Friday, March 7, 2008

Its the Final Countdown!

Right, time's running out & (probably) me last posting before D-Day. What me like to highlight is the heavy character assassination going on. In the last few days, you've probably heard how Anwar is a fooking downright racist evil muthafooker, rite?

"Vomit blood la when dealing with him as education minister. He was very anti-Chinese." - Lim Keng Yeik

You might have also heard how he was unwilling to co-operate on repealing certain provisions regarding the closing down of Chinese schools. Anwar was also accused of making inflammatory remarks during the racial clashes in Penang a few years ago (He allegedly said "I will make sure temple bells will ring no more in this country.").

Barisan Fooking Nasional's message - Anwar is a sweet talker. Anwar is a racist. Anwar is NOT to be trusted.

Well, assuming fer a minute these allegations are true. All these utterances & deeds were done whilst Anwar was a high ranking Minister in BARISAN FOOKING NASIONAL. It also means that BN endorsed his words & actions as NOBODY spoke out then. Why now?

Vomit blood? Well, goes to show you how fooking toothless MCA & Gerakan are when it comes to protecting Chinese interests if it is unable to put a fooking racist in his place. Instead, they smile & wave flags together at public rallies. Fooking castrated or what. Yes, this is what they call "power sharing" BN-style.

And if the Chinese-based parties were so concerned about racists, what about the Keris-waving Hishamuddin? And let's not forget that Najib famously held aloft a giant banner with a keris draped in blood with the words 'Bunuh Cina' under it (when he was UMNO youth chief during the infamous Kg Baru march in the 80s). How bout the revered Mighty Tun's very own Mein Kampf - 'Malay Dilemma' - which paints a less than flattering picture of the Chinese?

Yes, Anwar is no fooking saint. But he is a great rallying point for the opposition supporters & he can swing the lalang vote. C'mon, people, vote fer a change. Do not let Barisan Fooking Nasional use their fear tactics on you! Don't let them use the spectre of 13May to blackmail you into voting fer them.

ps: Thy Mighty Tun has said that Samy has to be removed from office (see Malaysia Kini's exclusive interview at ). But do note he is quick to point out that the Indian's plight was NOT his fault but Samy's fer failing to speak up at cabinet meetings. What a hypocritical wanker! The current malaise affecting our nation is all down to his handiwork. Hope he is happy.


Kopite78 said...
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Kopite78 said...

I can't help feeling that whichever way the non-bumiputera's vote, we are still fooked.

If BN's majority is reduced because of the Malays, the government will neglect the non-malays and do more for the malays to win them back.

If BN's majority is reduced because of the non-malays....we a fooked!!!!!

senorita.. said...

it's funny how most Chinese ppl will label non-Chinese as racists without evaluating themselves first. non-M students here in my Uni do not make an effort to join the activities organized by the Msian Society bcoz they claim that "there's too many Ms in that club".

and yes,i really hate them for making use of the 'May 13' mayhem in a wrong way... instead of educating people to live the right way and prevent it from happening again,they scare people off by so-called ensuring "peace" when they vote for B-fuckiN

and damn those ministers who are so dumb that they do not know how to answer Questions and shut the public up but order the public not to question them or worse by saying that there's no problem in the 1st place.. no wonder the country's a mess.

nick m said...
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nick m said...

well said bala, well said.
it was all done under the BN banner.
all that's left to be done now is to show up and vote the right way!

theALBERTUS said...

Apa nak buat, rakyat Malaysia jelata yang lama sudah lupa bahawa tanah air inilah juga tanah air kita. Hak-hak yang paling asas kita adalah mengundi tap aduhai wahai warga kita yang mudah lupa bahawa hak yang tidak dikehendakilah adalak undi kepada kerajaan yang berKORUPSI, berNEPOTISMA, berKRONYISMA.

Janganlah kita mengata kerajaan yang berzalim menekan rakyat tapi kitalah rakyat yang memberikan mandat kepeda mereka. Itulah kecenderungan rakyat yang memilih kerajaan yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri.

Itulah mandat yang kita bagi kepada kerajaan yand semakin berzalim. Teruskanlah perjuangan kita untuk matlamat sebagai hak rakyat Malaysia bukan sekadar dari kaum, bangsa dan bahasa tapi sebagai rakyat Negara Malaysia bebas dari penipuan and penyelewengan kerajaan.

Viva Liberte!

theALBERTUS said...

kena pakai BM la sikit...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the sleepyhead was in penang and started the ball rolling. naturally, his running dogs followed suit because they're scared shit looking at the turnouts at Jeff Ooi's ceramah. those pics doesnt lie, unlike tv3.