Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cars & why I love em . . .

Although I have gone off Bond films fer quite some time, like many other kids, I was absolutely mad fer it as a wee lad. It probably has a lot to do with why I love cars, especially the exotic variety. Personal fave? Has to be the fooking Lotus Esprit. Go on, I dares ye to watch this & not feel like a kid again. Fooking brilliant, so much so that I might jut go watch the latest Bond flick just to catch a glimpse of some nice shiny metal on wheels.

Monday, November 5, 2012

In Thrash We Trust!

Many people are constantly surprised that I is not very well-travelled at all, given that I had the privilege of an overseas education. No euro-railing malarkey or back-packing across strange lands fer me. It was a simple choice back then. With a limited budget, I had to choose - sight seeing as a gawking tourist or go about experiencing me fave thrash metal bands first hand. From numerous gigs in sweaty underground clubs to collecting the entire discography of various obscure outfits. Me dad, even then, is well aware of me fanaticism fer record collecting & I was free to indulge so long as I came back with the requisite qualifications.

Watching the above documentary sure brought back a whole load of memories & certainly underlined that I had made the right fooking choice to thrash out. Although I have missed important gigs recently (Death Angel, DRI, Soulfly etc), at least I can say I have seen many of the classic bands in their prime. I own many of the LPs highlighted in the vid above & still regularly play metal EXTREMELY LOUDLY!

The spirit of metal informs much of me daily existence - from having a non-conformist attitude to belatedly learning how to play bass guitar. This music still retains the ability to make this old uncle feel young at heart.

 That alone is fooking priceless . . .

Monday, September 24, 2012

Emporio Metallica

Really needed a good dose of humour today. Saw this & thought I'd share this pix with the rest of ye metalheadz out there. Pix might be old but still retains its mirthful qualities. Great caption. Have seen this with various other captions as well. Examples include 'Enter Blandman' & 'The Shorts That Should Not Be'. Anyone else wanna have a go? Hope this helps raise the gloom many of us are feeling today . . .

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turning dreams into four-wheeled reality (Sergio Pininfarina RIP)

Sergio Pininfarina - TQ fer truly making the stuff of dreams. Yer life's achievements was to make the roads look less dreary with yer exotic creations. RIP.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lemmy - Original Bad Muthaf****r!

Motorhead were the first band I saw during me student days. It was a warm up show at the Uni's student union hall before they went on a full length tour.

Me was shitting meself when I got to the venue coz there was a whole row of choppers parked outside & an even larger crowd of drunk, belligerent bikers inside the hall. Fer the life of me, cannae remember much of the support act (Xentrix?) apart from the fact that the boisterous crowd rained plenty of half-empty plastic pint cups at them, some probably filled with piss.

Wot I do remember was seeing a bunch of other Malaysian students cowering in another corner. All identifiable in our standard Metallica tees. One dude ran over, introduced himself & suffice to say we are still good mates two decades down the line!

Wot I also remember was Lemmy marching on stage after the hapless support band had finished & coolly declared "one more fooking beer cup & we're not fooking playing . . ." Somehow the crowd got the message & Motorhead lauched into their now-legendary, full on assault of the senses.

Bomber. We are The Road Crew. Overkill. And, of course, Ace of Spades. Ye names it, they played it. Bowel-loosening LOUD. Now, I is no shrinking fooking violet when it comes to volume but me ears were fooking ringing fer a week after the gig. Ears were also bleeding when I saw them on tour again & then I read in the papers that the shows had made the Guinness Book of Records fer LOUDEST shows that year.

I also remember being pummelled in the back from some giant ogre who was off his fooking face during that first gig. By now, me had been separated from me new-found Malaysian friends. But sensing me distress (I is kinda small), a bunch of bikers grabbed hold of me denim jacket, pulled me of the floor & said to the drunk cunt who was pushing everyone "ye touches our friend here again & we gonna fooking kick the crap outta ye!" Cool or wot? After that I felt like a tai kor with me biker henchmen.

These fond memories were triggered after reading a special edition of Classic Rock magazine commemorating the launch of Motorhead's latest LP as well as their long career. Fan or not, it is a fooking great read. Plus ye gets a cool metal Motorhead badge to pin on yer jacket/workstation.

Have also read plenty of good stuff about the movie above & can anyone please tell me where I can me grubby hands on a copy?

In the meantime, everyone should enjoy this band while they are still around. Go out buy their CDs & petition fer a local concert organiser to bring here to these shores!

Long live Motorhead!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Comical . . .

When yer administration is bogged down by scandals & yer credibility is at an all-time low, wot do ye do?

That's right, circulate an amateur-style comic depicting The Great Leader in blue fooking tights & having the ability to fooking fly.


Insulting one's intelligence is one thing but the level of denial & delusion is rather quite frightening. Do ye really want these poeple to be in charge of yer child's education or the welfare of yer parents?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Arch Enemy in KL!

The rather delectable Miss Angela Gossow & her merry band of longhairs will be performing at the Chin Woo Stadium, Jln Hang Jebat, KL on April 24, 2012.

Formed by Carcass alumni, Mike Amott, Arch Enemy ply melodic death metal grooves that are designed to give yer neck muscles a severe workout.

Check out the vid to see fer yerself.

Anyone going fer this?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cool as fook film making

This Johnnie To film may have ben out fer quite some time now but I only managed to watch it last night. And my word, wot a fooking trip it was. A noir thriller set in Hong Kong/Macau featuring a French crooner (Johnny Halliday) in the lead role, now that's wot ye calls film making with balls.

Plot may be a tad simplistic but its good enough to keep ye glued to the screen. The stylistic floursishes are plenty & some are just bordering on cinematic genius. Stand offs are full of tension & gun fight scenes are turned into works of motion picture art with clever use of shadow & light.

French dude flies into Macau after finding out his daughter's family has brutally murdered by mysterious trio of assassins & swears revenge. As a stranger in a strange land & suffering from memory loss (due to a bullet lodged in his brain), Halliday gets nowhere in his initial quest. But he then chances upon another trio of hired guns just they are leaving the scene of the crime & makes them an offer they cannae refuse.

Some reviewers & fans of To feel the film suffers because Johnny Halliday is a poor replacement fer the legendary Alain Delon fer which the role was originally written fer. But as far as I is concerend that's Delon's loss coz this is pure cinematic gold. And if ye is fan of film noir, this is pretty fooking fine way to spend an hour and half of yer time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day . . . The Ultimate Issue

National Feedlot scandal.

Tajuddin Ramli's out-of-court settlement.

And yet, some quarters in the opposition seem to think that the most pertinent issue on the agenda is the celebration of St Valentine's Day.

Fer fook's sake.

Wake the fook up!!!

Do you seriosuly think that is going to win ye an election?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gone too soon . . . Gary Ablett RIP

Even when he was part of the ultra-successful Liverpool team, me often heard punters say "he isn't good enough".

But as former team mates reflected upon the news of his tragic passing, consensus appears that he was a top pro & one who thoroughly deserved his place in that great LFC team.

Solid, dependable & fuss free, Ablett was a vital cog in that Anfield MAchine circa 88-90 which many pundits consider to be one of the finest footballing sides ever.

Ablett won two FA Cups with both red & blue halves of Merseyside.