan miskam!

p/s Fever Pitch - Almost done. Enjoyed every single sentences read so far thoroughly! Simply brilliant la that fella.

OliveWol8888 said...