Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Desert Island Discs

Here's something to lighten the mood a little. Its been a bit heavy going with all the pre- & post-elections stuff. So me is inviting everyone out there to chew the fat here on naming yer desert island discs ie pick 5 albums you absolutely must have if you were fooking stranded on a deserted island (with a only a functioning turntable/CD player/ipod fer company, of course).

And do tell us why you picked those records, ok?

Only one Rule:

Abso-fooking-lutley NO compilations, ok? ie NO 'best ofs' & 'greatest hits'. That would be too fooking easy!

Those of you who read Nick Hornby's Hi-Fidelity (or saw the movie adaptation starring John Cusack & Jeff Black) will understand why the innate need fer many music nuts (usually anal retentive blokes) to compile such lists (Top 5 Break Up songs, Top 5 Debuts etc). But all the ladies are invited to post yer fave 5 as well.

I posed this dilemma to me colleagues (all ladies) & they were stumped.

Szu Pau - "Why does it have to be albums?"

Me says: That's when you judge a body of work on its own merit. Tis bout writing ten great tracks rather than the odd hit single or two. Its bout a consistency - MIND FOOKING BLOWING from start to finish!

Oca - "I like this Boyz II Men album, but can't remember what its called? You know the one with that song . . . .?"

Me says: How is this possible?!? These are albums that you absolutely cannot live without hence should know every fooking detail about it, from artwork designer to producer!

Miss AA - "Norah Jones . . . um . . . Norah Jones . . . er . . . Norah Jones."

Me says: No fooking comment!

Big Boss WY "BN" Loh - "Haiyo, I dunno lah, I never pay attention to the artists . . . " (she later described Alison Moyet as that "fat, brown chick" & her top 5 albums were Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals . . . all five of em!!!).

Me says: Yer choice should be artsist that demanded yer attention. You just couldn't ignore the sheer fooking GREATNESS of the album eg Elvis Presley's debut, James Brown Live At The Appollo, Ramones's Road To Ruin, Nirvana's Nevermind . . . records that caused a seismic shift in music history.

Am sure you get the drift. Anyways here's Bala's Top 5 Desert Island Discs (from top to bottom pix):

Alice In Chains - Dirt: Although Nirvana (& Nevermind Lp) will always be the band that symbolised the early 90s Seattle scene, fer many it was AIC's Dirt that left its tentacles deepest in our musical souls. Possibly the greatest heroin album of all time (yes, I rate it better than the Stones's Sticky Fingers or Exile on Main Street), you could feel the music flow like junk thru yer fooking veins. One memorable instance, we had stuck the CD on at me bar when lead singer Layne Stayley OD'ed; it was to me utter surprise to see virtually everyone seated at the bar boisterously singing along to these dirge-like anthems to drug abuse hell. Fooking awesome!

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew: What can you say, Miles was as punk as you got. He fooking reinvented jazz not once, not twice but three fooking times. And this double-LP was when jazz leaped into the electric sphere of fusion. And as a metal fan, take it from me, this is some heavy fooking shit from a virtouso line up - John McLaughlin, Chic Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, et al were on fooking fire!

Obituary - Cause Of Death: Death metal at its very best. Melodic but gut-wrenchingly heavy. And John Tardy's vocals are akin to Satan's bowel movements after a particularly nasty rojak! The way tracks segue into each other plus the fabulous use of classic metal dynamics make this one of me fave albums of all time! Still sounds brutal after all these years!

Zakir Hussain - Making Music: Zakir on tablas, Jan Gabarek on alto sax, John McLaughlin on six strings & Hariprasad Chaupraya on flute combine to make the most beautiful, soothing music ever known to human ears. Regardless of taste, this east-meets-west fusion of classical Indian & Jazz has got to be evidence of divine intervention. Music so sweet, it makes yer soul float . . . fer about 43 minutes before you reach fer the repeat button.

Grateful Dead - American Beauty: I ain't no Deadhead but boy, is this one well-crafted bunch of tunes or what. This is where the psychedelia of 60s San Fransisco camped out in the wild west. End result: Hippies singing country tunes so fooking perfect you couldn't think possible. Till today songs like Box Of Rain, Ripple & Friend of the Devil still make me wish I flower power had survived instead of dying an awful death at Altamont . . .

There you have it. Sorry fer a being a wee bit long-winded but I really look forward to reading bout yer Top5 & maybe discover a new gem or two . . .

ps: Kerp, JonC & Kopite78, you've been tagged!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Ok, here’s mine- Warrant’s Cherry Pie…FUCKIN NOT!! Hehe…

Ok seriously, here’s my Top 5 desert Island discs, with a Britney blow-up doll tagging along.

Rancid’s …And Out Come the Wolves. They are simply the world’s premier punk heroes. Tim stays true, friendship means everything to him.

Nirvana’s Bleach. Kurt’s raw talent can be witnessed here. this was before he went totally nuts.

Metallica’s …And Justice For All. Favorite amongst my former homeys. Sure to take us all the way back during our subang jaya, not-necessarily-good ol’ days.

Ramones’ Rocket To Russia. A waste for all rock N roll fans to overlook this. Mandatory for Punk rockers.

Weezer’s Blue album. Geeks rule!

Sorry boss, kasi tambah sikit...

Desert island chic- Keeley Hazell.

senorita.. said...

lol.. sorry couldn't contribute that much.. so far i have only found 2 that i like best

Jordin Sparks- Jordin Sparks (she's just awesome)

Maroon 5 - It won't be soon before long.

and there's a rock concert coming up in Wellington.. it's Rock2wtgn o smth.. seems pretty awesome but tickets cost a bomb

Azer Mantessa said...


found you thru sopo sentral and cud not help not to drop by a fellow scouce :-)

1) anything of beatles ... they are from liverpool.

2) anything of bob dylan ... it just amazes me on his singing without really singing.

3) pink floyd the wall ... in case the island is without marijuana ... this will do.

4) who the f*ck are man united? (a compilation of scouse songs) ... looking forward to face the devil one on one.

5) never mind the bollocks by sex pistol ... time to make noises in a pleasant way :-)

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Don't lie, yer desert island discs are poison, warrant, slaughter, bon fooking jovi & skid row!!! Anyway you've been tagged, so hope to see a more in-depth analysis on yer site soon. And of course, you can change yer selection to include yer glam rock shite . . .

senorita: How sad is that! In yer 20-odd years of exsitence, you have only come across TWO life-changing albums. Haiyo, aunty!

Pls go fer the gig. Tis one of the great things bout studying overseas. Plus I don't think that many acts make it to NZ, so you'd better buy those tickets!

azer: Welcome to Fer Fook's Sake, brudder man.

C'mon, be specific! Name the Dylan and Beatles LPs you would take with you. Personally, I'd go fer Blood On The Tracks (former) & Sgt Pepper's (latter).

Have you visited MyRAWK link? Pls do as they are the nicest bunch of Kopites around.

Hope to see you around here more often!

ISA said...

Aku melayu (or at least thats what my birth cert says..), so must have some melayu/indo songs..

Dewa : Kerajaan Cinta : clearly Dhani's best work till date. Indon rock at its best..

Metallica : ...Justice For All : title says it all.

Police : Synchronicity, Zenyatta Mondatta, Regatta DeBlanc & Outlandos D'Amour...those are omnipresent in the car..caters for every fooking mood (thats four albums..)

Live : Throwing Copper..cukup bagus when in solitude..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok chief, will do the tag soon. most probably over the weekend. got some shit to settle here. thanks.

*the next island 5 will see rancid being replaced by moz's favorite album, helloween's neverland...hahahahahhaha...

Achilles said...

No best of Albums…. That really made it fooking hard for me to choose.

But anyway, after much deliberation… here is my top 5. I am sure Mr. Bala won’t approve of some of these bands but it’s me list so all I can say is "too bad". Just make sure you don’t get stuck on the dessert island with me collection. hehehehee

GNR – Appetite for Destruction
To me this is the ultimate call for chaos, vandalism, disregard to authority and destruction. If I get drunk while listening to this album… stay away and don’t fook with me coz I have an “appetite for destruction”. I just love it.

Metallica – Master of Puppets
I know everyone else said And Justice for All, but this is my all time favourite Metallica Album. Love almost every song in there, great solos, great long winded guitar intros… Metallica at its best I feel. This album reminds me of my college days in Subang… drinking in the afternoon…playing guitars on the balcony of “My Place Apartments”… aaaahhh the good days.

Dio – Holy Diver
Hell Yeah…. Although I first started listening to DIO from his best of called the Beast of Dio, (but since I couldn’t choose this album), I learned to appreciate all his other songs as well and all my favourite songs are in the album Holy Diver. Saw him live in concert in Singapore and he is just awesome. He may be shorter than your typical rock star but whatever he lacks in height he definitely makes up in Attitude and his thundering voice.

Manowar - Kings of Metal
This is one band I know Bala hates so if I get stuck with him on the island, I will play this everyday till he goes mad. Hehehehe
Anyway Manowar is not superb metal like the others up there, but I love them cause they have a medieval theme and its all about swords, battle axes, slaying and killing…. I am just a sucker for anything with a medieval theme. Honestly speaking when I drive my car and have Manowar playing… I get more pissed off and aggressive on the road. Serious shit.

Pink Floyd – Division Bell
I heard from some that this was Pink Floyd’s worst album and that it sucks. But for me, the first time me got high, I was listening to this and because of that it has an added sentimental value to me. And till today, whenever I listen to it… I can just close my eyes and escape to the beach (without the aid of a joint). Me and wifey take this album with us on every beach holiday we go to because its just a perfect match… which is why I would like to have it when I am on a fooking desert island somewhere… its just goes with everything.

Sorry for the long winded comments.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: all great albums except the underwear rock of manowar, but hey, live & let live. Love all the rest, though.

Division Bell: Not their worst, just a tad disappointing, that's all.

Can I suggest you check out Wish You Were Here (1975). Super Mellow Chill Out Vibe. Actually this should have been on me top 5 . . .

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SLACKER said...

Bala - for the record... there was no SUCH disturbance in Klang... and you had royally screwed up my evening that day... was suppose to be at the DAP centre that nite (after my dinner)

as for my Top 5 desert island dics


1. Pearl Jam - ten
Perhaps my favourite album ever! i can play this album OVER AND OVER AND OVER....

2. Pink Floyd - Wish u were here
my favourite Floyd album though there are only like 5 songs... Wish you were here and Shine on you crazy diamond are probably 2 songs that has so few words but such big sincere meaning... and i can play these 2 songs over and over and over...

3. G n R - appettite for destruction
the album that introduced me to glam and rock in general. thanks to this album i fell in love with bands like skid row, warrant, slaughter, bonjovi, etc..

4. Temple of the Dog - temple of the Dog
such a great project... RIP - Andrew Wood

5. Jack johnson - Either on and on or in between dreams.. probably the former... i actually like all his albums including the 2008 album.. except for that stupid crazy george album...

others... basically, albums 1-3 above are sure bets on my Desert Island Discs' list... however, 4 and 5 can easily be substituted with any of the following...

i wanted to put sex pistols - nevermind the bollocks, here's the sex pistols...

or RHCP's: what hits?

i would've put CCR - greatest hits up there.. but u said no compilation... if i had to choose 1 album only.. it would've been tough between Green River, Bayou Country and Willy something something...

i would've put metallica - black too... though 'and justice for all' was better...

i wanted to put nirvana's smell like teen spirit.... for obvious reasons...

i really like the ramones... but there are too many albums to choose from... Rocket to russia? subterranean jungle? end of a century??

then there's the beatles' let it be with songs like let it be and across the universe...

and beach boys - with about 30 great fun fun fun albums...

and i'm hooked to pelle carlberg's 'in a nutshell' that's playing on me player 24 7 these days...

then there's bowie - but i only like a few songs....

i think a real fun album to have would be ugly kid joe's america's least wanted...

then there's U2's rattle and hum

urm... i kinda like weird al yankovich too (permanent record:al in a box)... - one would need to cheer up whence stuck on an island rite?

sigh... since i really cant be content with just 5 albums... i'll probably go mad... so i think i rather die than to be stuck on an desert island with just 5 cds.....


premo said...

Before I start, some of you may have noticed I've reserved my comments on Bala's recent political tirades since I'm a cynical, jaded non-believer. Yup thats right I didn't register!

So to all those who did and voted for the Opposition - thanks for the much needed slap in the face/wake up call. It has reaffirmed my faith in the phrase 'Power to the People'.

Ok anyways... Why are all the albums featured here so far of the depressing/angry/stoned variety? Yer desert island fantasies must suck!!

Think a desert island thats sunny, surrounded by white sandy beach, the bluest waters of the Caribbean and even has a lagoon for cave diving! Use ur imagination la - can be fun meh!

Here we go:

1) Bob Marley and the Wailers (Kaya)

2) Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra (Security)

3) King Tubby meets Augustus Pablo (Dub Sessions '73-'76)

4) Link Wray and his Wray Men (Loud, Fast and Out of Control)

5) and last but not least, a TIE between Neil Young's Everyone Knows This is Nowhere and Pink Floyds' Wish You Were Here (Both titles alone merits entry!).

However if the tides turned and the desert island was a wind swepted, foggy, rainy miserable piece of shite obliterated by storms then the last album I would listen to before inevitably drowning to death would be:

1) Neurosis - Through Silver and Blood

Who would last/need a top 5 in those wethare conditions?!

senorita.. said...

oi uncle.. u asked for album... can i say that i m a song person not an album person..? (if there's such thing)

and,apa la...... buy the tix for rock2wtgn?? eh gua tak tau menghayati lagu-lagu rock bising la..

opps..! hahahhaa =X

Achilles said...

anfield devotee: "Wish you were here" was great stuff, but division bell strums a personal string.

Underwear rock.... mmmmm.... but i still love their stuff dude.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: That's my point. The truly greats are able to produce a complete & defining piece of work. The process of discovery is one of the great pleasures of young adulthood!

Only teenyboppers with short attention spans go fer "songs" only. To be able to appreciate an album in its entirety requires some maturity & passion from YOU!

As fer the gig, if you don't go, trust me you'll regret it fer the rest of yer life. And believe me a rock concert is definitely more fooking fun than a George Micheal or pop concert, ok!

Go fer it!

Premo: Tq fer yer admission. Next question - have you registered yet?

Who says the choices are depressing? I happen to think Dirt is one of the most life-reaffirming listens there is.

Yes, I too was very tempted to put Rastaman Vibration or Exodus on the list but hey, have you heard Zakir's Making Music? That is a piece of audio magic. Plus the Dead's entry was alos down to its upbeat & celebratory vibe!

But interesting choices, though!

slacker: Five albums la! You fellas suddenly make it into a Top 10!

Anba said...

My Five's

Metallica-Kill 'Em All
The Album that totally changed my life forever......

Metallica-Master of Puppets
An album that at first i couldnt get into..but now couldnt live without..Superb...

Slayer- Reign in Blood
First time looking at the cassette both A and B sides had the same songs...the Whole Album in one side...but once listening to A side...Quickly changed to B side to listen to it..cant get enough.. 28 minutes..of Pure Metal Mayhem Madness...

Iron Maiden- Somewhere in Time
The Loneliness of a long distance runner ...somewhere in Time..Waysted Years...and many more...

Pink floyd- Wish You Here
What can i say tahts nvr been said..all the songs paint pictures..colours...that cant be explained..IF You Have to'll nvr know...

Desert Island Chick-
Takako Kitahara

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


good choice of LPs but gotta give it to you on the island chic la geng. takako's blazing hot, mann...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


nice choice too brother but a correction there. "smells like teen spirit' is a single and not an album.

and metallica's black album was the beginning of their own downturn. Bob Rock sold them out.

senorita.. said...

i went to google for Takako Kitahara and she's an AV star.. sweet.

AD,ya,i need to appreciate sounds n music more. i think i'm hopeless in this sense and to be here among u ppl... i feel like i am a newborn(musically speaking)

Jon-C said...

5 freaking albums i can't leave without...... will be mostly a freaking boring selection. Summore wan me to tag 3 other champion..... lagi susah lar.... since i lepak with the same bunch of blogger. Adui!

Anba said...

By the way these are my fav 12 songs the one you find in a Guitar world Magazine

1.Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd

2. All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

3.We're the Road Crew-Motorhead

4.Radiation Sickness-Repulsion

5.Iron, Lion, Zion -Bob Marley

6.American Pie -Don Maclean

7.Orgasmatron-Sepultura Version

8.Paranoid- Black Sabbath

9.Free Bird-Lynard Skynard

10.One of These Days-Pink Floyd

11.Eerybody Wants to Rule the World- Tears for Fears

12.Death Metal - Possesed

Mark said...

A few points to note:

a) Not everyone is as into music as you are.
b) Not everyone shares the same taste in music as you, hence forcing it down their throats isn't going to work, regardless of how much force you use. I still remember how you used to play your tunes in Broadwalk and I had zero appreciation for the majority of them.
c) Just you seem to demand for respect when it comes to your music choice, you should consider that as time has changed, so has one's taste buds.
d) Just because the masses dig commercial/mainstream music, it doesn't mean the majority of people are idiots and don't appreciate music. They just do a different type of music. Just as you cannot comprehend the path they have chosen, I'm pretty sure they cannot comprehend yours.

To answer your question, I don't have any personal favourite, I'm not a big music buff. I can drive all day without any music playing, only with the thoughts in my head for company. I did however enjoy "The Commitments".

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
premo said...

Have to agree with you on that Becks.

Bala does give one a hard time when he disagrees with certain music palates but thats just Bala! Where would the fun be in this world if we didn't have colorfully opinionated-Lester Bangs type personalities to shake things up a little. Remember this dude used to be a rock music critic for a local daily so paham paham la... hehehe!

That said, its still important that people celebrate and overcome their differences (musical and otherwise) rather than moaning about it.

As a victim of many a school-yard bashing during my high school years because my outcast status as indian punk metal geek, I do empathise wit many of my fellow bretheren when they go on about with their 'revenge of the nerds' trip by slamming and ridiculing other peoples music tastes etc - but only to certain extent. I mean c'mon get over it la - we're adults now. It was funny when you were 16 and beating up the poser in the Nirvana shirt, but so was chalking teachers chair and Ace Ventura.

Anba said...

Balaji...what to do when it comes to passion is always there burning like the fiery tandoori stove...or oven watever
Mcm mana mau stop...the place i work there's no one to talk to abt Music...mayb lepas stim kot kat ur blog....
By the way achilles I too like to listen Manowar to...
Kings of Metal and Triumph of Steel were good albums ...The song Wheel of Fire should be made a F1 anthem ...

anfield devotee said...

Dear Becky,

I think you have gotten the point of this posting completely & utterly wrong! Its about celebrating DIVERSITY! That's why everyone is invited to post their top5. I am hoping that I will discover something new thru yer recommendations! eg Premo's top5all dub & roots reggae.

I may be passionate but I know you canna force people to change their taste! The examples I use of me colleagues is to show a lack of appreciation fer the ART OF MAKING A CLASSIC ALBUM! Not bout their tastes. Nothing wrong with Norah Jones but that canna be the only thing worth listening to, rite?

Sorry dude, you're entitled to yer opinions, but so am I, and happen to have very strong ones bout music. Just like you on footie & lalang fans, Jap cars v European marques, mob films etc.

I may sound obnoxious but that's the BEAUTY bout music fans. Everyone thinks s/he has got their finger on da pulse of what's cool & EVERYONE else is completely out of touch.

And no, its not bout demanding respect, its about SHARING good music & vibes. I wouldn't have bothered playing all em tunes to you if I didn't care, rite? I wouldn't hace excitedly smsed you bout discovering jazz guitarist & singer Raul Midon rite?

Forcing, no? Recommending, yes? Fer example,I think it would be a waste fer senorita to NOT check out a rock gig in NZ while she's there. It's like those philistines who NEVER once visited Anfield even though they were studying there ("not into footie" or worse "can watch on TV" !!! - Get my point?)

As fer modern music, sorry dude, again you seem to have gotten it completely WRONG! Nothing wrong bout modern music - I happen to listen to new stuff like Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs et al. I even went fer My Chemical Romance @ Stadium Merdeka. You happen to think just because the me top5 are all old albums means I have dismissed the new & the now.
NO! That's because fer an album to be considered classic, it should have stood the test of time & am sure some of the new albums out there today will be classics of the future. Fer example, Kanye West's debut will surely be a soul classic of the near future. Slim Shady LP is also being talked about in the same breath as NWA's Straight Outta Compton. Get it?

Besides I am firm believer that you cannot know where you are without knowing where you coming from. Imagine a Kopite saying he don't know who Shankly or Paisley were? What would you say then -
Its ok, the new fans have different set of values & footie culture have changed?!? I think not.

Continuing on the footie analogy; let's say I criticise someone's music taste as shit.

Isn't that akin to:
Liverpool fan: "I fooking hate mu scum coz they are so arrogant even though they've only won 2 european cups"

MU fan: "I hate LFC fans who think they're so great although they haven't won the fooking league in 18 years!"

Music (substitute with 'football') is Passion. Imagine life without passion . . .

ps: RE "With just the thoughts in my head for company" = possible schizophrenia ???

pss: The Commitments soundtrack, good choice but am sure you can find four more.

everyone else: "We fooking hate chelsea coz they are rich"

How is it any different? Its all subjective opinions rite?

JonC: Look forward to reading yer blog as you seem to have quite eclectic tastes.
Haiya, tag Chong & Albertus la. Am sure they will have plenty to say . . .

anba: great list but chill la, one list at the time. Will be asking fer varying top5s in the future. Sabar, ok?

senorita: You are in yer PRIME of your youth. Make full use la. Am sure with overseas exposure & concerts, you will (hopefully) broaden yer tastes. Besides, with youtube new sounds is but a mouse click away.

achilles: Yeah, sure, understood, that's why its YOUR desert island discs & what a particular album means to you.
But Manowar . . . ha ha . . . can just imagine you charging around yer house in a loin cloth pretending to be Conan the Barbarian (the Kotek version, at least)!

Jon-C said...

Whoa apa jadi...... damn kau long reply. Done my part.... will tagged the others later hehehehe.

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anfield devotee said...

premo: TQ, quite an honour to be compared to the late, great & utterly manic Lester Bangs (those who don't knwo who he is, please google it).

Anba: Manowar?!? Not you too . . aaaaaargh!!!! Underwear rock's legions is coming to get us all. Noooooooo!

Everyone, do take the time to visit JonC's blog who was tagged.

Achilles said...

anba: i actually started listening to manowar through Hell of Steel.. their best of album. That would be my favourite Manowar album as it has all the best songs in one disc. but since i could not mention it here, Kings of Metal would be the next best. Me absolute favourite Manowar song is Hail and Kill!! Slow beginning and fast paced chorus...and the lyrics... Kill their servants,
Burn their homes,
Till theres no blood left to spill,
Hail and kill.. gets your blood pumping doesn't it.

Anfiedldevotee: Sorry-lah bro...i too agree with Premo and becks... i still remember the long debates we had in b'walk with regards to my distaste to Death Metal and of course... the Godfather. hahahahaha. i will never forget those debates for sure. Oh boy...i can see one long a** comment coming from you now. hehehee

Anba said...

Hahaha Balaji
The Manowar Cawat Kote Briged Cawangan Malaysia...Beware Ye All
Still open fer Registration...anyone wants to join...just bring a long a Scuba Undie ..

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Each to their own bro. Agreed. But why you got an earful @ Broadwalk from me was that you don't give things a chance.

Classic comment from En Rajan re Godfather:
"Watched 20 minutes (or was it less?) & it was boring."
Wha Tha Fook!?! Y'see, I was pissed coz you never gave it a chance. I respect yer intellect hence I expect better from you. You ain't some feeble minded teenybopper with no attention span. If you had watched it in its entirety & gave a proper reason fer yer dislike for a cinematic classic, fine. YOU DID NOT, geddit?
Its not like when me wifey said she hated the movie coz the characters differed greatly from the book. Ok, fine. You didn't even finish 1/10 of the movie!

RE: Death metal.
Again, each to their own. Death metal is an undergound thing & will NOT appeal to everyone fer sure. But fer a person who likes rock/metal to NOT even give heroes like napalm death a chance when they have travelled all the way here fer a live show is quite simply beyond me. Tickets were cheap as well. If you had come & said, no la, still doesn't rock me boat, then fine.

One of the best things bout listening to extreme music is that it teaches us to expand our boundaries , not CLOSE it like you seem to have. Understand?

And sorry, yeah, before you lump Premo in with Becks & yerself, do you even know who Lester Bangs is? And Premo is saying such characters are required. TQ Premo again. I'd rather be opiniated like Lester Bangs & offend some people than be a typical American Idol-watching, middle-of-the-road, commercial-crap kinda dude.

As fer Becks, I wouldn't have invited him (or yerself) to post yer top5 here if me thought you were idiots with no taste, rite?

Anyways, looks like you have found your brother-in-arms in Anba & I suppose you two will be marauding villages soon to rape & pillage like Norse warriors! I dread to imagine you two fookers in those furry Manowar loincloths! Nooooooooo!

ps: The long comments means I care . . . deeply bout music. And simirlarly appreciate yer comments & thoughts on the subject.

pps: Am sorry, but if you think the world is a better place with the likes of Micheal Fooking Bolton & Bo Bice polluting the airwaves with soulless crap, then its yer perogative. I fer one will not stand fer it without a FIGHT! The campiagn fer Musical Purification begins Here!

Mark said...

"As fer modern music, sorry dude, again you seem to have gotten it completely WRONG! Nothing wrong bout modern music"

I didn't say "modern". I said "commercial/mainstream".

Well you may say you are diplomatic and am just sharing but I've known you for awhile and I'm telling you how you come off. To each his own, it's just an opinion shared by some. Like Premo said, perhaps it's what makes you unique.

anfield devotee said...

becky: Ha Ha! Diplomatic, eh , hello, I meself no that is one thing I am not la! Fer Fook's Sake, and yes, I know how I come off. I don't care! Price of being passionate la.

modern / commercial - ok, still the same, MCR, Kaiser Chiefs & Franz Ferdinand all had top 10 singles.

Anyways, me point of the posting is to share music. Am pretty sure you can come up with an interesting list of desert island discs. I recall you had a soft spot fer early Stones. Hope you will oblige us with yer top5.

TQ fer yer comments , mucho appreciated!

premo said...

Hey guys take a chill pill here! No need to get all worked up and defensive over this - its just music!

But as a result of the many diverse topics shared today on music - I must say I will attempt to give Manowar a listen again and I daresay Zakir Hussain as well!

As much as I love Alice In Chains tho (yep I was one of the guys at the B'walk headbanging away that nite Layne died, much to the bewilderment of its regular patrons), their music has always been beautifully heartfelt in a heavy, dark way but I dunno if I consider it life-reaffirming. It gave me strength to go on during my darkest days, but it also "had the power to make me feel like dirt" (to quote lyrics form the title song Dirt). Dangerous stuff indeed, but a landmark rock album nevertheless.

Mark said...

Dei I'm not worked up lah. I'm being brutally honest, something Bala can relate to! :)

Anyway back to the topic.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...what happen la? ok, lets all wind down a bit, put your beach boys' CD on and chill to the beat of...Barbara Ann...

Ba, ba, ba, ba, barbara Ann...

mozisgod said...

Dear tuan balakov (one 1/2 of the crack coalition pair – constituting the franchise)

pent-up stinky BN-saturated gas la bro.
it’s either that or out through the arse,
it will &
shall come

Before I even venture to the aforementioned topic.. and forget what I actually have to say… which is to say the least.. is probably a complete waste of your sperm(s) of all & sundry in here…

I tried a beer coupla weeks back; it’s called bear beer.
As in “beruang”.
12% LONG CAN (no joke)
RM 6.00 (again, I’m not shitting you)
One can and you’re there bro..YOU ARE FARKIN THERE.
Although, burppp. Although…I can’t guarantee you of its authencity…i.e. quality, country of origin, taste, texture, aphrodisiac capabilities, etc,etc…I can guaran-DAMN-tee this
2ND can? you know the inggerish saying that goes
“if you can, don’t SHIT & EAT in the same friggin place?”
Suffice to say, I would recommend you to adhere to the phrase…
or probably if you tout yerselves as alcohol-tolerants and
relish thumping the sagging titties/belly-overlapping-nipple which i have the untimely gift to call a chest..
go a-HEAD dudes.
By “being THERE” – erm…whats a good comparison…
4 cans of tiger? 1 jug..more like a jug + 1 5 cans in all..
And if you’re the experimenting, intuitive kind..
Why not go the mile…plus straw or down it..well it all boils down to our tolerance level does it not? Here’s the catch
You get a weird head-pain..and not I used the word
Pain and not ache…the morning after..
Which again I relate back to the doubts of it quality, origin..bla bla bla..
Then gain…if you tie it back to the tolerance…almost nothing
I get a warm buzzed feeling that this beer..burp..
BEAR Beer is probably equivalent to what samsu/patteh-thanni/7 seas/club99/maharajah is TO liquor…& liquor afficianados;
Sorta like a samsu beer..dunnow’s says DANISH beer…by-product of C/berg?..although some have said it’s finnish beer…
Probably is…although those loooonggggggggg autumn/winter nights…
Hmm..ok I’m done.
Yeah that’s what I did not want to forget
Told you it’s a waste of sperm.:))
Right now. Chieffff..only top 5…geeez dude..
That’s no easy is it…it makes you really sit down
And actually think for a while…
Really think…and actually makes you sit down & dig through your memory..
For all those CDs/tapes/pirate tapes/dubbed from CD tapes/dubbed tape-tape and stuff that you had ammased all through the years….
All those stuff that you have exchanged hand-to-hand, borrowed, returned, and..and…..
listen up..ALL YOU CUNTS WHO HAVE BORROWED (AND NOT RETURNED) my stuff…please for the future re-surrection of your soul;
return it.
I dun really know why I’m saying it here..because none of you have any
Of my stuff…just trying my luck la..hardup music junkies
Tend to do that I suppose.
(premo: YES I KNOW. Will pass it when I see you)

Geez..chief…only top 5…and lemme see..cannot be a comp/best of…and if I’m stuck on an island…how ah like dat? stuck alone..or got chick/ies with us…? Erhm…
Lemme lemme see.. ..biting my tongue & lip now..
Most of my collection is best-off la chief…because of the cock-stare I used to get at home for spending their poppy (while younger) into tapes and stuff…in retrospect I must have caused the folks some grief...but I did take care of them..
Catalogued alphabetically and all….that’s unitl I started
Borrowing it spread the word to speak..that’s when
The shit hit got flushed upwards.

Aiyoo top5…I would suppose a good album for me…hmm…is simply put
Something that you may have heard only maybe twice to 3 times..and the songs
Just stick like firkin super-glue for the rest of your life…
It never goes there’s chief..that’s my basis of selection..and I’d like to re-iterate I’m for sure to have firkin left out the real goes in NO PARTICULAR ORDER

1.misfits – walk among us..
Summaaaa cunnnnnnnnn. I’ve lost it. The dude was a very close buddy who borrowed it & died on me. No heart; no conscience to get it back
But chief, I mean it no ONE AND ABSOLUTELY no one can sing like MR.GLEN DANZIG. When you look at the 3-chord simplicity of it all’s the man’s voice
that colours it sweet..fav track
“I turned into a martiaann…wooo eh wooo”/ “2o eyes” + this track I think is not on the LP but.. it’s a my fav love song of all time “SOME KINDA HATE”

2.op ivy – unity
As the ska chants go..pickitupickituppickitup…one of those rare gems that sticks like firkin superglue to earwax to the eardum..and you still can hear it ringing…always put a smile on my face during the downers…legends. Enough said.
Ohhh..fav tracks..”take warninggg”/”yelling in my ear”/ erhm..”sound system”

3. the smiths – the queen is dead (pINJAM tak kasik balik – pantat)
I think this is self-explanatory. Luv the dude’s mind.
And that can’t find it anywhere.
Fav track…all of it…but maybe..”please, please, please, let me, let me, let me, get what I want this time” – i.e. the anthem of spurs fan worldwide…
(allo: I recommend reds fans allover to pay heed to the words of frankly, mr shankly soon :mwahhahaha)

4. Robert johnson – red hot chili blues (LOST)
I dunno whether this can qualify as a comp…but as it is..he probably never ..or rather never got the opportunity to release an album proper..i got it off of that blues magazine…that used to be published some time back..which gives you a free cassette..but man is this a gem….his voice.. and the way he makes a dang kapok guitar
So multi-farkin-faceted…dasatttt beb

5. hmmm….apa iyer…so much la bro…but again I fall back on my basis…something that still sticks in my mind..

5. infectious maggots - deep within my grief factory, milk runs red.
Probably the best sound that has ever come out of Malaysia…just a band that was at the wrong place at the wrong time…
Grindcore with a twist. Trust me. Refreshing.
Fav tracks: shapechanger,crawl, diva, black ritual ceremony, cookie consumer revolt.

You’re gonna kill me, with the amount of column-length my boring shite is gonna take up on yer blog….but I do have a longer list…in me head….and again thanks for this…makes me want to experiment and check out the other fella’s tastes…btw ironically I had started exploring the ‘Dead a coupla…mind blowin’..regret not checking it out earlier..but yes it was through a comp…no $$$$$ poppy.

Oh btw…just to let you know…I also lurve alleycats, certain rock-kankang bands..& hellowen…especially upto keepers SAJA. After kai-hansen it went to the dogs.(unlike what your OTHER HALF OF THE FRANCHISE had said)

Okay me will shut up now.

YB calon “coming soon” yg mewakili parti cap kapak Manowar utk ADUN bahagian Puchong – coming soon to an election near you. Who knows la kan? “standdddd & fightttt…live byyyy your heartsss.”…mwahhahaha bet Frodo fans will love it.
Admit it chief….you do have a poison/damnbladiyankees cd inside your rack don’t you.:)))

see ya later mon. marley rises above all.

anfield devotee said...

kerp & premo: No issues here la bros. Becky (ie Mark) & me are mates, just different tastes, that's all.

Becky: Yes, back to the topic. Where's yer 5 la?

moz: No, there is no poison or damn yankees in me collection, though there are certainly some right stinkers among them. But that's another Top 5 fer another day . . .

reena said...

ok bala, i'm putting my list cause u asked me to. but first, I have to say thank you to mark/becky for his initial posting abt how bala shd respect other ppl's tastes.

if i were stuck on a desert island, i wld probably want albums i could bear repeated listenings to. such albums need not be albums that defined an era.

for eg, nevermind was a great album and i will always relate it to passing my driving exam (smells like teen spirit was on repeat on my walkman) but i don't think i cld have it with me on some island.

i wld instead have the 2 albums bala hates the most ie, the petaling street jacky cheung compilation and the james blunt live album (chasing time??). there is a reason i have it in the car, i can play it again and again and it really relaxes me. that said, I wld also add disc 5 from the KISS box set (yes, bala, it is still in my cd player) and CCR's greatest hits .

however, since bala wants "great albums", i have decided on a list of "5" albums that were special to me at some point. hence no velvet underground, bowie or sabbath etc even though i like their stuff.

1. nuclear assault's handle with care and pantera's vulgar display of power. the former for helping me get thru spm and the latter during the 1st year of college exams.

2. ten - pearl jam. it was my college album. back when i was thinner and younger.

saw them live 2nd year of college too.

3. appettite for destruction
- opened up a whole new world for me. with lots of cuss words thrown in. coincided with entering secondary school and remained in love with axl until form 5.

4. ... and justice for all. prefer ride the lightning and master of puppets but justice was the 1st metallica album i heard and it blew me away. i was in form 2 i think and the lyrics were very powerful. it was a whole new experience.

slacker - black album?????

5. def leppard's hysteria. not really for the album itself but i was really into hair metal during secondary school (those lips and hair!). and i know u really hate it bala, but the fact is, it was FUN. and sometimes, that is waht u need, pretty boys singing catchy tunes with silly lyrics abt cute gals. but settling on hysteria cause (yes, i know they were not cute) heard pour some sugar on me recently and it was such a nostalgic blast. plus, joe elliot;s voice is really awesome.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yeaaa...i know you're tuan bala's girl but you're my girl too. ...And Justive For All rocks big time!!

yo mozzz the drunken brother...unity? Bad Town's my fav, followed by Room Without a Window, Sound System etc...


Tinesh said...

Mine list is as follows:

RHCP: Tuff tuff choice because they my favouritest band but I shalt go with Californication..Frusciante's comeback brought the better outta him..

Dream Theater: Im digging their latest album more than anything else so Systematic Chaos it is

Metallica: Master of Puppets..The title song alone gives me the energy

Led Zep IV: What more to say?

Rage Against The Machine: So many albums for me to choose from..I'll take The Battle of Los Angeles

anfield devotee said...

reena aka wifey aka IGP: ok, tq fer posting but seriously guys, if you think me is a taste nazi, just wait till yer other half starts playing fooking Jacky Fooking Cheung, ok? Then we see . . .

As you can see me wifey & her bro (slacker) can't count! Top 5 La! But having said that, Tuan Isa, Anba & the rest also have problems with simple numericals.

Tinnesh: Ok, Four Symbols is the obvious choice but would like to know what yer views on Physical Graffitti.

As fer Chillis, Mother's Milk?

RATM - awesome band. I actually managed to see em live just as they were breaking big on their debut album. One of the most rollicking great gigs I ever attended. Power to the people!

Tuan Kerp: Nice speaking to you; sorry to interrupt yer romantic interlude with yer lady friend. Am all geared up to see yer posting.

TQ all fer making this a hugely entertaining posting/debate!!!

Will definitely ask fer more top5s in the future . . .

anfield devotee said...

Oh, yeah, everybody, do head over to JonC's site fer a look at his top5 as well.

Tuan kerp is also meant to do his listing over the weekend . . .

Achilles said...

anfielddevotee: mmmm.... i saw this coming. i have re-opened pandora's box. hehehehee

anyway... in my defence, with regards to Godfather.... since we are sharing moments of broadwalk...let me share one too. respect your opinions and what you said...understand you truly love it. but dunno if you realized it or not, but after the first debate we had on the godfather, the next 3 or 4 times i walked into broadwalk (which is like one whole week later each time)... you still brought up the topic, even though no one else mentioned anything about it.

The scenario would be i walk into b'walk and bala would say "Hi Mr. Rajan.. what can i get you?"... then Bala would come to the table with the beer i just ordered and then he would suddenly say "dude... how can you not like Godfather?"... before i even get to sip my first beer. i was like "Eh???" didn't we talk about this last week?

In respect to death metal dude... i respect your opinions and your comments and i think lots of people do and we look up to you for that.... unique... definitely.
but on a serious note... if you don't mind me saying, sometimes you go way overboard with your comments and criticism to a point of putting people down and that's just not cool-lah dude. Just me humble opinion.... you may not realize it as you are excited and fiery about defending your opinion and thoughts... but it don't look or feel like that on the other end.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: So, have you seen the Godfather? Ha ha ha ha !

I know I piss a lot of poeple off, sorry, but that's just the way I am. Opiniated, fiesty & passionate. Sorry, won't change.

RE: Death metal & Napalm.
Yeah , yeah. Sorry to have hurt yer feelings but remember this conversation?
Me: Rajan, please join us fer the napalm gig la.
Rajan: Dunno la . . . not my cup of tea
Me: Tickets are cheap. Just come fer the experience la. Beisdes, you can just treat it as an evening out with friends fer a few beers. And I would love it if you joined us.
Rajan: Ok la, since you put it that way, I'll get tickets.

On the day . . . . guess what?

which is worse? Opiniated wankers or Fong Fey Kei type of dudes?

nick m said...

sorry for being late with this bala. here's my 5 in no particular order.

1. in utero - nirvana
2. embedded - meathook seed
3. necroticism - descanting the insalubrious - carcass
4. cabezon - red house painters
5. chaos a.d. - sepultura

nick m said...

actually it's damn tough to do 5. i was kind of torn with wanting to add sepultura's arise. but this is close enough for my desert island picks.

Anba said...

nick ...great list i too luv Necrotism of the best Death Metal albums...Incarnated Solvent Abuse,Pedigree Butchery,the Title song and many more...
Personally my Fav of the Seps is Beneath the Remains..but Chaos is Great to fer me better than Roots..dig the Nailbomb thingy too
Cheers Mate

anfield devotee said...

nick M: awesome list! Ya man, meathood seed! Fooking boss la!

to everyone else: In the spirit of open-mindeness this posting is suppose to foster, me have since requested achilles to burn me a copy of what he considers to be the best manowar lp.

I suppose if I can rock out to Judas Priest, I should be able to give manowar a second chance. After all both bands are similarly ridiculous, rite? Long live pantomime metal!!!

Achilles said...

anfielddevotee: wow... mr bala listening to Manowar.... who has one loin cloth underwear for him. hehehehe. Mr. bala, you need the underwear to fully appreciate it or the experience may be lost. hehehehe

anyway i shall burn you a CD as requested. On me part, me shall raid the local DVD shop and get a copy of the Godfather and watch it fully and not just half way and then we shall have a conversation on it.

so what is the next controversial topic in your blog?

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Deal, mate! Can you also please provide me neccessary info (eg change of personnel, most popular albums etc).

Loin cloth? No issues, have one of me old sarongs already ripped into shape plus I also have a samurai sword to complete the look! Ha ha!

I also have burnt you a copy of Napalm Death's seminal debut album - Scum.

Next controversial subject - why dp ceylonese consider themselves superior to other Indians? Ha ha ha ha ha

Jon-C said...

AD, can i start the ball rolling on the top 5 movies in me blog? Hehehehe.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: You don't need my permission. Should be a good one, was already planning to do this further along the line but go rite ahead dude.

This one Becky definitely can give some feedback.

SLACKER said...

wat the fuck? there's like a million replies?

to my dear sister - i agree - Vulgar Display of Power was AWESOME!

if you guys wanna know why i like Metallica's Black, well i was 13 and it was my first Metallica album... and we loved jamming to ender sandman and most of the songs on that album...

but i do admit... master of puppets and 'and justice for all' are great albums .. but black appeals more to me.. .maybe because we used to jam everyday...

to Kerp - thanks for the correction.. i was referring to Nevermind...

to Premo & Becks.. yup.. Bala thinks everything he say is the gospel truth... that makes him unique but blardee fucking irritating! at times at least.. hehehe

to becks - how can you live without music?

to my sister - thanks for introducing me to appettite for destruction when i was 9 years old.. without that i would've never loved rock music.. am not really a metal head but loud guitars makes sense to me.... so does smooth jazzy tunes and bossa nova music.. and recently.. due to my passion for salsa - i'm starting to like spanish dance music... u can see me singing a phrase or 2 while dancing these days...

jacky cheung is cool - but i would die at his concert - hahahah...

and to my dear sister - yup... pearl jam 1994 in singapore is still my favourite concert ever!!!!

oyah - i like hysteria too.. but started to hate them after the concert in KL.. too LANSI for my liking... u r right.. that is one fun album...

hey... i like deep purple too... probably the best concert i've been to in KL... it was fun!

and KISS live albums rocks!

and urm... i love 70s and 80s disco music.. best tunes to dance to!


anfield devotee said...

slacker: yeah, me is irritating? Have you heard yerself talk about food/restaurants or movies?

Sorry, but everything i say IS the gospel truth!