Monday, August 11, 2008

Pakatan - worse than BN?

Some of you may have heard/read about the commotion caused by PKR's Zulkifli Nordin at the Bar Council's forum on 'Religious Conversion' over the weekend. It has alarmed many that despite the multi-racial/equality fer all platform that Anwar is preaching, there are extremists & zealots within the ranks who openly REBEL against those principles.

It has led to some questioning the wisdom of supporting Pakatan & added ammo to those who have been lambasting Pakatan as wolves in sheep's clothing. The typical mantra - "no difference between the Pakatan & BN la, same fooking shit" was heard ad infinitum over the weekend.

Let me reiterate again what me thinks:
1)Zealots (read wankers) like Zul unfortunately have deep roots in PAS, Keadilan & UMNO. It will take time fer these fookers to be removed. Furthermore, our political landscpe is also unfortunately peppered with fookers UNCLEAR OF THE CONCEPT of democracy & civil society (eg Bung Mokthar). This is growing up process albeit one that is proceeding at a snail's pace. But moving forward we most definitely are.

2) Such mob rule & threathening behaviour has occurred frequently in the past, usually led by UMNO fooking Youth. Two wrongs don't make a right but at least Pakatan has been quick to admonish Zul (see Malaysian Insider report below) unlike UMNO who actively endorse such behaviour. Worse, BN's non-Malay partners have been reduced to eunuchs who dare not say shit. At least DAP have been quick to react both in this instance as well as with regards to PAS-UMNO unity talks.

3) Lest we forget, Pakatan is a coalition still in its infancy. There will be problems. We should criticise them fer their mistakes but we should NOT abandon them at this early stage of their political careers.

So again, me urges you to be patient with Pakatan. There's no magic solution. But rest assured, things will only get worse if we allow Barisan Najis to stay in power. That me fooking GUARANTEEES you!

PKR mulls action against protest leader Zulkifli
By Shannon Teoh
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Parti Keadilan Rakyat will decide whether disciplinary action would be taken against its Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin for stoking racial and religious sentiments when demonstrating against a forum here.

"We are going to discuss the matter. Zulkifli claims that he is there as a member of Pembela but he is still a party member.

"In principle we support peaceful demonstrations but are against the use of insulting and racial language and the storming of places where people are having discussions," said PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali.

The first-term MP who protested on behalf of Lawyers in Defence of Islam (Pembela) had declared the forum by the Bar Council an insult and a challenge to Muslims in what some have termed a "hate speech" and also forced his way to the front of the auditorium where the forum was being held yesterday.

Syed Husin told The Malaysian Insider that it was hypocritical of Zulkifli to exercise his democratic freedom by denying others of the same freedom.

"I know that he is aware that the party is disagreeable to his actions," he added.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah also confirmed that the matter would be discussed when the party's top leadership meets during the week.

"I echo Syed Husin's statement as Zulkifli acted without the sanction of the party and does not reflect our stand on the matter."
Zulkifli could not be contacted for comment.

It was reported that Zulkilfi was quoted yesterday as saying that it was time for the Bar Council to be led by a Muslim, so as to prevent the council from organising forums that could anger Muslims.

The Bar Council, however, has had many Muslim presidents within the last 30 years such as Raja Aziz Addruse, Abdullah A Rahman, Zainur Zakaria, Hendon Mohamed, Khutubul Zaman Bukhari and Sulaiman Abdullah.

Sulaiman is also Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's lead counsel for his defence team against the Sodomy II charge.

PKR de facto leader Anwar had made clear of his position that if the Bar Council forum yesterday were to proceed, it should be held behind closed doors, for now.

"To allay fears of others, have a closed forum. Deal with it, then engage with the rest, particularly those who have expressed concerns," he said on Friday.

ps: Also see Raja Petra's take on HYPOCRITICAL Muslims in Malaysia:


nick m said...

A.D. Your post answered the question. In fact, one can't ask that question just yet. Pakatan has only started to govern soon after March 8 and only in 5 states. So how can they be worse than BN?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

PR is definitely my choice, thanks to TS Khalid. as it is now things have been fucked by amno and the damage is PR's duty to repair. from a disabled person's point of view, after merely 100 days into office have the new state government fullfilled their promises by appointing people within the community to have the authority handling our woes. on the other hand, amno gomen was given 5 decades to make such simple changes and yet only cronies are given the power. fuck that shit man. only woes and grumblings were heard back then. when the rakyat decided to try a new crop of administrative team, we didnt lose anything, did we? getting rid of the previous state gomen is the only way to move forward and take us to a greater heights. PR has proven they are capable. in the mean time we'll keep our fingers crossed.

and btw, PR are branded an extremist for having a leader like zul? bear in mind, there are simply countless of people like him in amno...i bet ya its not really a surprise there.

ok, nap time. gotta rest my ass.

nanda666 said...

How many of you feel that there is just toooooo much going on that is to move away from key issues?????? (Feels like I'm watching the movie "Wag the dog" where spin doctors are just drumming up all sorts of issues to blow smoke over the big stuff.)BN OUT...PAKATAN IN...right?
(But with both sides using any means to get their message to the media and the public)
I'm a little tired....

anfield devotee said...

Nick: Some have made assumptions that it will be; so why bother. We need to keep harping on the issues in the hope of balancing the seriously unfair reporting out there.

kerp: TQ fer pointing that Pakatan had appointed somebody from the disabled community within 100 days; something Barisan Najis failed to do fer five fooking decades. Well said. TQ.

Nanda: Yer NOT the only one. People seem to think that just because this blog is constantly droning on about Anwar this, Pakatan that, me revels in it like a pig in shite.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Me would much prefer to blog about metal & footie 24/7. But such is the current scenario, me thinks everybody has a duty to keep oneself informed in order to make a wise decision should it come to snaps (provided they are registered of course).

Me also is tired of all the wayang kulit but dude, nobody said unseating Barisan Najis was gonna be easy. Chin up me friend, chin up . . .

akuani said...

Nanda: Wag the Dog good movie - now we get our own version and it drones on like one of those death scenes in hindi/tamil movies dontcha think?? where all and sundry get a chance to tell their version of what happened ... no wonder I'm going on a 'sabbatical/exile' from Malaysian politics.

(p/s: spotted the Lawan Kuda turn off - I think I will be checking your recommendation out in a couple of weeks *thanks*)

AD: sorry this post is not adding any value :)) ... taking a peek on my lunch break.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: No worries yeah. But you are rite it is lie a neverending saga here la.

That's what many people are disgruntled about - polticians only busying themselves with politcs instead of good governance. Fooked up la.

ps: Aunty, Lawan Kuda recommendation came from Anba la not nanda!

akuani said...

Nanda: apologies ... my mistake. had been reading your blogs and got confused ... I meant to thank Anba :))

**Oops for offending you, heard you're vegan - which I think is way cool! :))**

Anba: will check Lawan Kuda out ..

AD: Thanks .. see what happens when I DON'T get my promised servings *eheheh*

anfield devotee said...

akuani: eh? you even haven't even fooking returned the blardi claypot from last time mau cakap banyak ah . . .

Jon-C said...

Definitely sick and tired of all the "sandiwara" so i'm just gonna spend my time watching the Olympics and preach about the values of it.

If only some people will understand the One World, One Dream motto especially some of the so called politicians or "kids" as i like to call 'em.

Achilles said...

Why is eveyone throwing such a fuss when PR has one extremist. is it because they promised equality for all races and now there is the opposite happening? Does that make them hypocrites? maybe... but what about Barisan najis?

didn't they promise you 50 fooking years of equality as well, bangsa Malaysia and all that facny stuff... but what happen? how come no one is throwing a fuss about that?

Not saying what this macha did was correct or that i support it, but the fact is extremists will be everywhere, but to say that the extremists in Barisan Najis are forgiveable while those in PR are unacceptable is just fooking crap-lah. why the extreme bias?

Again.. back to my point on Barisan Najis being able to drop a nuclear bomb, and then say the reason for the nuke would be to save the environment (similar to buying mercedes benz to save money)
But if PR steps on one ant, the media will shout out that they are fooking murderers, animal haters etc...and countless will nod their head in agreement.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Hmmmmmm . . . but host nation has quite a dodgy human rights record. If anyone is in contravention of the Olympic spirit tis them. (see Tibet).

achilles: We should expect the state-controlled media to blow it up. Biasa la. But a bit disappointing that quite a few opposition supporters have sp quickly expressing their doubts.

Like me said, we should be focused & be quick to condemn such bigotry whether it is Pakatan or BN, but we shouldn't abandon hope that Pakatan is our ticket towards a Barisan-Free future (even if it is fer a short 3-4 years, it'd be a refreshing change la).

mozmayidenggg said...

macha, to add some slabs of belligerent riffs (of sabbath-ian proportions) over kerp's tectonic lead/thread:

1. i saw a coupla buses servicing me rustic neighbourhood over the weekend; we're talkin mintywhitepol"O"s new here dude, air-conditioned, cushioned seats, automatic doors, like one of 'em scandinavian works of art, freakin scanianized dude, sans creaky suspensions. no bodies dangling in vigilante "heymafarker-look-at-me-waves" from the steps, nor ayambrand (flatcan) scenes.

yes dude, a bus of that stature servicing coming into the neigbourhood and servicing a coupla others nearby.

contrast the flipside - moz, how was it before?
well pre-privatization, we had buses. the long haul types. bas panjang. ever reliable and ever dependable, farkin hell bro, you didnt need a wristwatch to tell them time. only drawback was - it was friggin old - like grandad old, much like in the vein of say..the legendary len seng/sri jaya/foh hup buses of yore (brings a tear to yer eyes don't it - the good ol' days).

dun get me wrong. i missed dangling precariously on steps. however here's the thing - what came after that for a period of 10 years or so, refurbished BMWs that had been used in KL city centre - in flourescent pink ( i kid you not) were servicing us for a while replete with the usual shite. privatized, commission-based profit-sharing arrangements, driver who for most part of the time seemed stoned on one substance or another; chuggin' tarblack smoke that city dweller lungs have developed a high for.

pungent point i'm tryin to make is this?
why has this comfort not come to us any earlier?
(yes me hometown is within the selangor state limits)

2. a friend had to sell an apartment in slayang. needed to get her strata title out. pleaseantly suprised when the officer in charge told her with all documents in place (hell, the fella even gave her list) - it would take only about a week or so. true enough, it did take only a week or so. that too, minus any greasing.

3. we got huge neighbourhood dustbins around now - the kind that gets cleared frequently. and mind you, i'm living in one of them pretty mixed neighbourhods with a good cross-section of the malaysian population represented.

squeeze ma tits bro, i must be

take care, keep on steamin'


p.s. delete what you wish :))) no offence taken. aku dah tobat. (bertaubat)

mozmayidenggg said...

oh yeah one more thing, the flourescent pinky works of art?

they were farkin late.

dude, the bus driver can sempat to stop (with a busload of passengers), have a roti-canai or two, a swig of tea, ample puffs of the gudang, exchange some friendly banter with the patrons of the dingy mamak/warung, amorous slutty glances (sometime accidental brushes) with the imported indon/burmese hell - all done in good camaradrie and well intended candour of course.

oh hang on wait, did i forget to mention that
the were still passengers
in the bus
while erh..all this was goin on?
yes, a whole busload.

hey, a man's gotta eat don't he?

thank god, i can ride a bycycle.

ciao mon.

anfield devotee said...

Dear people,

What Moz is saying that with the advent of the new state govt in S'gor, transportation, civil service & municipal services have all imporved.


Me fooking thinks not. In such a short time, Pakatan has made EVERYDAY life fer citizens in MOz's neighbourhood so much better. And we're NOT talking fooking politics here, just bread & butter issues like bus services.

Let's concentrate on the positives!

Jon-C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon-C said...

Above post deleted due to double posting.

Mate no country is perfect, if utopia actually exist the world ain't gonna be as shitty as it is.

Sorry i do not dig the free "Tibet" movement at its current form. Killing and rioting is not the route to freedom. Civil disobedience is.

I personally believe that politics should stay out sports. Sports serves to bring people together.

Anyhow, the host is still a communist country so expecting a good human rights report from them equates to shouting to a wall.

Tinesh said...

PR has done some good job in bangsar.. Pavements are tiled, roads are tarred..Public transport Im not so sure cuz I hardly take them nowadays.

But there is still about 4 more years left before the next elections (discounting the probable snaps) so let's see whatelse have they got in their pockets

Anba said...

Akuani:- Most of the shops operate during dinner like after 6.30 pm...the one open during lunch time is Qia Jia Fah...their Kathu Pandi Kari is ok...

Regarding this an educationist...i dont see anny concrete effort by the incalculate...critical mindedness or the fair interpretation of Bangsa Malaysia...
in the states they are ready to embrace a president without lokkin at his race or skin color...
while here in malaysia we cant have a civilised dialogue regarding religion...what the Fook...
Yes the BN gomen had failed to eradicate this mentality now we are looking at its fruit of labour...
Ciao everyone...
i'm on a 2 weeks break frens...i'll try to visit this blog as much as i could

Azer Mantessa said...


malaysia is sooooo happening

petrol hike
and the list goes on and on and on


regarding what the bar council is trying to achieve, i personally agree with the intention.

people question it's not a suitable place/organizer ... so i wonder where?

parliment? what a joke

with umno? what a big joke

with pas? good try but silly

with pkr? obviously not

with people's conspiracy(pakatan rakyat)? again, big joke ... will spark real BN VS People's Conspiracy shit thing

this issue obviously shows either BN or People's Conspiracy(Pakatan Rakyat) can't solve certain problems in this country.

i tell you what.

bar council should go for world court!!!

that might work.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: You do realise that the Chinese govt has been systematically diluting the peoples of Tibet along with their culture & religion fer almost 40 years. While you may NOT condone violence, what do you expect them to do? The world has kept silent on this illegal occupation fer all this while. No oil there mah.

Tinesh: Its a good start is it not? Some of the most basic things were never even implemented by BN as Moz & Kerp have pointed out. Me thinks if Pakatan were allowed to actually govern without inteference from the sore losers that is BN, they would be doing a much better job.

Anba: "BN has failed to eradicate it" ?!!? Fook, these fookers are responsible fer instilling such a narrow mind set in the first place. See "keling pariah" teacher & posting by Kopite78 on Uni freshies getting a "briefing" on race relations.

Azer: Something is seriously NOT fooking right if we cannot discuss problems regarding OUR problems in our own backyard rite?
Small minded arseholes like Zul don't even allow fer LEGAL discussions on the issue of conversion.

Am sorry but issues like this are pertinent to non-Muslims. Coz as it stands, one person's decision to convert will affect several other people. And this must be resolved.

Makes me blood fooking boil when me sees the fooking baying mob with their "Jangan kacau Islam" banners. These are the same fook heads who threathen the Sisters of Islam fer daring to sepak out against the injustices meted out to women in the name of religion & fer the male bias in syariah courts.

Not surprising that people like this give Islam a bad name.

Achilles said...

Moz: Me miss the mini busses... fastest way to get around KL... hop on one, and they will zoom past traffic like motorbikes. All for just 60 cents.... sigh.. the good old days.

The funniest thing is, the fooking gomen decided to get rid of the mini bus because they were reckless and dangerous... so what happen to all the mini bus drivers who lost their jobs? they joined companies like Metro Bus, Intrakota where they were given even bigger busses to be reckless with.

akuani said...

Host nation of Olympics also got drama going on i.e. pollution, terrorists, stabbing of American Volleyball coach's father inlaw, Tibet and other Human Rights issues - in a nutshell everywhere got drama.

It's closer to home because we're the ones who (I Think)believe in the Bangsa Malaysia story we were sold, and we're reeling in disappointment after 50 yrs to see we're still race segregated.

I am wondering the same on the extremist bit though (UMNO uses this card and the race card often themselves) especially seeing as PM thinks Home Ministry should decide what to do with Bar Council now .. like hmmm he's incapable of making any intelligent discussion forward anyhows - he'd fall asleep mid sentence!

In Malaysia, everybody knows that if you speak on conversion or renunciation of religion/conversion - you're walking into a minefield!

Even in my client meeting yesterday , different members of the religion reacted differently to the issue - it was very interesting to see how and why people say and think they way they do - I often think it's nothing to do with the religion itself all about individuals aspiring for some form of social supremacy ...

And yes, this take place in all religious groups - perhaps it's about preservation of numbers rather than the tenets of the faith ... people might disagree with me on this - I don't really care if you do :)

Also I agree with AD, one person's decision to convert DOES indeed effect a lot of people.

Especially in the subject matter of legacy/inheritance ... (anyone needing info on this - ask me, am working on the system and its interesting how much converts have no clue what happens with their estates)

Cheer people! PAS youth are doing what they should by screaming for a ban on Avril ... somethings are status quo :))

anfield devotee said...

Akuani: Am actually surprised that Pemuda PAS actually know who Avril is . . . !!!

akuani said...

AD: makes you wonder don't it ;))

but "Gerudi" Innul(??) is a green light go for everyone eheheh - HYPOCRITES all around ... PAS and UMNO fookers! JUst a war of who is holier than thou ...

mozisgod said...

an interesting viewpoint - please have a look see:

thanks. will be back later for six feet under.


nanda666 said...

I really don't buy into this sectarian religions anyway but that's just me!!! But honestly...we all pick and choose what we want and don't want to follow in any religion. Then why can't I just pick and choose without the religion???? Why bother with this one supreme being concept anyway??? Humans killing humans for centuries for this ridiculous concept of something controlling your life and it's not you!!! Now that is really bollocks!! How???? Again..Just my view.

anfield devotee said...

Dear nanda: To have atheist beliefs is yer right.

But even as an atheist, you can see the danger & absurdity of these wankers' priciples, rite?

Am sure you can see beyond the religious arguments to note that this is mere THUGGERY & CHAUVINISM by one group over another.

So its WRONG, whether you belief in religion or not . . .

nanda666 said...

Agreed...I just feel that after sooooooooo long, religion still cannot be discussed in a civilised manner...why la??? Call the Zealots, fanatics, fundamentalist, etc, etc...
Why is the concept of GOD sooooooo strong but the concept of GOOD sooooo difficult?????
"Why can't we all just get along"....can't remember who said that!!

akuani said...

Nanda: Rodney King :))

I understand what you're saying. But in my limited vocabulary and diversity of thought perhaps the reason Good vs. God is so hard because doing Good seems to be 'rewardless' whereas God seems to hold unknown 'rewards to infinity'

At least that's what the zealots package God to be. I have my faith and my blind believe of God. But I also subscribe to doing Good where and when I can.

What goes around comes around - its 2 sided. Do good, get good; Do bad, get bad - too simplistic perhaps for the warlords of religous zealotry but it's a good place to start me thinks ...

Everywhere where religion is used to stir the emotions, it's usually chauvinism and thuggery hand in hand and there's really nothing good coming out of such a union ...

anfield devotee said...

Akuani & Nanda: Please note that in our current scenario, this already sensitive issue takes on new meaning with politicians playing up the Malay supremacy card again.

Of course, this group of wankers don't represent the majority of Muslims.

But what is really frustrating is the police as usuakl apply their double standards. This is an illegal gathering, no?

What about disturbing the peace?

Inciting racial hatred?

In the end, Bar Council kena fer organising Forum, not these buffoons.

Another reason to vote Anwar into power. Why? He's been on the wrong end of them police & their FILTHY fooking tactics & will make sure life is no bed of roses for these bastards. (well, me hopes anyway, it is in his manifesto) . . .

nanda666 said...

The link to the RPK write-up was o.k..but a little hard on the muslims. Most Malaysian muslims definition of being muslim is:

1. No pork. (Halal ONLY)
2. No alcohol (Closet drinkers???)
3. No dog
4. Friday prayers
5. Hari Raya. (W or Wout the fasting)

I work in a GLC with 95% of my colleagues being muslim so yes...this is based on actual experience.
The problem is that doing GOOD is way down on the list. (Similar to most other sectarian religions too!!)
So to blame them being bad muslims when they have not been educated correctly is a little hard...