Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can it be true?

Wifey's favourite Filipino Boy Band is headed this way! Got email confirmation from the band's management.

Scheduled the day after they hit Bangkok, this would be a great chance to see these thrash metal titans in the flesh.

While it may be a trip down memory lane fer some, their newer material does live up to expectations.

Frolic in the fooking park, anybody?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well said, Ian!

Spotted in the Guardian today, an interview with a real LFC No9 - Ian Rush. He had this to say:

Where's your favourite destination? Malaysia – I go there every year. The people are friendly, the scenery's lovely. You have to go. I took my family last year and they fell in love with it as well.

Yer welcome around these parts anytime!

To read full interview, click here: .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Crying Shame

Well, Nando, the pix above shows ye wot kinda club ye just fooking joined. One which has fans blindly copy our banner without even bothering to remove the Shankly Gates motif from the design . . . wtf??!!??

When ye was playing shite, we said, "give the lad a break, he's been playing non-stop fer two fooking years."

When ye sulked on the pitch, we said, "rafa/roy didnae know how best to use ye & the tactics put too much strain on yer frail shoulders."

When ye fell on yer arse against piss poor defenders, we said, "Leave it out, he's recovering from injury."

One game in & already yer being compared to that doyen of crap & expensive strikers - Adriyv Schvenko . . . Hope ye likes it down there.