Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Fooking Did it!!!

No private jets to ferry them around the campaign trail. No stranglehold on the media. No bucketloads of cash. No Electoral Commission in the pocket. But the Opposition managed to deal the Barisan Fooking Nasional its worst showing in the polls . . . EVER!

I really didn't think it was possible fer us to deny them 2/3 majority even with news of early shock results (eg Penang). But as the night grew older, the impossible became reality beginning with Pompey's victory over the scum, followed by Barnsley's heroics over CSKA London. This elections has reaffirmed me faith in the Malaysian people. Apathy had long become our middle name but it is a sign of the times that the rakyat has had enough of the fooking BULLSHIT the Barisan Fooking Nasional were content to feed us.

Make no fooking mistake, this is a milestone in our history. Fer starters, the Indians showed the Barisan Fooking Nasional that, yes, they could, & did, make a difference. Samy & gang were fooking unceremoniously booted out. Fer five states to fall into opposition hands shows the level of discontent among all the races & strata of our society.

Which brings me to the sensitive issue of 13May. This will NOT & CANNOT happen again! Let's just get the facts straight, 13May was not a RACE RIOT. It was fooking thugs from the ruling party unhappy at losing their 2/3 majority to DAP (which happened to be predominantly Chinese). They have lost it again today but they CANNOT start trouble coz the whole world's watching. BBC, Al Jazeera, the Internet all make this sort of political mischief from Barisan Fooking Nasional (esp UMNO youth & its pukimak Scorpion gang) nigh on impossible without recriminations from the outside world.

Furthermore, Barisan Fooking Nasional lost its 2/3 majority because people of all races (including Malays) were unhappy with their shite. Plus to a whole generation of voters too young to remember or experience 13May, the threat had become increasingly meaningless.

Lastly, sorry fer the late posting. Attempted to post something at 5am this morning as the news broke but was too shitfaced (12 beers)! Me got the confirmation from the CEO of MalaysiaKini who buzzed me with the news & me was celebrating like it was Istanbul 2005 all over again! Woke the dogs, the neighbours & poor wifey with me screams of delight but what the fook eh, we made HISTORY today. This is what 'Malaysia Boleh' should be all about!

And fer all those who keep harping on bout how fooking wonderful our southern neighbours are, please note this could NEVER happen in S'pore (with their what . . . two opposition members? please la). Their version of democracy is a fooking JOKE! We also do NOT resolve our political disputes with a military coup like Man City up north.

To me fellow Malaysians who spoke thru the ballot boxes, well fooking done la! We have made a difference . . .

ps: Fer those of you who did not see fit to partake in the democratic process of our homeland, fooking shame on you! (You know who you are!). Think what could have been achieved if all of you had cast yer ballots!

pps: MalaysiaKini site blocked, please go to fer more unbiased news.


senorita.. said...

yeap,read abt the results... and so many foreign news sites that have write ups on Malaysia's 12th GE.. i got the result news mostly frm foreign sites... and i prefer to read what they wrote coz of the fairer point of view unlike local news articles.

hopefully the Constitution will b amended back to a less screwed up piece

anfield devotee said...

of course, the foreign press will be better than the shite produced by the star, nst et al.

But at the moment, various sites like malaysiakini & raja petra are blocked. It would seem this bn fookers will never learn.

Anyways, tis too late fer em to change the result & their tactics is now just plain fooking sour grapes.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

agree with you totally, my man. this victory was never racially incited. guan eng has come out with a statement hoping to work even with the PAS rep in Penang. real good spirit there.

it was solely about the Oppo head-to-head with them G arrogant pricks. i'd root for anyone regardless of his race to take on zam and he falls flat on his stupid face. all the biasness from the electronic media all shoved up the ex-minister's ass.

and i mean the EX-MINISTER zainudin maidin. hehehe....fuck, writing that never have felt so good!

Kopite78 said...

The Winds of Change were blowing like a hurricane!!!

This is what I call Malaysia Boleh!!

Syabas Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!

Afif said...

Yeah we did it!

The Rakyat has spoken.

theALBERTUS said...

Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat! The people have spoken! Too bad though that we allowed that arrogant SOB KJ in Parliament. Dammit! Anyways, I am proud to say I voted and to play a part in my constituency to get Tony Pua as MP of PJ Utara!

Serves Chew Mei Fun for saying NEP does not EXIST! Pergilaa!...

Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve- George Bernard Shaw

titoki said...


Told ya, M'sia will be rocked, shaken, but not stirred by us the voters (and Bloggers). ;)

Bye bye Samy. Bye Bye BN. Bye Bye Kedah. Bye Bye Kelantan. Bye Bye Penang. Bye Bye Selangor. Bye Bye Perak. And lastly, bye bye corruption.

ISA said...

feeling great since sunday...absolutely fooking brilliant.

IN YOUR FACE BN!!! serves u right for fooking insulting me at the polling station. i was called an apostate/MURTAD by some young BN fooking punk and gave him a piece of my mind in front of the BN shed, in full view of his BN cronies...the young punk thought he knew me and was part of the "BN Melayu who made money through the fooking corrupt system". WELL, FOOK YOU!!! Made it loud and clear to him & his cronies that there's no way on earth i'm voting for Dopey & his cronies...

This young punk is a 20-something unemployed bastard whose father is some crony and roams around TTDI & D'sara Heights, answers to the name "BON". Fancy calling me a MURTAD! luckily the cops were around, otherwise....hmmm gooos fraaabaa..., where's TOYO? we need to give him the penyapu...

anfield devotee said...

Isa: Come off it, Isa. Am pretty sure YOU went to the polling station looking fer fooking trouble! Ha Ha!
Khir Toyo - thank fook the bastard is finally been removed. let's hope they find some damning evidence to put his botoxed ass in jail!

Titoki: Bye Bye Corrpution? We shall see. Its too ingrained in our social system fer it to disappear overnite.

albertus & afif: Ok, now, we can back to the more serious issue of Rafa IN or OUT debate! Ha ha!

kerp: Let's hope that's the last we see of him. But you know these fookers la, they have a penchant to survive. Eg Mohd Mohd Taib?

kopite78: Hope you will keep blogging or will you slide back into hibernation?

Kopite78 said...

Free Dental for Kajang Prison Inmates. Coming Soon!!!


AD: Will keep on blogging. After all we do have a blogger in Parliament.

Isa well done!! I too wish there were no cops there. Clear example of the shite that blidly follow BN. Selfish dumb ass wankers!!!

Jon-C said...

It's the dawn of a new Malaysia. But we cannot rejoice until we set the whole house back in order. Corruption will be a long and hard battle to win as power will corrupt.

Let's work together to form a Malaysia that will benefit ALL. Well, Khir Toyo, as you've said so infamously: "Kalau Kamu Tak Suka, Boleh Balik Negara Asal Kamu!" Good Riddance!

At the ripe old age of 50, Malaysians finally matured! Syabas!

Anba said...

Hey Ho Let Go....

My State(Perak) is still without An MB as i'm writing this heheheh.. Will it Be DAP,PAS or PKR...what the Foook i'm kind of intrigued in seeing what happens next..Its a good opportunity for the DAP, PAS and PKR to learn to share power, rule and manage...
i hope fer the best...and Fook All the Rest...Gabba Gabba Hey Hooo

@dam said...

People have decided!!! YES!!!!

It is surely the People's Victory against the BN thugs!

However, let's remind ourselves's just the beginning; not the end!

May the new State Governments under DAP-PKR-PAS foster a Malaysian Malaysia towards one which BN-led states can only envy for the next five years!

With the elections over and people being happy...and more importantly that the BN is so fooked up and angry about it...expect some winds blowing here and there the next few weeks!