Friday, August 1, 2008

Youth Elixir Discovered!

Me is serious. Me has discovered something that can take 20 years off yer age. Me had a dose of this miracle potion the other day & me was jumping around like a spritely 18-year old. Me fooking kid you not!

Want in on the secret?

Ok, me will share.

The elixir of youth comes in the form of . . .

Don't fooking believe me, try downloading & playing this classic power metal from Germany & you'll feel like a teenager with a mullet & a cut-off denim jacket all over again. Me fooking guarantees it! At the very least, it'll have you singing along to them metal anthems like Future Worlds & I Want Out, punching the air & playing air guitar with a fooking big silly grin on yer face.

Fer the elixir of youth, please click:

Fer those who have never felt the magic of Helloween; here's a sample vid featuring some nifty anime.

ps: Fer the fanatic, you can download not one but TWO fooking four-disc box sets of the Teutonic metal merchants at: . Enjoy & have fooking great weekend!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

more power to the power metal, German-made!!

bala, you should put up one of their very few corny singles instead la, preferably Forever and One (neverland), taken from their Time Of The Oath album. lentok wa cakap lu, brader...kihkihhhh...

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: let's face it lar, most German power metal is corny anyway la. And therein lies its peculiar charm me suppose.

All together now - "I waaannnt oooout, to liiiive my life . . ."

Anba said...

Balaji: I very much agree with reverend Balaji here...
Everytime i listen to I want out...not only i want to air guitar jump around like a monkey... i mentally tune out to a happy state...listen to the guru evryone..its very good....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I wanntt ouut, leeeave me beee...I want ouuttttt...lalalalalala...

i'd be screaming the same phrase if i had a band member spotting a mullet hairdo and proud of it.

senorita.. said...

yea, happy song. =)

funny how noone mention the nice titties displayed next to the post.. =P

mozisgod said...

tuan balakovvvv,

machaa deiiii, me lap yu long taimmmmmmm ddeiiiiii :))))

thought so la, when yu were talkin about the keeper of the *&&$$^^$ jersey..heheheheheheehe. even me inner voice in me upper temple (uhmm..yeah) quipping - no, dun tell me he got helloween spinnin in his head?

helLLOFARKINweeeen dude!! probably the only band who can get away with a lyric startin with "Dr.stein makes funnny creatures..." & "heavy metal hamsters" in all its high pitched splendour and retard-izing (me basically) solos, lead, bass..aiyaaaa everything la bro.
even the farkin drumming.
gedebuk maximus. (ingo-RIP)

ONE WORD, again - mengasyikkan.
(dude, i can still some/parts of song in me head...mwahahhahahha)

that's one thing that really really stood out about 'em dude - the musicianship; and

correct me if i'm not wrong, unlike many other bands of that era
the had that positive vibe emanating through the songs; yu'know kinda of motivational overtone.

er. yes. i was at one time a huuUUUGE fan. one time, it was the largest collection of single band's LP that i had...(premo,yes you coughed?)or rather used to have, lemme see if i can remember; jericho, keeper 1, keeper 2 right up to pink bubbles. although after ape, somehow the interest just dwindled out. maybe partly related to the departure of one mr.hansen. but i guess, the it took a turn to utter WTF territory when it came to ape. no, dun get me wrong. having said what i said, again let me reiterate -
the musicianship was

credit has to go where it deserves. whether that
is that punk
or punk.

no, haven't downloaded, can't download. but to quote tuan kerp - OH MAN HAVE YOU OPENED A CAN OF BELADI WORMS CHIEF :))) for the better that is. but yu can bet yur reds arse, i'm most definitely gonna spin it this weekend..i hope *gulp* if work doesn't swallow me and grin like a overtipped prostitute....erh..friday fever la bro.mwhahahahah



p.s. oh hey, if i'm not mistaken one of the songs on the keeper series has a similar title to yer anthem did it not? except they hat the "WILL" part in whole and its entirety. mwahhaha. nice one.

anfield devotee said...

Moz: Since yer such a huge fan might me humbly suggest you go download the boz sets. Link is provided in posting. Pls refer to post script.

Kerp: Mullets Rule! Hee hee.

senorita: pls note the so-called "titties on display" is not a gratitous display of nudity but the cover to Jimi Hendrix's masterpiece Electricladyland.

premo said...

AD/anba/kerp: Hmmm for once I have to disagree here with you guys musically speaking. Corny is right but if I wanted Teutonic Power Metal with a side of Corn I would've listened to Lordi or er... Scorpions. Sorry Helloween have never been my pint of bitter.

Moz: "that's one thing that really really stood out about 'em dude - the musicianship; and correct me if i'm not wrong, unlike many other bands of that era the had that positive vibe emanating through the songs; yu'know kinda of motivational overtone."

You fuckin hit the proverbial nail on its head there mate. Spot on.

anfield devotee said...

premo: You mena you didn't own a t-shirt with the pumpkin logo? What sort of upbringing is that?

premo said...

Nope. I never liked pumpkins anyways - unless you're gonna eat one. But as with most metal heads and punk rockers I had a perfectly dysfunctional upbringing thank you.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: dah cuba..dah dengar!.. tak suka sangat kot! where the hell is the alt. stuff you've been promising all along!...hahaha. Anyway thanks for the differential muzak.. much appreciated.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


now that you've mentioned it, we should all switch frompower metal to power ballad instead.

come on guys, one for the weekend...all together now...

I'm still loving you.
I'm still loving you,
I need your love.
I'm still loving youuu.
Still loving you, babyyyyy...

muahahhaha...real rock kangkang la beb.

Anba said...

aiyo rock kangkang...better a perempuan yg kangkang fer me...wait mmmm nope i didn't say that...hehehe
Kerp bro if talkin about rock kangang song... our Malaysian bands are better...Js Kevin's penned songs like Wings-Mimpi Syahkila,Tmn Rashidau utama...XPDC...C.I.N.T.A, my personal favs di hentian ini and titian perjalanan,

wallpapersdeco said...

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Azer Mantessa said...

nice sound and animation :-)

have a nice weekend

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Sorry la, ada susah sikit la the alt stuff. Can't seem to loacte any nteresting bands at the moment. But thanx fer checking out the tune. Suppose you gotta be a nascent thrasher on the 80s to fully understand the nostalgia trip.

Kerp: Remember the graffitti attack of 'Scorpions Rule Ok' in the 80s after their gig got banned? Hee hee!

Anba: Jiwang la lu . . .

azer: Same to you!

Achilles said...

AD: My Apologies for the extremely late posting. Was busy as hell over the weekend, and when i tried to post something, it wouldn't show. i think my computer needs to be changed.

anyway me loves this stuff... i think i am a born sucker for power metal...and anything else medieval. i absolutely love it. The animation.... err... i thought a bit tak kena with the music-lah.... but the music fooking rocks. The animation rocks too... but just the combo of the two... i dunno...

Will definitely try and download the album... i think its going to be my new anthem for awhile.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Yo, don't tell me you never rocked out to Helloween!?!! But if you have, me thinks you shouldn't bother with the Best of that me has featured here. Instead follow the link (see post script) fer downloads of box sets.

With regards to the vid, the original was a bit too 80s & cheesy whilst the live version was 9 minutes long! Thought Anime lain sikit la.

Achilles said...

AD: I wasn't really a big fan of Helloween...Me might know a couple of songs if i heard it again, but besides that no-lah... even Manowar was a recent thing...recent being 2 or 3 years ago. Heard of them, but never really got down to listening to them. looks like i missed out a lot during me childhood. hehehehee

Achilles said...

AD: the anime is something different indeed, just not sure if the music and the video jive too well lah. but all in all its great..

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Enjoy dude! Wanted to avoid cheesy 80s video that's all.