Sunday, November 11, 2007

One fer one

Fooking incredible! According to the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, only 4,000 demonstrators turned up fer the march in KL yesterday. City Police Chief deputy comm Datuk Zulhasnan Najib Baharuddin was also quoted as saying 4,000 police officers were deployed to keep the public safe!!! Fooking hell, one cop fer one demonstrator!?!
As Phil Anselmo once screamed,"(What) a vulgar display of power!".

In case you don't know, tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators (numbers closer to 60,000) had turned up to march from KL's Merdeka Square to the Palace to present to the Agong a memorandum demanding a clean & fair elections.

If you had watched Al-Jazeera, it would have shown you that they were definitely more than 4,000 people & the reporter, Hamish Macdonald, was among those attacked by the FRU/police with tear gas & water cannons. He said, "There was no provocation & up until the police started firing, it was a peaceful demonstration." Watch vid (link below) fer evidence, ok. This is the highly-respected Al Jazeera & not the "imperialist media of CNN & BBC". I wonder how long before Al Jazeera is asked to fooking pack up & get lost from its plush KLCC offices. The govt must be really regretting wooing this broadcaster into setting up shop here.

Anybody casually glancing thru the national dailies would be none the wiser as to what had happened. The Star buried the story on pg8 & had no pix save fer one showing the jam leading into the city. What a beacon of journalistic integrity. (I have since cancelled me subscription to this fooking wonderful publication).

Yes, I was unable to join me fellow Malaysians in the march due to poor health but I implore you to keep spreading the word. The huge crowd yesterday showed enough Malaysians care about what is going on. The show of police muscle & orchestrated attack on various blogs & online services (such as Malaysia Today & Malaysia Kini) by nefarious agents indicate that the govt is fooking nervous & hell bent on silencing us. Democracy is our RIGHT, NOT a privilge to be handed out as & when it suits the powers that be.

Le us all do something before this beloved country of ours sink further into this mire of corruption, racism & despotism. If you haven't already, please go to yer nearest post office & register to VOTE!

PS: Click here fer Al Jazeera's reportage :


@dam said...

I am 22 and have registered! Yes I have! And I registered through an Opposition party! Why? 'Cause that gives them RM1 from my registration! Political parties get RM1 for each registration!

Until today, it stills baffles me how people are ignorant to the future and can think of only the "wonderful" things the Government did to them. Such as spoon-feeding is all right even when you are living as a healthy normal man at 40 years old. When rights are taken away but given back a chair or solving some pot holes problem, it is all okay and they get the vote! It really baffles me!

It really baffles me how the Government is headed by some empty heads and still get the cheer of the supporters. It really baffles me!

It is really encouraging to see these demonstrations going on. It challenges the law said PM but if the law is not right, it should be re-written. And if people don't do it, who else? A cat?!

I think we shouldn't be intimidated by the fear instilled by the Government. Send a true number of 1 police to 1 demonstrator, I challenge them. They will never succeed. There's no this many policemen who's working their ass off on a Sunday!

Even if there is, don't worry! We are already facing jail congestion and there won't be enough cells for demonstrators. If parole is practiced, demonstrators surely will be the ones deserving it before the rapists, murders, etc. Fellas, don't worry and let's go out! For those who had done so, let's go AGAIN!

JonC said...

I curse the road blocks that caused the massive jam on Sat not the protest. Managed to encounter the march towards the palace from my ride in the LRT towards Gombak on my trip up Genting to meet Rushie.

I really hope the big G will take heed from this show of people power and the Agong will take a more active role in ensuring the future of Malaysia.

Register to vote - I just did after deciding i've seen enough to stand up and be counted!

anfield devotee said...

Despite me rantings on this subject, deep down I feel we are in this predicament simply because too many malaysians have their heads stuck up their arses.

Ask yerselves, how many people did you hear raving bout our GREAT space escape?

How many times have you heard some wanker declare we are living in PARADISE where nothing is wrong? I personally know of a few professionals of non-Bumi origin raving bout how lucky we are to have BN in power.

How many Malaysians even know bout the march last weekend? There may have been tens of thousands there but millions remain in the dark over the real picture due to the govt's absolute control of the media. And we have allowed it to happen thru the years of neglect & apathy culminating in the sale of the Chinese papers to the MCA.

How many people have you encountered who have bitched bout things but yet refuse to vote?

How many people actually realise we are living in a police state?

Ultimately, do we as a nation have the balls to stop these fooking bastards (BN & cronies) from raping & pillaging our country till there's nothing left? I seriously doubt it. . .

ISA said...

i have been informed that the number of protestors were tens of thousands rather than just 4,000+..

as for living in a police state, not quite true...becoz kita tak cukup polis to control us citizens?? kalau police state, crime levels should be down...but that isnt the case here. not a police state but just a fooking corrupted country where lining pockets is a national pastime for the govt politicians...

We are living under a PM who is as useful as a torchlight for the blind...a guy who hardly reads, makes Dopey Dwarf seem like a hyperactive chimpanzee at a tea party, surrounded by goons calling themselves cabinet ministers with sub zero intelligence...and yes, pak lah is the leader of the LAND OF THE RISING SON (in law...),who by the way is the DE FACTO decision maker for the country...

Pak Lah to take heed of what the rakyat actually wants?? u gotta be fooking kidding...he is a fooking embarrassment. i doubt if he can actually tie his shoelace without the permission of his menantu...

As for the elections, who the hell should i vote for? its a telan mati mak, muntah mati bapak situation...sorry, i dont trust the opposition as much as i dont trust BN. u see this is the predicament that most right minded malaysians (we actually do exist..but we are a rare breed)are faced with. we actually do not have a choice, a choice that we are fairly comfortable with. i guess for that reason, my vote goes to the opposition..not becoz i want them to be in power (see what they did in terengganu then...)but just as a check and balance. ultimate power corrupts EVERYONE...

JonC said...

En. Isa, have to agree with ya. It's a choice of the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to the polls. In Malaysia, it's more like CHEQUES and SWISS BANK A/C Balance!

theALBERTUS said...

Understandbly that the opposition will never gain complete power as there is too many disagreeements. However, there is the election process and we all know that if we vote and vote according to conscience, we will prevail.

Let me see, if government was to lose its 2/3 majority, then the "RAKYAT" has spoken. How many of us are sick with current conditions. HARGA NAIK! GAJI sikit sikit many divisions of race has been happening. Just end of Nov 9th 2007, price per barrel of oil is USD$98.00. The last time prices went was when oil prices went up, which is 6 months earlier.

Who wants to bet with me once we vote those SOBs back with absolute majority to power, we will get another price fooking hike.

Cry....the beloved country!

anfield devotee said...

Correcto Isa, the opposition is also full of shite. But too many people are alarmist who think there is no life without BN & do NOT fooking understand the concept of checks & balances.

Like I said, we are in this mess coz majority of M'sians put us there. At least even the dumb ass Yanks can say Bush was elected by a minority. We can't!

@dam said...

Gotta agree Opposition looks not up to it as well!

True we have a fooking Government but all of us have the greater pain in knowing there's no strong enough Opposition.

However, people have to realize the importance of denying the Government the 2/3 majority in Parliament if they want the Opposition to have a greater say.

When a fly fights with 10,000 fly killers, a fly have erm...Wigan's chance of winning the league as to its chance of surviving!

I also put shame on rakyats who say the Opposition can do nothing for them in their areas. The difference is actually the Oppositions can point drains but only to bring it to the attention of the Wakil because it is the Wakil's job. However, the credit then becomes the Wakil's as the YB will have his/her face on papers pointing to the exact longkang the Opposition points to him/her!

At the current situation, we may not have a strong enough Opposition. However, denying 2/3 majority is really really important!

anfield devotee said...

Isa: Yes, we know the figure is closer to 60,000 but the official line is that only 4000 rabble rousers out to cause trouble were on hand to instigate shit.

@dam: Yes, we can see the govt fer the sham it is. You've got top be fooking blind/stupid NOT to but that's how the majority of M'sians are. They keep saying we've got it good but they don't fooking realise we are throwing it all away by closing our eyes to the fooking shite going on here.

Hence the majority of arseholes keep giving BN carte blanche to commit more crimes & to be arrogant like Nazri or racist like Khairy.

Sad but true. We are our own worst enemies. . .

theALBERTUS said...

It is true that opposition is shite and the government is right about this. However, the government is also shite and thus if their power of 2/3 majority rule is broken, all things will become equal.

I have many friends who vote for BN as they say opposition is shite. However, I have told all of them and to my surprise, they do not know their right of taking away the 2/3 majority rule of the ruling government.

Its education boys and girls, education. Educate your friends and family about the election process and your right to vote.

Do you also know that if Parliament does not get 2/3 majority it cannot pass law and they cannot force his Majesty to sing into law. There will be parliamentary gridlock and this would mean the ruling government having to make concessions to the opposition.

The rakyat is not stupid, just not educated on thier rights. I am fortunate that I am blessed with education and studied the best schools in the US, and that is how I learned about election processes. However, there are my fellow Malaysians who do not understand their right. Let's do our bit to educated the rights of all Malaysian and send those greedy bastards to hell!

Viva Liberte!

anfield devotee said...

albertus: Fooking unbelievable. How can voters NOT know of the 2/3 majority rule? Its fooking simple maths?!?

Better yet, did anyine hear how our Minister of Inofrmation berate Al-Jazeera for "bringing their barnd of journalism into this country" & that "the reporter is a very good actor"!!!

Oh, the shame, the shame . . .

premo said...

AD: Eh brudder all this politico talk is getting ur BP sky high la... spelling all gone! :P

But then again who wouldn't be hot under the collar with all the recent happenings of late in our country? Just reading the News Straitjacket Times over the last few days was enough to give anyone with half a brain fookin spasms of disbelief!!

I whole heartedly agree with all the posts so far - which just raises one question. Are we in the minority of those who can think or those who dare to think? Is it Ignorance or Fear that clouds the rakyat? Or is it just plain fookin Apathy??

Ignorance breeds fear. Fear leads to apathy.. and apathy breeds ignorance. Vicious circle eh?

ISA said...

who gives a fook about what that idiot information minister or nazri says? both are them are like a leaking indah water truck...never thought it was possible for any human being to be so full of shite..perhaps zam just realised that al-jazeera does not fall within the control of KJ..hahahaha

p.s by the way, u vote once for the opposition and u might find yourself missing from the electoral roll at the next has happened before..

anfield devotee said...

premo: I belive many people are apathetic coz we've had it good fer so long. All the while BN's machnations tightened its grip on media, electoral roll & judiciary.

When things start to go wrong, its already too late.

And yes, even in this climate, I believe we are still the fooking minority. Sad but fooking true.

Isa: All hail Al-Jazeera!