Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More bad shit . . .

August 29. Remember that date, people. Coz that's the day when grabbing a chilled, happy hour draught beer after a hard day's work at yer local watering hole will be a thing of the past. Or sharing a bottle of good scotch with yer mates on the weekend watching footie at the pub will also soon be a luxury few can fooking afford.

Why? Coz on Aug 29, our dozy fooking PM will be tabling the BUDGET. And rumour has it that we will soon be above Norway in terms of alcohol tax. Yup, we'll be number one at something. So all ye boozers & kudikarans out there, best get acquainted with Tuan Sahip & the good Capt Morgan soon . . . fer that's all most ordinary folk will be able to fooking afford. (*hic*)

ps: And oh yeah . . . the Avril Lavigne gig on that date has also been cancelled. Please note that while PAS may have been making the usual noises, it was the Barisan Najis regime that pulled the plug. Reason? Not appropriate in conjunction with our 51st Merdeka celebrations, they said. So ye teenyboppers will have to make do with more "conservative" Malaysian fare - Saiful, Sodomy & C fooking 4!

ps: Fer Fook's Sake urges you to drink as much as possible between now & Aug 29 . . . y'know like the way crazed motorists jam petrol stations before a price hike. (*buuuuuuuuurp!*)


Achilles said...

AD: Then you should organize the next blog meet before the price hike. Otherwise it will become an expensive outing.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

then surely price of fags will also be jacked up. sometimes i wonder la, why everytime the budget is tabled, prices of booze and cigarettes will sure kena. then they gonna have all the bullshit-talking goody-bags for everyone. its been a year since the last one and yet the people are still struggling to make ends meet.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Looks liek we will ALL have to drink Moz's Bear beer!

kerp: In case you don't know, boozers & smokers don't deserve any fooking rights!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

then tell them fuckers in the government to ban these two items completely and see how bad will it affect our economy. automatically illegal smugglings will be rampant too, which is good.

Achilles said...

AD: Luckily for me, it only takes about 2 or 3 beers to do the job these days... if Moz's beer, then one can also enough-lah. hehehehee

price of fags have steadily gone up every year... surprising thing is, it goes up even in duty free places as well. One pack of fags in langkawi is RM 5.20 now... i still remember when it used to be RM 3.50 about 5 years back.

Before you tell me the the price of raw material has gone up because of economic conditions, hence the increased price in duty free places also... beer is only RM 1.60 now and used to be RM 1.30 about 5 years why the big price rise for ciggys?

Kerp: Yes... lets see them trying to ban ciggys... then pirates can take over our country as they will be the one with the money. heheheee

YBmozcavalera said...

someone mentioned BEAR? *burrp*

hello there.
my name is YB crotchMEpanties, at your service.

hmmmm, let us ponder:-

1. budget on Aug 29th, on a friday. the last friday before the fasting month which hereuponafter parliament would not be residing..ugh...i'm sorry i meant presiding; a tad coincidentallinghus maybe? a matter of convenience at the cost of:
a) frenetic, tiresome, long-drawn debates with oppo khakis/machais;
b)avoiding the wrath of looming, buoyant opposition pride come or circa 29th *touchTHEFARKINwood*;
c)an instep of man - which has now somewhat attained messianic proportions;
d) a narcissistic attempt for a looksee in the mirror and say we are still the farkin govt - and of course rub the rakyats face in the budget; and
e) of course the least concern of all for anyone in parliament - the rakyat's grouses.

oh i'm sorry, haven't you heard? ask me, i'm a near-YB, ordained by my narcisstic self. I llurrrve lookin' at meself in the mirror and givin' meself powertalks and pumpin ma crotch with peteynorth-styled cockpumps.

i will fight for your
race, your rights.
regardless of whether yu chinese,malay or indian.
when yu chinese - gua cina;
when yu malay - aku melayu;
when yu india - machaaaaa;
*YB-clears throat*

mutters under stinkin breath:
if and when i need your votes
la pundeked yu sillydumbfarkadodos
yu think i give a damn
about what race yu are?
hey, i got kids too feed to yu know.

hey pantat, i'm a YB,
dun fark wif me?
I will damn yu to
prostitute yer schlongs;
aircon "hacks" BJ's,
and redundant KY shaftings.
to feed yerselves.

later mon.


Tinesh said...

Like my singer sang impromptu during fete de la musique: "The price of petrol has increased and the price of humanity has decreased".. Inhuman bastards this gomen flers la.. Gotta resort to buying cheap fags and watered down beer. Like 60% water and 40% beer

happy happy joy joy

anfield devotee said...

achilles: same here. Never though me'd see the day when being a cheap fooking date would have its benefits . . .

moz: Best stock up on the Mighty Bear, just in case suppliers decide to ambil kesempatan.

Tinesh: Thought you quit drinking? Acting like a good boy during the get together & all . . .

Achilles said...

AD: Hey bro... you sure or not Avril Lavigne cancelled? I see news paper and radio still promoting her concert?

Not that me cares whether she comes or not, but me broke the heart of one Avril fan when i told her it was cancelled. She was so worked up coz she bought ticks...but after she did some checking, she came and told me where got cancelled?? so i also.. like "ooops sorry, wrong info"

Life's Like That said...

AD : Avril's concert not cancelled yet.

All : Taxes on ciggies and alcohol will def increase every year, so no use bitching abt itlah. Now just hope the fooking gomen reduces fuel prices on Sep 1!

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Sorry bro. Me wrote this posting straight after reading that her gig had been cancelled on Malaysian Insider. That article seems to have been removed as well.

Well, sorry to you & yer friend fer the wrong info. Hope she enjoys herself.

LLT: Not true. Under the previous admnistration, alcohol tax was raised every OTHER year. And even then, it was just a 10 or 20sen increase per mug. Me should know, business at the bar was good as people could afford to drink. RM60 & yer well fooking pissed.

These days, won't even get you 5 mugs! Bodohwi's answer to every fooking budget is to raise SIN TAX.

akuani said...

Live the healthy life boys - love your lungs and liver! :))

Amazing how much bitching goes on about the rising costs of living, but the two things that never seem to stop being bought are smokes and booze - Jeepers!

even non-boozing non-smoking me is a tad edgy what this budget will hold and will some minister have to explain the budget to the rakyat a few days later ... esp if Pak Lah manages to stay awake throughout his Budget speech **kih kih kih**

p/s: latest in office humour - when someone is dozing off during a meeting it's 'Oh No!!! He/She's doing a PL (Pak Lah)'

anfield devotee said...

Akuani: Will not argue with you about the evils of tobacco.

Me has cut down substantially. Down to a stick or two a day or none at all.

As fer alcohol, please note that it is the lifeblood of many small & medium businesses. Not just pubs, but taxi drivers who work the late shift, mamak stalls, Fat Man Steam Boat, kedai runcit etc etc. And let's not forget, studies have shown price of alcohol is key to Tourist industry as well.

And yer wrong, it affects many people. Me should know. You can see how many have to lessen their intake. No such thing that having such HIGH taxes do NOT affect people's drinking habits. Just like the petrol hike affecting the sales of big capacity vehicles, this will affect the sales of FnB outlets.

Sorry lar, but you gotta have something to let off steam. This ain't gonna stop alcos or drunkards coz they are afflicted. But the rest of us would appreciate the luxury of being able to enjoy a drink or two without breaking the fooking bank la . . .

Achilles said...

AD: No worries on the wrong info. luckily i did not kutuk her too much for wasting money on Avril Tickets. hehehehehe.. otherwise it will be an open gol to tembak me back.

Me always wonders.. price of everything goes up, but our salaries do not follow the increase proportionately. in short, our living standards are becoming worse.

Bernard said...

I just have a simple statement to make...anyone want to help me with a home brewed beer?? I think its about time we learnt more about one of our favourite brews. If you're gonna drink it, might as well learn how to make it. Education in fermentation...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea, we've got nothing to lose anyway. as it is now, we've got pirates administrating our country.

Life's Like That said...

Bernard : Are you talking abt rice wines that mothers normally prepare for their daughters after giving birth? My mom used to prepare them for my sisters. Ok, out of curiosity, did try a sip or two. Quite potent but tastes bad. Perhaps a shot of orange juice or coke may make it a little easier on the taste buds! Hmmmmmm.....

akuani said...

Gavin I think Bernard is talking about beer beer not rice wine :))

What you need to kick start beer brewing

Some Steps

One Experienced Brewer's Thoughts

Hope this helps somewhat defray the ouch of increased sin tax :))

anfield devotee said...

he he way to go Akuani! Thanx fer the links!

Bernard: Count me in.

senorita.. said...

lol,very economical...

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Go check out yer local supermarket. Am quite sure you will be able to find a HOME BREW kit with all the necessary ingredients.

So you & yer boy boy should experiment & then let us know the results.

Jon-C said...

So AD, next time we meetup we "tong-tong" $$$ go buy beer making kit lah. Hehehehe.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Good idea. Everone chip in, we can get quite a nifty home brew kit & we can use the premium ingredients as well . . . yum yum . . . already dreaming about our own Anfield Brew - 15%!!! Makes Bear Beer taste like Budweiser LITE.

akuani said...

now am beginning to think the home brewing was not such a good idea ... look at you fellas!


YBmozcavalera said...


anfield devotee said...

akuani: Eh, you have yer vices, we have ours la . . . just look at the lengths you will go to fer a whiff of wild boar curry!

TQ fer links!

Moz: 15% cukup kuat ah brudder? Or tambah lagi?

akuani said...

ehehehh ok ok AD :) I like to try out food and I enjoy my plate of paandi :)) (having some now as I write this **GRIN**)

Am off to Italy and off to a farm where the home made red wine that's being given out for sister's wedding was made :) ... seeing as I get whacked all the time by you ... sorry no bottle(s) coming back fer yer *kih kih kih* ... and imagine the alcohol content in that :) - my dad is going to be massively happy *hic hic hic*