Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Tinted Specs

Clicked on the UK Times this morning & saw this article on 50 greatest Liverpool players. Typical of a piece by a Liverpudlian (Tony Evans), it was more than just mere hero-worship & contained plenty of cheeky Scouse humour (eg entry #45 - Matt Busby (1936-39, 125 appearances): A splendid captain who took Bob Paisley under has wing when the youngster came down from Bishop Auckland in 1939. It is to Busby's credit that the man who would go on to win six titles, three European Cups and three League Cups in nine years talked about the Scot as his mentor. Sadly for Busby, war ended his career and he disappeared without trace. Often wonder what happened to him. Must Google him later.) Ha ha! Fooking brilliant!

Anyways, me suggests that all you Kopites take a look. Am sure you'll be suitably entertained as yer taken down memory lane with some of the finest footballers to wear RED are remembered. To view said piece, just click here:

Another great piece is entitled '50 moments that embody the Liverpool soul'. To read it, please click here:

Well, as fer you people reading this, me would cordially like to invite you to post yer own Top5 LFC legends as well as why yer very own Liverpool Golden moment. (Ok, invite is also extended to non-Kopites to post their top5/golden memory of their teams as well but Kerp, one more mention of '89 & Michael Fooking Thomas & we'll tie you up & fooking TATTOO 'ZERO EUROPEAN CUPS' ON YER FOREHEAD!!!)
Me Top5 Anfield Greats:
1) King Kenny - Sublime as a player. Dignified as a manager. Class all the way.
2) John Barnes - Fook Pirates of the Caribbean. Here's The Original Black Pearl!
3) Ian Rush - Fook Mel Gibson, Rushie was the original Lethal Weapon!
4) Phil Neal - won FOUR European Cups. Scored loads of goals from left back. Best of all, was really a top bloke when we he dropped by the Broadwalk a few years back.
5) Peter Beardsley - scored a hattrick v the scum in a 4-0 demolition at Anfield in 1990. Is there any better reason?

And me golden memory was partying till 10am at The Broadwalk after the Miracle of Istanbul. Or the time me witnessed Mark Walters (yes, him!) score a hattrick v Auxerre @ Anfield. Or when Owen pickpocketed Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup final. Or . . . (ad infinitum)

Look forward to reading yer comments!


ISA said...

Top 5 moments...

5. 85-86 Double Season, and the final league game at the Bridge...King Kenny came on as a sub...

4. 76-77 FA Cup Final...i know we lost to the Scums, but that game marked the beginning of me love affair with the Reds.

3. 81-82 Milk (League)Cup Final v. Spurs..dont know why but I still get excited watching a certain unknown, Mr Ian Rush snatching the headlines.

2. Hillsborough...i am still pissed and still damn angry as to how this could have happened..

1. Istanbul'05...the final, not so much of the result but more to witnessing and being a part of the half time crowd that sang our fooking hearts out, the most amazing rendition of YNWA by 40k strong RED ARMY despite being 3-0 down...still gives me goosebumps thinking about that nite..makes u proud to be a RED, even if we had lost that night. No other club in the world could have garnered that sort of support when they are 3-0 down...sniff...

anfield devotee said...

Thanx Isa fer yer comments. Always nice to hear war stories from someone who was there at Istanbul.

BTW, it was top5 players & one golden moment. But no matter, this will do nicely.

RE: King Kenny's goal v chelsea at The Bridge. That's why he is me no1player-manager!

Actually another godlen moment would be our mauling of spurs 7-0 during the 78/79 season. The day me became a RED.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehe...bro, since the spotlight is on liverpool, its inappopriate la to squeeze in names other than non-liverpool's. in the spirits of sportmanship, i thought i'd share with you 5 players that i always admire from anfield.

1. John Aldrige.
2. Ian Rush
3. Peter Beardsley
4. John Arne-Risse
5. Steven Gerrard.

there you go man.

kevo said...

Top 5 Reds...

Alan Hansen – His every game was a masterclass. Super signing from Partick Thistle. Classy tackling, great reader and simply admire his runs upfield. Best center-back me ever seen. Sure starter in me World All Time XI.

Ian Rush – Goalscorer extraodinaire. Rushie, despite all lame critics, was so not the “curi-ayam” striker! He scored from almost everywhere. Left foot, right and head. Great pace, link-up play, tireless tracking back, uncanny positional sense and then some...

Kevin Keegan – He really did drop grenades in the opponents half. Never stopped running and crafted his own goals as well. Made that number 7 shirt sacred. What a super talent he was.

Kenny Dalglish – What a replacement fer the Mighty Mouse. True legend. What hasn’t he done to make LFC the greatest club ever?

Steven Gerrard – He just missed out on an era or two. Would love to have seen the man playing in the sides that dominated the 80’s. SG is truly the epitome of what a footballer should be and more importantly an All-Time LFC great.

Just fer fook's sake here's me All Time LFC XI:

Clemence; Neal, Hansen, Lawrenson, Nicol; Mcdermott, Gerrard, Souness, Barnes; Dalglish, Rush.
Subs; Grobbelaar; Jones R., Thompson, Kennedy A.; Case, Houghton, Kennedy R., Keegan, Beardsley, Torres.

Golden moment in time - Ataturk, Istanbul, 2005 Champions League Final, surely.

SLACKER said...

My all time 5 fav REDs in order of preference

1. Robbie Fowler (Still GOD to me)
2. Ian Rush (The reason I started supporting the Reds)
3. John Barnes (the best free kick specialist ever!)
4. King Kenny (Also why i loved the Reds so much but was upset when he left the team abruptly in that damned season!)
5. Bruce Grobbelaar (Always been a fan of Reds' keepers.. loved sander, a fan of pepe and still think Jerzy is the best i've seen between the sticks)... but between Jerzy and brucie, brucie wins hats down!

most memorable moment? - has to be istanbul 05 from the black painted chairs of broadwalk!

anfield devotee said...

kerp: he he. Thought me threats of a forehead tattoo would work . . .

Kevo: Brucie? No la dude. Tainted la that fella. Hansen though, pure class thru & thru.

Slacker: Brucie again. Has everyone forgotten bout the chappie by the name of Ray Clemence?

Jon-C said...

My Top 5 Liverpool Player:
1 - King Kenny
2 - Billy Liddell
3 - John Barnes
4 - Ian Rush
5 - Alan Hansen

* Other notables - Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Phil Neal and Phil Thompson.

My Top 5 defining moments as a Red:
1 - '89 Hillsborough Disaster
2 - '89 FA Cup Final vs Neverton
3 - '05 UCL Cup Final vs AC Milan
4 - '91 Kenny Dalgish's Resignation
5 - '06 FA Cup Final vs Hammers

anfield devotee said...

Waaah JohnC, going back a bit are we . . . Billy Liddel. Wonder what today's defences would have made of him.

Did you read the articles? Brilliant stuff.

Jon-C said...

Dude, you don't get a club name changed after your for nothing! Remember "Liddell"pool? Hehehehe.

He's a legend in my books.

Anba said...

Me top 5:
1. Ian Rush
2. John Barnes
3. Peter Beardsley
4. Steven Gerrard
5. Ray Clemence...

Best Moment:- Istanbul 2005...was truly my best footballing expereince ever..
imagine sneaking out frm maktab..
sleeping over me friends place..
early nap around 8.30pm..woke up at 2am..
half time couldnt beleive AC Milan a team which i nvr like since small leading 3-0
then to witness fookin Magic...
priceless ...
Me wasn't able to experience first hand the Liverpool-Arsenal title decider match in 89'...heheheh

anfield devotee said...

anba: careful . . .

Mark said...

I'm only listing players I've seen because I don't think youtube vids are a realiable source. Being a fan only in 1988, I didn't have the privilege of watching King Kenny play.

1) John Barnes - One of the reasons I started supporting the club. They talk about Beckham's right foot but if the old 1st Division were aired as widely and often as the EPL these days, people would be talking about Barnes' left foot!

2) Ian Rush - nuff said already. Best finisher we ever had bar none. Well my next pick comes close.

3) Robbie Fowler - What a sight it was to see both him and Rushie play. Could score with his back to goal and like Carra is red through and through. Anyone remember the four and even five finger salutes? He wasn't even playing for us at the time!

4) Jamie Carragher - consumate professional. What he lacks in talent he makes up for in heart, and you can't put a price on that. Avoids the limelight and leads an honest, simple life.

5) Steven Gerrard - Martin Tyler summed it up best when he said, "Steven Gerrard, one man task force".

Other worthy mentions...

1) Peter Beardsley
2) Sami Hyypia
3) Rob Jones - one wonders what might have been if injury had not cut his career short.
4) Ray Houghton
5) Alan Hansen

anfield devotee said...

Mark: Wot? No R Bala . . .