Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apocalypse Now . . .

"The man who comes through the Door in the Wall will never quite be the same as the man who went out" - Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception/Heaven & Hell.

Huxley's tome is the inspiration behind The Doors own moniker. Which brings me to the posting; me thought it highly appropriate that given the events of this morning that me include a vid of The Doors playing 'The End' (Live at The Isle of Wight 1970), most of us will be feeling all full of fooking doom and a real sense of the apocalypse swallowing us.

"This is The End . . . of all elaborate plans . . . of our final stand . . . The End . . ."

Sure fooking feels that way rite now, Jimbo.

ps: In the book, Huxley advocates the use of mescalin/peyote/LSD as mind & soul-enriching experiences. (In 1953 no less!!! Far out dude!!!)

pps: Please take the time to check the brooding blood red video above. Fooking captures me mood today perfectly.


Jon-C said...

Jim Morrison and The Doors is still one of the most influential bands. Can never ever forget his voice and his style.

Started diggin' their songs after watchinf that Val Kilmer movie of the same title. As catchy as the tune is, there so much more to the band than just that damn Light My Fire song.

mozisfawlty said...





the whole day yu ask? don't you dare farkin ask.
TOO FARKING LATE.arhghghghghga will tell yu anyway. i need to yell la dei...farkin go to the top of teruntum komplek and yell deii..

today has been..
akin to
having a vibrator up my arse..
full throttle.

and this..
for wounded pride, for insults merely received (not traded) for winning a "mickey-mouse" cup; for callous obnoxious cum-exchanges
and for a ruptured rectum.

later dude. gua nak layan abeh jimmy skarang dan lagu-lagu
doors yg
sewaktu denganye.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

not wanting to look stupid i did the best thing by looking him up the wiki. i swear this was the first time i heard of such name.

so anyway, there was this one time (recent years), suddenly the yyoung kids were so much into morrison and syd barrett. these two guys became the rock icon for today's youth and this was during the early 2000! this shows how influential they, morrison esp, really were. i wonder if kids nowadays have any idea who the hell kurt cobain was.

mozisfawlty said...

by the way, in light of the looming summer transfer season and in the event there are
ardent serial gang-rapist of the butt-lovin' kind..(particularly bulgarian butts)..please by all
go ahead.

fawlty out.

p.s. to quote "when you're strange...faces come out of the rainnnnn" - only one dude can make something like that
sound so sublime.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Val Kilmer's finest hour?

Moz: Let that Bulgarian pundek go la. We the underdogs will prevail just like . . . riders on the storm . . . dum da da dum dum . . . (*thunder*). . . (*rain*) . . .

kerp: Sorry. What name are you refering to? Aldous Huxley?

Azer Mantessa said...

ooo man ... reminds me of my foster bro david dekker who is so into The Door

j or ji said...

This is the end....
Lagu tu memang betul2 masyuk sebagai intro film Apocalypse Now. Sesuai dengan film tu...haunting...

nick m said...

awesome vid. as for your post itself. the end? rather cryptic. what happened?

Anba said...

G'day Balaji...
Is this posting in anyway a response/reaction the Scums winning the campions League...?
Ever since the champions league was shown only on astro..gua takda sempat nak tengok any of the matches...since both teams i wont watch and me dun have any astro at home..Last year no TV at all...try finding a Mamak Stall in Chinese Kampung Baru...
did i miss much?...
Regarding Jim Morisson and the pintu...there's a story that comes to my mind..
when i was in my first year at Uni...when ragging/orientation was still on..i was just coming bck to my room at 12 the door...and suddenly i saw a behemoth sleeping in me nxt bed...i was freaked out bro...dunno what to do...he just opened his eyes...damn yellow eyes/blood shot nodded asked me to close the door said he was college senior...motor broke down...etc so member wants squatting in my room..wihout me permission and member broke in summore..but he did teach me how to open the locked DOORS in me hostel with phone card..nifty just kept quiet i did...then we chatted suddenly music came into focus...and we talked abt Jim Morisson the Doors..Jimi Hendrix...etc...then dah jd kawan...hehehe
Since he was the final year senior
and quite fearsome...and when i walk by Sains Fakulti member would call me to have a chat...the rest of the macha's dont dare to kacau me so gua pun got some protection abit la..thnx to Jimmi & The pintu's
p/s: bro, i wish i could join the gang for the SOIA gig...but its on sunday..and me gotta settle certain things that i dun like but i got,house etc...and summore the bloody gig is on might finish somewher around a 10-11pm..gua koyak bro coz need to go bck to work on monday...gotta class on monday morning at 8am..lectures etc..shit...though dread to give this kind of excuses...coz i really wish i could just fook it all and go for the responsible for the education of my students...gotta to do wat is rite...hopefully to meet you for the nxt gig..
i heard rumours dismember is coming..but so far its just rumours checked the sign of malaysia... HAAh...i was just thinkin if Entombed played in malaysia that would be great..suddenly entombed is blasting thru me Headphones.."Stranger aeons"...strange indeed...hope its an omen..

mozisfawlty said...

tuan "ahmed" kerpov - is LGL still down? just asking la..because i'm still seeing that amlmost mongolian-like cyrillic alphabets.,mwahhahhhaha

ok, ok yu take care and i'm just glad it's friday tommorrw.

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: YOu never answered the question me left on yer blog.
- "American Prayer - posthumous work of genius or self-indulgent wank?". Since you are a BIG fan, pls give us yer two cents.

In fact, anyone who is familiar with that album is invited to post a comment.

nick: Yer prediction came true . . . scum winning.

anba: The power of music to connect . . .

azer: R u a fan?

premo said...

Trippy. Wish i was on some liquid sunshine now... or orange gobbo's hehehe. The Doors rule man... they were far out even for their time. Val Kilmer was a dork to act in Batman/The Saint etc - those movies really did little favours to the image he lived up to in The Doors movie.

Jimbo was always OTT and this song was a big FUCK YOU to all that flower power hippy free love shit in the 60's. Without this song, Korn's Jon Davis would never have been inspired to write 'Daddy' and thus open the gateway to cookie cutter nu metal couch psycho therapists with plenty of parental issues (read: baggage) and little talent. Yeah!? Erm...

Anyways The Doors rule. Especially Ray Manzarek!!

anfield devotee said...

Premo: Yes, what a band. But having said that Waiting Fer The Sun & The Soft Parade were shite LPs.

Still, thier debut, People Are Strange & Riders On The Storm were ace.

Morrison Hotel - not bad.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, sorry boss, left out his name completely. yea, huxley.

so we lost to them kiasu fellas. whats your take on this bro?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea la chief. as i spoke to bala earlier today, there's a possibility i might hv violated Blogger's T&C. i admit la dey, been a little too hard on them gay community. but then again, just a possibility.

* so berba going off ke mozz? according to crazy rumours, cesc and adebayor also leaving. madness la i tell you all these shitty stories. player's agents are the clear winners here.

senorita.. said...

i manage to catch John Terry's miss and the rest was.... fresh history.

abt the song... =/

anfield devotee said...

kerp: The less said the better. Hope you can get yer blog up & running again soon.

Me seriously doubt its coz you violated some agreement. Me was able to access yer blog as late as Thurs via me office pc. But not from home. Strange.

Adebayor? Fook him also la. One flash season & he wants the world. He seems to forget Wenger could sell him fer 15m & buy Owne at 7m with plenty left over fer his wages as well. Or even Roque Santa Cruz.

Cescs, however, is a diff proposition. Me thinks he feels like Gerrard did a few seasons ago. Too much responsibility.

senorita: he he . . .The End : too boring or too brooding?

senorita.. said...

to watch it in a room filled mostly with Scums... take a guess..

and the book u mentioned, seems interesting..

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Who asked you to watch? Tai sey innit . . .

ps: Which book? Huxley's or Pirsig's?

pss: so was the song too mendering fer you or what?

Jon-C said...

I'd rather watch grass grow then watch the shites on display in Moscow.