Saturday, March 15, 2008


"Some of the teams that have won this trophy in the last few years have not been the best teams in the competition . . . such as Porto & Liverpool." - Rio Fooking Ferdinand

Oh, how right you are, sir. Let us start a petition to urge Liverppol FC & Porto to hand over the cups to Mighty Manchester "Forest" Utd whilst we hang our heads in utter shame . . .

Fer those who missed the draw last nite, its Arsenal v LFC, Fenerbache v Chelsea, Roma v Man Utd & Shalke v Barca. Interesting to say the least . . .

ps: all footie fans are, of course, invited to post their views on the draw.
pps: Liked the giant banner Inter fans unfurled before 2nd leg game - "whatever happens next, thank you for Istanbul 2005"!


Anba said...

Wake up in the morning...feeling mighty tired still...saw my anne reading the star paper...with no specks on..squinting hard...saw the title "Dreaded Draw"...squinted evenmore Arsenal vs LiverPool(Aduh...)
Man U vs As Roma(Cibai n Hampeh btl...)
The Rest i didnt bother top check...coz nvr really cared bout chelsi..sulk...barfa and FenaMachi...
Darn..May the best team win..Arsenal that is heheheh

anfield devotee said...

careful, anba, careful . . . treading dangerously here. . .

Anba said...

Like the Adam West Batman Shows..
I Could imagine Sounds Like.."Dishum!!!!" " Kapow!!!"
"Bang!!!Bang!!!Bang!!!" "Blender Sounds...KRENGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG"...
Eulogy Reads..
"Here we have the blended, grinded Mass of the Thing we used to know as Anba
...Smashed, Bashed,Machine Gunned Battered,Grinded and Torn to pieces by The Angry Red Mob...thanx to His Big Mouth...
Punished and Banished fer Tellin the ....."

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and them rich bastards gets the easiest meat. real nice.

mozisgod said...

OH NO..tuan kerpov/tuan balakov..on no... do i sense a rift in the franchise? a division in the bell? a puncture in the poo-naa-nee...oh no..
(btw bro,..i'm allergic to floyd-ian virtues..just dunnow why..cannot tahan to sit still through on loss la i guess)


the good part least that's one english club down...and hey hey hey...
what a matchup eh?
the goons vs the scousers
northlondon vs merseyside

i guess..erhm..i do not really have to explain myself..on what i'll be pining kerp?:))
unless of course yu had drawn
manUre. then. lain cerite.

anyway...lookin' forward to the game dudes.
gonna be electric.
pure magickkkkk
the goons..exceptional as always to say the least
squaring off against
a resurgent reds side
hittin' the peak again..
(btw..did anyone note the first 15 mins of the reds/barcodes game 2 weeks back...oh shit..sorry barcodes = the passing in the first them mid-eighties..
then're talkin about the goons here
bladi hell..some of the fellas
seem to have
telepathy on the field.

later franchise dudes. btw...was just kidding about that poison stuff..hhehe. keep on ranting & raving franchise dudes.. life's a dump if there isn't any. passion negates this. (dun bother = this is me at low glucose levels i.e. no lunch yet)

mozisgod said...

oh yeah..franchise dudes..
one more confession to make
erhmmm....gua minat giler
awek awek
shonen knife. jap-infected accents included..
i wonder how "russel" would have done a "shonen" eh tuan kerpov?

oh yah one more know that word "sambar"? forgot to tell you what is..that's a tamil word..for in kari dhal la..and it's pronounced..."sAAmbar" extended A..NOT as in di sambar kilat/helang...tarik the A a bit:)
and yes. i have also realised
spurs chances of treading europe
this year
is well and buried.
sekian, tima kasihhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

anfield devotee said...

moz: shame bout yer defeat to psv. steed's final gasp shot was destined fer the top corner. Me was totally amazed that a fat fook like Gomez could be so acrobatic.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

we're doomed man. chelski shites are breathing down our necks and with Kops tremendous form, even a 2nd spot looks rather shaky.

i'm blaming on both sides of linesmen of the ars game and and one kayu linesman who couldnt see the shrek was clearly offside that lead to the solitary goal scored by the pretty boy.

anfield devotee said...

Tak kan you relying on derby to pull something off, tuan kerp!?!

Bro, too many draws @ emirates against mediocre teams has been yer downfall; same as Liverpool's. What to do, we now have to listen to the scum talk cock fer another season lar . . .

Anba said...

Have Faith my dear Brothers..Them Scums still have games against Arsenal and Liverpool..its Make or Break Time...Let's Give Em Hell

lester said...

thinkin' on how to put this across without havin' mr pessimistic jump off his angro-angst chair and bite me.. as the thought process took a whole 3 seconds, i figured.. why disappoint? it's expected, so here it is...

..can you count to six?! wooooOOOOO hooooOOOOOOOOO!!!

anfield devotee said...

les: ha ha, fooking hell, Sir Les. Fer now me will settle avoiding defeat v scum.

Even if we beat the arse, doubt it'll be third time lucky v chelsea.

lester said...

brother, scum? you worried 'bout scum at ol' t come sunday?

man, it aint no thang, but a chicken wing on a string at burger king..

our boys be onn like hussein -it be easy like sunday mornin'.. makin' us all feel richie like lionel..;o)

i feel good.. tadadadadadada..know that i would now.. tadadadadadada..;o)

Mark said...

Hope to see you this Sunday Bala!

anfield devotee said...

To all Kopites, MyRAWK will be organising plenty of fun & games before the big kick off this sunday's big game at Mbar, Philo D'sara 1.

Pls go to Malaysian Red & White Kop fer more details.