Friday, September 11, 2009

Support yer local comedy troupes!

Some of ye may be familiar with the riotous comedy of this terrific duo - Allan Perera & Indi Nadarajah. Fer those who have yet to see their show, me strongly urge ye to come out in support of our local comedic heroes.

After all, how many of them dare to do political satire? Unlike other comics, these two guys are NEVER gonna appear on TV or get a fat Telco sponsorship deal simply because they actually dare to take the piss out of our inherently ridiculous government.

If ye can laud the comics on Last Comic Standing or laugh at Carlos Mendias etc etc, why not take the time to check out Comedy Court's latest gig (see poster above / fer sample, see vid below). Fer a paltry RM55, ye'll be treated to a barrel of laughs & ye get to snigger at yerself when they poke fun at various racial stereotypes.

How bout we organise a FFS get-together & go fer this show? Me suggests 27 Sep (sun) or 3 Oct (sat - no game, we play Chelsea the following day!). Any takers?

ps: Me is no way related to either of these jokers, ok? Just think we should do our bit to help local talent, especially when its this good.


Mohan said...

McAD Dude: Hilarious..especially at the end. Predictable, but nevertheless really good. Gosh! didn't know tickets are so expensive nowadays...RM55 onwards. Wondering how much they charge for football matches used to cost me 7.50 then.

Anba said...

Balaji..sound like a good idea but if on the 27th i cant make it..coz the nxt day i got class...saturday looks good...
mayb i can take this opportunity to give me wedding card...
Regarding Comedy court..i still remember some of the skits..really side splitting...
who are you.. is good...

Jonno said...

Bala mate, I don't mind going, just advise the tickets you guys planned to get. Do include me. I'd prefer 27th September though.

Les Malais said...

Sounds good.
I join the 03/10

senorita.. said...

me very interested! i just need to know which date and i will make plans. =)

Ahmad said...

havent checked gooner's schedule for both dates. as well as spuds', bcos i may ride with moz. lets wait and see what he has to say.

Achilles said...

AD: me and premo were planning on a Sat night... the 26th of Sept. how?

anfield devotee said...

Ok, seeing that everyone has differing dates & plans, might me humbly suggest we split into various groups.

26th Sep so far - Premo, Rajan, Nanda & Anba.

May me also suggest that ye get yer own tickets via the hotline asap. The RM55 are going fast & given that the venue is quite small, its rather pointless that ye spend on the more expensive tickets. Am speaking from experience on this one.

Note: Tickets fer 26th show are going extra fast, so pls book yer tickets now!

As fer me, things are quite touch & go as me is on "stand-by" towards the end of this month.

Mohan: Dude, RM55 ok lar. Given their limited audience & lack of sponsors . . . canna begrudge them.

Kerp: Macha, very bad news lar. Me actually called up the ticket hotline number to enquire whether the venue is wheelchair-friendly. Alas, it is not.

senorita: May me suggest ye & Mr Teh book yer tickets first. Again, tickets are going really fast! If ye have not seen their show before, do make it a date as they are FOOKING hilarious!

Anba: Yes, me knows the skit ye is talking about. Anyways, ye best book yer tickets fer 26th & join premo & gang.

Les Malais: We'll see if anyone else is inetrested on that date.

Jonno: Join Les Malais (above) fer 3 Oct?

premo said...

Ok so on the 26th is as follows:

Biren(yet to confirm)

Anyone else before we make bookings?

premo said...

Sorry left out 1 more. So total of 7 so far:

Biren(yet to confirm)

premo said...

Alright chaps. All above confirmed. Making the bookings tmrw.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

premo/balaagger: dude aku onn bin set. appreciate the roll-call mate. been a big fan since i caught their show at this 80th birthday function of a grandpa of friend.the grandpa was not ma friend though.

they ran riot; poonk as fawk;
toggled the freakin intenstines out of me.

laughed till saliva came through nostrils. :)

guess who was the guest emcee commandeering proceedings though: paula. lollypop poppyseed popsicle paula.

"..feel me up on ze locatione."

tuan undercover celebrity "AHMAD":
wait till wat moz has to say? moz is bludgeoning his head into a whitehardendedlane of cobblestones,
open goals and pissant forwards tilting precariously on stilts.
*sigh*. he ain't gonna be watching no footie for yonks. sure, bigarse 4, here we come. oh watch 'em go, the yids they go.
knew it was to good to be true. same-O.
same o.
note to readers: i switched of after the 1st half.

coming chief?

tuan bernardo/kerpbragas/AD: goatsblood, usus dll on, kalu nak boleh jengok lebuh ampang sebelum toleh tengok sketch. beres no problem.

tuan anba: yes it is one of those chettinad joints, but there are a few there. there is one which is till ol-school. this one has slightly surpassed that..its a bit more of an eyepleaser on the hygiene side. food may be served microwavewarm at the behest of customers, tiled floors, mopped intermittently and er..decent lookin tables and chairs. mind yu, 10 years ago, some us..might think 27 times before entering a place like that. it was a wee bit different...we're talkin canteen benches, longtable, also widelong jati tables on equally thug stumpy stilts to sit on for the older crowd and the chettis. then of course there were the mats on the floors. me fav place to sleep was on one of them jati tables after a night of parttime schoolholidays labour abuse. its either that or the floor. used to be known as one of them backdoor "mess" houses,rather than a full-on "comeonyunonindiansuckers" try rip-off banana leaf kinda joint. too my chagrin, its ripening into it, but holdin on due to the delicacies.
just don't mind the toilets alright. hee hee.

so, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan skalian yg ade dan takde kemaluan, tolong bincang and tell me a date to chiak sampai muntah. will make the arrangments...and kerp the place is nearly wheelchair friendly but only from the dingy front entrance. bisa diatur. beres. yu will love it.

yours appreciatively,

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

might i suggest whingin' on some bevvy's before the show, just to uhmm..
get things
alcoholicised as and alkomama would have alcoholed.

lookin forward, and will pass yu the dough over the weekend mate. cheers.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok bala, count me out then, no worries. after all, its still during raya period, not sure if i can make it anyway.

no need to split into 2 dates bro. since mozzy no longer tied up, he's free to join you folks...haha...

anfield devotee said...

Many apologies kerp. Crap la this venue.

Moz: pls call Premo fer tickets booking mate.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

yes, premo k.broderick(bo-derek?) has made contact. thus my washbasinplunger presence.

tuan ahmad: goatsblood venture still open. sound me bro. ciao.


Bernard said...

Can't join you guys as I've a wedding dinner to attend but will probably go the night before as I have a few other friends going as well.

Moz - don't leave me out from the goat sacrifice event...

Achilles said...

The mighty 8 people under Premo's list.

you cannot book tickets through the phone. Only purchase straight away.

Bad news is, RM 55 tickets sold out... only RM 75 tickets available.

How? is everyone OK for RM 75?

Anba said...

if like that bro i'm gonna give it a miss..coz budget a bit tight...

anfield devotee said...

Anba: Me thinks tickets are still available. We've encountered this problem before when they claim the cheaper tickets habis.

Do keep trying, especially fer alternative dates.

Achilles: Best be quick before they tell you only RM100 tickets are left.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

tuan bala/tuan premo: half man half biscuit - any comments?

anfield devotee said...

Mozzer: Know the name & that they are famous fer extracting the urine with their arnachic sense of humour but not privy to any of their LPs.

Achilles: Bernard has also told me that there are still plenty of RM55 tickets available fer other shows. Gavin also confirms this. Anba, ye want to go on alternative date?

Bernard said...

OK, just got my tix for the show from Ticket Access office @ PJ (better to go to the office as can choose seat designation) on Thursday, 1 Oct. As at 12.30pm when I was there, still plenty of RM55 tix for that day & Fri 2 Oct. RM55 tix also available for the first show on Thurs 24/10 but not for Fri 25/10 or Sat 26/10.

BTW, the seat designation for RM55 tix is for the first 3 rows from the stage followed by the RM75 & RM105. I expect that the stage is therefore at a higher level from the seats, hence the pricier tix are at the last 4 rows.

So Premo/Rajan, move your combined asses pronto for the tix...

Anba said...

what's the alternate dates boss?

anfield devotee said...

anba: Gua house arrest la, canna make it.

Perhaps ye want to join Bernard's group or ye may wanna get a few others to go on another date.

Jonno, senorita & Le Malais are keen.

Gavin (Life's Like That) is going on 27 Sep.

Up to ye mate.

Jonno said...

Looking at me work schedule, me might have to give it a miss, or go on another date. Things just pop up like no tomorrow, sorry folks...

Jonno said...
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nanda666 said...

looks like some guys managed to "not get tickets" for me!!!

When you heading there AD? Give me a call....I'll probably go with you. (Since it was you that suggested the outing anyway!!)

anfield devotee said...

Aiyo Nanda, sorry la. Gua house arrest.

nanda666 said...

It's got tickets for tomorrow so me n Mary heading there with some MISC mates. Will let you know how it was.

nanda666 said...

the show was brilliant!!!

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Good to hear ye managed to get tickets. Did ye buy the dvd box set?