Sunday, August 3, 2008

Apathy . . . The Malaysian Identity

One is a self-made millionaire insurance dude who owns a fleet of exotic vehicles. The other was recently appointed to the board of directors of a public listed company. Another is the president of a footie fan club. Yet another is a banker with two masters degrees.

They mostly fall into the middle to upper income brackets, urbane & privy to an overseas tertiary education. These are just some of the many friends of mine who have yet to register to VOTE!

Despite me many repeated requests fer them to just drop by the fooking post office, many of them seem to think this is just too much trouble. Despite the seismic shift in the balance of power recently & the continued abuse & misuse of power by Barisan Najis, these guys seem in no hurry to be part of the democratic process of THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

It leaves me speechless that so many among me own friends are apathetic that they cannot spare a few minutes of their precious fooking time to just hand their IC over at the post office. That's right, no forms to fill, no fee levied, nada. Just yer IC & two months time yer name will be (hopefully) on the electoral roll.

Why is it so important? The prospect of a snap elections being called in Sep/Oct 08 is very much on the books. Barisan Najis is fast losing support & its unashamed courting of ideological foe, PAS, & the continued character assassination of Anwar is proof that this rotten, corrupt, bloated & inept coalition (cartoon above) is clutching at fooking straws.

This is what YOU can do. If you haven't registered, please do so NOW. Then get five of yer friends who have not done so to follow suit. Then ask them to talk another five of their friends into doing the same. It is a small step but at least we would have done something to promote a better Malaysia.

The future of this nation is in OUR hands but only of you have registered . . .

ps: Me makes no fooking apologies fer this most partisan of posts. Kick fooking Barisan Najis out!

pps: Fer those who spout 'never trust a politician/me is tired of the political circus' crap, please engage yer brain before spouting more fooking cliches. Politicians are a necessary evil in the parliamentary democracy we have. Unless yer gonna run fer office yerself, me suggest you accept this as a fooking fact of life.

ppps: Those who are offended by this post, don't get angry, get REGISTERED!


Tinesh said...

Unfortunately, again, I cant vote if there's snap elections cuz my bday is in December ny..But the rest of you, VOTE! Make a change!

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: But make sure that's the first thing you don on yer b'day! Who knows, the snaps may even be next year.

ps: Did you see me response to yer scum posting?

Life's Like That said...

Got 7 of my unregistered frens to register b4 Mar 8, so only fooking David left fer melah AD!

Mohan said...

Mari Mengundi..and so the story goes...hahaha. Am registered but never voted!
Anyway...this one's for the BN fucks I unashamedly stole from a blog FireAngel(major babe and pissHead too..not know to me though) on the fuel price hike.. made my day:::



Mohan said...

p/s: Had a nice title too on the fuel price hike...
p/s2: Hope your Pay It Forward effort works!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Shit! You mean that fooker isn't a voter? Sickening innit? Bravo fer yer efforts on getting yer friends to do the right thing. Keep it up.

Mohan: Good point on petrol hike. Unlike other issues, petrol hike affected everybody & is causing serious dent on pockets of all rakyat. And yet me knows so many who just canna be bothered.
If a snap is called, make sure YOU go to the Malaysian High Comm to be one them famous POSTAL voters!

Life's Like That said...

AD : His std line, "If u become a candidate, i will register and vote for u. Otherwise waste time only."Sometimes, u just feel like strangling ppl!

M : u're an angry bitch aren't u?

Achilles said...

AD: great thing you are starting early with the messages to get more people registered.

It is indeed a sad scenario... i found out that most of the people who support opposition or who hate Barisan Najis did not even register or vote. it seems most people who hate the current situation seem quite content with just bitching about it rather than actually doing anything to change it. sigh...

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Maybe we should tell him that the post office is full of China Dolls! Hee hee, then maybe he'll go check it out!

Achilles: Yup, that's why me is trying to kick start this as so many people me knows fall under that category. Very fooking sad la.

Mark said...

Yes and I'm one of em so bite me. Your "hollier than thou" approach to get people like me to register is indeed convincing. Who are you to judge anyone?

anfield devotee said...

mark: No, me don't want to bite you. Just want you to register.

As fer being "Holier than thou" . . . well, that's yer opinion. Same diff, matey - who's judging who now?

And sorry to say, the future route this country takes has as much to do with those who vote & those who DO NOT. Fer the first time ever, BN are in danger of losing control.

You may not like it & resent what you consider brow-beating. But to listen to you speak so eloquently about the problems besetting our nation, fer you to NOT register is disconcerting to say the least.

Take offence. Fine. But do the right thing. We are at the crossroads of our history & if you think being asked to go register is too much of a problem . . . then me wonders who is the ant & who is the grasshopper now . . .

Mark said...

Who's judging who? Hmm let me see... This is what you said:

"Yup, that's why me is trying to kick start this as so many people me knows fall under that category. Very fooking sad la."

What does this imply, if not that you're "better" than us?

Being head strong and hard headed does have it's merits, which is likely why BN themselves adopt the same approach. You yourself commented on how Anwar kept his cool and focused on reiterating his points, rather than being drawn into an exchange of words with Shabery so why not do the same?

Instead of condemning those that haven't taken the same steps as you, why not encourage them? Let's take your love for Liverpool as an example. If you don't like the politics in the LSCM, why not take a more active role in the 'opposition' and fight to have it run the way you think it should?

Mark said...

Yeah I am in the category of people Achilles spoke of. So does it matter if I'm the Ant or Grasshopper?

Mark said...

Taking football as an example again, we each support our clubs to varying degrees. In the recent elections, some voted, some voted and attending the BERSIH protest, some didn't. Should those that protested then frown at those who didn't?

akuani said...

AD: noted your comment about 'plea famous Madam Akuani' ~ you making me sound like some si tou poh CHIS!!!

But that aside ... been doing my GET REGISTERED lecture for years now thank you very much. Have been moderately successful. But me thinks post GE12, a few more have done so ... not sure if there are on the eligible to vote electoral roll.

I have to get my ass down to the SPR and change my constituency since I've had to drive to Bkt. A'bangsa last 2 elections to exercise my rights! ... Next GE or whichever comes first, I vote in Seremban!

mari lah mari
pergi mengundi
jangan lupa kewajipan
pada negara

(Child of the 70's what can I say!)

And AD we can spread the word, but there are always going to be those who couldn't care less either which way ... good luck on your exercise, I'll do my part.
(I don't think anything I said here constitutes any snide/rude remarks in response ... *dangerously pissed off .ani*)

Mark said...

You mentioned in your SMS to me that this is supposed to be a call to arms. You do however realise that by virtually saying, "Eh you haven't registered ah? Tsk Tsk sigh", you are indirectly judging him and frowning upon him? I admire the intention but your attitude doesn't reflect it.

I'll give you another analogy. When you were running Broadwalk you were fortunate enough to have regulars to help you through the bad times. Now non-Liverpool fans were always a little apprehensive of stepping into a 'hostile' environment. Even regulars like Andrew, Taukey and Ed had their reservations because they felt you judged them as fans. They were beneath you simply because they weren't as expressive as you. At the same time you kept asking them to drop by for a few drinks and that it didn't matter they were Man Utd fans. The point is your actions contradicted what you said.

I've always believed in this saying, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it". No one likes to be told they are wrong, regardless of it they are or not. If you're intention is indeed to spread the word, then I suggest you review your methods.

akuani said...

Mark: I have to say I like what you said in the last para ...

and this 'call to arms' although I do not dispute it's relevance in context to AD's call to register, it all sounds so freaking hostile/ emotionally driven.

if you ask me the apathy striken Malaysian is the least perturbed by anything going on. and all this call to arms might scare him/her into your 'enemies' camp.

yes yes AD I know where's my fooking perspective!, fooking perspectiveless auntie that I am.

Mark said...

akuani: I agree with you on the hostility bit. I for one would be quivering if the politician I supported used force rather than reasoning.

I mentioned in a previous post that people can sometimes support a cause to varying degrees. Like I said earlier, some voted and protested in the streets while other just voted. In the end, they both made a contribution though you may say that one was more significant than the other. Should a person that contributed RM 10 to a charity look at the one that contributed RM 0.10 and sigh?

Is there more I can do? Of course, I can register and vote and I probably will but that doesn't mean I have to agree with ADs approach. I do frequent forums and have arguments with those who are firm believers in BN's policies. I do try to get them to see things from a different perspective. So this may not be on par with the contributions of someone like AD but it still is a contribution is it not? If there is a chance that the one person I spoke two can see things from a different perspective it matters somewhat does it not?

anfield devotee said...

mark: Dear Becky, please do not mistake it as me frowning upon you & that me is better than you. Wouldn't be having this discussion if me did.

It is a clarion call fer all of us to make the numbers count. Chances like this do not appear everyday. Unlike previous elections, there is a real likelihood we can actually make a difference.

The "Very fooking sad" bit is in reference to the scenario where so many people who want change & share opposition sentiments are not registered. (Not in reference to anyone in particular.)
Lest we forget, BN mobilises its substantial election machinery to ensure everyone of their supporters in the most remote of locales are not only registered but also ferried to the polling stations.

If it should come to snaps, you do realise these BN pundeks will play extra dirty. So we need all hands to the deck, so to speak.

And while me knows you detest being brow beaten into anything (hence me sms yesterday), pls understand this is a critical time fer our nation.

If there is a tone of slight contempt or frustration on me part over the reluctance of so many to just register, don't you think its somewhat justified given the scenario we are in. Petrol hike, inflasi, unbridled corruption, economic mismanagement etc etc?

If you must use the footie analogy, then me equates it with some LFC fans who missed Istanbul final coz "it was too late" (!!!!!!!!!!). "No la, malas la". Seriously, me came across such "fans".

Am sure you would be disgusted that so-called LFC fans missed out on our biggest day in 20years coz they canna be bothered & said they'd watch the replay or highlights later on. Is this acceptable?

Its not just you, the number of unregistered voters is quite simply staggerring. So we really need to mobilise our friends & associates. It is quite sad that non-Bumis moan bout their lot but are unwilling to make a change when there's actually someone who is willing to say "EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES fer all"! (Whether you believe it or not is another point fer debate, fact is when has anyone here ever made such a claim?).

Me thanks you fer voicing yer opinion. Mucho appreciated. But what we need now is fer you to be involved in the democratic process. Pls, if you say why bash you over the head instead of encouraging, well, am asking nicely & have done so many times ( as far as alternative methods are concerned) before.
Please. Your vote counts & get as many as you can to join you.

ps: If all else fails, have to resort to typical Malaysian modus operandi la - bribe. Two jugs enough fer your vote, Becky?

pps: me is very disappointed that yer man utd friends thought that way. Too bad. Never once did me ever think they were beneath me. Sigh. That is truly truly sad. In fact, if me may say so, it was one of the man utd fans among them who questioned the loyalty & expressiveness of others.
Me has always had open & frank discussions with em over footie while they ate & drank. Mi sincerity at their patronage over the years is genuine. If you, & others, however, choose to doubt that, then fine. That is truly fooking sad.

akuani: Yes, yes, aunty. Only me writes full of rage & is emotionally-driven. YOu are not guilty of that in the least bit.

Mark said...

Offer me another two jugs and I'll take Jonno along as well.

Mohan said...

Mark Dude: Very well said. AD Dude, whilst i do respect your efforts, you really can't go around holding your boombox blasting trash metal to someone's ear at ramson..saying register! vote! and vote Pakatan!. Who's becoming BIG BROTHER now..hmmm. The beauty of a democracy is that it allows one the freedom of not giving a rat's arse and of course, not voting.(I for instance will never ever vote in my life).People contribute in differential ways sometimes. And now repeat after me... NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN(in the voice of W.Burroughs)!!

anfield devotee said...

mark: Bloody bastard trying to extort me fer another two jugs ah!?! So typically UMNO ler this fooker. He he deal. Bear beer ok ah?

Mohan: Hmmmmmm . . . isn't that a democracy? Me may come across as forceful but dude the decision is ultimately yers.

Isn't it me democratic right to campaign in whatever way me wishes so long as me does not impinge on yer civil liberties? You are most welcome to ignore me words. Am holding anyone to ransom. If you don't like what me says, you are entitled to voice yer opinion or as me said, ignore me words.

But to suggest me CANNOT do so, well . . .

So pls don't go qouting Orwellian scenarios when we are ALREADY living in a scenario created by big brudder DrM.

As fer 'Never Trust A Politician' - pls tell us something new. Coz that mantra is old & fooking tired la dey. Ain't even funny.

And pls don't go using Burroughs name either coz he thought the world was run by lizards & insects which had asses that talked. Unfortunately, such lifeforms would be a better substitute fer the majority of BN wankers currently sucking the nation dry.

Should we stand & watch in silence fer fear or speaking out & treading on someone's toes? Me dunno, you tell me Mr Mohan.

akuani said...

AD: it was a general comment ... I am always guilty of rage and emotion to things that affect me personally :))

am not afraid or ashamed to admit the accusation to be true :))

Mark: *cheers mate*

Now now - let me see what the focus of this post was??? hmmmm to get ones self registered and to get friends to register themselves.

Simple plan enough ... let's then focus on that, and not get heckled and stressed!

AD: here's a auntie ani hug ... :)) smile dude and chill.

Mark said...

I'll get registered. If what you told me on Saturday was true, I don't intend to have to give up drinking! That alone is enough to inspire me.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: am chilled. we are amongst friends here. slight diff of opinion should not take away that fact! As Mohan says, tu la demokrasi. Tq fer hugs anyways & hope you'll have more success at getting some of yer friends to register!

Mark: Allrite! That's great dude.
But everyone else pls note that this fooking Chinaman was full of belligerent comments until beer & bribery was mentioned. Typically BN la.
Stand fer election la, me thinks you & yer beauty spot will do really well at the polls! He he!

And thanx again fer yer comments. All in the spirit of debate & discussion. Me will seriously consider using a different tact the next time, ok? (ie straight out bribery).

However, pls note again me never did think of yer manc contigent as below meself. They were always welcome fer games though (as me mentioned on sat nite) could not guarantee an insult free evening from other patrons. (otherwise me would not have invited them to me home or to me wedding!)

Mohan: (off topic) Shit la, found the link fer the Dresden Dolls last album just fer you but fooking misplaced it! Aaaaaargh!

Achilles said...

I think AD has been listening to too much power metal... that's why he has a battle cry like "call to arms". heheheheeee

If me not mistaken, Manowar has a song called "Call to Arms" must look through the loin cloth collection.

But if i may add, AD's postings / blog did change me from a "don't care about politics guy" to "i give a shit now that i know i can fook you bastards" attitude.

i agree all politicians are cock... which is why we need to teach them a lesson not to do too much cock, coz at the end of the day, we the people have them by the balls. That's what happen with Barisan Najis... they overstayed their fooking welcome and its time to kick them out.

Mark said...

AD: I never said I was never going to register or vote :) I only questioned your recruitment strategy.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Kena taruk sikit put merajuk kot!(change me tact./kowtowing to MU(TM). etc). Just be disgruntled self dude. Quite sure many of us appreciate your opiniated opinions and of course you'll kena taruk and keep taruking back...lets call it AD's platform of trash democracy.

What i mean by being impartial and not giving a rat's arse of political bull is about how I've seen various people contribute to the nation in various ways(perhaps in the name of demorcracy and compassion)..things like doctors being on call for 48 hours and treating patients without favour or fear, charitable acts with no intention of reconigtion(something like when LLT highlighted the plight of the LorryDude's wife), or even just the simpleton going out of his/her way to help someone in need..that it more important to me in a democracry!. Politicians and their spin?? they will always be there...and even if Pakatan take'll be still whinging in a few years.. what's new huh!
p/s: Thanks for loosing that music link. Much appreciated...BASTARD!

anfield devotee said...

mark: Yes, me knows what you were saying. Hence me said me will change me tact, point taken. Yer criticsms are taken in right spirit.
But do try & talk a few others into going with you (Jonno!), you can be quite convincing yerself & may yer methods be more effective than mine. Good luck!

Mohan: No lar, mana ada merajuk. Dude, if one wants to speak his/her mind, must be prepared fer others to have diff opinions lar. Tis all cool. Open forum what this? To be questioned bout me methods is fine by me. Not like me is espousing Ketuanan Melayu or some shit like that rite?

As fer kowtowing to mancs, dude, mark's friends were regulars at me old pub. Some even helped paint the fooking place during the reno la. So there. These mancs's patronage was much appreciated. It also helped enliven the place up a bit with some banter. (Unfortunately some took it the wrong way!)

And pls do keep yer opinions flowing in. Always a pleasure dude!

Give me some time la, will try to relocate the Dresden Dolls link again. Am also quite upset la, as that link also contained The Cure's B-sides & rarities 4-disc box set fer download! Shit.

achilles: Thank you fer the vote of confidence. Mucho appreciated!

Azer Mantessa said...

offense taken ... LOL

i'm registering

Achilles said...

AD: mmm... was thinking you could show your appreciation through some beers... hehehehe... but these days, 3 beers will be enough to drop me... so i won't ask for 4 jugs like Mark. hehehehe. me is a cheap date these days.

Life's Like That said...

AD : Haha! Finally kena balik! I still remember you "e-spousing" abt how great your heavy metal music was when I knew you not too well some time ago. You were trying to convert me but I just couldn't take it and said no! There you were going on and on abt all these grps blah, blah, blah.....

I know you are passionate abt things close to yr heart. That's great! But not everyone feels the same abt those things as u. I agree w Mark and Mohan that u are going abt spreading it the wrong way. Democracy gives you a choice to take up arms to fight or go hide in a corner. It is their right!

So AD, chill man. You have made your point! Let the rest go figure whether they wan to register or just sit and watch the fucking BN go down!

Mark : Can finish 4 jugs ah? Need help or not?

Jonno said...

Interesting discussion, too bad I'm a bit late to join in as the jugs were offered but yet to be accepted, perhaps taking "inspiration" from BN, the jugs will somehow spiral to 14 jugs because we need to make sure that in registering that we'll be getting a fair deal, that the "rakyat" will benefit from this operation, the item in question is of the highest quality, and of course not forgetting I need to offer the beers to me wife's brother in law's brother who will be setting up a new company to ferry us to register and hence stand to make some of the cut.
SO AD, is it 14 or 14 jugs now?

And please put that C4 away...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, what snap election? any strong possibility it might happen in the near future ah? as much i dont mind taking the cue from you, dont you think it may cause a bit of a stir for blowing this up?

nanda666 said...

I registered and my name was not on the voting list for quite some time.....I then called my Pakatan buddy, Amir, and within 2 days..I'm on the any of you registered and noticed your name still not in the list....let me know!!!

akuani said...

Kerpie: Worse case we go visit AD in Hotel K :)) and none of that un-halal food can we take!

I'll drive you bring the entertainment :))

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Kena balik? Dude, me is a firm believer in the principles of free speech. Sorry, in case you didn't read me reposnse to Mohan me is just as entitled to campaign in whatever manner me wishes. Similarly, you are free to diagree or ignore me comments.
Me may be harsh, passionate & even overbearing but that too is me right.

Nanda: TQ! Very useful that. Will keep you updated.

Kerp: There is a strong rumour if Anwar isn't BULLSHITTING about the crossovers. Best be prepared. Time is short fer those yet to get on the electoral list if snap is called in Sep/Oct.

Jonno: Do the right thing. Like me said, you cannot allow a scum to become the next PM!

akuani: What makes you think me won't also implicate you should me be hauled off to Hotel K? He he!

akuani said...

AD: implicate me??? aiya ... why la you???

nanda666 said...

For those of you that can't stand the politics and the politician but still wanna save the world....check my latest post!

Mark said...

achilles: I though you gave up alcohol? It's ok, I'll have your share :)

LLT: No man should drink alone.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Why? Coz I is Kopite & you is scummer! hee hee

nanda: keep up the good postings though it would help if they were more regular.

anfield devotee said...

mark / LLT / Jonno: Me'll make it Bear Beer & you will definitely need some help finishing it!!!

akuani said...

CHEH! what a reason ... you'll be driving me nuts at this rate - I better pack earmuffs!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


ok set, a lifetime supply of bear beer and his life is complete, even behind bars!

i'll get mozz to sponsor the luquid. moz is rich btw, he works very hard.

Achilles said...

Mark: yes, me stopped drinking, but not totally lah... still drink on special occasions especially if the beer is FREE. hehehehe

anfield devotee said...

akuani: yes, that's the plan.

kerp: yeah, moz works hard . . . but drinks twice as hard as well that he is reduced to drinking bear beer designed for tramps & hobos to get high quick!

achilles: Spoken like a true Ceylon-mari punya la . . . he he

akuani said...

AD: now I see you insulting 50% of my heritage as well (re: achilles) aiya ... for your sake I hope they put us in very very far away cells!!!