Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Battle @ Permatang Pauh Won, now prepare fer SNAPS!

After the battle is over
And the sands drunken the blood
All what there remains
Is the bitterness of delusion

These are the opening lines to Celtic Frost's Circle of the Tyrants. Quite apt as yesterday's victory at Permatang Pauh was just the battle & you can be sure the bitter & deluded Barisan Najis losers will be steeling themselves fer an even bigger war ahead.

That's right, Anwar has re-affirmed that his plans fer a Sep16 takeover of government is still on track. Me knows there are many doubters out there. But one pertinent incident confirms in me mind that the crossover of BN defectors is about to happen.

And that was the PAS 'Unity Talks' with UMNO. Me was fooking perplexed at why PAS would countenance sleeping with the enemy after it had gained so much ground on Mar8. Now me understands. The rumblings from Gerakan, MCA & East Malaysia would suggest that a number of non-Malay MPs are fed up with BN & looking to crossover. This has sparked a fear among PAS members that their role (& ultimately Malay & Muslim voices) being diluted in this new coalition.

Whilst PAS has reaffirmed its commitment to Pakatan it has not broken off completely talks with UMNO. This alone suggests that there is some uneasiness about the future. Me suspicions were further re-inforced when flyers were distributed during the Permatang Pauh BN campaign showing Anwar's proposed cabinet line-up which had only a couple of Malay & PAS leaders. This is aimed at creating uncertainty among the Malays over their role in the Pakatan scheme of things.

But Anwar's 15,000-plus majority in light of the lower voter turn out & Barisan Najis's fooking filthy tactics (phantom voters, road blocks, inconvenient polling date, MONEY politics, police intimidation etc) would suggest the electorate has fooking rejected BN's campaign of threats & empty promises.

However, should Anwar keep good his promise of a Sep16 crossover, it will mean the dissolution of parliament. And you can bet yer fooking bottom ringgit that Barisan Najis will pull out all the fooking dirty tricks in its book to get a fresh mandate. Me once again urge all of you to get mobilised & play yer part in this crucial turning point in our nation's history.


Sorry if me sounds like a fooking broken record but this is IMPORTANT. Me implore you just drop by yer Post Office (Open Mon-Sat, except first Sat of month, & some are even open till 9pm) & hand over yer IC. Time is of the essence as it will take about two months fer yer name to appear on the electoral roll.

And if Anwar does keep his promise, we are looking at a Snap election towards the end of the year. Please do NOT procrastinate or be apolitical about this. This is about OUR future in this country. (*ok, will get off me fooking soapbox now*)

ps: Ideally, Anwar gets the crossovers & the Agong rejects Bodohwi's application to dissolve parliament saying it will be too taxing on the nation's already fragile economy!!! Let Pakatan run the show till next GE!

pps: (*use email, sms, facebook or an invite fer a cold beer to get the message across)


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

all this fear of PAS joining force with ameno is totally unfounded. as we have witnessed during the 10-day campaigning period, PAS's bigwigs made their presence felt by throwing their undevided support behind anwar. we saw husam sitting next to Guan Eng, Hj Hadi sharing the stage with PKR and DAP leaders and ultimately TGNA gave a speech amid his poor health. that speaks alot of their commitment towards the Pakatan.

i do agree however the theory you came up with. when you have people like Dr Tan Yee Kew, a former MCA big gun jumping ship as well as several Gerakan guys, there could be some truth in it. but still not strong enough to convert doubters.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: The top heirachy in PAS is commited fer now. Most def. But even they will have to listen to the grassroots when rumours abound.

That's fer future discussion. Fer now, me is just using it as evidence that the 'Unity Talks' with their hated enemy proves that there is uneasiness among the rank & file.

And that points to quite a number of non-Malay BN MPs crossing over. Which fer now is what we want in order to topple this rotten BN regime.

Here's to parying fer a better Malaysia fer ALL.

Getreal said...

I would be very worried about those BN snakes who cross over to PKR because they would be doing it not because they believe in PKR's vision but because they want to continue being in positions of power to continue their rape and plunder of this country. Also, what makes you think these cross-over snakes will change their mentality in terms of racial and religious bigotory politics, especially those morons from UMNO?

j or ji said...

PKR won.WE won. The Rakyat strikes back....

i smell the same aroma of revolution like the last GE.

anfield devotee said...

getreal: Of course that has to be considered. Am pretty sure that MOST will NOT shed their BN skins.

Means to an end. It is one way to topple this BN regime.

And those who do cross over will have to contend with their former foes whom we hope will keep em in check.

On an optimistic note, do NOT forget that a certain Jeff Ooi & Anwar Ibrahim were also FORMER BN people. So there . . .

theALBERTUS said...

Viva Liberte Viva Egalite Viva Fraternite

Very bold words of a revolution in the making. Yesterday was when all the people drove back the barbarians from the gate. Kudos to the 50,000 constituents of Permatang Pauh and the brave 30,000 voters who fought back the barbarians from the gates of change.

Only time will tell wether a change is coming. A new hope and a new dawn. A new merdeka!

Nostradamus said...

A Sinking “Titanic” (BN) in Malaysia? (The show has just begun!)

Malaysia’s Titanic (BN) was deemed unsinkable when it was first launched. Even when it hit an iceberg on 8 March 2008, it was so hard to accept that the ship will sink. When all efforts to save the ship from sinking was finally abandoned, the Captain (DSAB) just stood silently awaiting the fate as a forlorn man. He was hoping the Carpentia or some other nearby ships will come in time to save the passengers. It was sad to see the Captain firing off some distress flares to alert the Carpentier, but the Carpentier’s Captain (DSNTR) was just not convinced that the Titanic was in distress.

In between is a love story of Leonardo DiCaprio (DSAI) and Kate Winslet (Azizah). Azizah refused to abandon her love, even though many a times, events show she should just save herself. She held on to hopes, hoping against hope that she and her love can pull thru and both will survive this tragedy. Both suffered mentally and emotionally and in the end, it was Azizah left to tell the tale of a great man who sacrificed himself to save her.

As for the crew of the Titanic (Little Napoleons) and their friends who are rich and powerful corporate figures, who helped run the ship, did you see the desperation when they found out that the ship is really sinking. Most of them scramble to save their lives and abandon ship and some, with loads of money found they can’t buy anything they wanted, even a place on a lifeboat to save their lives (TDM migration). But not all, for there was a few brave Napoleons who tried to show they are committed to the name of Titanic (BN) and the show continues.

There was an old couple who just lay in bed waiting for the ship to sink (MIC & PPP) abandoned by the young and too old to move around anymore. There were also musicians still playing the ship’s songs (MCA, PBB, LDP, PBRS, PRS, SAPP, SPDP, SUPP, UPKO) and died like true musicians dedicated to their role of love for music. There were also some crew (GERAKAN) still working to plug the leaks at the bottom of the ship until they themselves died thinking they were heroes not knowing the ship cannot be saved just by plugging some holes.

Do you know who was the director of Titanic (BN) show? James Cameron (TDM).

Did you know this show was shown around the world?

Did you know Malaysia has some of the best actors and actresses and supporting casts?

Anyway, it was just a movie, for the real show has only just begun!

Posted at

Wilson said...

the people of Bangsa Malaysia implore that you register. Time to walk the talk by taking the first step - go get registered.


Life's Like That said...

What a relief to hear majority increased! Let's hope more changes are coming. Let's also see how low the BN can go after this. In fact it has already started by their passing of the new DNA bill when most PR MPs were in PP!

I don think ppl like DSAI, Kit Siang etc are dumb enuf to think that those crossing over fm BN can be trusted. I m sure they will be watched. But as AD says, if their crossing over signals the end of BN rule, then so be it!

anfield devotee said...

yup, wilson, well said.

But still me faces incredible antipathy from some who see a shove towards the post office as an infringemnet of their personal liberties.

Incredible but true . . .

Jon-C said...

DSAI will be sworn in tomorrow..... confirmed by the Speaker. So he will be seeing straight into the eye of you know who during budget day. Wahahahaha!

Achilles said...

AD: Will people who register now still be able to vote if snaps happen? Any predictions on when the snaps will be? got friends who want to register this weekend. After seeing the victory in Permatang Pauh, now they all feel the power and the real chance of toppling Barisan Najis. You know how it is-lah... now lot of people want to jump on the band wagon.

I still waiting for my BN supporting colleague to come back. hehehehe.... i am sure i will have fun with her.

Jon-C. Wow... DSAI sworn in tomorrow. that's great news. will be fun to watch. hehehehe

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Nevermind if they want to jump on the band wagon. By all means encourage em. Better late than never. That is GREAT news!

It will usually take two months after registration to appear on electoral roll. So best be quick.

Political analyst are saying Sep16 is too tight a deadline fer anwar to get the defectors to cross but at they are NOT saying it is impossible. And many are predicting BN to crumble sooner or later.

So quite possible that snaps will be called by end of the year. So best be prepared & be registered.

(ask yer friends to read

Glad to see some of yer friends join in. Tried convincing some people but was met by a wall of fooking excuses. Not interested la. Not a priority la. Don't force me la. Shit, fer supposedly intelligent dude, he sure lacks fooking perspective.

He says POLITICS not his style.
As me keeps stressing, petrol hikes & a 8.5% inflation rate are NOT political issues. To think this chappie is a senior banker with TWO masters degrees & he can't figure that out.

As fer yer BN friend, be gentle dude. Don't gloat. You never know, she might just turn opposition given enough persuasion.

Tell her that even in a Malay majority RURAL area, Anwar's 'Ketuanan Rakyat' message won the day. To espouse such open ideology among Malays even in his own kampong is a brave move. Braver yet are the people who have sent him to parliament.

TQ to the voters of Permatang Pauh!

nanda666 said...

Sometimes there are situations where you can look at it and say...these guys are either toooo stupid or tooooo smart.
Now about a particular banker.... he doesn't waste his time reading blogs, doesn't rant, doesn't vote, doesn't care about politics and what does he get....... DSAI wins, petrol prices may go done, he may even get to live in a better Malaysia without lifting a finger .....hmmmmm....
Does not sound stupid to me....

Achilles said...

AD: Me got no worries about them joining the band you said, better late than never. guess the victory of PP has a bigger rippling effect than we expected. great stuff.

No-lah, me didn't convince these people. they just happen to be talking about the headlines, so i inserted my 2 cents worth and they were like "really ah... snap elections. I want to be ready-lah". So the victory in PP is doing all the talking now to people who were in deep slumber of what was going on.

On a side note, would like to add that the victory is so much sweeter because of all dirty money tactics that barisan najis played, but still lost. imagine... agaisnt all odds... DSAI still won with more than 15,000 votes. Is the message loud enough? hehehehehee

OK OK... me shall go easy on me BN colleague... that is if she still talking to me-lah. hehehehehee

8.5% inflation... me personally think its a lot more than that. i heard somewhere that it has reached double digit and in the teens.

akuani said...

AD: Just a question has Anwar shed HIS BN skin as you put it??? some food for thought ya...

in keeping with the norm of my postings just in case you miss 'lecturing' me about perspective and focus*kih kih kih

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Fair question. But shouldn't we give him the benefit of the doubt seeing that he has been played out by BN. Imprisoned, humiliated & discarded.

Now, wouldn't you think seasoned veterans like Kit Siang, Karpal & Tok Guru would be able to smell a rat in their midst.

He is saying all the right things. In fact, he is saying whta BN should be saying but canna be bothered.

So me will take the risk & throw me lot in with him. Like Moz said, tak suka, nanti tukar kain lar.

Kopite78 said...

I was just thinking exactly what Akuani said. It will be a real kick in the face if that happens. Personally, for some reason, I just cannot see September 16 happening....though I would love to see that happening

weiyin69 said...

True, there's still a lot of work ahead for PKR but Anwar's victory was certainly a great start. I'm glad though I'm no longer in Malaysia. Maybe there's still hope. As for BN's dirty tactics, that's to be expected. It would certainly be nice to see BN crushed.

Mohan said...

Ad Dude:
1. Start writing something against why the MCMC wants Malaysia Today to be off line soon. Am totally pissed off with that!! Fuckin' bastards!!!! Am always for free speech and free thinking(even in your blog which i don't really agree with everything i read, but that's the beauty of free thinking).
2. Don't really agree with some of the comments(and only my personal ignoramus opinion)... I will never ever vote! I respect the people more, not a mere symbol as a replica of an American Flag or a borrowed French tune. I really don't care. As far as you ppl. were talking about banker Dude.. i actually agree with him... i'm no politician and i couldn't care less who governs... i'll change things in my capacity ...i learn Math. and i think education is all there is to it..for so long the public has been taken for a ride! We think politics changes everything... I don't believe so. I think developing the mindset and basic education matters more! Like i said all i can do is within my capacity... am not going to be an anjing melalak tak tentu hala with things there're not sufficiently appropriately fulfilledy educated talk about!
All i think we can do is take our professions seriously...and make things better.(anyway i believe in nations without what the hell).
3. Now think what the BN fucks stratergy would be???...I don't know..tell me.(the fucks that vote for BN must be really stoned or majorly smashed).
4. Have a majorly smashed Merdeka Day..there's something to celebrate suddenly!!!... the believe in free will!

Achilles said...

Mohan: Dude... if you don't want to vote, its your choice, and i respect that choice.

But i disagree with your statement that "All i think we can do is take our professions seriously". No offense dude, but we can do more... and voting is one of it.

you are parially right about politics isn't everything and doesn't dictate our life fully, but i am sure you would think differently if the Govt decided to plow down your house to build one highway or shopping complex because one of their cronies can make some money. and what you get in return, maybe 50% of what your property is actually worth. fair? no... what can you do? keep a positive mindset? i dunno how you could... change the fookers who did this to you... yeah... how? voting.

How about oil prices? you can't tell me that that hasn't affected you? And it is the govt who decides where our money is going and how much money can be used to subsidize our oil prices. Like anwar says.. too much money from the country is being sucked out by son in laws and other relatives... money that could be well spent to subsidize our fuel.

akuani said...

Achilles: Mohan ain't affected per se by our oil prices hikes - he's in the UK and even in the UK he don't depend on a set of wheels so he's not likely to feel the god awful punch this puts on us ...

And even though I don't 100% agree with Mohan, the point on education I think somehow is pertinent. With equal opportunity to education and GOOD EDUCATION (not the crap we're getting post Anwar as Education Minister - lest you not remember the chaos when we were back in school all introduced by the Premier in Painful Waiting now ...??)

I was speaking with someone the other day, a diehard patriot, and he reminded me of the saying - for one mosquito you burn the whole net (it sounds so much better in its orignal language)and I thought how because of the few greedy self centered fookers in the Government, an entire nation is in distress.

It slips my mind now the saying that goes hand in hand with the one above, but there's one in English (AD I know clarity focus perspective - sounds like a DUNHILL ad)'from the pot into the fire' - but again, what's to lose in trying out something new eh?

We've had 51 years of BN and their grubby handed greedy fookers, me thinks if the majority feels that DSAI has shed his BN skin and his UMNO aspirations and IS the way forward, then I suppose he should get his chance to prove himself.

After all we still can elect to kick him and his band of merry men out at the next election unless of course suddenly the constitution changes and there's just no more elections kah kah kah ...

then we're kinda still fooked but this time by choice - makes it more pleasurable knowing we're being fooked by our own choice I suppose.

Anyways onwards Malaysia, and in the mean time taking AD's advice, me going to try and catch me self a Juventus (getting brownie points with my BIL to be) or an Inter/AC Milan game whilst in Italy ... and if I hook a Godfather there ahahahah, I might consider becoming his side-kick if it all gets too bad here ...

See ya folks ~waves~

anfield devotee said...

kopite78 & akuani: Yes, me knows you both have yer reservations. But do you really have such a low opinion of Kit Siang, Karpal & Nik Aziz that you think they are mere pawns in Anwar's game?
Besides, these opposition stalwarts have themselves admitted that the Mar8 tsunami would NOT have been possible without Anwar's galvanising effect.
Me is quite pleased that at last we have somebody who has fooking BN shitting in their pants . . . Or do you guys really prefered the way things were before Anwar & Pakatan?

Akuani: Yes, me remembers full well his policies. But you see, MCA only started to point out this during the last GE. Why?
And the man is claiming he has turned over a new leaf, so why not? And while you may mock me when me ask fer some perspective, me still thinks anything is better than Khir fooking toyo & MMTaib.

And while you agree with Mohan on education & blame Anwar fer previous policies, pls explain the recent 10& quota fer UiTM. Perspective?

Glad you say you are willing to give change a go.

achilles: Well said, (& see below)

Mohan: Differing opinions are the very lifeblood of democracy. So you are always welcome here.

But anjing melalak? Voting won't make a diff? Politics don't change shit?

Ok, Please explain to me how exactly are you gonna make this a better place? And pls explain how this can be done by the majority of people? Me is all ears.

Too many people like banker dude hide behind the oft heard excuses -
"Ain't into politics" / "One vote won't make a diff" / "Am not interested" etc etc.

Dude, its call APATHY. Am very sorry but if a person cannot be bothered to do something as simple as visit the Post Office me seriously fooking doubt they are gonna do anything to enrich this country besides coccoon themselves in an envelope of IGNORANCE.

Politics won't change ANYTHING?
How bout Pakatan's call to introduce a 10% quota into UiTM fer non-Malays? You talk about education but don't want to vote fer a change. Before you claim this is just political manouvering, pls note that this move was very UNPOPULAR with Malays & yet Pakatan has stuck to its guns of a 'Ketuanan Rakyat' in Permatang Pauh (a Malay majority area). (Kindly explain, yer stance here)

What about a cleaner judiciary? Repeal of ISA? Or do you NOT care about these issues? If you don't, how can you call yerself a Malaysian? Or is yer definition of a Malaysian someone who don't give a shit. Or you have a better way than voting to make a change in these areas? Pls explain.

As fer the aforementioned MCMC move to strangle free speech in cyberspace, you tell me how you gonna make a diff without voting? Yer pissed off but don't want to exercise yer right to tell BN that this is UNACCEPTABLE? Why?

If that's the case people like Premesh Chandran & Steven Gan who founded MalaysiaKini are just wasting their fooking time, rite? Why should you care they are being shut down? Its a site dedicated to POLITICS anyway.

Like me said too many Malaysians make noise bout these issues but aren't willing to do something as simple as visiting the Post Office / Polling station. The educated classes need to be mobilised. What is so difficult, Mohan?

Hence me constant calls to people to get registered. Many find it irritating. Some (you?) even think it is an infringement on their CIVIL LIBERTIES when me ask them to do so. Even going as far as saying it is akin to BN propaganda.

Fooking incredible that people call themselves Malaysians and are AFFRONTED by me calls to register & yet are SILENT over the MANY issues (political or otherwise) affecting us all:
1) Petrol hike
2) Crime wave *
3) 8.5% Inflation
4) Media castration
5) Race-based policies
6) Judicial tampering
7) Space Tourism
8) Environmental Rape
. . . Ad infinitum la

(*How can ANYONE be NOT ANGRY when the cops deploy 6000 personnel to man road blocks but do fook all to nab CHILD RAPISTS!??!!)

Dude, you agree with banker dude? Couldn't care less who governs? You telling me that's how you expect change to happen? That's how Malaysia gonna progress?

Disagree with the views here by all means. But it is chilling to think you are are unwilling to VOTE & happen to think others who do the same are RIGHT in the face of what is going on.

And yet you expect people like Malik Imtiaz & the good people at MalaysiaKini to continue doing good work? Fer what & fer whom? Fer people who think a request to get registered/vote is just FORCING views unto others?

Yer lack of perspective is galling & somewhat naive to say the least. Sorry.

ps: Me is not a know-it-all but is just trying to do my small bit in mobilising people into taking a greater interset & to register. And perhaps sway an opinion or two.
Me much rather be talking footie & metal . . .

pps: LFC - we fooking suck.

nanda666 said...

AD: I don't think you get the point of what these guys are trying to say....what they seem to be saying is kinda like, "If Gandhi is already going on a hunger strike and the nation is eating it up and the change is coming anyway...why should I fast too la....I can eat happily and still benefit from his hard work"...What did Gandhi get...a couple of people rather chill and watch the show from the best seats in the house...far away from the polling stations..because they know there is enough "ranters" to make the difference for them. It's not the noblest thing in the world but hey...bankers...go figure...

Jon-C said...

If you choose not to vote and just talk the talk and not do the walk then don't complain when shit happens. That's what was drilled into my head by a friendm, and i agree with 'em.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh boss,

the link to anwar's blog on your sidebar, i think his other blog updates more regularly la...check it out.

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Quite sadly, you don't seem to get the point me is making.

The educated middle-classes (in particular non-Bumis),is the least represented portion of the elctorate.

Am not asking fer HUNGER STRIKE, VOCIFEROUS CAMPAIGNING etc; just fer em to go get REGISTERED.

It is criminal that so many still take that 'Tidak Apa' attitude & do nothing. . .

ps: What yer saying is worse. And sorry, that change ain't gonna just happen without THEIR willingness to VOTE fer change.

Achilles said...

Akuani: Oh... me had no idea Mohan was in UK. but i think you know what i mean about politics actually having an impact on our lives no matter who we are. But i think AD did add in a lot of other good points as well to what me was trying to say.

Mohan: I too was one who never cared for politics and got sick whenever i opened the papers and saw nothing but politics in it. like what's the big deal? why everyone throwing a fuss.

what has changed? before this, policitics didn't disturb me, so i also didn't care. then politics started disturbing me...and so i had to change me attitude and i do care now. Let me ask you something...If someone stands next to you and does nothing, we keep quiet... but if he starts kicking me, i ain't going to keep quiet anymore... i am also going to retaliate... and honestly, voting is the only way to retaliate.

i think jon c summed it up well. If you don't vote, don't complain about shit when it happens. Kinda like not wearing a seat belt coz you wanted to show off your tiny streak of rebellious behaviour. but then if you meet an accident and get thrown out the windscreen... don't complain... you "allowed" this to happen to yourself.

Perhaps since you are in UK, you don't feel the full extent of how how politics has fooked our lives here and stretched its wretched fingers into our daily activities.

AD had some damn good points. if you not going to vote, why do you care what happens to Malaysia Kini. Also, why complain about the BN fookers or why even call them fookers? Just let it be, stay positive and focus on your career... ie the very same advice you told everyone to do.

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Our phone chat clarifies things. We are both on the same page. Cool.

Achilles: Try & get as many people to register as you can. Tis important! Good on you fer letting people know bout the possibility of snaps.

kerp: Thanx fer the link!

Azer Mantessa said...

i've registered :-)

to be honest, i'll be keepin eyes on anwar ibrahim ... and ex-umno member, ex-minister.

umno and bn ... nothing to tout about but am looking forward for their arrogant remarks.

anfield devotee said...

azer: Well done dude! Now spread the word. Perhaps you can do a posting on yer blog asking fer any UNREGISTERED voters to do the smae & explain that time is short with the possibility of snaps by end of year.