Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blunt force trauma - The Roots of Sepultura!

As far metal is concerned, me is the firm believer that the 90s belonged to this group of Brazilians. Hailing from the impoverished slums of Sao Paolo, these merry band of thrashers fooking shook the metal world with their unique tribal sounds & death-speed-thrash-punk amalgamation.

That's why to highlight the fact Sepultura (it means Grave in Portuguese) was no run-of-the-mill metal act, me has chosen this compilation album (no, its not Roots the album although it has the same cover) which has plenty of great covers, alternate takes & fooking blistering live performances.

Me was lucky enough to see this band not once but twice during their Arise world tour & they were quite simply the most brutal & technically efficient band me has ever had the fooking pleasure to headbang to. Powerful, melodic & earth-shatteringly heavy all at the same time whilst retaining a sound that was instantly recognisable as Sepultura's. Like their national football team circa 1970, Sepultura is a fooking national treasure. Bringing pride to the homeland & plenty of joy to minions everywhere.

To download Sepultura's Roots of Sepultura (1996), click here:

1. Intro
2. C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform)
3. Orgasmatron
4. Dead Embryonic Cells (Original Mix)
5. Desperate Cry (Original Mix)
6. Murder (Original Mix)
7. Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Original Mix)
8. Necromancer (Demo Version)
9. The Past Reborns The Storms (Demo Version)
10.A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer
11.Drug Me
12.Crucificados Pelo Sistema
13.Anticop (live)
14.Intro (live)
15.Arise (live)
16.Inner Self (live)
17.Mass Hypnosis (live)
18.Escape To The Void (live)
19.Troops Of Doom (live)
20.Altered State (live)

Fer those who have never had the pleasure of being aurally-assaulted by these South Americans, here's the vid to Dead Embroynic Cells:

ps: Me knows me always say this but this is seriously essential. Enjoy!

pps: Fooking check out Sepultura's killer version of Motorhead's Orgasmatron!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

obviously this compilation is not their 'best of' album. great numbers of their best tracks are missing in this one. the likes of chaos a.d, territory to name a few. but i still feel its quite listenable especially with the inclusion of DEC, Arise, orgasmatron and altered state.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: You are right, this is NOT their 'Best of . . .'. Just a random guide to what constitutes the 'roots' of the band ie thru a selection of covers as well as alternate/original takes of some of their best known tunes to show where they are coming from.

Do download this if you don't already have this. Fooking awesome stuff on it.

Achilles said...

AD: Sorry-lah bro... me has really tried listening to them many times, but never liked them. Too heavy for me taste.

On the other hand, i did check out the iced earth video and it was fooking awesome and blew me away. The music was great and indeed "pre-black album metallica" premiuim grade material.

anfield devotee said...

Achilles: Please note me has left you the link to EIGHT other Iced Earth albums.

Did you manage to download The Dark Saga?

j or ji said...

sepultura i thot it means the red ant?

Sepultura is Max Cavalera and Max Cavalera is Sepultura.

Do u fancy Soulfly?
me NOT.

me love sepultura..best ever metal bands.

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: With regards to their name, they translated their favourite metal songs & bands to see which sounded the best. They settled on Sepultura after translating Motorhead's 'Dancing On Yer Grave'. No, pretty sure its not 'red ants'.

Have quite a few Soulfly LPs but don't play them nearly as frequently as Sepultura albums. However, me lost interest after Max left.

Do you like Cavalera Conspiracy?

mozcavalera said...

you saw them live twice chief????

i caught the sep bug off of arise. though i must admit the first thing that caught me eye when a schoolmate traded tapes with me was, the cover (remember the sleeve). now, at that time, if im not mistaken the whole blackmetal / remaja sembah setan hype was heatin up in the klang valley (for confirmation - i need to check with a certain infamous ex-nebiras groupie la..mwahhahah)

so this friend of mine was going through this snakey skin-shedding phase; transmuting from standard textbook death/thrash to all out
brigadiergeneral mascarayed freako death(siap trifixion wa cakap lu)and as a result, severed his heartwrought ties with death legends (even the mighty steer/walker combo). but sep maann..
sep was one of those bands he never could let go. if when the sound started tweakin differently post chaosAD.

once i plugged it in, i could understand why - again, what can you say. mengasyikkan bro. whaaddaafarrk i mean by that?

well, put it to you this way,
if you can remember a tuneful freddie fender tune like "wasted years and wasted nights" (the anthem of ma EPL nights) - fine.

but, if you can S.T.I.L.L remember a riff..sorry deathmetal riff, you haven't for yonks - now, thats something.

from arise, i landed smack back on schizo. and thats when i discovered "troops of DOOMMMM"
mwahhaha. which also lead to the indirect exploration of RDP and other brazillial acts (no, not full LPs, just snippets here and there).

signing of with all-time fav tracks: DEC, regnum irae, troops of doom, one more track from schizo i cant remember, and this cover they did of discharge's hear,see n' say NO thing.

soundtrack of PP:
"warrrrr for terrrriiitttoorrrry"
masukkk rollll riffffingggg

see ya mate.
mucho obrigado

anfield devotee said...

moz: Me first heard them on Morbid Visions & was scared fooking shitless. Fave album has gotta be Beneath The Remains la! That's the classic Scott Burns Morrisound!

Sorry, have to brag la, not only did me get to see live twice, me also got me LPs signed & best of all, years later, when they released Roots, me managed to INTERVIEW MAX fer me metal column!!! Hee hee! Sorreeee . . .

Anba said...

you saw them during their best line up and time...mesti best gila...
My personal Fav track is Arise...
but their cover songs were pretty amazing too...
Procreation of the Wicked
The Hunt...
and many others...
Bro:- Do check out the new Soulfly album conquer...nice

anfield devotee said...

anba: You said, best gila. Eardrums were fooking ringing fer weeks after the gigs & me neck was whiplashed well & porper.

Ok, will check out the Soulfly album.

Achilles said...

AD: Wow you lucky bastard... me can't believe you managed to interview Max Cavalera? Although me not a huge fan of Sepultura, but I know how much you love them... and from one metal fan to another, i know how exciting that would be... to interview a band that you worship. If only me could interview Mr. Dio...

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Yup, was lucky indeed to have been given a chance to do me own metal column in a paper. So got a chance to interview some of me heroes, not just Max. Also go to talk to Lars Ulrich & Jason Newstead on seperate occassions, Machine Head, Paradise Lost, Entombed thru some very colourful phone interviews.

Sigh . . . those were the days . . .

Achilles said...

AD: Wow... me truly envy you. Lars and Jason Newstead..no Hetfield?

Don't sigh-lah... at least you had opportunity to speak with metal gods... all most of us get to do is breathe the same stadium air as them.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: first time me got the chance to interview metallica, me was actually given the choice. So me picked motormouth Lars as Hetfield is a notoriously difficult interviewee.

And tru to form, fooking Lars jabbered on fer about an hour and a half when interview was supposed to be just 30mins!

Gotta give it to the man, he passionately defended Bob Rock, The Black Album, etc etc.

Achilles said...

AD: an hour and a half...Wah bro... me really envy you lah... seriously.

Now, me attending black sabbath concert with original line up during oz fest(which is probably me most precious metal moment to date) seems so trivial.

Anba said...

Balaji:- Tabik sarjen 2 u bro... you spoke two of my metal heroes...Lars n Max...
i still have a recorded interview of Hetfield over the phone that was made during the Alternative Rock Show..hosted by Dj Kamil Othman...

But bro... u talkin to them directly...is something else bro...

One of me frens ... that i got now frm the gigs in kl actually had a mamak session somewhere along Jalan Alor ... with Shane Embury and Jesse Pintado ... imagine Metal Gods lepakking in Stalls ... he told me these guys are very laid back ... no diva like behavior etc... very informative and of course intelligent...in other words ... cool... n no rock stars kind of shit ... i guess majority of d metal musicians are like this..
Talkin abt Napalm Bro ...
Me got to say ... They really ripped that day bro ... not much bullshit..they just came on stage.. unleashed a sonic assault and went away... thats how band should be..less bullshit... the music speaks fer themself...

anfield devotee said...

achilles: No lar, me thinks seeing fooking legends like the Sabs is unfookingbelievable la. Interviews, though, great is just a perk of the job. But lest we forget, we are in it fer the MUSIC & to see Sabs with Ozzy, me would trade all them interviews dude. Even though me has been to loads of gigs, me still want MORE!!! hee hee . . . metal never die bro!

anba: Remember when Fugazi came down? Meself, NickM & Joe Kidd were lucky enough to entertain them after the show. Just lepak at Bangsar & drink tea (straight edge mah so no booze).

Was absolutely great to just chat to the guys like that. No airs, no pompous rock star behaviour. Awesome.

Fave memory of that outing was when guitarist asked NickM what CDs he had in the car, he was met with Fugazi's entire discography & nothing else!!! The look on the guitarist's pained expression was priceless. Ha ha!