Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sounds of the 80s Revisited! (Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind / Number of the Beast)

Fer the past week, me commute to work has been to soundtracked by none other than the evergreen, galloping metal sound of Iron Fooking Maiden. Ask any longhair & chances are Maiden was the ground zero fer their personal metal explosion.

Three decades & still going strong, Maiden are famous fer staying true to their roots (though bassist & one time West Ham Utd prodigy, Steve Harris, admitted he doesn't know how long they can keep the enterprise going).

However, there's hardly any need to recount their history & how fooking great Maiden are when all you need is to download & listen to these two classic long players. These two albums which have gone on to inform a generation or two of metalheads! Me firmly believes that every home should have these LPs, so if you don't, here you are, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

To download Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast (1982), click here:

To download Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind (1983), click:

Fer the uninitiated, here's Hallowed Be Thy Name from the 666 LP. Download, headbang & fooking ENJOY!!!

ps: Of course, look forward to hearing bout yer fave Maiden tunes as well as the memories listening to these albums bring back. These LPs also soundtracked me revision fer 'A' levels all those years ago . . .


Achilles said...

AD: Awesome stuff... look forward to checking out the Video at home.. me has never seen the video for Hallowed be Thy Name (was a late comer in appreciating maiden and becoming a fan)... i have always imagined what it would be like... i am sure they will be some hanging right?

And of course, thanks to Mr. bala, me house has an iron maiden record, which me has framed and placed on the wall....yeah... honestly one of the best wedding gifts me received.

Wifey is a bigger fan of Maiden than me, so will get her to watch the video as well.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Glad you liked the wedding gift. Its actually called a picture disc.

Me assumes you own these two albums, if not download & enjoy.

ps: Sorry, vid is a live track & not the actual video. Still hope you dig it!

Achilles said...

AD: Picture disc... didn't know that...i thought its just called a record. :-)

Yes, wifey has got these 2 albums.

Favourtie song.... hard to choose-lah...
Fear of the Dark
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Run to the Hills
Hallowed be thy name

just to name a few

Can i also recommend Bruce's solo stuff... especially the album called Accident of Birth...i it was fooking brilliant, but i heard many die hard maiden fans didn't like it.

Anba said...

it sure brings a lot of old memories bck...
Maiden is in my all time fav albums and bands...
My Top 5 album by maiden is

1.Somewhere in time
3.Piece of Mind
4.Iron Maiden
5.Number of the Beast

Top 5 tunes...this is a really tough one...
hmmmmm let me see

1.The loneliness of the long distance runner...i always think of this tune...when i'm doing my morning runs...
2.Murders in the Rue Morgue
Killer Orang Utan anyone..
3.Run to the hills
4.The Troooper.......Fuyooooh
5.Hallowed be thy Name...

Cheers Every one...and up the irons...

anfield devotee said...

achilles: A record is typically black vinyl wax with a paper centre with title etc. What you have is a limited edition pix disc ie the artwork is pressed onto the vinyl itself.

Me actually never bothered with Brucie's solo stuff coz me was kinda cheesed off that he left & fooking replaced with that buffoon from Wolfsbane.

Do you watch Flying Heavy Metal on Astro's Ch734?

Anba: Somewhere In Time? Stranger IN A Strange Land? Powerslave? Aces High? Where Eagles Dare? Quest for Fire?

Just so many great songs. Yeah . . . Up The Irons!

Achilles said...

AD: Flying Heavy Metal on Astro's Ch734??? is it a channel dedicated to heavy metal??? Sorry... me didn't know about this...must check it out.

only rock-worthy thing me catches is some shows from VH1 like "top 40 metal songs of all time" which is shown on MTV... but they are as rare as eclipses.

anfield devotee said...

Sorry to disappoint you mr achilles but its a programme bout planes hosted by Brucie.

As you know he is a keen aviator & actually has a day job - commercial airlines pilot! He wanted to fly the biggest fooking planes there were & even rock stars can't buy a 747 or A308 just fer fun. So he gets his license & is now PAID fer indulging in his hobby! He is with Quantas me thinks.

Aces High indeed . . .

Achilles said...

AD: hmmpph... and i actually thought Malaysia finally came to its fooking senses and allowed a fool rock channel to come through. i guess we can only dream.

BTW, now that you mention it, i think i have seen one episode of this show...was duly disappointed by it...

going to watch the video now

Tinesh said...

My gf's favouritest band although I dont share the same enthusiasm as her. But it's Maiden maaaannn..Who doesnt like em??

Trooper, hallowed be thy name and reincarnation of benjamin breeg are the favourites. Owh and add Rainmaker cause that's what got my gf and I to be good friends in the beginning lol

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Hee hee . . . me don't watch it either but was pretty amused that a world famous rock star had a day job!

Tinesh: Awwwww . . . so sweet. Two young lovers brought together by their mutual love of Maiden . . . (*tears in me eyes etc*)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

heyy, hope am not too late to chip in.

Maiden's all-time fav track- Can I play With madness from their SSoaSS album. in fact this was their album that actually introduced the mighty Maiden to me. dont blame me la, i was only 10 when it came out.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Tq fer making me feel old . . . BASTARD!

mozmayidenggg said...

tuan balRIC,

got up pretty early today, fer some reason couldnt sleep. one of those nights with a niggly feelin, so i slumbered heavingly from the dank floormattress to a place..(probably the only place) that gives a certain amount of
contentment; the ceramic butt stool, a universal dumpin soapbox of sorts, but for me a throne. pristine white throne (effeferscent when flushed).

now the question being, WTF has this got to do with the sound of frenetic twin guitars wallowing yu in its mire? well i'll tell ya. usual around this block of the wee hours, with fag in hand i wait, for that which is imminent; my crap (remnants of yesterday's tempoyak sambal). it was a good crap nevertheless, almost orgasmic. the kind that rolls yer eyes upwards into the upper lids. not so much shuddering but yu know what i mean? now where can yu find peace like that in current times? it is during times like this, that concurrently my mind is crappin out as well; which usually has a full-on soundtrack accompaniment as well. today it kicked of the farkin W's "i ammmm the greattessst maaynnn on earth". yeah baby, motivational to the max. the W's been rockin ma head out of recent, and then the crappin mind wandered around "cotton panties" that was mentioned in another friendlyblog (which shall remain nameless throughout) that triggered a tak-sengaje response "dude, why cotton, not silk or satin..hmm"...and then it wondered over
to the farkin

now, when i was growin up, yu know doing the usual record shop route on the weekends, while flippin through tapes and me hand would hover around fer a while over maiden lp's. a whole lot of LP's i might add. maiden was one of those few bands that seem to have a minimum of at least 10 records on display. and i'd just end up scratching my testys in confusion and walk away.

however one i did procure (finally) was..wahyeyeyey whadeeyeeee know.
ssOtSS and guess what's me fav maiden track of all time was as well..mwahhahahhaha
fits me perfectly doesn't it, i mean considering the amount of crap i've written upstairs.
yes. can i play with madness. (tuan kerpov, great masturbatory minds think alike?:)) always good enough
to put a wildeyed
grin on me face.
and those rabid twin guitars. melunakkan.
makes me wanna airguitar
right here right now.

btw - there's another 2 tracks on that lp (other than the title track) which still stuck to me head. one - the clairvoyant and i think 2nd one is the prophecy (???).

lyrics go somethin like this:
"there's a time to die, there's a time to live, but isn't it strayngge..as soon as you're born..
you die again".
deep dude; whoeever said maiden were just an overgrown bunch of
sadly enough it's the only maiden LP which i had and worn it off. (excluding comps). and dude, the cover art..would put even bands like deicide to shame. (no offence deicide fans). but seriously "eddie" was a big thing on school bags and jeans patches those days...mwahahhahahah

wish i knew how to use a freakin pc or had links such as yours
back then. then again, i would
have to been
smart enough
to turn switches/power buttons on, shouldn't i?

cheers mon. muchos gracias.


anfield devotee said...

moz: The evil that men do? (perfect song fer you & fellow perv kerp?)

mozmayidenggg said...



yu have opened up the floodgates..bits and pieces are flyin through now..

"only the good dieee younnggg...alll the evil livess foreverrr"

"mooooonchild...you;'llllll soon be mine childdd"

"the evil thattt men doooo..lives on and onnnnnn..."mmwahhahahahha

cheers mon. have a good day.

mozmayidenggg said...

and oh by the way,
"galloping"..indeed. couldn't think of a better way
to describe
maiden riffs.

anfield devotee said...

Moz: actually would've thought you & kerp's fave song would've been "Women In Uniform"!!! Hee hee

Tinesh said...

Oooo the evil that men do!!! My band uses that riff and come up with totally diff songs and lyrics everytime we jam it..Somehow we never play the original song haha..We call it our power metal song lolz

reena said...

yes, kerp, u really make me feel old, too. thanx.

anfield devotee said...

Reena: Got a feeling Kerp is just lying bout his age like a insecure bitch of a teenager . . .