Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cukup Cukup Snap!

The over-30s among you might remember a TV ad from the 70s advertising a certain choc wafer biscuit which had the tag line of "cukup, cukup, snap!". Don't ask me what it meant but it was fooking effective. However, that tag line today may have different connotations - People have had enough (cukup) & (snap) may just push Barisan Najis off the edge. Its already teetering perilously close.

Read online news portals & you will see veteran UMNO politician Dato' Mazlan Harun filing a report with the ACA against the leadership of Bodohwi & Najib. This is endemic of the serious schisms appearing within the leading component in Barisan Najis. Furthermore, grassroots members are openly defiant with their nominations & there are reports of scuffles & fist fights breaking out at the meetings (see Malaysian Insider). Things are not well.

Hence me earlier posting asking fer me fellow Malaysians to register themselves in preparation of a snap election at the end of the year. Anwar has already said he will file a motion of no-confidence in about six weeks time and he has openly asked MCA, Gerakan & other component parties to join the opposition.

Won't happen? Think again. At a time when poll surveys show confidence with the ruling govt is at an all time low; the in-fighting in UMNO/MCA & MIC; UMNO insistence of harping on 'Ketuanan Melayu'etc etc. If you were a minor BN party, what would you do? Chances are you might defect.

UMNO's desperate atttempts to court PAS along with its inability to substantially change its attitude (ie arrogance, contemptuous displays of wealth etc)might just present us all with the golden chance to boot these fookers out!

No harm in being prepared & ready to make yer vote count, rite? So me assertions is fer you to play a role in trying to make this country a better place fer all (by being registered). Fer those who contend that there'll be no diff whoever is ruling, we must at least try. Cuba baru tau, rite?
If we were willing to put up with BN's shite fer 50 fooking years, there's no harm in giving a different lot a go. This will be the platform fer a two-party democracy where the electorate have a choice of GOVERNMENTS. And where the power lies with the RAKYAT & not these full-of-themselves-titled-scumbags.

As fer no real change? One thing is fer sure, me believes Anwar will keep good his promise of reduction in petrol prices. Fer the apolitical citizen, there can be no better incentive than that.

Again, me urge you to be prepared (ie registered) fer a snap should it arise. We may never get a better chance than this . . .

ps: Also included analysis from Malaysian Insider below. Please read & look forward to yer comments as usual. Cheers!

The article below is from the Malaysian Insider:
Anwar gains popularity since Mar 8
AUG 5 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will win the Permatang Pauh by-election by a mile. And Pakatan Rakyat could end up snaring more seats if snap elections were held soon.

This scenario is not far-fetched judging by findings of a recent survey which debunks the notion that there is widespread remorse bias among Malaysians for supporting the Opposition in Election 2008.

Indeed, the poll shows that the sentiment towards Pakatan Rakyat has strengthened since March 8, especially among Chinese and Indians voters. The comprehensive survey on political developments in the country saw more than 3,000 people being interviewed last month.

Just over 31 per cent of those polled said that their view of the Opposition has remained the same since March 8 while 36.7 per cent said that their view of the Opposition has improved.
Only 22 per cent of respondents gave the Opposition the thumbs down.

The Malaysian Insider sighted the poll findings which confirm that the seismic shift in the political landscape was not a flash in the pan but the result of deep dissatisfaction with the Barisan Nasional and the path the country was taking. Also, it shows a country that has become even more polarised along political, racial and religious lines since the general election.
On March 8, the Opposition alliance of Pas-PKR-DAP denied Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the ruling coalition its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament and took control of Perak, Kedah, Penang and Selangor. This outcome surprised political pundits who believed that it was a fluke, the unintended consequence of Malaysians wanting to register a protest vote.

In the months since then newspapers have carried reports based on anecdotal evidence to suggest that Malaysians have little confidence in the Opposition and were regretting their decision to vote for Pakatan Rakyat candidates on March 8. In a column in the New Straits Times, group editor Syed Nadzri put forward five reasons why Anwar could lose the by-election in Permatang Pauh. He listed reason No. 5 as voter sentiment.

"It cannot be denied that the ground has shifted much since March 8 with a change in state government and, with that, political leaning. It cannot be denied too that some of the policy changes instituted by the DAP-led Penang administration have not gone down well with at least some of the 58,449 registered voters in Permatang Pauh, 69.4 per cent of whom are Malays, 24.5 per cent Chinese and 5.7 per cent Indians.

"BN is expected to capitalise on this to the core.''

Clearly, the survey on political developments in Malaysia shows that the non-Malay support for the Opposition is intact and may have strengthened since Election 2008. More than 45 per cent of Chinese polled said their view of the Opposition has improved while 33.9 per cent said the perception has remained the same. Only 8 per cent said that their view of Opposition has deteriorated.

The pattern was the same with the Indians. Just under 5 per cent of Indians said that their opinion of the Opposition had suffered since March 8.

Fifty-five per cent of Malays felt that their opinion of the Opposition was the same or had improved since Election 2008. With this sentiment, Anwar will be the overwhelming favourite to return to Parliament, regardless of who the BN fields in Permatang Pauh.

For he will be preaching to a larger pool of believers — Malaysians.


theALBERTUS said...

this is democracy at its finest hour. Those that have not registered please do so for every fooking vote counts less you want your rights trampled.

i had a discussion the other day with a friend of mine who was upset of how the political scenario is damaging the country as well as being concerned about his son's future.

I asked him, "Got vote or not?" The reply was no. So I said, "no vote, no representation all get get fucked, you like?"

Enuff said. Also, this is an embarrasing fact for some apathetic Malaysians. Australians and New Zealanders that do not vote get fined by the government.

Here in this land of bolehland, when it comes to voting, sounds readily tak boleh....what the fook! and we do not get fined for it.

theALBERTUS said...

oh yeah! I am back from biri biri land.

anfield devotee said...

shit, dude, imagine how rich the national treasury would be if such a fine fer not voting were to be imposed here.

Damn, it might even be enough to subsidise our fuel fer the next ten years!

Achilles said...

AD: Dude...Interesting article... but i am still worried for DSAI. The sodomy allegation is still looming around and BN could just choose to drop the nuke anytime they feel threatened by him. i wouldn't be sruprised that they will do so just as he wins the by election... hence crippling all efforts of kicking BN out.

i personally do hope they have snap elections...coz these fooks will definitely get whipped.. but i kinda doubt BN will allow this-lah... they obviously have everything to lose... so why risk it.

Plus if DSAI is in the picture, no way they can win-lah? Even with him out of the picture, they lost their 2/3 majority...what more with him in power after the by elections? which is why i am even more sure they will send DSAI off to the dungeons soon.

am i the only one who doubts a snap election will be held? I dunno... maybe there are some facts which me is not aware of, hence why i feel doubtful.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Me is asking people to be ready should Anwar fulfills his promise of getting at least 30 BN fookers to crossover.

If that happens, two things can happen - Bodohwi steps down as PM & hands reign over to new majority in parliament. Second, Bodohwi asks Agong to dissolve parliament & hold fresh elections.

So if BN does suddenly lose its majority, me thinks it highly unlikely they will go down without a fight. So they definitely ask fer snap elections fer another chance of winning back power rather than just handing it over.

As fer the sodomy allegations, well, it is a double-edged sword. People are already pissed off. Throw him in jail & that might just upset even more people. BN are in a quandry coz even kangaroo courts take time to process. By which time he should already be the new MP of Permatang Pauh.

Me is urging everyone to get registered as me thinks this is truly a great chance fer some reform.

Whilst me may come across abrasive & over bearing at times, it is quite deflating to see so many of our friends unwilling to make a simple trip to the post office (post haste as time is running out fer them to get onto the electoral roll by Oct).

OUR destiny also lie in their hands . . .

Jon-C said...

AD, I wrote a piece on me blog not directly link with all this snap polls and political drama. More of where i am coming from, and my hope and aspiration of Malaysia as a nation.

Drop a comment or two if you wanna add more to my thought or tembak this lazy ass chinapek. Kekekekeke.

Achilles said...

AD: Thanks for the explanation on the snap understands better now.

But me still dunno about the sodomy thing lah dude...since when BN fookers gave a shit of what the rakyat felt?? As long as it serves their purpose, to hell with everything else. Yes, it may cause rallies, yes people will be pissed, yes the international arena will be shaking their heads... but we all know how they handle those situations. Plus, the BN supporters and DSAI haters will believe BN did a good job for having balls to take action agaisnt this so called tyrant. a lot of people still do believe DSAI did it despite me presenting the facts.

Don't get me wrong, me wishes the situation unfolds as you have put it.. and you know me hate BN as well.... but maybe i am just a bit paranoid about it lah... does seem like a dream if we could kick those fookers off.

Tinesh said...

Isnt voting a privilege and a right in a democracy? Why dont people seem to understand?

They complain that the government arnt doing shit and yet they dont vote for a possibly better representative. Hypocrits.

I've just got an idea for a post lol

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: In many situations, me would undersand why some people don't bother. As Mohan said, its his right to do fook all if he wishes to.

However, we are at a critical juncture of our nation's history & everyone will be needed if we are truly to make a change. Hence me impassioned pleas fer everyone to get registered.
Its also the reason fer Anwar using the petrol issue. Tis one way to get the attention of (almost) everyone.

achilles: You are dead right. That is me fear as well. With the police & judiciary inside BN's pocket, there's very little room fer manouvre.
It is thus incredibly important that everyone takes an active interest in what's going on.
The preparations fer a snap campaign must begin now.
As fer Anwar, me thinks/hopes if he is arrested, he will flee & try conduct a campaign from a neighbouring country.
Its very touch & go right now as BN has very openly shown that it wants to destroy Anwar once & fer all.

Meanwhile, a ex-health minister caught on tape having his dick sucked (which is also illegal by the way in M'sia) is planning his political comeback via the top post in MCA.

Also a DPM is rumoured to be have ordered the murder of his mongolian mistress who liked to engage in anal sex (also illegal).

No investigations whatsoever there . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

it wouldnt surprise me la the ACA fellas cant find any case to charge the guy. pakdol to be charged for corruption? that would be like wishing upon a star la.

Life's Like That said...

Somehow I think there will be a lot of problems with regard to vote rigging in the Permatang Pauh by-elections etc.

Malaysiakini has reported that Anwar will be charged for sodomy t'row even tho there are so many discrepancies in the case. Even if Anwar wins, he can still be charged and jailed for a max of 20 yrs. So, there goes his PM ambitions!

As for asking frens to vote, most who know me are already registered except one. AD, u try your persuasion on himlah!

Mohan said...

AD Dude:
Nothing much to add(read incoherently smashed to comment..haha!) except this article by Malik Imtiaz Sarwarat, again unashamedly stolen from his blog(A blog i consider a non-mob mentality/non-homogeneous blog). Good luck in your efforts.
You take care, M.
A Matter Of Faith

More than ever, we need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals. Our fundamentals.

I am a Malaysian. I want my country to be a country in which every citizen has his or her place and has the opportunity to live life in the fullness that each and every one of us deserves.

I want public education, public health, public transport and the public services to be world class and, to that end, I want to see every single sen in every single ringgit I pay in taxes to be used for what it is meant to be used for: creating a secure life for all of us. I want to have competent administrators with vision and I would like to be able to look at an official without having to wonder, even fleetingly, whether he or she is corrupt.

I do not want to wake up angry each morning at the state of Malaysia. Fed to the teeth on a diet of scandal for breakfast, arbitrariness for lunch and abuse of power for dinner, with a whole lot of political intrigue for snacks in between.

Those are my fundamentals. And I think they are also those of many other Malaysians. I would say all Malaysians but I do not think I can fairly include the politicians who lead us.

For them, fundamentals are things like politics, super corridors, mega- projects, race-politics, equity participation and, of course, incidental things like sodomy. These are heady obsessions that take up a lot of time and energy, as does having to tread treacherous political waters.

Which makes me wonder whether these politicians have the time to deal with the more mundane business of governance. Looking at the way things are, it would seem that they do not.

The Government seems to be in a perpetual holding pattern with no real decisions being made. It would seem doing as little as possible and preserving status quo is the best way to ensure political advancement. Ministers routinely fend off demands for results, improvements and reforms with the kind of political double-speak or compromise calculated to buy the time needed to make it someone else’s problem. The continuing decline in standards in schools and public services, the seemingly increasing corruption and crime, and the host of other very sad and painful realities that have become the norm despite the repeated and very loud pleas of civil society is proof enough of the phenomenon that we have come to know as ‘government’.

Everything, for all purposes and intents, is merely a means to a political end.

In fairness, the same could arguably be said, though to a lesser extent, of some of the politicians on the other side; flexing their new muscles, adjusting to the idea of influence and popularity and, of course, the thirst for even more power. It is significant that the opposition landscape has been so dominated by little other than September 16th this year.

All this inescapably points to one conclusion. The buck really does stop with us, the rakyat. The political process is skewed to a political end whose fundamentals are far removed from the realities of our lives. If no one is going to take charge as the situation requires, we have to. At the heart of the Bangsa Malaysia ideal is ownership; we own this country. It is the field we till, reaping what we sow

Which is why, as significant as the events of the weekend involving Anwar Ibrahim may be, we cannot allow them to distract us from the business of getting our lives back in order. There is much for us to do.

We should not be distracted from the fact that despite the promises of judicial reforms, nothing of lasting significance has been done. We are yet to see a bill for the proposed Judicial Appointments Commission or the reinstatement of the pre-1988 Article 121 that underscored judicial independence. It is not even evident whether cabinet supports the initiatives. For Zaid Ibrahim seeming to be a lone voice in the wilderness, one cannot help but think there are those who view these reforms as threatening.

And just as we have yet to see any developments on the recommendations of the Lingam Commission, there has been no further sign of traction on the proposed Anti-Corruption Commission initiative. Corruption is at the heart of the nation’s ills. The inability of the Government to implement an equitable and effective response strategy to manage the hardship caused by increased fuel prices is clear testament of the extent to which this nation has been undermined by corruption. Though an independent anti-corruption body is clearly of crucial importance to the revitalizing of this nation, we have heard precious little since the initial fanfare.

For these and other equally significant reasons, we must remain calm in the face of ongoing events, as destabilizing as they may be. We must keep our eye on the target; an inclusive, equitable and competitive Malaysia.

These are challenging times. Effecting and managing change was never going to be an easy process. Whether we see it through to its end is entirely in our hands. It is a matter that depends on our continued ability to believe in ourselves and in a Malaysia that belongs to all Malaysians.

It is a matter of faith.

(Malay Mail; 1st July 2008)

Mark said...

tinesh, since you can't vote, why don't you show your support by showing up outside the courthouse during proceedings?

prem said...

I've been snowed under an avalanche of work the past few days but have managed to take a breather today.

And before anyone accuses me, I have already registered to vote - but I'll have to do so in my hometown JB. Don't ask me why - it's just like what that lady drone in Little Britain will reply "Computez sez no." Retards at gomen service quarters.

Mohan: Sorry mate but where are you going with this faith thing? I know I have some faith in myself as a Malaysian and maybe allow a little pride as well. But I don't think this the case here. This is about betrayal of faith - by the so called leaders of our country (BN).

So please get your facts right before you get all preachy on us and quote from writers/scholars with their lofty idealistic aspirations. I don't care if Malik Imtiaz Sarwar is a leading Malaysian human rights lawyer and activist and the current president of the National Human Rights Society (HAKAM).

This is no time for limp-wristed wait and see pacifism.

Will leave you guys this clip of Bodohwi
as yet another reminder of the kind of stupid bullshit we Malaysians have had to contend with/accept/believe/ignore for as long I as can care to remember.

Good day.

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Will try me best dude!

kerp: Of course me is not expecting the ACA to do anything. Just that is reflective of the chaos engulfing UMNO right now.

Mohan: TQ fer sharing that article with us. Dear Mr Malik has been called a traitor, kaffir (infidel) etc & has had his life threathened by BN thugs.

And yes, we ALL share his ideals.

But like premo said, this isn't a time fer thumb-twiddling!

We have been complicit in allowing the state of affairs to degenrate into the shite that is choking us all.

Malaysians voted BN all this while & gave em carte blanche to do whatever the fook they wanted. From ignoring the rule of law with the dismantling of our judiciary to unbridled corruption, we ALLOWED it to happen.

Bit too late fer ideals now. That good ship has not only sailed but sank in the murky depths of the OCEAN OF SHITE we have created fer ourselves.

akuani said...

AD: I think SPR needs to revamp their approach to getting people to sign up - went to the Seremban office this morning and got my voting constituency changed to Seremban (ikut IC) imagine the entire department is empty ahahahah adoi!

Whatever Kajian Kes 100 has got all officers out in places like Gemas/Jelebu/Jempol - I guess this is some analysis study being undertaken by SPR :))

See I notice such small things, interesting info to glean off their tracking boards :))

Achilles said...

AD: What did i tell you? our biggest fear is just inches away from becoming a frightening reality... that is anwar getting thrown into the dungeon and the key thrown away. Now they are charging DSAI despite all the inconsistencies in the case and evidence and the conincedences in terms of timing for the by elections.

And as usual, how do you deal with these situations? easy... cause a traffic jam by putting a few "fat teh tarik drinking police man" on the road and some bright orange cones on the road to create a bottle neck.

Mohan: Sorry bro... i also agree with premo and AD-lah... the article is a little too idealistic and doesn't hold much water in our current situation. The fact is, we have a choice and we can do something about it. vote these MF off. Believing and having faith that everything will be OK (when its not) just puts us in denial dude... and not solve the problem.

Thats the usual malaysian attitude... when shit hits the fan, buat tak tau, close eyes and hopefully it will go away... unfortunately, its been 50 years and it still hasn't gone away. Time to try something different that does not involve closing your eyes, keeping your fingers crossed and making a wish. time to try something called voting.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Imagine the lazy bastard policia put up the roadblock underneath the cyberjaya exit (ada shade sikit la). So all you need to do to bypass this "roadblock" is go up the flyover, stop at traffic lites & rejoin the road ahead.

Ha ha ha! Real fooking effective!

mozmayidenggg said...

dude, interesting link above for fellow FFS-ians to venture. and quite an interesting blog as well. written almost scientifically.


anfield devotee said...

TQ Moz fer that link. And do watch this space fer coming musical inetrlude . . .