Monday, September 21, 2009

Fook this fer a fooking laugh . . .

Am sorry, but me Raya hols was utterly ruined by yet another fiasco at the Theatre of Shite. Just where the ref found four fooking minutes of extra time was one thing but to continue play until The Scum scored in the fifth minute of injury time in the Manchester derby was yet another nail in the coffin fer fair play.

In the last home game, Fergie gets to rant & rave at refs & never gets punished. Wenger kicks an empty water bottle in the heat of the moment & gets banished to the stands.

Add this to the Roy Carroll affair, the pen against Spurs last season, the sending offs of Sami Hyppia & Masch in seperate occassions, & it should be crystal fooking clear that almost nobody will ever get a decent result there.

The dubious list goes on.

Am utterly disgusted. Might as well just hand them the league title now as it seems that the powers-that-be have already decided its destination. Fooking shite like this is fooking strangling the life out of the game we all love & cherish . . .


Life's Like That said...

Bro, we whacked them 4-1 last year! By the way, last year we dropped 28 points from 2 defeats and 11 draws. We have just dropped six this year, so cheer up la! Things aren't so bleak if u look at it in terms of points dropped! Don think we r gonna draw 11 games again this year!

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

erm . . . macha, in case ye haven't noticed, the point being made is that irrespective of what (almost) anyone does, it would appear the powers-that-be is in favour of them. Enough dubious/controversial decisions go their way to ensure a huge points advantage of everyone else.

Almost 7 fooking minutes of injury time played. WTF??!!!!??

Am speechless. Shame that coz City pushed them all the way despite having key players missing.

City deserved, nay, EARNED a point with their performance.

Paranoia? Anyone who thinks the injury time in the derby was justified is obviously a blinkered scummer.

Mohan said...

Dear, AD Dude: Rileklah! We know that a match ends on blow(job?) of the final whistle. There've been dubious decisions made by many refs., involving many teams(at times benifiting of our mighty LFC).
Totally agree with LLT, it's early days, and funnyily enough like where LFC is at the moment, chasing the pack..keeps them on their toes and makes them a perfect local team to support, not withstanding the risk of momentary risk of cardiac arrests..i get when they struggle in a match. More worried about Chelsea though.
Anyway..have fun and hope you ppl. had a good Raya holiday with Lemang, Ketupat, Kuah Kacang, Rendang..lucky bastards!
cheers, M.

Biren said...

couldn agree with you more bals.......what a load of rubbish........and had to be that bastead owen mofo

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Me thinks yer missing the point of this post. Me is not complaining as a Kopite, me is complaining as a FOOTBALL fan.
Of course, we too have benefitted from ref mistakes (eg Merseyside dervy a few years ago). But c'mon lar, this is a fooking farce. Note that Hughes was already disputing the time added on whne it was first flashed. Four was bad enough but almost seven is a fooking insult to all right-thinking footie fans.

Biren: Utter rubbish. Wonder if Neville gets punished fer his wild celebrations after game. Doubt it . . . After all, he did the fooking same thing in front of the Kop a few seasons ago but got a meagre £5000 fine. Others do it (eg Adebayor) & they are banned. Double fooking standards as usual.

anfield devotee said...

Just seen the Times.

Nope, Neville once again escapes censure fer goading fans.

Incredible but true . . .

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

AD, get what you're trying to point out, point taken.

not in a rat to a piper's tune sorta way because:
a) you're not tryin' to be the piper here; and
b) the feelings voiced, have been mutual to the extent the coincidental occurrences of last gasp wins are..well, put it this way would yu back expect 3 straight flushes (let alone royal ones) back-to-back in 3 dealt hands, unless of course..:
a) chongker fail; and
b) chongker dunno how to chong.

now comparing a game of utter luck against a game football? true, i may be off by a long shot, like santokh in front of a wide open goal. but the drift catches a stray g-string along the way.

call me paranoid.

"...peooo-plee sayy i lookk so straynngge coz i'm frownnningg alll the time.." - ozzy O.

have been having this gnawing feeling for the last 3 years, an ironically this issue came up during a casual on the bevvy chat with a close buddy, a staunch kophead from jb. did not pay much attention to it, until i started seeing a trend he poignantly pointed - i.e. it was footie odds / bookie co-relation.

did not want to sink my teeth into it, too scared. too worried, think you'd know what i'm getting at...
if at all it is true, gonna get a really sick feeling at the pit of the stomach. entire lives, time dedicated and effort would seem a
disdainful waste.

then again, in one hand, i may be just another footie fan whose talkin like this because he's supporting the
sad sad team that he is.



mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

moz thinking of chanting




not by a long shot.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

btw, that staunch kophead has predicted the last 3 games correctly on the trot for 2 out 4 of the big four teams, and yes
also the spurs n man city.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

btw, that staunch kophead has predicted the last 3 games correctly on the trot for 2 out 4 of the big four teams, and yes
also the spurs n man city.

Anba said...

Bookie or Pookie...
the devils have all the luck

anfield devotee said...

Mozzer: It is quite sickening but if it can happen in Seria A, what are the chances that a "global brand" like the epl being spotlessly clean?
What me canna stomach is how there seems to be 2 set of rules, like Neville again escaping punishment fer his actions whilst all others are hung out to dry. WTF?

Anba: Would appear so. But can ye belive it, yer fellow gooner Kerpie was supporting the scum v city. What a serious case of screwed up priorities. Seems to have forgotten the humiliation that Wenger suffered when was sent off fer committing tghe horrible crime of kicking an empty water bottle.

Anba said...

Balaji:- thot that might wnt to check out megadeth's new album...endgame...
might interest you

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

fergie ferg got a lot of thanni buddies in the FA kot...

once call, one shout, macha, kasik kau tim.

but still, have to grudgingly admit. they still play good football, especially of giggsian proportions. especially him, ageing like wine, just watchin him read the game..jealous as fark wa cakap lu bro.*sigh*

wonder what other talent they have god.

Praxi said...

I'm back in Malaysia for raya and whoa the football atmosphere is something else here.

Btw uncle, you hating? :)

Sorry I can't help squeeze some lime on the sore spot.

Me apologises. :)

anfield devotee said...

Mozzer: Am not talking about the talent here. Its gotta to do with the double fooking standards. Seriously, where did all that extra time come from? And now Neville who is a serial offender when it comes to incitement is let off. Un-fooking-belivable . . .

Praxi: Ye fooking cheats . . .