Friday, November 9, 2007

Fer Mutton Lovers PtI (open house by proxy)

Since its Diwali & me is unable to have an open house this year due to me health situation; I'd like to share with you a simple recipe fer the all time festive fave - Kari Kambing! Its not as difficult as some of you might think though its a little time consuming. But once ready & you are digging in, it'll be worth the fooking effort. Nothing like a home cooked mutton curry fer that authentic Diwali vibe.


1) 2kg of mutton cubes (feeds 6-7 pax)

2) 5 large red onions

3) 2 whole bulbs of garlic

4) 4 carrots

5) 4 potatoes

6) 1 bunch of coriander leaves

7) 4 green chilies

8) 3in piece of ginger

9) 2 tomatoes

10)Ghee!!! (fooking unhealthy but taste so much fooking nicer than just plain oil)

11) Spices - 2 pc cinnamon stick, 10 cardamon seeds, 10 cloves, 5 star aniseed, 1 tspspoon jintan putih, 1 tspspoon black pepper (freshly crushed), 1 bunch curry leaves

12) powder blend - 4 tbsp chili, 1tbsp turmeric, 2 tbsp coriander, 2 tbsp curry, 1 tbsp jintan putih

Get yer butcher to cut the mutton trunk into small bite-sized cubes & remove as much fat as possible from the pieces. Wash & drain. Rinse coriander leaves & chop the leaves from the stem & root but do not discard the latter.

Place mutton in a large pot filled with water & bring to boil, then allow to simmer. Into the water, add one onion chopped into quarters. Crush half the (peeled) ginger & garlic in pestle & mortar & throw into broth. Also chuck in the coriander stems & roots (lightly crushed as well) as these impart great flavour & aroma to the curry. Also throw in half the required spices into the boiling water (only the cinnamon, cloves, cardamons & star aniseed). Add salt to taste. Leave to simmer gently fer about an hour and a half or till mutton is tender.
Once the mutton is tender, remove from the water but do NOT throw away the stock as it will be used later in the curry.

Heat about four tablespoons of ghee into a wok & begin to fry the chopped onion/garlic/ ginger. After a couple of minutes, add yer remaining spices as well as the curry leaves. Fry till fragrant. Meanwhile mix all yer powders in a bowl & add a pinch of salt before adding water to make a paste. Add this paste into the wok & fry on medium heat till fragrant (you may want to add some ghee to avoid paste from burning as well as to clog up yer arteries!). Then add the mutton cubes.
Once the paste is releasing its aroma & oil begins to separate, throw in yer (peeled & cubed) potatoes & carrots & fry fer a couple more minutes. Also introduce the quatered tomatoes at this point. You can then add the earlier boiling stock (with all its spices, onions, garlic, ginger & now full-on mutton flavour!) to the mix. Do not use all of yer stock to avoid making the gravy watery. Use yer judgement as to how thick & spicy you want yer curry to be. (You can thicken yer gravy with some santan or evaporated milk if you wish.)
Bring to boil & simmer fer about 30 minutes or until gravy has reduced by half. Garnish with coriander leaves & chopped green chilies. Serve with putumayam, thosai, or rice (& of course, plenty of cold beer!). Fooking enjoy!
PS: Pix is from the net . . . not me own, sorry.

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