Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finlandia's Finest! (Kalmah: 12 Gauge)

The advent of cheap original CDs (& the office blocking download links) has actually made me wanna step into record emporiums again. Some of the local distributors are pricing metal CDs at RM19.90 & this actually gave me the impetus to try something new.

This Finnish outfit was one such discovery. Melodic death metal is their game (watch hilariously amateurish video below fer a taster) &, fooking hell, they do it well.

Plenty of soaring fretwork & riffs thick enough to shake yer foundations so to speak. Won't wax lyrical other than to say they are cut very much from the same cloth as Children of Bodom.

Go on, inject some new metal into yer system. Ye won't regret it!

To download Kalmah's 12 Gauge (2010), please click here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qftzzamgjky


senorita.. said...

hi would appreciate email addresses. thanks

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mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...


thanks for info on the alfa and finno-metallo. interesting and fresh sound.

something to share in return:



and finally (also for Mr.T's kind perusal):


courtesy of wikipedia.

will spot a link if i can find a proper one. thanks


anfield devotee said...

mozzer: alfa sold . . . :-(